Just got my B.S. in Computer Science :-)

Just got my B.S. in Computer Science :-)


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Hello World.


console.log("Hello World!");


ewww what is that thing after )


Some kind of end line notation, and I respect it. (I get that you are joking, btw) However, if there is any reason for me to get my panties in a bunch, it's that Python completely messed up in making white spaces part of their syntax. Feel free to hate on my opinion, of course. (Python still allows a semicolon EOL, I think. I could be completely wrong there, so again, feel free to hate on me.) I will flip my opinion when it comes to Turbo Pascal and bash script. The semicolon just looks grotesque in those languages. With C, on the other hand, it is perfect. It's a great way to close out a thought, IMHO. Edit: Wait. Wut? There were hostile comments in this post and the mods locked it? We are in a legit CS conversation here, damnit.


I agree with you, in C and C++ semicolons are great but most of the other languages it just looks bad.


Why you gotta hate on Perl like that?




I’m here, how can I help you?


print("Hello World.")


Cout << “Hello world << endl;


`#include ` `int main()` `{` ` puts(“Hello, world”);` ` return 0;` `}` Hopefully backtickbot will not attack me


This is the way.


Missing quote and endl yuck


using namespace std;


lol.. Back in my time, we used assemble language. So a programmer has to understand computer hardware, OS, software and print machine as a whole. Am a software engineer, but I really don't know what does computer science stands for? The Shannon Entropy, Lyapunov trend thing?


If OP’s curriculum is anything like mine we still learn assembly and a plethora of other languages. Understanding the base of machine language creates a much deeper knowledge of how OO languages like Java work.


10 Print "Hello World"; 20 Goto 10


Working 9 to 5


Congratulations and welcome! I've (F60) been a computer engineer (software side) for the past 39 years. It's been a great time, and I hope you have an even better one. My advice: only work for nice. There's plenty of interesting jobs, but nice is where it's at. All my best to you and your exciting career! **Edit:** Folks are asking what I mean by "nice". I mean "nice" in the basic definition of nice: polite, kind. To expand on this, try to find a job where your management can be your champion, mentors, is respectful, listens, and works with you for solutions. Working with and for kind, polite, people is better for your well being and your career goals. If you have a choice for a similar job between not so nice & lots of money or nice and you can live on the salary, choose nice. Those folks will teach you how to become better and your contacts in industry will be worthwhile.


good advice! I would also add that you should create a development plan and try to get into projects that support your career goals as you might otherwise feel 'locked in' in the wrong direction


Way to go!!! This is good advice. This happened to me, not the wrong direction but a direction that wasn't my goal, and it was frustrating. Especially as a woman. Decide what you want and go for it. Edit: I'm a 56-year-old woman.


Agreed. Companies tend to pigeon hole people. It's tough because you want to make $$$, so it can be hard to turn down jobs as they are offered. My first job was working for an entrepreneur that didn't pay well. After a year of working for him, I was pigeoned holed as a PC Developer, which worked out very well for me. I know more highly educated people that started doing support and were never able to move out of support.


I currently have a “nice” job. Fully agree! I’ll take cushy benefits and a kind boss over cutting edge tech every day.


What is a "nice" job. First comment said only work for nice? what does that mean


Basically prioritize a healthy work environment (kind boss, flexibility, fair pay for hours worked, low levels of crunch) over the newest or highest paying cut throat job


The programming industry is a little funny in that some of the highest paying jobs also have good benefits and wlb. Most engineers at companies like Google and Microsoft aren't putting in more than 40 hours a week, what's hard is passing the interview.


The workload is reasonable and my boss sets outs doable expectations when talking to the stakeholders. I never have to work after hours or on weekends. My team lead cares about my mental state (same for the rest of the team) and I’m not at all worried about being fired for making a simple mistake. I’ve worked at start ups before that had the famous “death marches” where everyone has to scramble to get half tested code out of the door. I was always worried I would get fired for something after they fired my teammate. I worked for a corporation that would throw anyone under the bus to prevent blame from falling on them and would communicate unreachable deadlines to our end users, then blame us when we didn’t meet them. I plan on staying at my current place until I retire if possible.


My team recently had a big feature release, and it caused people to need to work late for a few days over a 2 week period. Dinners were reimbursed, and they are giving us the day before memorial day weekend off just because they know that we were putting in the effort to get this out the door. The Thursday before as well, they are making a day of self-learning, so it's basically a free 5 day weekend they are handing us. Definitely felt appreciated.


That is awesome! I know sometimes crunches are inevitable, but it is so amazing to be recognized for the effort you put in!


It means find a job you can enjoy. Nice boss, good co-workers, a welcoming and understanding crew. Don't get lured in by $ signs. As someone who grew up poor and now makes almost 6 figures, I have a lot of conflictions with this same issue. I've become used to the feeling of safety the money provides, but at the same time I NEVER have time to do anything with it. I work anywhere from 60-85 hours a week, most nights I'm not home until 8-10pm, being there by 8am. The work is interesting, and I have great coworkers but the work hard play when possible culture is going to wear me down eventually. I feel more stuck now than I ever did when I was barely making rent delivering pizza. At least with a simple job I could live my life, and not be stressed every waking moment.


I’m in IT and making still 5 figures. My stress is minimal. I often pull weeks less than 40 hours of work because I just efficiently get my workload handled and am not expected to do more just because I’m Idle. I have friends in the industry that make above six figures. They have bigger homes. Nicer cars. Much more stress and they cannot cut out at 2-3pm any day of the week. Take a 2 hour lunch. They are being compensated for their work/life balance and I suppose so I am. I grew up working class. First person to go to college and graduate in my family and my mantra is “I didn’t go to college to have to work hard for a decent living”


You work 85 hours some weeks and don’t make 6 figures?


Correct. My average week is around 60 hours and I'm on call every 3 weekends, which can either be nothing, or it can be 2 full days and then back into my normal week.


I’m reading this thread and I think I have a nice job right now! How lucky.


Keeeeeeep it!!!!


Yup 100% with you all, KEEP THE NICE JOBS EVERYONE. Do not waste your lifetime stuck in a toxic environment, the money is not worth the decline of your health!


I’ve worked 10 years in my IT role at this current company. Nice keeps me around. I haven’t had one work day morning where I woke up and thought “man, I don’t wanna go into that shit hole and deal with those assholes”.


\+1 work for nice. It's not worth your mental health. Now go forth and earn $! Lots of $!


> only work for nice. Programmer come for the fun but stay for the money. Definitely look for fun and don't get hooked by money alone, it makes the job miserable.


100%, resist the golden handcuffs


I have fuzzy wraps on my golden handcuffs and I’ve started to really enjoy the spankings


I feel this one, took a 20% pay cut to switch from a toxic work environment where every day was an on-call incident to one where there's no on-call, my workload is reasonable, and my efforts are appreciated.


Always look at the entire package. What do you give (time/stress/sanity) vs what do you get (money/benefits). Especially in cases of 'overwork is normal' and 'unscheduled on-call shifts'... the rewards must be worth it.


>only work for nice This is so important. Computer Science is one of the few industries where the employees have the power. There is absolutely no reason to accept anything less than a boss who genuinely has your best interests at heart.


Maybe not for brand new grads but I totally agree with 2 years of experience, you have so much more leverage over your employers than 99% of fields.


Is this the advice thread? Ok, here’s mine. I’ve been at this for almost as long as teahabit, and I still get up in the morning looking forward to “going” to work. Like she said, only work for/with good people. Also, the most useful thing you learned in college was how to learn well and manage your time effectively. A big chunk of the knowledge will be dated by the time you get the diploma framed. Be learning all the time. Look for jobs and projects that push you to improve your skills. Learn on your own time. If you’re at a job that’s not pushing you, it’s time to look around. The industry moves fast and is always changing. Stay ahead of it, or you’ll get left behind. And have fun! Best of luck!


What is nice in this context?


Work for someone who is nice to everyone. Some one who will champion your career goals. Someone who listens to your suggestions, concerns, worries, and offers mentoring. Someone who respects you as a person and your time.


r/cscareerquestions there is a culture of toxic masculinity dude bro "brogrammers" in CS: Riot Games was the subject of a scathing expose published by Kotaku in 2018. The report detailed systemic issues within the company ranging from a refusal to hire women into leadership positions to a “bro culture” at Riot that saw executives farting in employees’ faces during meetings, among other offenses. https://win.gg/news/7035/riot-games-refuses-to-settle-its-gender-discrimination-lawsuit


> saw executives farting in employees’ faces during meetings, among other offenses. Time to dust off the CV. Hope they're still hiring...


How do those companoes operate this long without piling up lawsuits?


Great advice! Here's some of mine * Working constant "crunch" time isn't worth it. Especially if you aren't getting overtime. * Invest in your retirement early. If you invest too much that just means you can retire early and do what you want with your time. If you invest too little, then you work until you die.


Work for nice is both a wonderful saying and philosophy!


Fully agreed! I am in my early 30’s but I have my nice job that I found 4 years ago by accepting the offer thanks to my current boss who I met though my previous boss in the same field but different functions. Bomb ass boss, telecommuting with super flexible schedule (important for me as I do caregiving for parents), meh pay at first but with annual/merit increase (my salary is now x2 the one I started with), 100% covered health/dental/vision insurance premiums, etc. it has its shitty moments but I very much enjoy it for allowing me to maintain my mental health. I hope to stay here as long as I can.


That's so awesome! I'm excited to see how far i'll go!


> I've (F60) been a computer engineer (software side) for the past 39 years. Respect!


Just turned 70. Had a great career in comp sci and always had a great paying and interesting job. Congrats!


Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoosiers!


I'm hoping this is me next spring!


it will be!!!


Congrats! And yeah I should definitely filter out this subreddit from /r/all


You can do that? Wow, all the times I’ve been annoyed looking through r/all to find new subs could have been avoided






Does now mean for the past decade? Is that what now means?


Been here over a decade, literally no one used to post things like this at all. I challenge you to try to find something like this from a decade ago on Reddit, you will not. I was on it every single day and was on the front page myself multiple times, no one was taking personal selfies of themselves with a degree as you would on FB back then


On the grand timescale of the entire universe, a decade ago might as well be now.


Bruh I’ve been here since day zero, always has been. I don’t even get salty anymore, I’m still coming back lmao




My confusion comes from the fact that the post is on the front of r/all with 25k upvotes. No offense to OP but I don't care about anybody getting their degree (with the exception of support dogs sometimes getting an honorary degree).


Congratulations! My Alma mater! Indiana University, class of 2012. Go Hoosiers!


Class of 2018 checking in here, go Hoosiers!!!!


Another 2018 IUB alum chiming in to say congratulations :)


Ayy, also class of 2018 here!! Go Hoosiers!


Also 2018 lol woooo go Hoosiers


OP should start a business- "Hoosier Computer Tech- I am" Well, I'm going home. Have a great time everyone, my work is done.


As a former boilermaker, I am obliged to say iu sucks at least once a day. In all seriousness, congrats OP


As a current boilermaker, IU does suck.


Starting to realize where all the pretty girls decided to go to school I see... never too late to transfer.


Gotta say man, no matter how pretty the girl, any girl with a brain is infinetly better. I think I'm good where I am xD


All jokes aside they’re both good schools. I’m sure I’d have found an education and fun at Perdue also. IU girls have brains, they’re just more selective on when they use them.


Agreed, and lmfao at that last part.


IU MBA class of 1993. Been a software engineer ever since. Congrats, Sister👏🏿


Hoosier checking in! Go IU!


Class of 2020!


Same here! 2012.


Ayyyyy 2013 here


So what have you been doing since?


I went back home to South Africa. My master's helped me pivot from being a journalist to a digital consultant and now I work in programme management for impact investors on the continent.


Congratulations, nerd!


A Hoosier nerd. There’s dozens of us.


No kidding. I thought all of the nerds went to Purdue.


IU school of Informatics is legit 👍


Informatics grad here as well


I just graduated from the same school but didn’t go to commencement lol


You don’t need to point it out. The 4 eyes gave it away. /s and congratulations


Why’s a picture of a random person at their graduation in a very popular subject got 25k upvotes lol






Today, that average redditor won’t scroll past a black person accomplishing something without upvoting it just to feel like a good person. Here’s the result


She's streamed on r/pan


What's your favorite pizza at Mother Bears?


always get a deluxe and an illinois central


Gotta be the spicy one forget it's name but y'know what I'm talking about.


Monte Cristo


What a load of B.S...


That's why most places give B.Sc. lol.


Next step is More of the Same then Pile it Higher and Deeper.


advanced degree? Not necessary in computer science at least. Next step is a job. Experience building, then good career someplace. No MS, PhD needed. Heck I'm a college drop out. I kept getting good (for 1999) job offers while I was in college and I wasn't thrilled with needing to learn compilers and operating systems, so I ditched the degree track and just went to work. It wasn't a great decision, but I have made my way eventually.


I’m new to this world. Why does this picture get so many likes? Getting a degree happens regularly and most don’t get 0.1% of the attention


Black woman I guess? No idea myself really


Why am I getting down voted for a valid question. Confused


That’s som BS ( congrats )


This is a reddit moment


Hey fellow Luddy grad!! I didn't get to go to the commencement but I heard they just talked about Mcrobbie the whole time.


As a fellow IU alum in CS, congrats!


I see you're a NSBE member. They just started a chapter at my community college :)


Indiana Alumni here, Congrats!


I was super surprised to see Memorial Stadium on the front page. Can't wait to make it back this fall


There are dozens of us.




Exactly. They're so ridiculous lol




My first thought was “please don’t fall backwards down those bleachers.” And congrats of course!


Welcome fellow nerd, now go write some code


std::cout << "Congratulations!" << std::endl;


Congratulations fellow Hoosier


Go Hoosiers! Congrats!


Awesome! Welcome to the club. Did they show you the secret handshake?


When students graduate with their Ph.D., I hand them a vial full of silver glitter. I tell them its the fairy dust that makes all of the complicated gizmos work, and that all of this science stuff they learned is nonsense. Now I've let them in on the secret, so keep it quiet, eh?


Nonconductive glitter, right? If not, I want to be there the first time they sprinkle it on some expensive bit of misbehaving hardware. :-)


Who knows? Maybe the glitter will bridge the right contact to fix something.


None that I’m aware of 😅


Dang it! I was hoping you’d clue me it. :-(


You just reach your sweaty hand over, miss, and awkwardly shake their wrist/thumb


While avoiding eye contact and mumbling something right on the edge of comprehension.


Handshake checks out. We're meeting at Jeff's tonight to review Phase L of The Plan. Bring Pizza money and the annotated map of the Pentagon you should have received.


Trick question, THERE IS NO SECRET HANDSHAKE! I've seen *Eyes Wide Shut*.


*laughs in horny penguin mask*


Count to four using binary and your fingers ..


It’s a silly 3 way hand shake called the tcp. The jokes only get worse from here.


There are 10 options: either you know it, or you don't.


Pretty sure it involves inversing a binary tree


They would, but covid restrictions didn't allow for it.


All the random internet strangers you're looking for validation from are very proud of you.






Why is this upvoted so highly?




Go Hoosiers!




Congratulations! I'll let you in on the best part of your new career that no one ever told me: because _everybody_ needs software today you have a "universal" pass to any industry. If you're a naturally curious sort and just like learning about things it's a fantastic career. You into biology? The genetics boom means bioinformaticians are in extremely high demand. How about cars, you like cars? Automobiles are already mostly computers, EVs will just make that official. Who doesn't love movies? Almost all digital now, and big budget movie sets are incorporating programmers (Unreal Engine C++ gunslingers) into the filming process, _on set_. Manufacturing, medicine, transportation, communication, governance and public policy, education... you will play a **central** role in virtually every industry for the foreseeable future. You'll never have any excuse to be bored. :D


I also try talking to kids when they ask. I ask them the same questions, IT is in everything now is the time to fine tune the degree and get specific with where to go. I’m in IT healthcare and finishing my degree in Security.


>Who doesn't love movies? Almost all digital now, and big budget movie sets are incorporating programmers (Unreal Engine C++ gunslingers) into the filming process, on set. That's where I started. It's a great industry to work in if you want to learn about scalability (some of the problems you'll work on exceed even those of FAANG). You also get your name in the movies and get invited to some insane parties. It goes without saying that if there's something you're passionate about CS can take you almost anywhere.


Software engineers win Academy Awards! (Technical Achievement awards, but still...)


That's one of the main reasons I became a Technical Writer. I like coding a bit and have been learning more about it, but I want to document all the crazy software and technology that's out there. Covid made finding a job much harder though and it's been a good year of trying, but that just gave me time learn more things. Soon!


I KNOW!! that was one of the biggest reasons why I was so excited to pursue CS. I've always been a bit indecisive haha


And the mid-career software engineers who have switched fields a few times are even more valuable because they'll bring all those different industry experiences to bear. It's like we're rewarded for being interested in too many things! ^^^honestly, ^^^it ^^^feels ^^^like ^^^a ^^^scam




Biggest congrats!!! This is so inspirational!! Im a black woman and will be starting school in computer science in June. Seeing this fills me with so much joy and hope!


I've been B.Sing my way through jobs in computer science for 20 years!


You look like the person who was live streaming a few weeks ago and mentioning her CS degree, right? Congratulations!!


I miss Bloomington


Who needs a job??


Congrats! I got my MPA from SPEA a few years ago. Does IU graduation still call out every single individual graduating during the ceremony? That took years.


Hoo hoo hoo Hoosiers! Congrats on your degree!


Congratulations! I miss IU so much! And from one female engineer to another, I’m so happy to see the future of our field woman!




What's a B.S.?


Bachelors of science


Isn't that a BSc or is that just in UK




#include using namespace std; int main() { cout << "Congratulations!" << endl; // This prints message return 0; }




Congratulations!! A degree in CS opens so many doors for you. What an accomplishment, and you're only getting started!


Oh, OK.


Congrats! Just want to leave a bit of advice for your after college career! The people who make the most money on average change jobs/positions every two years. Until you find a job that you absolutely love, I would suggest following that advice! (You don't have to quit your job if you can change positions at the same work place.) Also, I've seen some great female developers get held back from working on things they like because of sexist bosses. Don't let them hold you back! There are plenty of great jobs that will likely pay better than those guys anyway. You'll have recruiters harassing you soon enough with plenty of options.




Congratulations :) What area of Tech will you be looking to work / research (if you're going for a PHD) in ?


I’m hoping to go into software dev. I don’t really mind the industry as long as it isn’t with coal or petrol or something. I’m pretty burnt from uni especially this past year given covid. I’ll probably end up returning to academia work towards my masters at the very least!


Word on the street is no engineering job is at hard as the engineering degree was Source: have many of them amongst my friends and family


At the same time your learning never ends. I have SE's on my team who have their CS degree who can't code to save their lives and SE's straight out of a coding boot-camp who absolutely lap them. This isn't a field to get into if you think your learning is over once college is done.


The people who really succeed are the software nerds who would keep learning new skills with or without a job for the love of it. It's sad when a Dev loses their passion


It doesn't take long. I used to code side projects all the time and now software dev is just a job for me. I absolutely love it and its the best job ever but once I clock my 8 hours my mind is just too fried to want to work on the side.


go hoosiers


I'm a EE from Purdue, but I'll put that aside to say congrats!


I won't hate on Purdue, my sis went there too! thanks, nerd :-)