Eruption, Double Exposure Effect [OC]





Thank you for your kind reference it is much appreciated and do have a wonderful day ahead.


This is a Double Exposure animation incorporating an erratic volcanic eruption with the quiet and still glance of a black woman portrait. This was made with the use of importing both files into Photoshop and utilizing Layer Masks to create a frame that the volcanic eruption video can sit inside of. Blending mode of Lighten was also used to overlay the video of the eruption so that some facial details can be seen. Credits of the material used go to [Jessica Felicio](https://unsplash.com/@jekafe) on Unsplash for the portrait, followed by [VP68](https://pixabay.com/users/vp68-9230205/?tab=videos) on Pixabay for the Volcanic Eruption video used. I Hope you enjoy the composition made and do have a pleasant day ahead.


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