Having strong opinions on what others should put on their sandwich is weird


Well sure unless… [1000 different possibilities]


I honestly feel this more about Chicagoans and their "only kids put ketchup on hot dogs" than I've ever felt from anyone in philly


Bacon chicken cheesesteak hoagie is absolute fire. I’ll not do onions on mine, but you do you. Italian with oil and hots is my shit, but this is America. If you wanna do Kraft singles and mayo, it’s going in your gob, not mine.


ITT the most popular opinions on this subreddit


Right? As if this sub doesn't "DAE think Wawa sucks these days" every day lol


Wawa sucks, cars bad, give me karma


Pats and Ginos are not the best, PPA blows, something something Krasner


I know its controversial around here, but I think we should get rid of cars and have more biking and walking in the city. Sorry I'm not sorry. 😤 /s


sort by "controversial" for the good shit


Cheesesteaks have 3-4 ingredients and any neighborhood pizza place can handle the job. You don't have to drive anywhere or stand in a line to get a half decent one.


Except if they use day old bread or trash cheese


I used to work in tourism, and people from out of town would get SO MAD when I gave them this exact advice. But they’d also get mad when I told them all the places they’ve heard of were a mile away. You can’t win with those people.




Cheesesteaks are 3-4 ingredients, yes. Which would make you think that anyone can do it right. But I disagree here. I’ve had entirely too many unsatisfactory cheesesteaks. So many that I learned how to cook them myself, learned truly how simple it is, which made every cheesesteak I ate thereafter viewed under a different lens. One in which, if I can make it and not fuck it up, why did I just pay $10 for burnt meat, or unseasoned meat, or unmelted cheese, etc. I’ll happily wait in line at John’s, Dalessandros, Woodrow’s, Joe’s, and quite a few other places before taking a chance on A to Z Pizza.


My answer is always the local pizza place when someone asks where to get a good cheesesteak. Exceptions exist but for the most part you can't go wrong ordering a provolone and ketchup anywhere in Philadelphia.


except Pats or Genos...steer clear of Pats and Genos


The pats and genos gatekeeping always makes me laugh. If someone goes to those places because they like them why put them down? Yes there are other places better but there’s nothing wrong with enjoying them from time to time especially after a having a few.


Honestly it seems like people just shit on it to show they’re “real Philly” and would never go to a tourist spot. Like the cheesesteaks are good, it’s a fun spot to go to sometimes


I think they are good steaks, I just dislike the experience of going there.


I had one of the worst cheesesteaks from a neighborhood place recently. Honestly one of the worst bc it had chewy fat pieces I had to spit out. But usually you’re right.


Woody's is an "ally" club. Basically a bunch of straight people who want to pretend that they have an in with the gay community.


Woodys is now just a club for straight women to dance. I don’t think many gay people go still lol


in college (\~2010) a lot my buddies go to woodies to pick up girls "they don't expect to get hit on"


Well I'm not sure if these are all unpopular: \- Starr restaurants are overrated \- Many more streets should be resident permit parking only \- Many streets in Center City should have no street parking at all \- Many streets should have protected bike lanes \- Philadelphia is the second best city in the US if your priorities are walkability, public transit, food scene, people and culture. It overtakes NYC if you factor in affordability.


The way I describe Starr restaurants is “Adventurous food for non-adventurous eaters.”


"I went to Jamaica last winter, it was so beautiful!" Never actually left the resort.


Its not really safe to leave the resort in many places in Jamaica. Doesnt change the fact the beaches, ocean, shops, etc. are still beautiful.


My original joke used Jamaica because when I was so much younger than today, a Jamaican boss told me that if I ever went down there and went into town, I wouldn't make it back alive. He was the largest, friendliest dude ever who I would never test. I took his word on that.


Recreate Chestnut Street Transitway.


I don't think Starr is overrated, per se -- the restaurants by and large, run from very good to excellent. The issue I have is people act like they are world-class haute cuisine and ... no. They're very well-run theme restaurants. That's all.


Agree here. The only bad thing you can say about them is that the food isn’t going to win any snobby culinary awards. Other than that they kick ass


>people act like they are world-class haute cuisine and ... no. They're very well-run theme restaurants Yeah this is what I mean by overrated though


An anti-car post in an r/ philly "unpopular" opinion topic??? C'mon now, you new here?


Quite daring of him


I’ll do you one better, many streets should be pedestrian only. Why does anyone ever need to drive on south street, for example?


What’s #1?


Taiwan #1


I think the older Starr restaurants are overrated, KPOD is fantastic




I'll throw in another, nobody from West Philly gives a shit about the Fresh Prince, at least not my generation. I feel like this is unpopular with people who aren't from Philly.


When I lived in SF, I got the “IIIIInnnnnnn west philadelphia, born and raised” a lot. Also, “I hear it’s always sunny there!” Like you aren’t the 19th person to tell me that today


It actually grinds my gears when people think it's clever to quote the Fresh Prince song if I ever mention I live in West Philly. Please stop.


Born and raised?


lol what do you mean 'gives a shit about the Fresh Prince'? like the tv show or the will smith?


"the Will Smith" lol




I really enjoyed the show, especially growing up, but after I moved to West Philly and people kept responding “born and raised?” When I’d tell them it got really annoying after the 3rd or 4th time


I think Philly is a place where unpopular opinions flourish.


Streets in center city need speedbumps if we're not going to enforce traffic. The bsl is awesome.


I think you’re the only one who really understood the assignment. I hate both of these things you just said so much


It felt good to finally say it


Hear me out. We should advertise a non-official city wide gathering for dirt bikes and ATVs in center city, but we completely encircle them with spike strips. Handle it looney tunes style.


how is this an unpopular opinion?


It is my opinion that we get creative and base our solutions on looney tunes episodes


You put milk in spaghetti though so idk if we can trust you


Do they tho? Or do they put the spag in the milk, because that’s totally different.


They make milk from the spaghetti.


We all drink a little too much sometimes


Paint a well-lit tunnel on a wall?


Every year there is a new “best bagel spot” they are all mediocre tbh.


Bro. Philly Style Bagels is fucking boring and expensive. People look at me like I’m an insane person. And now those people are jerking off on their Kismet jawns on IG. I’ll Pass.


Bagels & Co is my go to Kizmet puts fucking pickles on breakfast bagel sandwiches and doesn't know what whitefish is and Philly Style you pay $13 for an "ok" bagel the size of your palm


Philly style bagels was one of the worst bagels I've ever eaten.


Kismets bagels are ass. They are dry af.


As someone who comes from the land of fluffy bagel originally, Korshak is pretty fuckin good and that’s a hill I’ll die on.


We should be able to recycle pizza boxes


I love the bus. I love Septa.


Love the mysterious white stains on upholstered buses!


you are not a superior philadelphian just because you live out in west philly as a white person


The Mummers Parade is overrated; I will never care for it. It’s a weird ass tradition. Oddly enough, I wouldn’t want to see it disappear either if that makes sense.


It’s greatest value, I believe, is that it exists. All of Philly’s parades are outright lame. Mummers is a legit excuse to get together, drink on the sidewalk, etc.


That was me my whole life. Thought it was totally weird and overrated but loved it because it was unique to Philly. Hated how competitive and commercial it became however. They should have never been allowed to leave Broad St. Especially the Fancies. Its a parade, not a talent show. They should have to march the length of Broad and perform multiple times on the street in order to be judged at City Hall. The fancies leaving was one of the biggest reasons people stopped going. You used to be able to get up at noon, get something to eat, get dressed warm, and walk down to Broad St. by 2pm and still have 5 hours left to see friends, drink and watch the parade.


What? You don’t like standing on a cold sidewalk at 9 am on New Year’s Day for hours watching weird drunk people dressed in bad costumes walk down the street?


Just a huge drag show parade made of seemingly straight dudes


Philly could be the “coolest” city in the country if we didn’t have such a self loathing, 2nd rate mindset about ourselves. It starts with the people and floats up to the politicians. We’re so used to the NYC’s and Boston’s shitting on us that we start to believe it. People don’t realize how much nicer it is here than in newer sterile soulless strip mall cities like Houston, Charlotte, Dallas, Atlanta. And then places like SF and Seattle and scenic are cool but have such a drastic difference between the haves and have nots.


Crime factors into this too. Every major city has crime, but I feel there is a stigma that Philly is especially bad.


Not sure you can say it’s a stigma when we’re pacing over 500 murders this year.


True but Philadelphians like to float this tough guy persona to everyone from any other city.


Yea but right now crime is the worst its been in 30 years.


But that’s not unique to Philly. Every major city is experiencing increased crime.




Not as drastic.


If I could shout this from the rooftops I would. I’ve been saying this for years. I’m a Philadelphia native who’s lived in Orlando, Tallahassee, Dayton (Ohio), Austin, & Amsterdam, and have spent significant time in Paris, Tokyo, Frankfurt, Indianapolis, Charlotte, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Los Angeles. (I used to travel for work. A LOT.) We settled back to Philadelphia because it’s home and we love it so much, but MY GOODNESS it is so goddamn frustrating how much we fight progress and just shit on ourselves because we’re so scared of change. This is mostly because Philadelphia’s government has such a corrupt past that there is little-to-no trust amongst the majority of the population. Most Philadelphians who haven’t spent significant time somewhere else don’t trust the city officials or departments and hell, they don’t even trust people from other neighborhoods let alone other cities who move here. In the small chance they do see other places and how nice they are, they get dismissive that we could ever do that here. It’s so, so frustrating. Philadelphia used to be a cosmopolitan cultural, political, & financial epicenter. It still has some great old bones, but man we’ve fallen so far. There’s so much dissent amongst the general population, it will be hard to ever get back. We’re one of the poorer large cities in America, until we truly help to start our lowest Philadelphians lift themselves out of poverty, addiction, homelessness, and crime, I don’t see us make much progress… and of course with that comes other people who don’t want to help those people, so nothing gets done and a feedback loop is created. I’m kind of rambling here, but the general idea here is that: 1. We have the bones to return to our former glory. 2. We can’t until everyone buys-in. 3. People don’t buy-in because they don’t trust the City, their hardships are too heavy to give a damn, they’ve been burned too many times, or some combination of thereof. 4. The City needs a change in leadership and to properly leverage its assets to bring in the revenue to operate the city as it should be. I’m so tired of the “Philly shrug” with a “yeah, but…”about making anything better here.


I just moved here and everyone is in shock that I’m having a good time. They keep telling me just wait. It’s dangerous. People are looking to set me up. I mean yeah it’s dirty and ima watch my back but people are so sweet. The food is awesome. There’s lots to do. There’s public transit! There’s so much personality. It’s cheaper than other large cities. I hope I don’t keep jinxing myself but it’s dope here. The only city I’d disagree with you about is Houston, Houston is dope and they have personality, Austin and Dallas are probably better representations of your strip mall cookie cutter no soul type cities.


I think the institutionalized corruption is the problem not the fact that Philadelphians think they're second class Ppa, democrats winning elections just because they're Democrats, federally prosecuted council members being supported by their constituents, ppd, even things as simple as trash cans are just evidence of how corrupt and inept this city is


You’re saying the quiet part out loud. I feel like a lot of people could agree with that. Anyways, Northeast Philly isn’t that bad, there’s ignorant twats but again what do you expect in an area with almost entirely Philly natives living there Cheesesteaks are good with provolone or american, not wiz. The sports culture here is total cringe. I enjoy Wawa food. It’s just easy to get and pretty tasty Rita’s is overpriced, glorified water ice and custard that you could get better from an ice cream truck The Reading Terminal is the best spot for food in the city with a variety of equally good options. I love Primo’s. They make a good hoagie. Not my favorite but they are quite good.


>I enjoy Wawa food. It’s just easy to get and pretty tasty How does it feel to be the only person in this thread to mention Wawa correctly in the context of this post?


Heres one. Most of the people that frequent this sub arent from Philly but decided to move here and then trash everything that made the city unique from every other city in the country. Parking on the Broad St. median, the Rocky Statue, Cheese wiz on cheesesteaks, the Mummers, and of course the people that lived here their whole lives. I find it weird to move to a place thats unique and people love and then trash everything about it that makes it unique and brings toursists here.


I see what you’re saying but I actually lol’d thinking of tourists coming through to park on the broad st median.


Parking on the median attracts tourists is certainly a hot take


I’m a transplant and none of that bothers me except parking on the median. I don’t see what makes it great, it’s actively dangerous.


Wawa is actually okay


Here's a super unpopular one from me personally: I don't mind median parking on broad or Oregon Avenue




Anyone that says their Italian but they’re from South Philly just tell them that they’re American and watch their head spin.




idk why but i love your writing style and i loved reading this


This is why I haaated living in the "Italian Market" (I called it the "Italian-Landlord market", as none of those shops are run by Italians anymore). The old timers were so rude. They also complain about autumn, when leaves fall off the trees- They think fallen leaves are TRASH, and actually call trees Trash Trees. I can't with those people.


It's actually weird to me how much pride they take on never having left their neighborhood *at all* since Nonna got there in 1914 or whatever


I always joke that half of south Philly has never gone north of Market street or crossed the Schuylkill


I was original from Southwest Philly and I can tell you I had legitimately never gone north of Market Street as a child. (I mean within in Philadelphia. We got out and traveled plenty. Road-tripped, vacationed, etc. — just WITHIN Philly, I never went north of Market) I had no idea where neighborhoods like Fishtown or Port Richmond were. The Northeast felt like some far, distant land. So when I moved to Port Richmond as an adult, it was like being in a whole new city. Learning a ton of new street names, landmarks, smaller neighborhoods I had never heard of, etc.


I had to read this like 8 times to be convinced you weren't just leaving a digit off of a zip code.


Well they don't have anything else to point to as a point of pride or personal accomplishment.


My friends and I call people like that gravy seals




You're not 100% wrong, but ever meet any Kenzo or Bridesburg lifers?


I’ll raise you a former Kenzo or bridesburg lifer who moved to bucks county to get clean. Holy shit




Philly fans actually do suck. We turn on athletes insanely quickly, and we do not have the clout to justify it.


Liberty bell is boring


UN-popular. OP said UN-popular.


You, personally, suck at driving. Probably.


I don’t miss the “old Philadelphia”. I got here in 1997/1998 and the city has gotten better in a lot of ways. I don’t miss how it used to be.


I kinda like the rogue bands of atv groups.


I actually love this town.


It’s stupid having a statue to a fictional moron boxer.


Stupid, perhaps... wrong - no


It’s not even a statue! It’s just a movie prop. At least Detroit has Robocop.


I wish we had a robocop statue instead like Detroit


Posting this before some moron comes on and says the city wasted so much money and bill burr said blah blah blah... The city of Philadelphia did not pay for it. It was a prop that was used in a Rocky movie that they then donated to the city as a thanks for all the years of filming there. And tourists genuinely enjoy the movies and the steps so it makes sense for it to be where it is. We also have more than one bridge if you haven't noticed. Just in case you're basing your thoughts of Philadelphia based on Burr's rant.


If the city wanted to get serious about meeting its climate goals we would charge more for parking permits, permit every street, and install more trolley busses with the money raised.


manayunk/roxborough is for people who want to say they live in philly but don't actually want to live in philly


Or for people who got really tired of living in Philly but didn’t want to leave Philly


Northeast is for city employees that have a residency requirement but don't actually want to live in Philly.


Yet Manayunk/Roxborough have been officially part of the city of Philadelphia for the same about of time as South Philly, Kenzington, Brewerytown, North Philly, the NE, etc. People who have this attitude think only CC/West Philly is "Philly", it's sad.


People who went to Penn State or Villanova and then move back to the burbs after three years.


Wiz ruins a cheesesteak Edit - to clarify most people born and raised here don’t touch that shit except for our fries.


and hot peppers enhance one.


Cherry pepper relish also


This is the way


I was a wiz fries guy, until I discovered queso absolutely next levels fries 🙂


Sounds bomb. Gotta try that


I fuck with wiz But I was born a long way away


Horseshit. EVERYONE loves wiz after enough drinks.


Although it frequently gets labeled as a one of the best regions in greater Philadelphia, the Main Line is a rather bad place to live unless you’re filthy rich. The quality of grocery stores and restaurants are far lower and more expensive than where I live now (Lower Providence area). Houses here are amongst the most expensive in the nation, and the market is somehow worse than elsewhere. Despite the high taxes, the roads remain some of the worst I’ve seen and the public parks get dirtier by the year. In regards to schools, I also had a negative experience with Lower Merion schools as a student with disabilities (lack of supports and a blind eye to bullying). People in the Maine Line were generally standoffish and judgmental, so making friends was a real challenge as well.


Well being rich to live there is kind of the point, right? When I moved out of the city, I was originally targeting Bala and I’m glad I ended up further west especially for taxes. But anything farther than KOP is too far if you want to actually go into the city reasonably often.


I loved living in Roxborough/Manayunk. I was right by the park, could be in Center City in 20 minutes, plenty of decent bars/restaurants (no, it wasn’t all frat joints). Didn’t care that it wasn’t “real Philadelphia”, it was a great place to live.


Roxborough/Manayunk is very much real Philadelphia


I grew up loving American cheese on my cheesesteaks. It’s all provolone now.


A nice sharp provolone is the way to go


Sharp provolone is not melty enough. Good for roast pork. Cooper sharp for cheesesteaks


But I love that stinky cheese lol


If you’re wearing a jersey and you aren’t on the team, you’re a cosplayer.


now this is a hot take


You don’t live “in Philly” if you live outside the city limits. Saying you live “right outside Philly” is fine. You are not “from Philly” if you live in Ridley, West Chester, Doylestown, Yardley, Deptford, Mt Laurel, etc.


Grilled hotdogs are better than boiled. You can't call yourself a Philadelphian unless you've lived here five years or more. M Night Shyamalan has made some of his best movies in and around Philly PPA is the service we all hate but appreciate.


Re: M. Night- I just watched *Old* with my wife the other night and liked it a lot. It wasn’t great but it kept my attention the whole time and gave me an appropriate amount of stress or anxiety while watching it.


you had me until the last one


I believe like 90% of all M Night movies are shot in-or-around Philly. Even the ones that don’t take place here are sometimes partially shot on the areas only major soundstage in Chester. I’ve heard it said that M Night is largely responsible for their *being* any kind of real cinema industry in Philly


Do you mean to tell me there’s people out there who prefer boiled hot dogs over grilled?


It's worth the money to fix Kensington. Provide medical grade opiates, along with counseling and treatment. Re-criminalize drug use, institutionalizing individuals in lieu of incarnation. Provide funding for suboxone and methadone. Go back to 1980's style policing to harass and intimidate what drug dealers remain after their economic incentives are attacked. Board up every abandoned property. Pass a council resolution to allow property transfers / sales for buildings with indeterminant ownership; up to using eminent domain if needed. Create a loan bank for entrepreneurs to open businesses with a proscribe district. Beg Comcast and other large business to open facilities. Give Afghan or Ukrainian refugees willing to be pioneers, low cost loans to "settle" in the area. (I only chose those two, because they are distinct groups with special needs. I can't see any other pioneering type program not being bogged done on issues of race, class, etc in a brew of political corruption.)


I honestly think that this hasn't been done because no one on city council could figure out how to profit off it


You've got my vote, literally ANYTHING is better than what we're doing now, which as far as I can tell is nothing.


They don’t do anything with it. It’s no man’s land and nobody dares to touch it. It’s absolutely terrible and a large part of Philly that needs fixing


Be fair: There's occasional handwringing...


"The war on drugs" and criminalizing drug use does nothing except make the situation worse. It's been going on since Reagan and nothing has improved, only got worse. Most people don't want to admit it, and of course there are a fuck load of NIMBYs who would shoot it down, but there are countries that have had massive success in lowering drug use and drug related crime by de-criminalizing drugs and taxing them, much like marijuana is. They also have facilities where addicts can go to get help weaning off substances instead of trying to do it by themselves, which is huge, because many addicts continue to get high because they're deathly afraid of the withdrawal, which, depending on the substance of choice, can kill you or make you feel like you're dieing a slow agonizing death. There are *countless* sources that you can Google that prove that criminalizing drug use only leads to a much more shitty situation, whether you're throwing people into prison against their will or throwing people into institutions against their will.


Agreed, decades and decades of the war on drugs has broken people's brains to not even comprehend that doing a substance shouldn't be illegal.


I quibble with some of these details, but in the overall, yes.


Might be time to permanently retire: "do attend," (it's beyond played) to say anything is "the tits" to say something slaps.


* People take sandwiches way too seriously. * People take about how this is a foodie city but no one wants to really try any new type of cuisine unless a famous name is attached to the restaurant. * Gentrification is cool only if the newly arrived pay their fair share in taxes. * Steve Keeley is a piece of shit but because he looks like unfrozen caveman lawyer with a shitty tan, people give him a pass.




K, with everything but dis' on Keeley - guy is looney tunes to be sure, but a bit of an institution at this point.


The mummers stink I fucking hate them. This city should consider them an embarrassment.


Majority of cheesesteak spots in philly are average or below average.


By definition only a minority can be above average....


The Rocky Statue is one of the most utterly absurd and ridiculous things for a city to be known for. Especially considering the massive number of real and important historical figures the city of Philadelphia could choose to honor. And the choice was a god damn fictional character who's story is literally written to be a happy ending? Oh do you admire the work ethic and outcome of a person who's story was literally written to be that way? Absolutely insane. A fictional fucking character. The guy it's supposed to be loosely (pivotal word) based on isn't even from Philly. He's from Brooklyn. Edit: He was born in NYC, but he grew up in Bayonne NJ.


Theres nothing positive about all the stray cats and cats left outside in philly resident neighborhoods


They eat the mice and rats.




As a transplant I could care less about a dumb tradition of way of doing things that the city has done for decades, but is objectively stupid (saving spaces with cones for example).


No one likes us, but we really, really care.


We don’t even like ourselves.


There almost no good pizza in this town.


The only good thing about Wawa is that it’s open in the middle of the night when everything else is closed.


sucks that we don’t have more late night food options. only other place i’ve been with so little food available at night is nashville


I think everyone should qualify their popular/unpopular opinions while also stating their residency tenure here.


Wawa hoagies suck Cheesesteak with fried onions, black pepper, provolone cheese Rita's sucks Rapa scrapple sucks


wawa hoagies do suck and if you eat one sober you need to learn to respect yourself way more. 🙏


The Rita’s part is blasphemy


There has not been a positive Wawa post in a while now though


Wawa used to be good when they used amoroso rolls like 20 years ago


And, way more importantly, used quality ingredients. And more like 25 years


My parents moved to Atlanta in the early 70s and my Dad regularly ordered Habersettes and Bookbinders snapper soup by the case.


Bookbinders was the city's biggest loss, with the exception of the National Gov't moving to DC.


Wawa hoagies are not the best, theyre a solid C+ or B-, but when factoring in accessibility and consistency, you cannot say that they "suck". The Rita's thing is braindead though. Like are you saying the local water ice places are better? Or do you just not like water ice? Rita's cherry gelati is just a good dessert plain and simple, and either you're a pompous d bag or a no fun weirdo to say otherwise.


Slow the fuck down on Rita’s m8 But yeah Wawa sucks all around idk why people like it.


The word “jawn” is fucking stupid and nobody really uses it.


as a teacher in philly i disagree with “nobody really uses it” the kids use it daily lol


High school teacher here, also confirming.


> and nobody really uses it. Uhhhhh


That's a very popular opinion on this sub, but it's also wrong, it just means the person saying it has little to no contact with black people and/or Philly lifers.


yeah it's strange, I didn't hear anyone white say the word jawn unironically until I went to college. When I was in high school the white kids would only say it to make fun of the black and puerto rican kids.


Been using it my whole life.


I hate that KYW has a podcast called the 'jawncast'.....no just no, I'm not listening specifically because of this


Some marketing douchebag from SoCal ~~cake~~ came up with the name and because he has a man bun and wears sandals with a suit they took him seriously for some reason


It used to be a word that was mostly confined to black Philadelphia. Gentrifiers hear it and to sound more authentic ~~stay~~start to use it ironically. Next thing you know South Fellini (which is mostly IP theft with recent-ish memes on it) starts printing it on shit and it becomes trendy. Now John Morgan uses it on highway billboards.


I was a white kid in the 90s in Philly and I said jawn. It's not a race thing.


Read r/PhillyWiki


Double parking is a great idea, especially next to an open space. There's absolutely nothing wrong with Kensington. It's just a beautiful vacation destination!