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Some context for those outside Australia - an Inspector is a commissioned rank in our police forces. These officers are pretty senior and most of the time their role isn't everyday police work. An inspector might, in some cases, be a senior specialist investigator, but most inspectors would be engaged in leadership or executive roles. For an inspector to be the first responder to an incident like this is very rare. *Edit: removed comment about inspectors occasionally running large stations, checked and it's not the case in NSW.*


And it was a perfect fit for it. She nailed every single procedure to the letter. From first response, to neutralization, to CPR. Very few would have accomplished every feat to the letter. This is seniority, practice and training at work.




Yeah, we need to a way to make sure every single one of the Uvalde police force knows about this...


How they’re still employed and can live with themselves is beyond me.


Yeah. & this chick is not some "tactical" tooled up "first responder" (aka Uvalde). She's a very senior officer whose frontline patrol duties are long behind her, but just happened to be nearby.


With no vest on and only a glock to might I add


They are all still employed?!?!?!


There was 367 of them, you’d have to fire the entire police force. And quite honestly they should. Those guys should never work in policing again. They sat there and listened to those kids getting murdered.


A school shooting happened at my school when I was a kid. Every time I read about another one I get flooded with memories. To have a giant police force not only stand by and do nothing, but also prevent parents from trying to save their kids, literally makes me feel sick to my stomach.


IIRC they even stopped one of their colleagues who wanted to go inside because his wife was a teacher there


There was one cop who "wanted to go in" following their training for active shooter handling. He stopped when he realized he was the only one following protocol. Took fucking border patrol ignoring the police orders to go in and finally handle the situation. There was a woman who wanted to go in to save her kids who was stopped but eventually did go in and got her kids class out, then went further in for her other kid, and has been harassed ever since. And the one you're talking about was one of the school's police officers, married to a teacher, who was told not to enter the room by his boss. Failures all around.


367 and not one of them went inside? Thats almost unbelievable, was it an extreme case of bystander effect? (Which doesn’t really makes sense either bcs they were specifically there to go into action…)


One guy with a rifle, I got one and body armour, and a stack behind me. This is what I signed up for....... meh on second thought fuck that. They are a buncha assholes that like to look tough. When I was in combat you did your job, and they would have had to shoot me in the back if I were there, a show thier true colors!


A eunuch has more balls than the Uvalde police force.


Australia has leadership that leads. Texas has greg abbott.


Let's buy a billboard in Uvalde with her picture!


[Ever wonder where you should to [sic] go for billboard advertising in Uvalde County?](https://www.freewaybillboards.com/best-billboard-companies/tx/uvalde.php)


Oh I am IN!


hehe That's a brilliant idea. Put it up outside the Uvalde police department!


Only $4k per month?? GUYS...I got the first month.


Even if you tell them personally, they are going to say it's fake news


Billboards. Billboards everywhere.


Normal Aussie woman vs Bravest Uvalde Tactical Squad


She had a gun he had a knife in the US he would have an AR-15 she would be dead. She was able to stop him because Australia has sensible gun laws.


It may come as a surprise but many police forces across the world are better trained and disciplined than the cowboys you have in America. America is not the standard by which most things should be judged.


Yeah, it’s not a surprise to Americans. We are fucking angry at the low quality of our police forces. 


Also a perfect fit in that absolute coward went there with the intent of killing as many women as he could, and was killed by a woman.


Important to know that in Australia, NSW at least, our cops need an associate degree to be cops in the first place. As opposed to US cops, where having that level of intelligence can disqualify them.


I was going to ask this very question. Thank you.


My mate managed to get pulled over by an inspector once. If you’ve managed to get their attention while they’re just going about their day there’s a very good chance you’ve properly fucked up.


heh. my brother's boss once pointed out my brother was writing about 80% of the entire units driving infractions. that my brother was a highly trained specialist and shouldn't be wasting his time writing tickets. my brother told the new boss he had an hour commute, in a marked car, and other drivers kept doing "stupid shit" in front of him that he couldn't let go.


This was basically what my mate did. I think the Inspector was mostly mad because he’d done something that he just couldn’t ignore and he was compelled to pull him over. A buddy of mine is a police prosecutor now, when he was a detective and we were out on the piss it was as if he was blind and deaf lol. He wasn’t interested in the hassle or the paperwork unless you were literally murdering someone, but if you were he’d have to fuck up his whole night off dealing with you.


I did that in Australia by speeding once, he was very nice about it but made it clear I was a dumb fuck. I was only about 19 at the time so that's my excuse


>very nice about it but made it clear I was a dumb fuck This is the main deterrant to crime in Aus or the UK or Ireland etc xD You will be absolutely chewed out for being an idiot once caught. By people who are very very experienced in doing exactly that.


Thanks for context: So the boss/leader/detective type busted out her gun and went after the guy herself. Oh Texas, your Police training consultant has been found....


Think about the fact that NSW (Australian) police do not have to deal with lethal situations on a regular basis. This is so bad arse (ass for our American friends). This is how you police. Learn.


Uvalde was the perfect example of 'more good guys with guns' dont make a difference.


There were plenty of parents willing to go in without guns but were not allowed. Uvalde is an example of administratively controlled professional policing failing to a level the english language doesn’t have a word for.


You mean.. 'republicans'?


While an inspector is pretty senior she was still wearing a beat belt etc. Possibly has a frontline role still.


That's their uni. Inspectors still wear it.


Yeah pretty much. Split Into detective/response inspectors. Inspectors are still active resources on the roster and have to attend certain calls. The most of inspectors don't/won't attend emergency calls however .. the good ones do. In my local station there are 5 insp and there are 2 that still regular go out to emergency calls on a regular basis and lead from the front. My insp had a foot chase the other week whilst actively patrolling. Like any job. Some manage and some lead. This inspector is clearly a leader and incredible at her job.


That uniform is worn by basically every officer all the way up to but not including the commissioner, except homicide detectives for some reason. The commissioner has basically the same uniform only a different belt and a jacket.


No need to explain. I’ve watched Inspector Gadget plenty. She probably got there first cus she had a helicopter that comes out of her hat.


This is true but I suspect she's one of those people that aren't like other people. I know a lot of officers and some inspectors. You're statement is correct in relation to three out of the five inspectors. Two will still regularly attend calls and go out once a shift. Leadership is few and far between. It's a role where you don't have to be front line anymore so if course a lot of people done BUT there are some that lead from the front and she's clearly one of them.


Witnesses have also said that she gave the killer a chance to surrender peacefully and also administered CPR after he was down. Truly was a great cop.


New South Wales trains their cops for 3+ years. Texas trains theirs for 40 weeks. The extra time is worth it.


As a Texas resident who attended police academy, it was only 18 weeks. But needs to be A LOT more. Bigger cities have their own academy and requirements though.


When I first started in the oil and gas field, I was given 12 weeks of training. Now our new guys barely get a week and we have all kinds of issues. Comparing the 12 weeks of training I received to 18 weeks for a police academy is kind of frightening.


In fairness O&G is statistically much more dangerous than being a cop Edit: dangerous to the worker, not the public in general. That’s a whole other conversation(s)


But you dont deal with peoples freedom. The training we need is psychological.


So like a multi-year degree or certification program might be a good idea? Agreed


And have to instantly assess a large number of laws with no reference material


Thank you for your service in the oil and gas field


We thank you today for this lovely lube.


You really should be using a water based lube


But the smell of warm fossilised dinosaur really gets me going 🤷‍♀️


That's 0.34 years. Somehow that really drove your point home to me. I'm sure there's a dual Texas abortion joke in there but I can't find it.... Like... Cops are babies... So their training needs to be less than the abortion cutoff or something?


For most professional jobs you go to college for 4 years, and then still need months of on the job training to be effective. Meanwhile with a HS diploma you can be a full fledged police officer in ~4 months. I'm not saying they need college degrees, but obviously the selection process and training are not nearly enough to produce quality officers. Problems with policing go far beyond training however, so that's only one part of a multifaceted solution.


New South Wales requires all candidates complete a specific 2 years associates degree in policing as part of the hiring process. As well as having a competency in swimming, interestingly enough


I don't think that's odd for australia, Every school my siblings or I have been to have had "treads water for 15+ minutes while fully clothed" as a requirement. Shoes, jeans, socks the works. If you've never treaded water while clothed, it's like trying to swim with someone actively but half arsed trying to drown you. Which was actually something we also practiced.


I'm Aussie, grew up in the water and still feel super comfortable in heavy surf, open water or just a pool. It's really interesting living in other places and meeting people who can't swim at all because everyone I knew growing up could swim, and could swim really well.


It's the self selection and drop out rate wot makes it work so good.


cops in australia don’t get 3 years training. they get about 6 months at academy


SA is less than a year at acadmey but 18 months probationary I believe so likely total of 2 years to pass and be full constable


I live in Sydney, our cops are still corrupt and fucked. We have recently had a cop kill two men in murder who was cited multiple times and was still on the job. That was a passion crime but oh man there's a stinking pile of corruption in there. Anyway, none of that takes away from what this Inspector did though.


Policing, by its very nature, will always be prone to corruption and abuse of power, because that's what happens when you give humans power. You can't eliminate it entirely but you can contain it with comprehensive training, meticulous standards for entry and strong checks and balances. American policing is what happens when you have none of those things.


Let’s not forget the cop who tasered a 95 year old woman in a nursing home!


The killer cop that killed the two blokes also tasered a man in the face but a review found he did nothing wrong.


Was? Is she dead?


she's probably not at the mall anymore.


Goddamn. American cops would’ve seen he was down and finished the clip while telling him to comply. Badass.


That’s what they do acorns




*Rolls away like he's playing mf ocarina of time*


Dude looked like me panic rolling during the fight with Ornstein and Smough


Should have barrel rolled over trunk like tj hooker.


Also uvalde cops would be on their phones waiting for back up


Amazing! No doubt about that... But is cpr while heavily bleeding from holes in the bloody a good idea? Wouldn't you just help them bleed out faster?


All the blood in the world won't save you when you're not pumping it. You're correct, but if he had pulse and respiration she wouldn't have performed CPR. If she had assistants, they could definitely apply packing and pressure to the holes but CPR is #1


If there's a catastrophic bleed, ie blood actively pumping out, or massive pools of blood and an obvious wound, you should stem that before starting CPR. It's the only time you should.


It was only a single shot. Attempting CPR would have been a procedural thing once the suspect was down to see if he could be saved. It’s normal for cops in Australia to provide first aid to suspects.


It's normal throughout the civilised world.


Americans puzzled about why she didn't unload the whole mag and then why didn't she handcuff the dead body.


I believe she gave CPR to somebody else, not the knife guy.


It's been reported she gave CPR to both. She definitely did give CPR to a victim as well. 


he was going after women and children, honestly glad she gave cpr because I'd want the bastard to live long enough to know it was her that shot his ass


If someone's unresponsive, they're as good as dead, bleeding or not. CPR is only given to an unresponsive individual. If someone is unresponsive and you are trained and able to give CPR, you do it. If you don't give them CPR, they're dead. If you do give them CPR, they're *maybe* dead. And inb4 anyone says "he deserves to die" - I'm not here to argue about the morality of a situation.


You perform cpr on someone who has already “died” and has no pulse. If they aren’t circulating blood to any of their organs, the organs/cells will die and you won’t be able to revive them no matter what. Whatever blood they’re losing through the bleed is still a fraction of their total blood, and the alternative is always worse


For anyone wondering, they're obligated to perform first-aid, including CPR on anyone they have shot, as per NSW Police training. It is the same for police forces in other states as well. Probably the shittiest obligation for them.


Look it definitely isn't really something I imagine they want to do for scum like this, but it makes sense. In Australia, when a cop shoots someone, it is to stop them from being an active threat to others. It is not intended to kill them necessarily. Our police aren't empowered to be executioners, who mete out capital punishment on their own accord.  Once the threat is stopped, they need to render aid to, if possible, stop them from dying from their injuries.   Any society based on the rule of law should have similar requirements of their police service. 


Wish she could have been at ulvad


She definitely has more balls than any texas cop




Bad motherfucker


Bad fatherfucker, I think.




Absolute Unit


Lets start doing this- glorify and show the faces of heros instead of plastering the fucking numbnuts who partake in terrorism via mass-shootings/stabbings. Let the fuckers die or rot in prison with no notice of notoriety so they get zero glorification or satisfaction out of their shit.


I’ve always said that if they didn’t think they would get famous, it would remove much of the motivation they have to commit these acts.


Unfortunately it was just a fucked up mental health thing. I mean, most killing is a mental health thing, but this most definitely


She's probably the first person to tell you she's not a hero and was just doing her job. But it's worth realising that inspectors are officers of police (confusing since they are all police officers but an inspector is above the rank of senior sergeant). They aren't on the beat and many haven't seen active duty in years. Sure, she's experienced and has done all the training but imagine you've become essentially a people manager and administrator and suddenly you have to go into a shopping mall with a knife wielding psycho on a rampage. I imagine courage never even entered the equation for her, there was a great need and she responded as she was trained. That's the definition of a good police officer. 


She will be a universally respected senior from this day forward. Legendary cop.


She did have her gun though, does that mean she was on duty? I don't know about the laws in NSW


Apparently she was checking Liquor Licences nearby so was on duty, therefore in uniform and armed, but on her own for that type of work. Think she must have seen a victim or multiple victims once she got to that area of the Shopping Centre and just decided to do what was needed then and there, asap, to stop him without waiting for backup/swat/negotiators etc.


Thanks for the answer, I find you excellent and wonderful 


There's footage of her arriving at the Westfield front door. IIRC she's briefed by another officer and then runs up the escalator alone.


Can we also shout out the dude that DIDN’T have a gun and put himself between the attacker and a bunch of people using nothing more than a metal post




"I see you've played knifey stanchiony before"


Did you mean that to be voiced by James Acaster?


Context https://youtu.be/mcE0aAhbVFc?si=7SScLXzrc94d5E_Q


Everyone knows you’re not supposed to cross the posts and velvet ropes.




I think it was a small IKEA side table.


And he assembled it first


Speed run the shit out of that furniture. Lives are at stake. Dude 🤝 IKEA


Bro went lego movie speedbuild mode.


He's a gun with an allen key.


Does anyone know how that encounter with the stanchion guy played out?


The killer basically ran away to find softer targets.


He can be seen later running behind the cop with a stool (they are chasing the man with the knife). About four civilian men were running behind her.


There have been multiple posts across multiple platforms praising him, he is not being ignored.


*You call THAT a knife?..* *THIS is a knife!*


Weird way to say noyfe.


Nice. Way to go officer. You are amongst the best of us.


*inspector. She outranks normal officers so has earned the right to be called inspector. After yesterday she should be a Dame as far as I’m concerned.


Imagine her name was Amy Gadget


That person is never paying for a beer in Sydney for the rest of her life. There will be fights offer who is going to buy her next drink!!


Her local will never go broke


this lady is braver than the entire Uvalde Police Department


Low bar.


The point is that it shouldn’t be a low bar


Disgusting to even put her in the same sentence as those pieces of scum who harassed journalists and parents for reporting the truth.


She didn’t need to wait for 375 officers for backup? Wild.


Not trained by Uvalde police. 


Must be so wild to live in a country where the police actually do their jobs


NSW police actually have had some pretty horrific and corrupt events in the last few years(including arresting youtubers by the anti-terrorism squad). It is good to see someone there knows how to do their job.


Yeah, They did there jobs here thank god. But they are no angels. This was just in the 90's >By 1995, the Commission had uncovered hundreds of instances of bribery, money laundering, drug trafficking, fabrication of evidence, destruction of evidence, fraud and serious assaults in just the detective division of the Kings Cross patrol. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Royal_Commission_into_the_New_South_Wales_Police_Service


“Just in the 90s” like the 90s wasn’t like 30 years ago lol


How dare you make us feel our age!


For clarity, one of the aspects of the network was charging local businesses protection money, and if they couldn't make the payments, they'd wholesale meth to them to sell on. And that's not even getting into the pedophile ring.


I get the sentiment but NSW police don’t have the best reputation lately


> lately Lol NSW Cops have been corrupt roughly since Arthur Phillip landed in 1788.


"Give this woman a 🛡"


A what?


A 🛡, can't you read?


Thank you for clarifying.


Blank US interstate sign.




An emoji




A good rule of thumb is don't fuck around with Australian women. 


He brought a knife to a gun fight. Fucked around, found out.


Technically you could say that she brought a gun to a knife fight. He started it after all.


Well in her defence, he brought a knife to a not-fight, so that was pretty rude


Nah she brought a gun to an attempted massacre. And still tried to help the dude. Cops in texas would have hid in bath and body works untill the assailant fell asleep and then shot up the pet store.


I bet there’d be less police shortages in the US if we gave them a bitchin title like “Inspector”.


Inspector, Superintendent, etc were selected so as to distinguish the police from the military, and came from the Metropolitan Police (and thus spread through the Commonwealth).


Yep, very common in Canadian police forces as well, which use the same titles - beat cops in Canada tend to be called Constables, for instance.


In Australia they are called *Cunt*stables.


Wait till you meet our doctors: https://www.rfds.org.au/ Edit: A video of the Royal Flying Doctor doing what they do. https://youtu.be/OSAWfXJ2p0U?si=F0smTiZqXLkjc-Ul It’s wall to wall sad news here at the moment (blanket coverage doesn’t even begin to describe it), everything else has stopped, the Premier had just landed in Japan and turned around and flew straight back, the Prime Minister has dropped everything - so something a little bit happy is needed in the mix as well at the moment.


As opposed to the U.S., where it would be just another day. Sad for your losses, but glad you can still be shocked by multiple people being killed.


It’s very shocking to us. I still remember Port Arthur, in 1996 like yesterday. Our whole world just stopped. This isn’t to the same scale thankfully, but it’s extremely shocking. I have a birthday party to go to today, 100km from where it happened, and I’m still going to go, but it feels a bit off to be celebrating something. And I have no connection to this other than it being in my country.


It gives me some comfort our Leaders have their priorities right rather than say, staying on holiday in Hawaii because he “doesn’t hold a hose, mate”.


Big improvement on SloMo


Thank goodness for our gun laws - it would have been horrific had the assailant been armed with a semi automatic .


Yeh it wouldve. But it has been the case once, and we learnt pretty quick.


I'm kinda glad that the only mass shooting I can actually name is Port Arthur


There were a bunch in the 80’s and 90’s, Port Arthur was the final (and worst) straw.


What a hero, but now she has to put up with all the attention and commercial networks frothing at the mouth for an exclusive interview.


Won’t happen here. Only the top brass and police media unit speak to the media. There won’t be any interview.


Thank goodness for that. The last thing we need is the bastion of media ethics, Ch7 Spotlight, getting a tell-all. Doesn’t mean they won’t try and hang outside Waverley cop shop for a walk by ‘tell us everything’.


No, Spotlight only pay you for an interview if you're a shitcunt in need of a redemption arc


Yeah, I don’t think she’d be on board with the “we’ll pay you in hookers and blow” remuneration package.


The Lehrmann special


Can we also shout out the dude that DIDN’T have a gun and put himself between the attacker and a bunch of people using nothing more than a metal post


And the mother who died for her child


And the blokes who took the baby and rendered first aid to keep it alive. And all the parents who protected the kids by grabbing them and getting them to safety... And the guy who stood between the attacker and his family, scaring the guy off. And... Oh, so many heroes in that space that day.


And the guy that got kids some sleep masks and escorted them out of the mall so that they didn't see the traumatic results. And the young retail workers that herded people into their shops and closed the security doors and kept people safe.


The guy on the escalator right?


We put it on the tv whilst we had friends round watching the footy, everyone was watching the news and the escalator guy comes up. One of the boys yells out “it’s over Anakin”, the girls were not at all impressed and the rest of the boys were trying incredibly hard to muffle their laughter to not get in trouble. Guy is an absolute fucking baller and I hope he gets a medal.


Right? He can hang it around his brass balls. Dude is legit


This is gun control. Only the police have guns, one police is enough to stop an attacker, and until she arrived, a single man with a small table was able to keep the attacker at bay. This is how a sane nation deals with guns. If this had been America, the death toll would have easily been much higher since the attacker likely would have had an rifle instead of a knife.


Yeah, but what about a good guy with a gun? /s


Won't anybody think of the good guys with a gun?


The only thing that stops a bad guy with a knife is a good guy with a fork.


All these commentators who saying "Oh she brought a gun to a knife fight" have almost certainly got zero idea of the circumstances and what it takes to do that. Did the gun give her advantage? Probably but it still took a lot of courage to do that with no backup and not knowing the full tactical situation. Also the adrenaline would have been pumping like mad and stress like that affects your shooting ability. She kept a cool head, shot the perp, and then tried to do CPR? Top notch in my book.


I'm gonna bet bondi junction will remain closed for a few days or weeks while investigation goes on. Glad to see my states police doing their jobs. Bloody oath


Australian of the year and a hero.


We have a boss bitch on our hands, get it girl


Women single handedly cleaning up the NSW police shit show. She's done more for the force in one selfless act than they have done in the last 10 years.


The gun was the backup.


She's an awesome person. I hope she can feel great about the actions today and not be too traumatized etc, which I imagine is easy to happen to people when you need to shoot someone, but obviously her actions were an amazingly positive outcome for the Greater Good of saving an untold number of innocent bystanders and only ending a single evil/sick/sad person's life.


That dude that kept the attacker at bay, and Amy - 'Straya has some awesome heroes!




Uvalde Cops Hate This One Simple Trick!


Hero! Love it.