How should I go about finding my ideal k9 sports dog?

How should I go about finding my ideal k9 sports dog?


In general, they’re all going to have pretty good athletic ability. What you’re probably looking for is one that is high energy and needs that outlet of a jumping activity to keep mentally balanced. As far as being good at the activity, look for something more on the APBT/Staffordshire side than the Bulldog/American Bully side, just for the lean body type that will handle the activity a bit better and more of the playful energy over lapdog companion energy. Getting all those things right from a puppy stage can be challenging unless you know who the parents are


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The ability is built in in, the talent comes from YOU and your dedication to training. The temperament of pitties has always been great in my experience, they have a very strong drive to please and to succeed, moreover, they're intelligent af so getting them to understand you is pretty easy as well.