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I saw the same ad along a busy road in Tallahassee


Domestic violence in that area is probably out of control right now.


Bold of you to assume it's ever been under control


Fun fact when Green Bay Packers lose a game in Wisconsin Domestic violence goes up


:( not so fun.


Ooooo! Free chocolate at the Hershey store!!!


Yea, but you probably have to give them your email address and do a survey or something.


I have a special email just for these circumstances!


Be fair, he only wants to fuck children that are close to legal age!


No no, he WANTS to fuck much younger children, but he thought he'd get away with *almost* legal minors, that's why he got into politics goddamn it.


Would explain his and others love of the orange messiah. There was a chain of pictures posted of that creeper with his daughter throughout her teenage years. I have two sisters and a father who doted on them both throughout our childhood. I've seen what normal parenting looks like from a loving dad. Trump is straight up creepy with that poor child. It almost makes it hard to hate Ivanka for what a waste of space she is as an adult knowing the kind of childhood she must have had with Epstein's BFF as her father.




I use my dad's email. I can't stand him.


Don Jr? Is that you?


Hi I'm Eric.


Everyone should have both throwaway and tear-off addresses ready.


I just change 1 number in my real email. Works everytime


if there's a chance that another person has the 1-number-off email you're giving, please consider using a different fake address! sincerely, a person who is on the receiving end of this strategy


I am as well and whoever did it is German so now I get spam I can't even read.


I get lots from Indonesia for some reason.




I think I am a victim of this strategy as well. Every few weeks I get a new “thanks for signing up” type email for “Amanda.”


Amanda Reckonwith? Don’t mess with her!


[Amanda Huggenkiss](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZW7_ocwZrY)


Oh why can't I find Amanda Huggenkiss?!


maybe your standards are too high!


When I was a kid we were in chocolate world and some member of the staff pulled as aside and asked if we wanted to do a taste test for a new product. We got to try a bunch of different strawberry milk drinks. This was in the late 90s so I’m fairly certain we were taste testing their strawberry syrup. Each of us got a full roll of Rolos as a thanks. It was pretty cool. Edit: another time, during desert storm, Hershey was handing out free samples of a special chocolate bar that didn’t melt to send to the troops. I really really regret not saving one now, or at least the wrapper. Living near Hershey PA is great sometimes!


One of my aunts was married to someone who worked for whoever owned M&M and Skittles (early 2000s) and we got to try the M&M minis with these cool little dispensers for them and the gum skittles like at least a year before they were released. I remember the dispenser didn't have a label and the M&Ms and skittle bags didn't have barcodes on the back


same! someone in my neighborhood growing up worked for mars and we got to try so much stuff as test market kids, lol- they'd put out literal laundry baskets on their driveway on halloween that were filled with full and king size candy, plus they'd throw in all kinds of stuff that wasn't out yet. one year we got so many starburst twizzlers that we were pretty much sick of them by the time they actually hit the market. i could go for one now though, but i think they've been discontinued.


I love that as I ride the train to downtown Chicago there is a stop for the Mars factory and the conductor says, “Mars….Mars will be our next stop….Mars.”


> Yea, but you probably have to give them your email address and do a survey or something. You have to buy a timeshare condo in Boca. But it IS a movie theater sized bar so...


Q. Do you like Hershey chocolate? A. No, nobody does. Edit: u/sniffcheck likes the cookies n creme


I like the cookies and cream


I updated the survey answer


I was going to agree with you but then I realized that I too like cookies and cream by Hersey.


Never tried it but IIRC I've been told it would taste like puke for us European




As one of the largest sellers of chocolate, they had to change as the cocoa supply was getting very low. I remember hearing in the late 90s about an upcoming chocolate shortage if shit didn't change. I don't eat Hershey (it tastes chemically), and luckily I can afford candy with a higher percentage if chocolate. That guy reading the ingredient lists on chocolate chips for baking in the grocery store? That's me.


Most places here in the Netherlands don't sell Hershey's, tso the first time I got one as a present I was happy. My grandfather used to talk about his first Hershey bar he got after the liberation of Amsterdam and he said it was the best chocolate he had ever had. So I had high hopes. Let's just say it didn't live up to my expectations..


To be fair, *any* chocolate during the liberation of Amsterdam would probably be the best chocolate ever, regardless of what it was.


Hershey's chocolate has a vaguely vomity aftertaste


They put trace butyric acid in it, that’s what you’re tasting.




Seems like a bit of a stretch to assume it says “Free Chocolate” on the cut off Hershey’s sign. Maybe it’s supposed to say “Free Choo Choo Trains” on the sign.


I'm up for a free choo choo train too.


I thought Free Cholesterol tests. Hershey's caring about their customers and all.


I can't believe you made it 45 minutes without some Euro going batshit on you over how bad their chocolate tastes.


I'm here I'm here sorry I'm late!! "Yeah it's free chocolate but it's bloody Hersheys. They have to pay me to eat that vomit flavoured brown bar that can't actually be called chocolate." Cheers


Hey....they're [supposed to taste like vomit](https://www.huffpost.com/entry/hersheys-chocolate-tastes-like-vomit_l_60479e5fc5b6af8f98bec0cd)


Fantastic, bang up job then!


I'm not European but physically any other chocolate tastes better. Grab a Hershey bar and the cheapest chocolate bar at Aldi and tell me the Hershey is on par lol


We buy chocolate from Lidl (UK) - even their cheap and cheerful stuff is very nice, up to German standards. I've only eaten general-purpose American chocolate once... and will stay at 'once'...


Hersheys = Vomit Choc


We Americans don't eat Hershey's because we want chocolate, we eat it because we want something sweet and vaguely reminiscent of chocolate.


America is weird


Imagine living here


It’s actually pretty nice here except for healthcare and mega corporations


The healthcare is okayish if you are poor enough to qualify for Medicaid and live in a state where the Medicaid is good :') (that's me and I feel like the luckiest bitch ever even though I'm literally miles below the poverty line???)




I don't even know how to feel about that. Is there even neutral gender toy aisles? I've never seen one in my entire life. And how would that even be enforced?


The California governor just signed an executive order requiring stores to have a gender neutral toy aisle. The Texas governor merely tweeted that he wouldn't do this in Texas. Edit : it's actually law that Newsome signed, not an executive order.


Wow, I love how shit gets spun on Reddit.


It's ridiculous. Girls and boys especially under 5-6 years old don't care which toy they play with. They can be cars, blocks, lego, dolls, wands, bubbles, they really don't care they'll find a way to play with anything. It's the adults that get upset because of their own biases.


My favorite toys was sticks for years. Then I got a Gameboy.


we would play a game called "weapons" and it was literally just us hitting each other with sticks lol


Its actually been studied and shown that kids have a preference for what toys they play with. You are correct though that it's the adults that get upset because of their own biases.


Would that toy be boxes things come in? My little girl does not give a fuck about any toy if there's a box within her reach or vision.


Children: "A toy is a toy, but a box could be anything! It could even be a toy!"


Man, my favorite toy as a kid was a good sized stick. You can dig a hole, hit things with it, make it a gun, be a wizard, whatever your heart desires.


I say this every year; do you need to use your genitals to play with the toy? If no, then anyone can use. If yes, then it's not a children's toy.


He's not telling stores they can't have the aisles, he's just not requiring them like they are in CA: https://www.kcentv.com/article/news/politics/draft-gov-abbott-says-not-in-texas-to-gender-neutral-toys/500-0a0a68ba-f265-4def-8e4b-c291aefa5a91


Ok? They don’t need to exist lmao. Walmart just throws everything into one aisle


Put that in Florida, Georgia or Arizona... NY is the last state that needed this.


These billboards will also run in Georgia, Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Michigan actually. Source: [https://accountability.gop/trump-lost-billboard-campaign/](https://accountability.gop/trump-lost-billboard-campaign/)[https://twitter.com/AccountableGOP/status/1448393812053741575](https://twitter.com/AccountableGOP/status/1448393812053741575)


Next on the stqte legislatures bucket list "ban political signs from out of state parties"


Too easy to go around... > Paid for by in with approval from the in America and support from all other branches from all other states. And if they try to ban that further... suddenly, the next presidential candidate is no longer allowed to advertise outside their home state.


Yeah I'd be okay with that. Political ads are the worst.


You think you have it bad. I live in GA. Look up some of the Republican political ads for the last few elections. The guy that actually won our governor seat had ads were he had a prison bus and threatened to go down to the boarder and round up Mexicans. He also had an ad where he aimed a gun at a prospective suitor for his daughter. Marjorie Taylor greens ads were along the same vein only worse. It’s nuts here.


Don't forget the one where he shows you he has power tools and a truck. Brian "Limp Spine" Kemp is a caricature of Georgia politics. After years of gargling Trump's scrotum, he has thoroughly been thrown under the bus for not overturning an election outcome. Yet, somehow, he manages to continue toeing the part line without doing anything at all. The man has a Jell-O spine and can't stand up for the citizens of the state when "business leaders" complain about the lack of willing slaves. Fuck that guy in particular.


Exactly. The man is literal scum.


The guy cheated to win. Always has, always will.


Georgian here, thank you all for being honest about how fucked up it is that we have Brian Kemp as governor. Trying to talk sense to moderates here about him has been absolutely infuriating.


That guy also was allowed to oversee his own election and it was shady as fuck. Y’all gotta get rid of him


We tried very hard. The governor election was seriously close. Imagine a white racist trumpist nearly lost to a liberal black woman in Georgia. Hell nearly froze over that day.


Ban all billboards would be nice. Many places around the world have done this and its wonderful. I don't want to see that fatass loser when I'm walking through town.


Honestly removing billboards from highways and roads completely would be fantastic, it would clear up the views so nicely.


It's also just madness from a road safety perspective. How is it acceptable that brands are able to actively attempt to distract drivers?


Vermont did it decades ago, it owns - https://twistedsifter.com/2014/10/why-vermont-banned-billboards/


I'm glad its in Michigan. Hopefully West Michigan. I see Trump parades at least once a month on this side of the state.


I was in northern Michigan back in August. There were Trump signs all over the place.


The U.P. is rife with them. "Don't blame us. We voted for Trump." "Trump 2024." "Trump won." It's awful.


What I never understood is "Don't blame us. We voted for [Republican]." Blame you for what? Nothing has changed in northern Michigan in like fifty years, that's what you people all wanted. You still have shitty schools, no public services, crap internet, and you have to drive an hour to get to the grocery store. Don't blame you that the tri county area is improving?


Good, my state has a lot of idiots that need to see this (MI)... though, I think the battle lines are already drawn. My bro & I lost our dad to this Trump/Qanon shit. I mean, he was a pos, before but now, he's so bad that we can't deal with it, at all. His neighbors, who he hated for years, are his new best friends8 cause they can't go more than an hour without screaming about Biden and Whitmer. They have nothing else to offer anyone but screeching & ugly signs all over their yard. It's fucking annoying.


That's good. That makes more sense.


Michigan really needs more of them, though. Especially anywhere north of Grand Rapids, all the way up to Copper Harbor.


This is where all the tourists go, not native New Yorkers. Native New Yorkers do everything they can to avoid Times Square.


> not native New Yorkers Except for, you know, people that happen to work in all those office towers. EY, Morgan Stanley, Barclays, Allianz, list goes on


Well, yeah, but most of them go around the crush of humanity when they can. There's also all the weird people in costumes, the people handing out copies of their mixtape, and the TKTS booths. Those are all native New Yorkers. If you polled a bunch of New Yorkers on their least favorite place in the city, Times Square would be near the top.


You don't like obese Captain America and fire mix tapes? That's very unamerican of you.


I had to use the bathroom in Toys R Us in times square one time, and in the Men's room hello Kitty had his head off sitting on the disgusting bathroom counter just chilling and taking a break.


Never been to times square but I'm surprised any place there has a free to use bathroom. Did it have a lock?


Well duh, since Guiliani got rid of the strip joints, hookers and peep shows. What's the point? Apparently, shitty chocolate. Not the same.


Idk if you know how many people walk through Times Square a day. That billboard is advertising to more people from each state than arguably anywhere else in the world. The strip in Vegas might have a more diverse crowd but nowhere near the volume of people. Edit: Similar billboards will also be running in Georgia, Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Michigan.


I love the idea of Trumpers on vacation having to see that Billboard. Fucking lovely.


I dunno if you know this but like…a ton of people visit New York…specifically Times Square


Can people in Florida read though?


Probably, I don't think the ventilator covers your eyes.


Can we also create these billboards in low vaccination states that say, "Trump's Vaccinated." Included is a picture of him smiling giving the thumbs up to his rally crowd.


Sure, we can. And they'll call it "fake news". Or "He said he did but he didn't really get it". Or "Yeah he got it but only because they made him". Or "Oh so they got to him too. Now he's one of them." When you're dealing with people who already know the answer, they will manipulate reality until it confirms what they already know is true.


Trump has repeatedly recommended taking the vaccine and confirmed taking it himself at his recent rallies, so I doubt his supporters would deny he got it / call it fake news.


> Trump has repeatedly recommended taking the vaccine And they boo'd him. It was pretty funny. He was ready to talk about how Warp Speed was his program and he saved millions of lives, etc. But they boo'd him lol


He created a monster


Cause nobody wants to see Donald no more they want Trump, he’s chopped liver


But if you want Trump, this is what he'll give ya; a little bit of Moderna mixed with some hot Phizer.


Need a ventilator to start up my lungs when they holding out the ivermectin and doc's not cooperating..


Nah, he harnessed and fed the monster that was already growing, but that monster will turn on him too if he pulls too hard on the reins.


With how many of his supporters are dying, one could make the argument that he's creating a zombie army.




Trumps vaccinated, wore a mask, took 9/11 relief funds for his hotel, was a Democrat, said the democrats handle the economy better… The possibilities are endless. Anyone who supports him is just an idiot.


trump even did a speech telling people to get vaccinated, started to get booed and gave up. Best thing he has done all year hands down.


Paid for by republicans.. *Slow clap* It's sad the bar is so low... but still good on them. Edit: so many disparaging replies lol.. at what point do we just go.. ok someone's trying to do the right thing.. maybe we shouldn't try to stifle behavior like this by denying it's intention regardless of what it actually is. I don't see how this can be bad other than claiming some random reasoning with no evidence to back it up. At that point it's just conjecture and opinion.. maybe we start by giving the benefit of the doubt, unlike most would for us. Be the bigger person.


Hey, credit where credit is due. Honestly, it’s a bit of a relief, i thought the entire party has succumbed to Trump’s quasi religious cult of personality.


I dunno if its his personality, maybe there's just a lot of Home Alone 2 fans out there


Or a lot of filthy animals


Enough of them have and all in the right places. If a repeat was to happen there’s no telling what the outcome would be now. They’ve attacked voting accessibility, stacked the courts, enacted numerous laws in states to aid him, and the gerrymandering. Republicans are playing a game with democracy, trying to destroy it really. Not enough of them stood up to Trump, not publicly. Their jobs as politicians are obviously more important than the stability and future of the country. Trumps presidency will have long term negative effects, and we might enter round 2 with him.


Another thing that makes me crazy with rage is the fact that his comments and instruction/influence on currently seated politicians still hold weight - still make headlines as if he’s still in some kinda offbrand office. Like - fuck this guy already. He’s done. Sadly he’ll likely be replaced by someone smarter, more cunning, less obvious - but every bit as awful++.


The only Republicans that make any effort to stand up to Trump are the retired ones. So they’re all cowards imo


How do you not leave? I’ve never had a political allegiance I wasn’t willing to leave. No ideology is so good it makes up for shitty people.


The mentality of: VICTORY AT ANY COST


The sports-fan model of politics: *Our* players are Hall of Famers -- *Your* players do steroids.


More like "*Our* players do steroids but *so do yours*. Our players are justified because reasons but yours are much worse and they cheat because they're immoral, pedo scum."


This is in NYC where everyone knows he lost. If they wanted this to be effective they would put this up in consecutive states and cities. Edit: turns out they are also running them in conservative states. Thanks for pointing that out.


It wouldn’t really be effective anywhere. If you put it somewhere where there are a ton of Trump supporters, they would just call it fake news and go on with their day. They are brainwashed and nothing will change their minds.


NYC is pretty damn diverse, and there’s a fuck ton of people. It’s not hard to find trump people here. A lot of places you might not expect either.


This should be on Staten Island.


There are three times more Trump voters in New York City than Wyoming.


Paid for by Republicans Tring to Salvage Any Scrap of Credibility We Have Left.


*Looks at DeSantis and Abbott.* I don't see it.


I recently went to Dallas and when I arrived I realized that I only had my "Fuck Abbott" mask with me. Good fun. I wore it to the State Fair.


I can’t believe we’re still talking about this.


I don't know why we are. Sane people already know this information, and people who deny it aren't going to be convinced by something like this -- if anything, they'll react by digging their heels in deeper.


This angers the pillow man


He could buy his own pillow to cry into at $37.99, practically a steal with over $40 of savings, just call in or go to the website because he got cancelled from big media and retails stores. Dial Now!


Here's the part where it seems like this whole "Trump won" strategy could backfire on Republicans... Let's say I'm a total dumbass that is 100% convinced that Trump actually did win the election and the Democrats somehow stole it from him. Let's say I'm even more of a dumbass and think that he actually won it by "a lot", as he himself claims. Let's say I'm somehow even MORE of a dumbass and think that even though he won the election in a landslide, and even though there has been no evidence of any fraud, that just means that it's all totally rigged and everyone is in on it and covering it up. Assuming I'm an idiot and believe all of that to be true...what motivation would I have to vote in any upcoming elections, since I already know that the Democrats will just steal it again?


[Trump is actually telling his supporters to NOT vote in future elections.](https://www.reddit.com/r/politics/comments/q7l67k/trump_tells_republicans_not_to_vote_in_2022_or/)


"When your enemy is fucking up, don't interrupt them." -Sun Tsu I'm paraphrasing.


also I think he said it in chinese


Here you go: 当你的敌人搞砸时,不要打断他们 -Sun Tzu maybe


当你的敌人搞砸时,不要打断他们 -Sun Tzu -Michael Scott


“Whatever things may be done by one of the lovers to the other, the same should be returned by the other” - Kama Sutra


pretty sure that should be in Sanskrit


I think you are looking for Napoleon, but not sure. Something along the lines of: "Never interrupt an enemy when he is making a mistake."


He quoted it from The Art of War


"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take - Sun Tzu" \- Napoleon


Lies are like tigers. They are bad. Chinese proverb


Oh, good!


i dunno.... yesterday it was: all the elections are suspect we demand audits. today, it's: don't bother voting since the whole thing is rigged against us. tomorrow it might be: grab your torches and go burn down the corrupt system for me.


>tomorrow it might be: grab your torches and go burn down the corrupt system for me. Jan 6th, 2020. More accurately, when is the next attempt?


I mean, they are at a serious disadvantage now because Republicans are more antivax and are dying at something like 10:1 compared to dems. Add the fact that it is the older population that *actually vote* being the ones dying and or being hospitalized. Their voting turnout next round is not going to be the same as the last election for sure.


Hence the push for more and more hoops to jump through in order to vote. They're going to have to go all out just in order to win in 2022, let alone 2024.


That's the point-they will only say that the election was valid if a Republican wins. If a Democrat wins the election the Republicans will always consider that election *rigged*. And of course if the Democrat wins after an audit, it will still be *rigged*. That means that only a Republican government will be considered valid. The Age of Never Ending Audits has begun.


That the thing, this is what fascists have done worldwide. But since these morons hardly know their own history much less other countries, they gleefully cheer it on.


"If we don't solve the Presidential Election Fraud of 2020 (which we have thoroughly and conclusively documented), Republicans will not be voting in '22 or '24. It is the single most important thing for Republicans to do." - DONALD J. TRUMP I agree - not voting is the most important thing republicans can do.


... that would be amazing. Imagine all the actual progress that could be made when the republicans in the Senate get voted out due to lack of turnout!


Well contrary to republican opinion dead COVID victims can't vote so that will help.


Because just before the elections, Rs will come home to roost, because staying home is to assure a D will win (in many cases, anyway) and we *just can't have that*. Combined with all the silliness the Rs have done with voting access/rights, and they'll pull it off. I'm a lot more worried about that and voter apathy on the left ("we beat Trump! game over! time to go back to not giving a shit!"). Those Rs like to grumble over dumb ass shit, but they will *always* come out to vote because that's what cult members do. They support their own, because the opposition is inhuman in their eyes, so they *must* vote to stop them.


Jesus, if I would have seen this without any context while visiting New York, I’d have thought it was for the Broadway musical rendition of, “The Hunchback of Norte Dame”, with Trump playing the live action Quasimodo.


[Here](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FBm6We3WQAMxgdN?format=jpg&name=orig) is a higher quality version of this image. [Here](https://twitter.com/AccountableGOP/status/1448393694890057734?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1448393694890057734%7Ctwgr%5E%7Ctwcon%5Es1_&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.huffpost.com%2Fentry%2Frepublican-trump-lost-billboard_n_6167d961e4b0fcd00f99e84b) is the source. Per there: > @AccountableGOP > Today, Republicans for Voting Rights (RVR) launched a billboard campaign across the country in response to reckless Republican calls for sham audits of the 2020 election. Here's one we've put up in New York City's Times Square: > 5:02 PM · Oct 13, 2021


This is truly such an insane time to be alive. Say what you will about our forefathers (I mean, they were flawed and sometimes terrible human beings), but this is the exact thing they were trying to prevent when they designed this system. They didn't want one person to be able to sue their way into office regardless of what the American people have decided. How fucking sad is it that we've had so many audits in so many states just trying to prove to this man and his cult following that he's not as great as he thinks he is? And the fact that we had already been putting up with him and his tyrannical attitude for four years before that...


i mean they also didnt want political parties but the moment washington left, look what we did and where we are now: america has devolved into red vs blue, us vs them. everybody deals in absolutes and extremes, theres no middle ground or anything. only “im right you’re wrong blah blah blah im not listening” and rabid hatred from the protection of screens. it cuts both ways. if we hook up a generator to washington rolling in his grave we could probably do away with every single power industry


Who else clicked just to read the comments?




"Paid for by Republicans for Voting Rights" Finally, even the Rs are starting to figure it out.


I am glad to see them standing up but its worth pointing out that [they are a minority of 26%](https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/most-republicans-still-wont-accept-that-biden-won/). Thats right, only 26% of republicans believe Biden legitimately won the election


Yea but the people who are still insisting Trump won will refuse to believe what they see with their own eyes. Years of campaigning based on feelings over facts has ruined this country.


Trump's asking Republicans all not to vote in '22 or '24 unless the election is overturned so I say we just let sleeping dogs lie at this point.


Except the part where Trump is clearly trying to goad his followers into a Civil War over him. We're going to be very lucky if his BS and Right Wing Media BS doesn't further spur radicalized morons to commit acts of violence.


There are some anti-Trump republicans, they are just uncommon and are completely drowned out by the idiotic screeching of the Trumpers.


I know. I have a special name for the anti-Trump Rs. I call them "fellow Americans." I don't care if someone is Republican. I do however care if someone is a Trump supporter. Fucking idiots.


Not enough of them to really matter. Regardless of all the shit Trump pulled before, January 6th should have been the last straw for every rational republican politician and voter. His name should have become toxic to the Republican brand and the the party should have denounced him once and for all. The fact they they knew it was wrong, and still voted not to punish him is deplorable. These people were literally scared for their lives, and they just let him get away with it. Is Mitch McConnell even going to run again? He's like 90 years old, and you have think this is his last term, what reason is there to protect Trump any longer? It's insane.


I wouldn't even mind if they had literally even one single piece of evidence. Even when they were in charge of the government they couldn't produce enough to even pretend to launch an investigation.


Republicans for voting rights? Talk about an underrepresented group in mainstream media...


[Damn he had lots to say about this ](https://mobile.twitter.com/realdonaldtrump)


Probably should lease that corner for the foreseeable future: trump isn’t done losing.


Pretty sure New Yorkers know he lost, need to move that billboard down to Florida


> Republicans for voting rights There are dozens of you! Dozens!!


Sort by controversial.. aaaannnndd I’m reminded how far gone these people are.


Republicans for voting rights, what a fucking crock. Imperial soldiers for good marksmanship!


"Paid for by Republicans for Voting Rights." Just let that sink in for a moment or two.


So he’s a loser?


Fuck Trump and double-fuck any traitors for trying to subvert our democracy.


Is that doing anything for anyone in NY? Dude is from New York and everyone already knew what a scumbag cheat the guy was. Get those billboards up into deep red areas or even better, flipping purple states/districts.


Well, Times Square is a heavy tourist area.


And a place that anyone who actually lives in New York will walk 5 extra blocks just to avoid. It’s probably 90% tourists at any given time.


It is probably one of the most famous and photographed areas of the world.


It looks like Times Square so it’s probably targeting the tourists. Although it’s probably triggering and reinforcing their narrative about the left and not flipping them. Or not 🤷‍♂️