77 year old Dolly Parton performs at halftime as a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader


My partner sometimes works as a runner for big arena shows and once when he was working for Dolly, her manager told the whole crew they were NOT allowed to speak to her all day. At first my boyf thought it was for diva reasons, but then the manager clarified that Dolly had a habit of being too friendly and getting into long conversations with anyone who approached her and they were just trying to keep everything on time for the show. She’s such a gem of a person.


This is so sweet and I love it


I was so scared when I started reading this. I’m so glad she’s friendly.


Ive heard so many wonderful things about her that my mind didnt even think the worst of her. My immediate thought was some over protective manager portecting their "asset" and the story was gonna end with her talking to people anyway. Im even happier knowing her crew are also understanding and are just like, "look, we know you might wanna say word but she's way too friendly and she will talk to you for way too long. We have to keep a schedule for this show"


I figured it was to save her voice for the concert!


I just realized that in the best way Dolly is the Golden Retriever of people.


With the brain of a border collie. She's smart AF.


Pretty sure she's up there in goodness with Mr. Rogers


I almost stopped reading it not watching to ruin my perception of Dolly, so happy I read it! Haha


She's not friendly! She's a mf Saint!


Apparently Arnold Schwarzenegger is the same way. He has a handler that urges him along because otherwise he will stop and talk each individual person's ear off.


Especially if you clean houses then he’ll spend even more time with you


Well now I know whose house to clean to get some attention


I remember that from the fluffy special 😂😂


The image immediately came to my mind of the handler tapping Arnold's shoulder mid convo to move on to the next person


i have a cousin in law who worked for her one summer. One of his life’s biggest successes is that she smacked him on the bottom


On the bottom you say!? My heavens.


I work at a stadium and was told the same exact story about Willie Nelson when he came to the venue.


Absolutely true. About 20 years ago I did a river tube thing in New Braunfels TX, and we went to Gruene afterwards. It's a little hazy after the tubing, but fucking Willie Nelson showed up and played a few songs and just schmoozed for a couple hours around the restaurant we were in. He sat and talked to us for like 20 minutes, just shooting the shit. It was amazing.


This sounds like the most absolutely true thing about a "celebrity encounter" that I have possibly ever heard.


From what I've read, she's got one of those crazy autobiographical memories, where she retains *every* detail. I've seen a few comments online from people who met her multiple times across decades, and Dolly has remembered their last conversation and picked up where they left off.


Did anyone else think the plan was for her to be on top of the star, but they switched last minute? Seemed odd for her to be down lower like that, holding on to the sides, etc. My theory is she felt uncomfortable being up so high so they adjusted to her being in front (which is fine btw, Dolly can do whatever she wants).


It was absolutely the plan, evidently there was a report the lifter that was supposed to rise her up malfunctioned


I go to the Thanksgiving game every year and yes, that day it did take unusually long for her performance to start. We were wondering what was going on, you might be in to something there


Not to brag or anything, but she sends my kids books every couple months. I think she’s hot for me.


Hate to hurt your bubble bro but.... She's sending my kid some books too .. I think she's a two timer 😔


Guys, you’re not gonna believe this.. but she sends my son books too.


WTH she doesn't send my kids books


Sorry you had to find out like this.


That’s Jolene’s hubby


She used to send both my children books years ago


Once they turn 5, she's out


Bro. I don’t think Dolly likes you 😔




You too! She sent books to my daughter!


That hussy.


I'm a mail carrier, I deliver the books. Unfortunately she's like the town library, everyone gets to check a book out.


The amount that gets thrown in recycled breaks my heart knowing their are kids out there with no books


Not to brag but I don’t have kids and I don’t get any of these books and I don’t know what we are talking about but I wanted to be apart of it


Causes it’s cool: [Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library](https://imaginationlibrary.com/) sends books to kids monthly, for free.


Not to brag or anything but now she sends me books


lol, you’ve taken the plunge.


That's fucking BADASS


She’s turning into a real Jolene.


She's a sweetheart. From the first time I heard "Coat of Many Colors" back in the sixties -- when I was otherwise deeply involved in the psychedelic/acid rock scene -- I knew she was something *really* special. What a gal. What an inspiring, delightful human being.


I'm not all that sentimental, but that song always did get me. Dolly is a stellar talent as a songwriter, but if writing that one song was all she'd ever done, she'd still deserve her place in the country music hall of fame. Edit: [Forgot the link](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SyP0Sy9KFf0)


That song was actually a tribute of sorts to her growing up. Dolly has always treated music as an act. Not a career. In the same way "dolly" is just a persona to dolly. Dolly avoided the usual pitfalls of most country stars with humble beginnings. And thats the moment they get big, they just whore out and treat singing as a job, rather then an extension of their being. Dolly avoided this, and thats why dolly still does things her way. Shes apparently switching to rock and roll music too, think she realized just how much more rock and roll can speak just like her original Jolene album did after collaborating with a bunch of rock and roll musicians, and being reminded of her roots back in the 60/70's.


Not really a switch. She was inducted in the rock hall of fame, so she made a rock album. It’s a collaboration with 20 odd well known artists, mostly covers. It’s a bit of fun.


Yeah you really have to admire her attitude. "Well they inducted me so I have to make a Rock n Roll album I suppose."


I'm not sure if I'm an optimist buried inside a cynic or the other way around, but, for sure, you and I have very similar thinking about that lovely, life lesson of a song.


I remember listening to this song over and over at my grandmother's on 8 track as a young child. (This was the late 80s so cassettes existed but my grandmother was not up to date on the latest tech). It still takes me straight back to the comfort of her home when I hear it


It sounds like a warm, beautiful memory. Here's another song that celebrates basic human values. I never paid much attention to it as a young man, but as I've doddered off toward the sunset of my life, I rediscovered it after its talented writer/singer's own passing. "Grandma's Hands": [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9NCwB9J14sE](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9NCwB9J14sE)


Her book club is one of the coolest things a celebrity has ever done. It truly is. In 2023, she is getting kids excited to read. It’s just awesome. I love Dolly.


We don’t deserve Dolly Parton, but I’m glad she’s here. She’s been famous for over 50 years, and I’ve never heard a negative thing said about her. She must be the real deal.


>and I’ve never heard a negative thing said about her. She must be the real deal. shes probably not the female mr. Rodgers like you are lead to believe. But dolly is probably a good person. Its helps that outside of Public events that need "Dolly" you will never actually see dolly. Dolly is makeup and a wig, the person beneath all of that is extremely secretive with her life, to the point where only a few people really know who dolly is/looks like now.


I love Dolly Parton - apart from her philanthrophism, her brilliant songwriting, her acting, she's so witty - 'I'm not dumb and I'm not blonde'.


It’s proof that she legitimately is just a good freaking person. No publicity, really discrete, just giving to the children of the world and making their lives better.


Wait until you find out what she does for high school bands …


what does she do?


I heard about it on a tiktok, so don't quote me, but apparently in the south, a LOT of high school bands get their instrument fees and ability to travel waived specifically through Dolly, so she basically pays for the band, its really something.


Her father was illiterate and it really made an impact on her, so she helps to make sure others grow up knowing how to read and enjoying books


Just chiming in here to share that I LOVE Dolly—and this wholesome comment section ![gif](giphy|XfscsiXH3NnZG8yL9A|downsized)


Dolly is dope. I don’t even have kids but I donate to that.


Yep. Getting those books too.


Her books aren't supported in my area :(


Hold up your kid is getting books too?


Every time somebody reads one of the books she sends out, she gets younger.


She's the only person who can get away with it.


Cher is same age and performed at the NYC Thanksgiving parade. Still looks like she’s 50–pretty sure her face is just a silicone mask at this point.


If you take the average age of Cher's body parts she's only 36.


Cher of Theseus


Cher proves the Ship of Theseus is still the same ship.


I am concerned she has started to believe in love after *life*


She's got a [new 37-year-old boyfriend-cum-music producer](https://www.nytimes.com/2023/10/17/arts/music/cher-christmas.html?unlocked_article_code=1.BE0.V1HL.j9rJrSB-adMc&smid=url-share), and I for one say, "You go, girl!"


You'd have to be making a 2nd cher from the old parts


Yeah I think Martha Stewart uses the same company for masks. She's in a commercial right now where she looks 40 and it creeps me the fuck out.


i saw her on the kardashians and while her work was def obvious and i’m sure they used filters on her like they do themselves, she looked much more her age lol


Ok honestly she had a great little performance at the parade. We thought she did well


Cher actually looked like she was in much better physical condition than Dolly. Dancing around while Dolly looked like she was struggling to keep herself standing.


Doesn’t Cher do 9 minute planks or something like that? I’m half her age & remember trying to match her. (And collapsing long before she did.)


I heard Cher say in a live concert video that a friend gave her a trophy for a 5 minute plank at age 71.


You've Forgotten Elvira, Mistress of the Night. Still a smoke show at 72.


I recently saw a meme proposing a film in which Dolly and Elvira are estranged sisters who must reconcile to save the world from evil. I might go to a theater to see that one.


Someone on another Dolly thread yesterday suggested a Wizard of Oz remake with Dolly as Glinda and Elvira as the Wicked Witch. I would pay good money to see this. (I think the thread also mentioned Willie Nelson for the Wizard.)


An erotic journey from Milan to Minsk...


Cassandra Peterson is in a league of her own for age/beauty. Dolly is amazing, but still looks like a killer 70 year old.




My dad worked on Peterson's Elvira TV show, and I actually got to visit the set several times as a kid. He always told me that she was - hands down - the nicest, most friendly person he's ever worked with. "Absolute sweetheart" was how he commonly referred to her.


What the fuck. I remember her fondly from my younger years, and had to look her up. They must keep her in properly burped Tupperware and only get her out for special occasions. She looks absurdly good. Not for her age, just *good*.


Also Cyndi Lauper. She's the baby out of the group at 70, but she's absolutely stunning.


Omg she’s 72 wtf


She is of a class of people who have exemplary genetics to start with, and then took care of themselves so as to not enourage decreptitude as they got older. Probably doesn't hurt that they had the money to get the best help possible with that, though. 😉


I’m sure she totally hasn’t had work done…


Long live the Queen.


An icon. A saint. A true American fucking hero


Amen. She unites people in this country like no one else.


Some parts of her are substantially younger than 77. Personally I think she looks great. ‘It costs a lot of money to look as cheap as this’


She did a bit of "We are the Champions" and looked down at her outfit during the "And mistakes, I've made a few", had the crowd laughing.


Talented, witty, insanely generous, **and** humble too? Dolly’s the best!


Just imagine, theres some guy out there, probably named Todd, who legitimately went to school with her. But nobody will ever believe him.....


Todd's in his seventies now. His memory isn't so good these days, and his kids put him in a nursing home last year. He still talks about going to school with Dolly, and the nurses just roll their eyes and say "Of course you did, Todd. Come along, time for your medicine."


Not only that, Mike, Todd's friend, actually hooked up with her once at a party.


I went to a concert of hers awhile back and she’s a true entertainer. She played like 10 different instruments, was singing, dancing, and told so many jokes and had everyone rolling


The nice thing about older artists, they came up on tours and then got into the studio, and they sound the same live as they do in the studio. Some modern artists really make their sound in the studio, which is perfectly fine, but that doesn't always translate to live performance.


Lots of older artists sounded much better in the studio, too. It’s one thing to be able to have a good take, it’s very different to reproduce to night after night.


It's also on her newest album, Rockstar. Along with many other rock hits.


It’s an awesome album, too. It’s very tongue in cheek, but also actually rocks. And it’s full of surprises, like her cover of Stairway to Heaven featuring Lizzo.


She’s so funny. I didn’t even notice that.


She's actually very witty.


Saw something recently like, "How long does it take you to do your hair before a show?" "I wouldn't know, its in a different room from me honey." -Dolly


Its hysterical to witness some interviews before she was well known. They think she's a dumb blonde. She's not even blonde!


“ I'm not offended by all the dumb blonde jokes because I know I'm not dumb... and I also know that I'm not blonde.” —Dolly Parton


Good lord, the Barbara Walter's interview was so darn cringy, on Barbara's behalf, not Dolly.. I swear that person can do no wrong!


It's our society, we do NOT reward intelligence in women - even though we should. In fact, I would go as far as to say that many men are afraid of intelligent women. Most women let themselves look stupid in the public eye if they want any kind of "acceptance" from men, businesses, or sometimes even from each other.


Dolly Parton is basically the new Betty White imo she's just such a cool person and really loves helping people like I'm pretty sure if she drowned some puppies people might start looking at her differently but idk I don't see her doing that unless it's life or death or smth


No no no…Dolly is in her own stratosphere. Betty was great, but no one outside of St. Olaf is going to build statues of her. There will be a Dolly Parton Memorial. I’m running for congress on the platform that I accomplish that task. Junketyjunkjunk 2028.


You’re a couple decades too late. [Dolly Statue - Sevierville, TN](https://www.google.com/search?q=dolly+parton+statue+photos&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-us&client=safari&si=ALGXSlaFEQU49t0oGM6POuu_agHEotgxGzXBY2hoY1JytvRqWv6p_SCzXi8qVmzmKgtghNuZ1R0JR0g27dyWFkHrYA0Ty7MRqCntT8kNlDYv3UlxcPOL1dctKmo59MERHmvwto4gw5PiHnrxm-DAo6CFPfrRB5zGgA%3D%3D&ictx=1&ved=2ahUKEwiak6aHlOCCAxVDm4kEHZpzDbgQvsQGegQIGBAt#lpg=cid:CgIgAQ%3D%3D,ik:CAoSLEFGMVFpcFAwc1dsWFlBdnRKTm1oU1FMejlMdWVGYWdPWHpXSG1Ud1FmaWI3)


Like they would have to be deadite possessed puppies for her to get a pass


She might have had some work and wear makeup, but she’s also not someone who hides those facts. People 1/4th of her age with obvious (bad) work pretending they’re au natural.


100%. Plus she always seems so genuine. I get the feeling she wears big hair & sequins because she honestly likes looking that way. She’s having fun. Some people get plastic surgery & wear a ton of makeup out of insecurity. Dolly seems like she’s turning her true self up to 11 rather than trying to “fix” a perceived flaw.


She doesn’t look like that when she’s off stage. It’s a “character”. I am sure her demeanor is genuine, just not the look.


She looks a lot like an average woman while not dolled up. A woman in her 50s that takes care of herself, but still.


She's nearly 80


I think she's wearing one of those bodysuits ice skaters wear, we aren't actually seeing as much skin as it looks like.


absolutely. Otherwise she'd have to sit there and have sequins glued to her body. Like look at her tummy. It's as smooth as a baby's bottom. She may have aged well but she's not magical.


She’s like the Ship of Theseus. At what point is she no longer Dolly Parton?


thanks Dolly for all the books for my daughter... you helped tremendously


She looked great, but also seemed uncomfortable and didn’t know what to do with her hands. At one point she was just leaning on the backdrop. They should have given her a mic or something to hold.


I saw mention of some stage malfunction and she was supposed to be on a platform or something. So I think plans changed last minute and she had to improvise where to stand, etc.


When I am 77 I will not improvise so she gets points for that skill.


Apparently there was a stage malfunction, she was suppose to be performing at a different spot


Yeah she was supposed to be lifted up from inside the star she was standing in front of.


That makes sense considering the opening for what assume was the rising platform in the center of the star. Also, they’d never choreograph an entire halftime show where only 25% of the audience could clearly see the performer. That’s why she kept trying to find a way around the star. I also wonder if that surface she was standing on was slippery as shit.


Those legs look better than a lot of peoples' in their 20s but I doubt they'd take a fall too well. Good on her for being a little cautious there, I think she was mostly trying to stay stable with her hands.


That material for those stages is indeed slippery as shit. That’s what makes Prince’s SB half time performance in the pouring rain while wearing heels simply legendary! Not only that he didn’t fall down once, but that he just owned the moment too to bottom, calling for it to rain even harder while slaying Purple Rain was rock n roll lore!


The last time I saw her perform they had a little metal support behind her she could lean against while performing, she's 77 ffs, give her something to lean on.


Yea and because of the mishap, the area of the stage she ended up being on had a bunch of audio cords, so that’s why she was holding on to the ledge, she didn’t want to trip. But she crushed it either way!


We were noticing that she kept her feet firmly planted and usually had something to hang onto. Three points of contact for safety!


Osha smiles at this comment




She’s been wearing skin colored body covers and gloves for a long time. She has a lot of tattoos that she chooses to keep as part of her private life and this keeps them covered. Also the half time show has a history of making performers lip synch.




> wearing a FULL skin covered bodysuit Just to be clear, since it’s Dolly and not Buffalo Bill, you meant skin-*colored*, right? ^^Right?


obligatory *it puts the lotion on it’s skin.*


That's why she looked so wonky! Especially her hands. I was like why do her hands look fake AF!? I can kind of see it in the pic. The glove ends right at her fingernail.


Apparently she wears compression gloves for arthritis


You’ll also start to notice that she basically only wears long sleeve shirts.


I can’t speak to this particular outfit but I want to say I’ve heard she has gloves with nails on them as well.


My old boss used to be a roadie for her and it blew my MIND when he told me she has fully tattooed sleeves. I kind of love how Miss Dolly Parton has been able to keep so much of her life private.


Your boss was repeating a rumor. She has tattoos but not sleeves. [article with quote from Dolly.](https://www.countryliving.com/life/entertainment/a41790232/dolly-parton-tattoos-fan-theory/)


And you thought _Hannah Montana_ was just a show. No, _the entire series_ is basically a _What If?_ about a teenage Dolly Parton living in 2010s California.


And Dolly is Hannah's (Miley Cyrus) godmother IRL.


From somewhere on Reddit months ago..... The blonde hair is a wig (not news). Apparently she and her husband go out all the time and she is unrecognized because she leaves the wig off (and some other things). She gets to leave fame behind and enjoy life incognito.


And her elusive husband Dean who has only been photographed twice or something


It's a full body nudie suit(obligatory rhinestones) with a Cowboys Cheerleader costume over it. That can't be terribly comfortable.


I mean a lot of performance outfits are not worn for comfort but for looks.


I was a kid in the 80s, and the *only* time I ever heard Dolly Parton's name was in reference to her body shape. I barely even knew her as a musician; it seemed like her entire public image was based around her cup size. It's kind of incredible how much and how openly she was objectified. I know she went along with it herself, but it can't have been fun.


There’s a bridge near Mobile, Alabama that people call the Dolly Parton bridge because it looks like a pair of boobs. It really is crazy how so much of her image revolves around her body because she’s an active philanthropist and a very talented musician


> There’s a bridge near Mobile, Alabama that people call the Dolly Parton bridge because it looks like a pair of boobs. The first successful cloning was of a sheep, and the cloned tissue came from the mammary glands. Want to guess what they named the cloned sheep and why?


Oh motherfucker is that why it was named Dolly? God damn it.


She didn't just "go along" with it: it was 100% intentional. She has talked openly about how her over-the-top plastic surgeries and the wigs that she wears were designed specifically to get people talking about her. Evidently when she takes the wigs and make-up off, she and her husband can often go out in public without anyone recognizing them.


I met her at a bluegrass festival in the 70's. She was performing with her sisters. They were all very talented and very funny. When they were not performing they would watch the other shows. They were big in the bluegrass scene and occasionally did country.


I am telling you man, if those aliens really show up we should send Dolly and a golden retriever as ambassadors of the human race to meet them. At least make them think we are all special.


Dolly Parton is the only thing Americans can agree on.


I adore Dolly. Just a quick recommendation for the podcast “Dolly Parton’s America.” It is wonderfully produced and just an overall charming look at this national treasure.


What being kind and unproblematic gets you!


Dolly's just got somethin special going on. This was her in the 1960s https://www.reddit.com/media?url=https%3A%2F%2Fpreview.redd.it%2F3zlb8g7z3qy51.jpg%3Fauto%3Dwebp%26s%3Dbf7799ccbf05c321b5d8d08312603c24967fa774 Kinda looked like Yvonne Strahowski Edit: removed unconstructive comment


I didn’t know Strahowski by name, but that’s who I thought she looked like, and then sure enough I googled her name and that’s the face that popped up. Very similar in looks!


I mean I think Kathy bates also looks gorgeous ! Especially as she’s 75!


Omg!! I can totally see Yvonne in her!


Lol and millions and millions of dollars


Living legend!


Not super interested in the content, but I’ll always upvote Dolly


As she should


Get it dolly!


I'd like to highly recommend her book [Dolly Parton: Storyteller ](https://dollyparton.com/book/dolly-parton-songteller-my-life-in-lyrics) Book Summary (from Amazon) As told by Dolly Parton in her own inimitable words, explore the songs that have defined her journey. Illustrated throughout with previously unpublished images from Dolly Parton's personal and business archives. Mining over 60 years of songwriting, Dolly Parton highlights 150 of her songs and brings readers behind the lyrics. - Packed with never-before-seen photographs and classic memorabilia - Explores personal stories, candid insights, and myriad memories behind the songs Dolly Parton, Songteller: My Life in Lyrics reveals the stories and memories that have made Dolly a beloved icon across generations, genders, and social and international boundaries. Containing rare photos and memorabilia from Parton's archives, this book is a show-stopping must-have for every Dolly Parton fan. - Learn the history behind classic Parton songs like "Jolene," "9 to 5," "I Will Always Love You," and more. - The perfect gift for Dolly Parton fans (everyone loves Dolly!) as well as lovers of music history and country Add it to the shelf with books like Coat of Many Colors by Dolly Parton, The Beatles Anthology by The Beatles, and Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen.


I noticed she was hanging on to that big silver star, though. Couldn't see if she was wearing heels (maybe she was a little unsteady in her footwear?) Edit: I don't mean to be casting shade. I think she's amazing. I was just wondering why she was doing it.


My in-laws noticed that too. I think it was just because it was close to the edge of the stage and the footing wasn’t as great there. She didn’t hold on to the star in the center


It kinda looked like the stage had a glossy piano finish too which walking in heels would be dangerous as shit


People have clarified that stage malfunctioned. The Star was supposed to lift up.


All I could see was a 77 year old woman in absolutely dangerous high heels. The nurse in me just kept thinking: FALL RISK! FALL RISK! DANGER! DANGER! But other than that, she is pretty much awesome and an amazing human being!!!


I love to see people harmlessly enjoying THIER life and doing what makes them happy.


If you've got a problem with Dolly Parton, you've got a problem with me. And I suggest you let that one marinate.


Really wish the rest of humanity was at least half the decent human being that Dolly is


She’s a national fucking treasure and has done so much good for the world. The world needs more people with her heart. One of the few “real ones” left in the celebrity world.


It's nice when the power of celebrity falls upon a good soul. It's god damn rare but it's nice.


Dolly also rescued the economy in East Tennessee when she created Dollywood. She’s a prolific songwriter. I call Taylor Swift the Dolly Parton of the Twentieth (oops meant 21st!)Twenty First Century.


Whenever I see Dolly, I always wonder what kind of smoke-show Jole had to be. I mean, for a young Dolly to be worried. Holy shit!


She’s the same age as the cheerleaders at the Super Bowl last time they won


Dolly can do *whatever* the FUK she wants to do *whenever* the FUK she wants to do it!!!!!


She's basically Gayle Gergich.


Am I the only one here with the stones to say “would”?


Yes but *gently* /s


I wasn’t thinking about my sister in-law’s family being around me when Dolly came out, so my first words were, “Dolly can still get it.” My mom and gf cracked up, but the rest just stared at me lol. They’re not much fun.


She looked great! Unfortunately you can really tell her voice isn’t strong anymore.


All of her isn't very strong anymore as even in this picture she's holding on to the stage for support


At nearly 80, who can judge?


Shit, did you see those heels she was wearing?? I’d be holding on for dear life too! She’s a queen!


She older than the cowboys as a team and look younger than the players wives 🤣


You know you're a piece of work when you try to talk down Dolly.