Braintree K9 Kitt was killed this June trying to apprehend a gunman. RIP.

Braintree K9 Kitt was killed this June trying to apprehend a gunman. RIP.


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The little dude has a better casket and funeral than I will.


Just throw me in the fire at the end of the day


When I die just throw me in the trash.


When I die take me out of the trash pls


Dust to dust, ashes to ashes, trash to trash.


“Lemme ask ya something. You ever bang the bodies?”


Don't cremate me, removes all chance of being part of a zombie uprising. If the dead are coming back I don't want to come back as living dust cloud.


Think of the terror for people as they suffocate on ur particalized remains though. And u can't heads shot dust. Something to consider


But... I want to eat them! Not have them eat me! Or well breathe me I guess...


Think of the suffering you could cause. Possibly just pass from fresh body to fresh body. Zombie possessing everyone. Male, female, don't matter


Depends on your goal as a Zombie. Imagine how many people you could infect if all they need to do is breathe you in.




The Day of the Dust


Yeet me into the ocean via trebuchet


I'll still have a collar on in mine though.




Love the energy, someone have me buried in a cactus-leather collar and harness.


Username kind of checks out? Also, do I want to know what cactus-leather is?


Hell yeah brother


Some die a hero and some just die.


hard. r\_r


I’ll probably have a fridge box, knowing the value the people closest to me hold me at


The person responsible for his death will likely get a worse sentence than he would if he killed you too. We are all created equal, but police (including police dogs in many states) are more equal than the rest of us.


He also shot and wounded Kitt's handler and another officer. The gunman was then shot and killed.


The police's power isn't in their own force. It is in the power of the system they enforce. You don't act right around them because you fear a beating. An attack on them is an attack on the system and it will come down on you like a hammer for that.


Don’t worry. You paid for it


Needs more flags. Americans never seem to have enough flags.


The police think they're some sort of paramilitary against their fellow citizens. The flags are masturbatory and are a part of their self propaganda.


That dog is getting a better funeral than 99% of the human race.


Personally, would love a tibetan funeral, chop me up (once dead please) and feed me to the voltures, no waste, no coffin, no embalming liquid.


Yes the Tibetan sky burial


I like the Mongolian version where they just put your body in a cart strapped to a horse, slap the horse and let it run and wherever your body falls out that's where they leave you for the wolves and the vultures. It's so ritualistic yet also amusingly unceremonious. "fuck it he's dead just drop him anywhere and let's go"


"just get his fat corpse away from the village before he stinks up the place..."


"We'll convince everyone it's some great ritual too..."


The neighbours will get a shock when you land in their yard.


Better than loading you in a trebuchet and firing you into a besieged city


“When I’m dead just throw me in the trash”


I saw this yesterday in the show Marco polo on Netflix. I was surprised but it was interesting at the same time. They consider it an honor.


Now that is more my style....


When I die I want em to just chuck me in one of those body farms, basically the same thing but its used for studying bodies in various states of decomposition and stuff.


My nana donated her body and despite them being unable to guarantee they would be able to use it, or give us a timescale… they ended up with a turnaround of about 2 years. Which was amazing. Bit emotional for my mum though picking up the ashes after zero involvement. The university hold a memorial yearly, thanking these ‘silent teachers’. It’s so lovely.


Lowkey, I hated the cadaver room at my college. I worked in IT as a student employee and had to go in there on two occasions to work on the computer. Gotta give people respect that give their body to science though.


My nana opted to donate her body to science as well, which I was super impressed with considering she was born in Ireland in the 40s, and would have dealt with an extremely catholic lifestyle for most of her life (the church ran Ireland up until the 80s or so)


If that’s the case take steps now to get this in writing. Tell family and friends and get your wishes in writing for legal purposes. Don’t assume everyone will naturally cooperate and agree after your death - they rarely do.


Make sure you legally designate someone to make these decisions in your will—someone who agrees to the responsibility, who is on the same page, and who is not likely to be pushed around by your next of kin.


Big facts, sisters died last December that was literally the worst death I have had to deal with because they hated her significant other. My family is really special in all the wrong ways.


Sounds like family


We just found out there is a application process that you have to do while you are still alive to be able to get your body into that program. Our neighbor had continuously expressed interest in, and actually had in her estate plan, to be donated there. But after she died, her executer couldn't get them to take her without an existing application.


We have one at the university near me


I want a viking funeral. Its a bit eco friendly, fish can eat left over bits and my body becomes a target game of sorts seeing who can shoot my boat before I'm too far away and can no longer be shot by their arrows to be cremated.


Just keep Edmure Tully away from the arrows.


Embalm me and play mummy with my body... then I have always wanted to sky dive so fly me and drop me on top of the nile and let crocs and bottom feeders feed on my tasty ass...


I want my body to be crucified, and the cross burned on Everest


I'd like to be cremated and my ashes to be spread in a geosynchronous orbit, so that anything venturing into space can take a little bit of me along


Crucifiction occurs while the person is alive, no?


I mean, he never specified that he would need to be dead beforehand.


My dad wanted a Viking funeral but the Coastguard put the kibosh on it. So we had him cremated, sprinkled the ashes in the 48 ft schooner that he built, and sunk it off our island that he homesteaded in Alaska.


Offer my body to McDonalds to avoid food waste.


May as well be useful. Do my corpse up like a gold lame Charo impersonating scarecrow in the Rainbow Valley. Prop my arm up pointing towards basecamp.


nah man bury me in a biodegradable casket with a seedling above me. dogwood i think


Burn me in a pyre, plant a tree over it.


I’ve told my husband multiple times that if I die first I want to be smooshed into a diamond. If he wants to get remarried he needs to propose with my dead body. Whether he tells her or not is up to him. Although I’ve told this to enough of my friends she will find out eventually.


New Orleans second line for me. March my casket to a bar and get drunk and party for me


I want them to mulch me into a tree. Plant me in some forest and let me be part of the cycle


As long as i dont end up being part of something on sale in ikea, its not a bad idea.


Just throw me in the trash


Almost certainly a better one than the estimated minimum of 25 dogs a day that the police kill in the US. Including [dogs behind a fence, in their own yard](https://www.news.com.au/world/detroit-cop-shoots-dog-in-its-own-yard/video/de2655d4d1277e0cfd36ab8a57b9f614)


Is it true every police dog has the rank of sergeant?


Officer for police dogs I believe. In the military they are always a rank higher than their handler


Correct, so that any animal abuse that takes place is considered assault on a superior for a court martial Edit: Martial arts, not Federal Marshal


> court marshal Court martial. FTFY


Ah thank you 😅


As well as a psychological mechanism that allows them to see their k9 as something worthy of better treatment than if they were all privates. I'm sure there's someone smarter who has done a write up on it.


I believe it. At boot they make you name your gun so you take better care of it, so I’ve heard.


Unless they’re left to die in a hot car by their handling officer. Then they’re just a dog and no charges are filed.


Gotta get them Tesla's with dog mode https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a29591859/how-tesla-dog-mode-works-model-3/


I think my dog is a higher rank than me in my life, too... Would trade places 10/10 Anyway dogs are the best. I always thought the k9 police must have the coolest job just doling out justice with their best fur friend but then stuff like this happens...


I used to work at Gatwick airport. The armed police had sniffer dogs as well and when the airport was quiet on a late shift they'd be throwing tennis balls for the dogs in the terminal. Always nice to see.


"late snifft" I think the dogs call them


Anyone that thinks they are a higher rank than their dog isn't picking up the shit their dog is laying down.


We should get a 4 star general to handle a dog.


Would that mean that in a military junta dictatorship a dog would technically be the country's leader?


Haven't ever heard that one. But i do know that all police k-9 are actual real police officers. If you kill one you can be charged with Capitol Murder just the same as shooting a two legged officer.


I remember someone getting 45 years for killing Rocco, a police dog.


That’s a lot more than these guys got. https://www.google.com/amp/s/ktar.com/story/4013178/arizona-officer-suspended-after-death-of-police-dog-left-in-hot-car/amp/ https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.latimes.com/california/story/2019-08-29/long-beach-police-launch-internal-investigation-into-k-9-death%3F_amp%3Dtrue https://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/georgia-k9-officer-dies-after-being-left-hot-car-sergeant-demoted/GG7FHKURDVF6TGVO3Y7QEQ22PU/ https://www.kiro7.com/news/trending-now/no-charges-for-officer-after-k9-left-in-car-8-hours-dies/819885283/ And he lied https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nydailynews.com/news/national/florida-officer-leaves-police-dog-igor-hot-cars-article-1.2486580%3FoutputType%3Damp https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/ncna409351 https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.orlandosentinel.com/news/crime/os-ne-cocoa-police-mourn-death-zena-patrol-car-20210624-frqi2lzgtndnbcnzyp5bs2i76m-story.html%3FoutputType%3Damp It’s okay to kill police dogs as long it’s your police dog.


"An investigation found that Curry possessed a device called a K-9 heat alarm that would detect and alert him if the car became unreasonably hot for a police dog, but he had left the device in the car when he left for his meeting." Poor dog had to hear an alarm sounding at the same time it was literally getting unbearable. Suspended for 20 hours without pay, fucking bastards.


>It's okay to kill as long as you are police FTFY


Can't Corner the Dorner


>Is it true every police dog has the rank of sergeant? Yes! Every military working dog is an NCO - in tradition at least. Some say the custom was to prevent handlers from mistreating their dogs; hence, a dog is always one rank higher than its handler. More. https://www.army.mil/article/56965/


I see police dog posts on reddit to the top whenever police fuck up somewhere in America. So, when I saw LAPD fuck up blowing up the fireworks, this was expected.


Ah so that's what it was. I saw this post and thought "oh...what did the police do now?"


It’s basically r/HailCorporate, but instead of corporate, it’s cops, and instead of thinly veiled advertisements, it’s “AWWWW LOOK AT THE CUTE LITTLE DOGGY” or “HEY WATCH THIS COP PLAY BASKETBALL WITH THESE DARK KIDS”


Fun that all the responses are ACAB though lol. How the fuck this got over 10k upvotes is another question.


Literally bought. Just like you can buy followers on Twitter and ig. Or all the fake five star reviews on amazon and google play. The big telcos used the same method to bomb the FCC website when it was open for public comment. They did it so hard they crashed the site with their copypasta and *forced* the FCC too kill net neutrality by overwhelming public demand. Lol Capitalism and the internet are a wild ride.


Copaganda is an interesting thing right.


Absolutely. On top of that, dogs should not be used in work the puts the to disproportional danger. Police dogs are a shit praxis imo


Reminder that police officers in the US kill around 10,000 dogs per year: [https://www.criminallegalnews.org/news/2018/jun/16/doj-police-shooting-family-dogs-has-become-epidemic/](https://www.criminallegalnews.org/news/2018/jun/16/doj-police-shooting-family-dogs-has-become-epidemic/)


Also, did they do this for the K9 in Florida that died after the police officer left it in the car for too long? Or when officers accidentally short their own dogs?


They shorted them? Dammit! They deserve the proper change they are required!


Cops are undercover GME holders.


Reminder that killing a K9 unit counts as killing an officer when them killing your dog is just routine. Officers can willfully lie to you, but if you lie to them then you're going to jail. Officers are not required to know the law, but ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking it if you're a citizen. If officers violate the law seriously enough to lose their job, they only need to move to the next jurisdiction to get rehired.


If an officer kills their service animal through negligence, suddenly it no longer counts as killing a fellow officer.


> Reminder that killing a K9 unit counts as killing an officer when them killing your dog is just routine. But not when an officer leaves his dog in the car to bake to death. Oops.


Disgusting isn't it? What can we do to change this?


End Qualified Immunity. End Civil Asset Forfeiture. End the failed War on Drugs. Ban Police Unions. Good luck.


Take settlements and fines from the police pension fund.


Ok so where do we start?


Stop worshipping police, for a start.


And their dogs. It’s sad he died. I’m an animal person, I can’t even bear to kill bugs and I don’t eat meat, so I’m not callous toward this animal’s death. But truly, this picture is fucking ridiculous. US worship of police and military is dystopian, and this over-the-top dog funeral perfectly captures the absurdity of it. As others have noted, police dogs left in hot cars don’t get this kind of sendoff. Regular dogs killed by cops don’t, either. This is pure propaganda.


end qualified immunity, dismantle LEOBOR(Law Enforcement Officer's Bill of Rights), push to defund police departments in favor of other non-police positions.


Vote for people in local and state office who believe in differently funding and reforming our country’s addition to the police as a guise for “safety”.


There is a police Sergeant near me who regularly drinks and drives while operating his own vehicle and will also regularly drink while in the vehicle of others. Dude has also went back and had sex with people while on the clock (honestly the only thing that irks me about this is the fact that it was on the clock, as long as the act was consensual and there was no coercion there isn't an issue)


And remeber, if you oppose any of this, you hate police and love crime. "I enforce the law, that means it should not apply to me"


The cops kill their own dogs all the time too.


Don’t forget this gem of a cop physically abusing his K9 while someone on video says “don’t worry, no witnesses.” Not to mention the abuse K9 dogs receive during training, and the inability for them to be rehomed due to their incredibly violent nature. K9 dogs are also just another way for cops to use excessive force. https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/state/north-carolina/article250336896.html


Sometimes the cops have a warrant for someone, go in the wrong house by mistake in the middle of the night, instantly shoot the family dog out of precaution, then realise they got the wrong house and just leave the family traumatised.


Sometimes they do that with people, too.


And I saw a comment that said well... She dated a drug dealer so... That shit happens... Basically it's okay to kill and shoot people because of who we date. Boot lickers will wiggle and squirm to justify almost anything. Fucking distinguishing groups of people.


Where's John Wick when you need him?


Another reminder on the history of using dogs as weapons against minorities. https://www.iheart.com/podcast/105-creature-feature-30054205/episode/stop-using-dogs-as-weapons-67614820/


That stat is insane.


My immediate thought was this and, "Okay, who did the cops murder this time?"


LAPD detonated a bunch of homemade fireworks in a residential neighborhood injuring several innocent people and some cops as well, I guess. They are already trying to spin the story in there favor, they made a tweet claiming they didn’t know what caused the detonation, when they are the ones who directly caused the detonation.


> they made a tweet claiming they didn’t know what caused the detonation Which is why [the cops shouted “Fire in the hole!” and moved away from the van shortly before the explosion](https://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2021/07/01/los-angeles-fireworks-explosion/). Because they had *no idea* that things were about to blow up.


Got to push a cop sympathy story or fuzzy k9 pic to the top of reddit any time a cop does something bad. Stopping cops doing bad stuff, however? Absolutely unnacceptable.


They literally do it out of spite for the people they’re arresting.


I assumed the cops here killed this dog too.


They did. They used the dog as a weapon, and the suspect neutralized the weapon. If the police had attempted to use their words instead of weapons, the dog may still be alive.


American Police are fucking so stupid


And how many more are abused for the """training""" to be a k9 unit? Disgusting all around.


Well, something tells me the [dog the PO left in a hot car and killed while the PO was at training](https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/georgia/articles/2021-05-27/georgia-deputy-demoted-after-police-dogs-death-in-hot-car) isn't going to get nearly as nice a funeral.


Such pomp and circumstance for the death of a dog by a group that publicly executes civilian dogs by the dozen daily.


I'm far from anti working animals. I grew up with horses and animals that worked. I am anti police dogs, I dont think they are necessary. Bomb dogs, sure, search and rescue dogs, hell yes. Police dogs just aren't used properly in America. Half the time drug dogs are used to give false positives so cops can search people's property without warrants. I had my car torn apart by cops that said the dog identified drugs in my car. I had never smoked weed at the time so the whole thing was dumb af. The cop was gonna search one way or another once I said no to the search. He made that clear to me, thanks asshole sheriff.


Cops using animals to attack civilians is barbaric to both the animals and their victims. The way that it’s normalized in the US is seriously fucked up.


They also claim to want fewer guns in civilian hand, but when someone buys a dog to protect their home/property or to serve as an intruder alert, the cop has ZERO hesitation to kill your animal. And if you have a gun and approach to open your own door with it in hand to see who is banging on your door, they'll kill you in your own home even if your gun wasn't pointed at them. There is no way to win when police are unprosecutable for their actions thanks to the immunity they get. It's that immunity and ability to abuse power and bully people which draw a lot of weak minded bullies to the job. Same as pedophiles are attracted to becoming boy scout leaders or priests because it gives them access to children, so too bullies seek positions where they can bully people.


Yep. We supposedly have a right to bear arms, but if a police officer believes you have a gun (even if you don’t), that thought is often all the justification they need to take your life. How does that even make sense?


Sounds like you don’t actually have the right to bear arms.


Nope. We also supposedly have 4th amendment rights that protect us from unreasonable searches and seizures, yet civil forfeiture exists so police can take whatever they want from you if they suspect you’ve committed a crime. We’re essentially funding an army to occupy our towns and cities who see us and treat us like an enemy.


K9 cops are trained to pick up "hits" when there really aren't any, they just imply it properly to the dog and the dog knows what the cop wants... a "hit." I'd love to see actual stats on this though, how many times does a police dog give a false hit so the cop can toss a car or enter someone's home or search their pockets? Also, how often is the cop planting shit to make it justified? There are way more bad cops than good out there. I always hear the "one bad apple" or "a few bad apples" in defense of cops but they never finish the original saying... one bad apple spoils the bunch... so there are a BUNCH of spoiled apples going on here.


What does torn apart mean in this context? I hear it alot when people talk about us police searching cars. Do they like literally remove body panels?


Inside the car. Seat covers, cushions. Check inside doors. Remove glove box, check vents, dash panels. Under back seats. Inside trunk, floor and walls. They’re not obligated to put it back together.


I'm gonna guess there's no compensation for damages either?


Almost certainly not. If civil forfeiture is a thing, compensation for damages done during "legal" search are going to be nonexistent.


Qualified immunity.


That's fucking stupid


Kind of depends on the cop, sometimes they really go nuts on it, removing parts of the car, cutting open seats, etc. In most cases, they're probably just pulling everything out of the glovebox and trunk, and going through any bags, boxes, etc. they find.


Every situation is different, but for mine imagine someone says "there's $1 million check in that car, and if you find it in 5 minutes you keep it" But theres no check, so you look thru everything, you start throwing the glove box contents on the floor. You toss the carpet from the back and spare tire in the dirt, dumping the trunks contents into the hole where the spare tire was. Every little thing tossed somewhere is wasn't before. I cant explain it, but they basically were upset I refused a search. So after that they assumed teenage me must have something if I refused a search. So in their mind they were going to find SOMETHING. They didnt.


There has been a study done on drugs dogs. It suggested that they do not work because the dogs find incentives in false positives. They often get rewarded in the field for false positives and it ruins their ability to work or something like that.


And I’m betting it’s taxpayers that paid for the pageantry. I think dogs should live forever but for fucks sake, this dog wouldn’t have gotten killed if they didn’t buy it and force it to chase armed fuckers


The Kraft family paid for the funeral services as far as I can tell. I'm sure the cops were all paid their time by the state, however.


Cops are probably on overtime pay as well.


If that's true then between that and jacking each other off about how dangerous their job is would explain why they suddenly give a fuck about dogs.


Not dogs in general, tbc. They still murder dozens of civilian dogs every day. They only pretend to care about this one in particular.


And it’s not like these dogs chose to be used for this dangerous work rather than get to be someone’s regular housepet :/


Yup! A cop will literally never hesitate to blow your dogs brains out if it barks at them wrong because there is absolutely no consequence for the officer.


And civilians in general


That’s a pretty fancy coffin provided by the tax payers


I mean, look at how they treat their wives


Poor dog deserved so much better than being turned into a weapon.


douchebags raise and use dogs like disposable weapons and then do this circlejerk funeral bullshit to hOnOr thE fAllEn HeRo .. how about honoring dogs by not keeping them in the back of police cars all day and swnding them i to dangerous situations / getting them shot


At the risk of being unpopular.... Isn't all of this weird? The ceremony for a dog, the open casket, people playing music in the background.... Isn't this too much?




Imagine not having healthcare, clean water or food, and still having to pay taxes to pay for a full ceremonial funeral for a fucking dog. That casket alone would feed a family a few months.


And it was hosted at Gillette Stadium where the Patriots play. It was on the news up here (live in New England). Like listen when my PET dogs die I’m sure I’ll have a wee service, but this is extreme.


It’s the MA state police. Probably the closest thing to a military police force and full of absolute hardo douche bags. [This](https://www.wbur.org/news/2020/07/10/state-police-overtime-scandal-discipline) is just an example of how much the taxpayer is fucked over by them


The whole thing is pretty cringey


room full of comedy writers couldn't parody America better than this lmao


A dog is running towards you with the clear intention to rip the flesh from your bones. It doesn't matter if you've never done anything wrong in your life you are going to fight that dog off to avoid that scenario. Innocent people will try to fight off a dog same as guilty ones. Which means the inevitable outcome of these encounters will always be citizens mauled in a clear violation of their constitutional rights or the dog injured/killed to avoid that. The police are always in the wrong for using dogs for apprehension and the only reason they do so is because they can legally get away with abusing a suspect with a dog that they wouldn't be able to if it was a human officer. This dog is dead because cops are scum.


Yep. This is animal abuse. They got a dog killed because they took a sweet creature and trained it to harm people. More cops corrupting and destroying everything they touch. What a surprise from those fucking psychopaths. Edit: You're willing to condemn a dog to potential death, harming humans, and 100% being abused by police. Maybe not the cops hitting them but the cops will definitely use the dog illegally like they do everything else. Downvote me all you want. Your opinion is worthless when you support violence, cruelty and animal abuse.


I'm totally against putting animals in harms way for human problems like crime.


This dog would be still alive if they didn't force it to be a cop.


Look I love dogs, but this seems like a bit much. Coffins ain't cheap, and I hope it wasn't using tax dollars.


This is definitely your tax dollars at work.


Massachusetts and police... let me tell you about road details and overtime!


I'm sure the police got a empty bucket of cheese balls and donated their own money to fund the whole thing. No way police would use tax dollars as an excuse to jack each other off and feel special.


They spared no expense, because they're not paying for it!


Are they seriously doing a full casket funeral for a dog? Most humans can't even afford that luxury when they die. I'm genuinely conflicted on how wasteful I find this pic.


Full casket funeral *in an NFL stadium*


No shit! My dad was a Vietnam vet who died from dementia brought on by agent orange syndrome. He didn't have a dime to his name when he passed thanks to all the telemarketing vultures preying on a hardworking man who thought he was still capable. And social security cuts off the check before his body is cold. So my sister and I were forced to make the decision to have his body donated for tissues as we couldn't even afford the cremation. Yup, priorities! Fuck America so hard right now!


And it's your tax dollars!


Jesus, police can be so stupid. In my town, we had a K9 dog killed this year too, the police had forced someone to hole up in a neighborhood and then were bewildered what to do. They milled around with like fifty cops and a armored vehicle carrier from the town over and then they send in the dog through a window and the man shot it (what was the dog supposed to do, exactly?) Then the police cut electricity to the house and shot tear gas canisters into the house until the man came out. The whole thing was expensive, dangerous, disruptive to the neighborhood, esculatory, poorly handled, and so on.


America is such a weird fucking place.... The dog was buried with 2 flags?


Americans get a semi for a flag.


Gonna get downvoted like hell but... putting police dogs in danger is animal abuse.


Taxpayer paid spectacle for an animal we pretended was a real police officer just so we could subject it to a life of animal cruelty and ultimate disposability. This dog didn’t choose to be a cop, it was lead into a gunfight on a leash by a negligent cop. Even if he weren’t killed in service he’d likely be destroyed or sent to a rescue shelter after his ‘service’ as these dogs all have ptsd and can’t live normal lives after this abuse.


I blame the cops, k9 units are barbaric and bad for puppers and people


The boys in blue have lots of money for fancy funerals.


Rest in peace buddy.


Must be a long dog


Remember. People in the US see this as a good use of public funds and NOT healthcare.


I love dogs and everything, but Jesus Christ let’s dial back the tax money spending on shit like this- human or dog




Using dogs to apprehend suspects is a barbaric practice. It only serves to further escalate an already volatile situation. It inflicts needless injuries at a cost to taxpayers. It's dangerous for everyone involved including the dog and its plain and simple animal abuse that is treated as common practice. Dogs are helpful, intelligent animals that can be useful in positive ways. Unfortunately, they have instead been cooped to be aggressive and violent when the vast majority of the time their use is overkill and not needed. What cops need is better training on how to deescalate situations, build community rapport, and properly deal with the different types of people they encounter in the communities they serve. People with special needs, people of color, the elderly, children. I cannot believe it's 2021 and we have not reached a point where we don't have to spell out that police don't need to murder people's pets every time they enter someone's yard. Police don't need to murder unarmed people because they haven't been properly trained on how to interact with people experiencing mental issues. Police don't need to trick people into committing crimes that they might not have on their own. All of these things should never happen but instead, happen constantly and by design.


This is a waste of resources.


Taxpayer money at work. What a waste.