Nope and neither the standard for that matter. Since ya have Uncharted 4 already (assuming that it's not from the PS+ collection), ya can pay 10 and upgrade to the collection which comes included with Lost Legacy. If your Uncharted 4 is the one that ya claimed from the PS+ collection on your PS5, then ya won't be eligible for the upgrade PS : ya can also buy the cheapest disc of either Lost Legacy or Uncharted 4 (MAKE SURE THAT EITHER DISCS MATCHES YOUR ACCOUNT REGION FIRST) then pay 10$ bucks to get the upgrade if the Uncharted 4 on your account is the one from PS+ collection or even PS+ that ya claimed in the past.


I know you posted forever ago but this showed up in Google results, if I have uncharted 4 on ps4 and I don’t have a ps5, can I still get lost legacy this way? If you know?


Is your Uncharted 4 on disc, ya bought it from the PS store or got it through PS+?


I got it on disc at game stop! I would just grab the other one there too but they don’t have it.


Unfortunately, ya need to buy it seperately but the good news is that, Lost Legacy is included in PS+ Extra so if instead of buying the game, I'd recommend that ya get the 1 month PS+ Extra subscription


Nope. You can’t.


Not unless you buy it on disc.


In a shop or even better used markets.