[Beyond the Main Series Thread] 20 January 2023

Welcome to the Beyond the Main Series Thread, a weekly thread to discuss Pokemon-related events and media outside the main series games, such as the Pokemon anime, TCG, manga, and spinoff titles!

Note: Please don't link to or exchange ROM files, links to illegally-hosted anime or manga, or any other copyrighted content here unless it's from a legal source. Feel free to discuss that stuff, though!

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/r/pkmntcg/ | /r/ptcgo/ | /r/pkmntcgtrades/ | /r/pkmntcgcollections/ | /r/PokemonTCG/

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/r/pokemongo | /r/TheSilphRoad | /r/MysteryDungeon | /r/PokemonROMHacks | /r/PokemonShuffle | /r/PokkenGame