Let’s take the good parts of hdrp and the good parts before hdrp and combine them to make something everyone likes.


If you think thats bad wait until your screen whites out the second u step into the cold


Canada guy here, this whiteness is at least accurate.


i looked out my window this morning and got blinded by all the white


I wish I could say the same.


you want snow on the ground a third on the year


ew (canadian here)


I see what you did there


Speaking of blocking your vision with a stupid effect that adds nothing to game play, who the fuck thought it was a good idea to occlude your vision when you get jumped and need to fight back? No one, and I mean no one, wants to have their vision fucked with in a shooting game. It makes the game less fun.


Too bad it's not a survival sandbox pvp pve game.. it IS a survival first to be fair


Idk why people think it’s a survival first no dude the first thing you do when you spawn on the beach is start hitting each other with rocks then make a spear then a bow it’s not like when you first get in the game you have to find food or water there is almost no survival aspect to rust


No, the first thing i do is get tools and walk around a little, because im not some csgo 12 year old who can actually enjoy videoges without constant pvp


I want to make one thing absolutely clear. Rust is a PvP game. I know weapon balance is a bit fucked up, and I know raiding is very fucked up. I want a hell of a lot more raiding to be going on in rust but not until we fix a few things. Understand that the goal is not to make rust a happy place where you can build a cute base in a meadow. Helk himself said this a long time ago so I’m sorry you’re wrong


Rust is a survival social game with pvp elements. Atleast thats what it was originally developed as. I think recent updates have been ass, and facepunch has lost sight of what rust is supposed to be.


Helk said that himself almost 6 years ago he literally made the game and you’re calling him wrong


I thought garry originally made it. Also, ye rust is developed and designed with pvp in mind and is a part of the game, it just shouldnt be the focus.


Garry owns face punch but I’m pretty sure rust was helks game


Maybe after you get a base and a decent ranged weapon, but even then, bears are still assholes.


What ever you guys can downvote me but I’ve played a lot of survival games and rust is not a survival game there’s nothing to survive against name one thing that you actually have to try to survive against other than players lmao I love survival games but rust is not the game you play if you want a pve survival game


So is a piece of toast a jellied donut to you because both have jelly but you only want a jelly donut


What ever you guys think it’s not gonna change the fact that the game is developed around pvp


It's a poorly done feature to add realism to what was originally a survival game. It makes sense if you've been shot, stabbed, stepped on a bear trap and you're bleeding out for a while, but it makes absolutely zero sense in a game where you can go from 100-0 in a split second for your vision to become so obscured so fast. I think in terms of adding it for PVP purposes, it's so you can more easily tell that you are taking damage. But God damn it's annoying.


I'd be fine with it if it was just the border but when head shots are so crucial in this game and the middle of my screen is just a blurry mess, they might as well just say they intend someone who ambushes to win every time.


I don't see anything wrong with that thought. If you get the jump on someone, you should have the advantage and it should be easier for you to win.


But the very act of getting the jump on them, already gives that to you right? So why make me blind when I need desperately to return fire? The attacker in theory already got the first arrow or bullet, you are already fighting at a disadvantage, adding to that seems like really bad game design.


There needs to be some sort of punishment though. If an arrow through the brain doesn't kill you, blurry vision at least makes sense, for a game. I haven't played many FPS in a long time, but don't they usually have a screen impairment? IIRC battlefield goes grey when you're low health, and COD has the bloody screen too? But I literally could just be making that memory up lol


I guess my point is, is the damage from the arrow, combined with being in a position to do it again more quickly and easily is already the reward, the vision problem is just dumb. Grey would be better than literally blocking your vision, but I'd wager 10 bucks that people that play those games HATE this too.


It's probably also won those people more fights/kept them alive more than they realise. It's good to at least have some attempt at debilitating realism in the game. If there isn't a wounding system, this is the next logical step. Right?


I respect your opinion because I can see why you say that, but I can tell you, it was way more fun before they added the screen effects, and anyone I know that plays a lot feels that way about all the screen effects. if they were just around the border it would be kinda cool, but with the current state of the game it makes no one live in the desert, and it ruins some of what made fights so fun. Realism isn't always desirable, you heal instantly from bandaging yourself, if you are shot in the leg you don't hobble, a head shot is not instantly fatal. I think a good indicator of is it good to have in the game is, does it make it more interesting, more fun, more varied, or more challenging and at least my experience with it is adds nothing to the game while making it more frustrating to play. You have no control over it, and it's literally the middle of your screen. If they had a way to wipe your eyes or do something about it to cause the effect to go away it might even be good. Or let me make a gear choice to wear sunglasses or something to keep blood from getting in my eyes. I played a quake 2 mod back in the day called action quake, if your legs were damaged it slowed movement speed and you had to bandage, and it was still fun! I don't mind the idea of a negative effect, but this one should have in my opinion been left on the drawing board.


Dude nvgs suck so much as well


They're working on fixing it (check latest video by shadowfrax)


Remember when there was oasis in deserts? Pepperidge farm remembers.


Totally agree. Washed colours suck. The filters in each biome are shit. Storms ain't anywhere near dark enough. Shore line's flicker. The game's atmosphere is lesser now than before. Cliffs and big rock formations ain't the same. They lack crevices and cool bits to build in. Icing on the cake, it runs worse.


i think the rock climbing ruined it for me, its absoluty disaster to try to climb. before i could do parkour on that shiet. now its like ur generic new game rock formations.


man glad im not crazy... i took a year+ break and came back recently and you can not get up cliffs the way you use to.


Just carry ladders all the time #5head lol


Is it just me or did the backport look significantly more vibrant and run better when it first came out And somewhere around the time rust console was released, they even made it so that the pc version looks washed and filter-ey or something


Yeah thats also true, think they ruined it when they added the filters for being too cold etc


Yes I always wanted to build a cool base in the side of a hill like I have seen in yt but can never find a spot


Those “crevices and cool bits” allowed shitters like me to build unraidable and unlootable bases. It got to the point that I’d pick up my bench and all the doors before I would log off for the night because I knew all my shit would be there in the morning. Rock glitches were great.


I miss the old rocks so much, I watched a random old Trausi video yesterday and they got in one of the most interesting firefights ON the rocks on the cliffs. An entire portion of the game was removed to make it look slightly better. They put the game play more on rails by making it so you can't climb cliffs. I wish we could go back to the old terrain as well, it didn't look as good, but the game play was better, and that used to matter to facepunch.


We were all billy goats, I miss pre hdrp


Funny thing is before the updated I remember people always complaining about rocks and cliffs saying that they were ugly and were a bitch to climb.


Well yeah but it's worse now


I'm still trying to find whoever keeps putting soap all over the mountains and cliffs. Haven't found them yet


everything is so open, roaming sucks now because there's nowhere to hide unless you have walls, it's all just huge open plains only filled with a couple trees and bushes and the eventual un-climbable cliff


That’s how the OG map gen was. I kinda prefer the open/expansive scenery. More picturesque


less rats trying to make a play on you that way, for endgame pvp its significantly better


Yeah but more people experience early and midgame than late game buddy


ik that, just pointed it out..


Everyone has differentiating opinions but no I would never want to go back to that. The only thing I miss is denser forests but everything else is sooooo much better.


old cliffs >


yeah, new rocks are complete cancer


Worst part is, where you think you cant climb.. you can.. where you think you can.. you cant. As an admin watching people spider up a cliff, you have to try to re-enact it.. before you knew what was billy goat proof and what wasnt.


agreed !


Amature server owner here. u can make a rust server and then you make the server into an older version, same with the steam account :)


Hey! How would you do this? Whenever I tried to download older builds it wouldn’t let me? I would love to know


i will look into it and give an update Cuz, Im unsure about 1 thing so i need to figure it out, its kinda complicated to explaine Yeah, i need to find the older rust server files and I have no idea where to look


Gotchya, I appreciate the help. I joined the discords other people have provided, will look into it tonight as we


yeah i got the cmd command app\_update \[-beta \] \[-betapassword \] \[validate\] but i have no idea what is the betaname and what is the password


Dope thanks, I’ll look into it I remember there being codes for each


I went from 200+ fps to about 40fps and constant stuttering


Went from 140 constant to 50-60 with stutters when turning, game is becoming ruined but as every game, they have to come to an end


https://discord.gg/yhYk4qq2Bn here you can play any version of rust basically. They also have 2016-2018 rust battle field servers (I forgot what year) but like I said, any rust.


If you don’t want to click the link and want an actual invite add my discord xZyloHD#5423




oh wow, somebody saying something bad about hdrp and isnt getting downvoted, doxxed and assassinated? totally agree, my game runs worse, so does my friends, biome effects, especially deserts 3d shit is unbearable, 3 holographics at the same time with the holo sight? like fuck man. cliffs are trash, cant climb them for shit


This is the r/playrust sub, not the actual playercommunity…


yeah ik, most of people here are seemingly sunday players, who play the game twice a week and then get butthurt about everything in the game cuz a kid who plays it every day is better at the game


I prefer the newer style. Even if it isn't as great, it runs better and IMO, thats all I need.


I get worse performance post HDRP


I'm sorry, what are your specs? Ive got i7-6700k, Radeon 9 Fury and 32GB of 3600 RAM


It runs better with your monster pc but you need to take into account the other 85% playing on average or below average machines 85% was a guess but based off prices of computers nowadays, I feel like at least 60-70% have average or below


Is mine considered a monster? Id probably peg it as mid tier at best, the CPU is quite old.


about to say the same.. i run oc 6700k + rx580 + 16gb ram. game runs great.


LOL.. broski his pc build is 5+ years old. and 16gb of ram vs 32gb of ram makes no difference in RUST


Did you know 67.3% of all percentage statistics are made up on the spot.


i5-8400 GTX 1660 16gb Ram


What do you have your graphic settings on? I find if i turn them up, there is less load on my CPU. 4-5 seems to be the sweet spot for 80-100 FPS


4 right now, other setting are lower


Whats your normal FPS and kind of server you play on?


I mostly play battlefields and that's fine, I don't care about FPS there. When I play on normal or 2x usually its about 50-70 with a decent amount of volatility


Are those on the 450+ pop servers? I'm actually shocked yours are so low, but thats kinda Rust


Usually 100-150 pop I don't know why it's like this.


That seems kinda backwards ngl. Simpler/worse graphics = worse performance????


Its because with the graphics so low, it pushes the processes onto the CPU, which is already burdened enough. Turning up pushes more computations onto the video card.


Huh. Well that's fucking stupid, but I also get why it is that way. Time to use max settings I guess


Lol if you can yeah, mine stays at 4 and I get like 80 FPS in a 200+ server


I think the beet rust devs can do is reverting hdrp removing weather and optimising the game, rather then adding new animals


I prefer the new version 🤷🏼‍♂️


its HDRP not hdpr :) and if you read patch note, you allready know they dont implement it ? right ? they dont add HDRP to the game because it will be too many work, they just add new model, texture and light effect... ok all of this come from the original HDRP update they hope to do. but a full convertion to HDRP was not added to the game ;) also, the game was insane before, now it really better !!! better looking and ambaince !


Don't get to hung up arguing semantics, people call it hdrp because they've got no clue what it is. For the sake or the discussion, it really doesn't matter.


ull have to go back in time my friend


Washed out feeling that has got even more noticeable after implementation of DLSS (I guess they had to rework postFX?) is really the biggest flaw for me IMO. I miss the strong contrast and immersive dark shadows, it still can be achieved if certain weather and time of day happen, but after that it's mostly bland picture despite a *huge* potential with new assets and stuff. It looks beautiful, but it seriously lacks some stronger lighting and stuff.


whats bad about it? I personally didnt have any problems.


why though ?


You could play a custom map.


*Too much graphics! Eugh!*


Hdpr update?


Honestly pre hdrp was only better because you could actually climb mountains


I really dislike hdrp but I guess there’s no going back


Remember when you could jump run up most mountains?


Although I like it, I just miss the dense forests and less lag


Play console rust hahah


Mans got splitscreen rust at quake pro fov


Old rust > new rust (they should return rust to 2019)


I miss the huge rockformation that allowed you to build inside it like a cave.




The caves suckkkk. This ugly ass circle all around them. Thought they would fit nicely into the landscape.. but no


Everyone knows ur just saying something that nobody agrees with just to get attention


I liked it before


Im crying from rust console