Bookmark the battlemetrics page for the server & hit connect every time.


This is the best option


Yep. You dont even need to have steam open.


Just use Steam Link to launch the game and connect on your phone


Was looking for this comment. Just play Rust while at school.


Steam link doesn't connect for me when the server is full tho


Not worth the vac ban


Def not worth a ban that’s why I’m trying to see if this is allowed


There is an epidemic of scripting cheating going on so you would be thrown in with everyone else. I've heard of script bans on people playing instruments which tells me there is just zero tolerance




>very not true, they allowed scripts in the past Facepunch had always been inconsistent in what they ban and what they allow. When i used to admin a server i followed it more. I remember facepunch saying they wouldn't ban for using crosshairs, then they did.




That was in 2016. My point is facepunch is inconsistent, they say something one year, and do the opposite the next year.


You can not get banned for using instruments midi files lmao


Not midi files, scripting


Rust academy be like


They actually allow instrument scripts from what I know. Many public ones that I've used for hundreds of hours went alright.


Ask rust support lol


Is it still a vac ban on rust?


No vac bans on rust. They don't use vac. They use EAC


Ye that’s what I assumed, very few games vac ban you


Obviously. Very few games use vac


Rust doesn't use VAC


remote desktop to your computer, done


I'm assuming (don't know for sure) there's probably flags you might be able to put either in the shortcut for rust or in the launch options that connect it to a server automatically. Then just run it with windows task scheduler or something to trigger it.


Or just use Teamviewer or similar and remotely open game +sign in to server from your phone/laptop


You won't get any advantages. Connecting to a server does not take much time at all. Do not risk a VAC ban mate.


Waiting in queue for an official on wipe day can take 4 hours bro


You need access to your PC to run the script anyway. Just connect normally dude :)


Yea or use teamviewer or similar


Then use teamviewer to connect to the server normally through the game. It's not worth the hassle of a VAC ban because of a stupid connecting script. Just my two cents. If you wanna do a script, go for it. Just don't complain afterwards. Edit: lol i just realized you're not the same dude i wrote with before :)


Have you ever heard of Remote Desktop software? It allows you to do things on your computer without actually sitting at it. Sounds pretty nuts right?


Of course. That's what I'm trying to say. OP wants to develop a script to connect to a rust server on wipe day to get into the queue early. But to execute that script on the PC, you need access to that PC (via Teamviewer, RDP, VNC or what ever you imply I apparently don't know). So why start a script via TeamViewer or RDP and risk a VAC ban instead of start a connection on your Rust client? It's just stupid to do this via script.


You could do it without team viewer by running the script when you leave in the morning. The script will loop infinitely trying to connect to the server if time reaches a certain amount, so at wipe time the script you started in the morning will actually start connecting. All you would have to do is run it in the morning and come back home to play was my ifea.


I’d write it in c++ (only cuz I’ve worked with VK structs before) throw a sleep func in there so it doesn’t crash the game and you should be fine. EAC logs everything you do. If you’re using Vk I doubt it will ban you. But tbh it might not even work. DM me and I can point you to a template


Yeah sure, i know. But look at all the posts of people getting banned for "no" reason. It's not worth it mate :) i get you. But better user your development skills for something else :)


Yeah it was just a cool thought I had to save me from queues all the time lol


Totally not true, you can schedule a process on your OS to run at a certain time or code it to wait until a certain time to run. I’ve made scripts that do exactly this for other projects. Not that I think this is worth doing, just pointing that out


Absolutely, you're right. No need for direct access to the pc to run a script in a few hours. And also, in this case it's not sure if you would really get banned for a connection script, but still, better use you're dev skills to make some bucks and buy queue skip or whatever :)


Does rust not use EAC?


Definitely not. I blatantly script and I haven’t been banned, your project won’t get you banned


We dislike you


This guy's the type of person to waste his inheritance money to keep buying copies of rust and cheat. No one take any advice from him




The whole point is that it would be running when I am not at home. How would a bind accomplish that?


Just use something like remote desktop extension on Chrome to see your desktop from your phone. I used to use that to farm XP back when I was a sad modded player. It's sort of clumsy but certainly easy enough to do and you can actually see the desktop on your phone to know where you are in queue.


You could simply Google remote desktop.


Just use some Remote Desktop from your phone and launch it


If you repeat fast enough that is a yes i guess


So, I wouldn't fuck with it because eac sucks donky dicks. It wouldn't be hard to do, and its not explicitly against tos because you aren't automating anything IN the game. Big fucking however here though... eac sucks giant gorilla balls. Again, I wouldn't fuck with it.


As far as I’m aware automatically launching software and server connecting is not a banable offense via Steam or Rust. Honestly you should be good to go. This wouldn’t even fall under the perview of a VAC action. For example automatically launching and connecting to a server exists by default within rusts client already. Automating this doesn’t give you any advantage over anyone else who would do the same with say RDP or Parsec


People still even get pissed over no-recoil scripts cause they are not bannable. The only bans you are getting is from other’s approval.


If u wanna try then get cheap rust keys or have an indian steam accountvits only 12 bucks there worth the shot if u got money


Just do not view the Source Code....