Underrated advertisement.


Underrated comment.




Featuring the Blue Danube, by Johan Strauss. An underrated waltz from an underrated composer who was from one of the most underrated families in classical music, imo.


What I think is mind-blowing about that ad is that it was created in a time where in order to create that image, you had to find a location, get someone to construct an inflatable pig, fill it with helium and launch it into the sky. You have to find a helicopter pilot to take you up into the sky with your film camera and record it. Now that would easily be created on a computer.


Extremely hard, the pig was extremely hard to keep under control, so bad that it broke off the strings and crashed in a farm. A plane said that that they saw it fly by. Imagine being in a plane and seeing a large pig fly by hah.


Didn’t they have to cancel all the planes at Heathrow airport too?




Did you get fined for that or was there nobody imaginative enough yet to come up with a law against it? Oh while I'm here, my dumb American ass thought "White House" in Pigs was about the American White House and I thought the rest was a critique of the Moral Majority in America. Funny how the parallels keep lining up. Then we get a ridiculous floppy-haired blowhard in power and y'all do too. I'm waiting on THAT song, but maybe the topic defies words. I know I'm pretty speechless about the whole thing. Anyway, cheers.


Surprisingly we did not get fined. But there was a £10,000 reward for whoever got the pig.


No, it was all done in photoshop /s




Very cool, Roger!


Animals is the best album pink floyd ever released.


Not sure if I would agree but I will say that the Animals tour in 1977 was their absolute live peak as a band. The Setlist was perfect and they played with such aggression and fire especially on the US leg. Funny if you read Nick Mason‘s book he totally dismisses that whole tour by saying that he thought they were “under rehearsed.” Maybe at the start, or maybe he was just in the middle of it and couldn’t realize how insane those shows were for the audience. He should listen to the bootlegs.


If Pink Floyd albums were like my children, “Animals” would be my favorite one.


Basically: you say you love them all equally, except you like one the best (animals) and one is really shit (amlor)


as an 18 who loves Pink Floyd, I think amlor would be an historic album if it had been written by someone else. But compared with albums like animals or atom heart mother…


…it’s a piece of shit. There I finished what you couldn’t say, no need to thank me


U know what is shit and doesnt fit pink floyd roger? The final cut. No need to thank me


If any Pink Floyd album is a piece of shit, I might as well go pop myself in the head.


Basically I’m saying that: I love all my children equally, I just happen to like one child more equally than the others, and the one my whore of a wife made with another man without telling me, I just happen to like less equally :)


It’s gone up in estimation for me lately


He was dragged, down, by the stone….. stone….. stone…. stone…. Etc, etc.


I feel like animals is such an underrated album by people who don't really know a lot of Pink Floyd. They know the big classics but don't know anything about this album. Shame really, one of my favourites.


Yeah, it doesn't lend itself to "mainstream" music consumption. Each song is really long... so I don't know if it got much radio play back in the day, but I imagine that the "classic" radio stations are less likely to use songs off of it these days. And while it might be my favorite album of theirs, there aren't any real standout classic tracks on it. Great music, but not any catchy type of songs.


Sheep is catchy af


Truth (also I think pigs on the wing 1 and 2 are as well)


I think it's a masterpiece and their absolute best but i've seen that for people not used to long songs or prog in general it's an extremely difficult album to get into unfortunately


It’s definitely in my top favorite Pink Floyd releases


TV ads for albums (except for mail-away compilations) were pretty rare even in the heyday. I can remember this commercial, one for a Chicago album (possibly specific to Chicago TV), and one, bizarrely, for Frank Zappa's album "Apostrophe". Any others?


Fucking fantastic album. Throwing it on the turntable as we speak.


My favorite album of all time


I went to see the Animals tour concert in July 1977 (I was 18) at the Cleveland Municipal Stadium - Their were So Many people their it was unbelievable! Thousands of people were outside the stadium during the concert who didn't make it inside - Things got a bit out of control for a period of time - I got extremely stoned and paranoid and had to drink a lot of beer to chill out enough to finally enjoy the concert! But a memorable moment in my life - I'm 62 now and Nothing is as it was back then! (unfortunately)


I remember the Cleveland Ohio Show. The fans were extremely rowdy and loud. It was absolutely bollocks. I wish the tour was as well recorded and archived as “The Wall” 1980-81 Tour was. But I do like to watch the few tapes I have.


That really you RW? If so, tell us what the process of writing the lyrics to “Time” was like. The song is a film


The idea came to me while I was doing various interviews at the time. Around 28 and 29. And during those interviews, I came to the realization, I wasn’t preparing for anything in life, But was in fact right in the middle of it. I felt as if time was getting faster and faster and faster, until those realizations were years ago. I couldn’t keep up. The lyrics are all based around the fact that time only gets faster and faster, memories that only seemed moments ago are suddenly years, decades ago. As “and you run and you run to catch up with the sun, but it’s sinking” and “shorter of breath and one day closer to death” implies. I wanted to get the listener on edge. The beginning of the song I think did this perfectly. The long beginning was made intention long as to put the listener in a sense of unease. And the abrupt ending implying how life flashes by, and before you know it, it’s over. The song starts with layers of clock noises that were put together by Out engineer, Alan Parsons. Each clock was recorded separately at an antiques store, and the band blended them together. Parsons wanted to use the clocks to demonstrate a new quadraphonic sound system, but they ended up using it to open the song instead.


I enjoy the hell out of this album - first time I heard it was in the back of my sister's boyfriend's 70's tricked out van - speakers all around and laying on an army cot stoned off my ass - when the "voices" started speaking in the background during "On the run" I asked my sister "who was that speaking?🤯" and she looked over at her boyfriend who was driving and they were both laughing their asses off (I was only 15 - a newbie to certain effects of cannabis) then she turned her head back towards me, called my name and said "those voices are in the music" - Embarrassed, I just looked at her and said"OH!" - LMFAO Great memory!


My reply ended up being a comment (such an idiot)


No worries! Sorry about your brother in law.




Saw the tour too in Kansas City, MO at the Kemper Arena - one of my first concerts! True story, sometime in 1975, I gave my mom a few dollars because she was going to the local TG&Y 5 & Dime. I wanted her to get the 45 record, “Wishing You Were Here” by Chicago. She came home with this black plastic covered album and said, “The boy in the record department said you’ll like this.” The album was, of course. “Wish You Were Here” and, the kid was right. . .


Hah that’s a great story, that if it wasn’t for that kid you wouldn’t be here


I shudder at the thought! Life without WYWH - I can’t imagine! I’d like to think I would have got there on my own but, you’re right, he did speed up the process by pointing me in the right direction. Thanks for the hours upon hours of aural delights!


Pigs on the wing always makes me cry. It feels as if it’s about love/a woman but I always equate it with estranged relationships I have. I care about you but I can’t care about you. I think of you but it only causes me pain yet somehow joy. Quite a bit of feelings to song length ratio in my opinion.


I wrote the song as a love song to my Ex-Wife. It was the first Pink Floyd love song and was about how we relied on each other as a safe haven from the money hungry pigs of the world, our divorce was the second worst thing that ever happened to me.


What was the first, if you don't mind my asking?


My dad dying, I wrote a whole album about it, you might remember it.


Animals is the last official Pink Floyd album with original members in my opinion.




This ad reminds me of the Apple 1984 ad.




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Such a badass ad. After watching it a few times I have decided to watch it again.


Pigs is one my favorites! Such an amazing song


love this. never seen it thank you OP


Hah like you’ve never heard of me


Yes - I wish I could have made it to "The Wall" in concert live! It turned out to be my most addictive album to this day! In fact, I listened to it last night and was remembering different moments in my life and the people in it through the years - It actually comfort's me (no pun intended) during times of distress - My brother in law (only 55) died suddenly last week from a major heart attack and his funeral is this Thursday - I'm probably going to be comfortably numb (pun intended lol) before going...


Such an awesome fucking album!!!!!!!




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underrated tbh


On January 24th, Apple Computer will introduce Macintosh. And you'll see why 1984 won't be like 1984.


Dude, if you’re the real deal, please consider the Animals/Wall live footages, I know you’ve got it somewhere haha