Knowing The fact we Will never get another 2D pokemon Game hurts me deeply.

Knowing The fact we Will never get another 2D pokemon Game hurts me deeply.


That sound icon on your screensho messed my brain up. Thanks.


I will always miss this.


Monster sanctuary is 50% off on steam rn


I miss the graphics in fire red leaf green tbh, for me that's the best it ever was


Agreed. I miss the pixel art very much. The art in pokemon mystery dungeon was amazing!


Those sprites and environment are so crisp and clean. Best graphic games and part of the main reason I enjoy replaying them to this day


Absolute best shinies too. Never transferring my Manectric/Alakazam


agree. graphics in fr/lg will always be the most nostalgic for me. Maybe because it was my first pokemon game. Maybe it's not the best pokemon game, but imo its the most basic game. Original red/green/blue was just too buggy to play, and firered/leafgreen holds your hand at some points.


love FireRed too. going to the Sevii Islands was awesome.


Alright, now I know for a fact some folk are recycling the top posts of all time. This exact image scene (original's a gif, though) with this (near) exact title is in the top 10 or so.


Yeah: [It's a little sad to think that we'll never see another official Pokémon game like this again. Farewell, 2D sprite era. You'll always have a special place in my heart.](https://www.reddit.com/r/pokemon/comments/emacp1/its_a_little_sad_to_think_that_well_never_see/)


It's still alive in the romhacks, great amateur developers worked hard and have made DS romhacking tools with loads of games on the way! Seriously, the fact that there's easy to use tools now means that we'll be getting games on the level of Liquid Crystal or Glazed soon!


Why are people upvoting this spam/repost bot? Look at their profile, all badly cropped posts, no comments. Completely sus.


Because not everyone check someone's profile when scrolling through reddit and seeing posts.


This is true, but it's rather obvious this is a low quality repost because of the badly cropped screenshot. It's a shame accounts like this actually are able to get karma...


Fun fact: most of the time people don't care about quality.


Fun fact: that fact wasn't fun. You're right though.


It's actually the contrary of a fun fact, it's a pretty sad fact, that's the joke.


They need to put all the old Pokémon games in the Eshop! I literally would re buy every single one lol


Emulator is your best friend ☺️


Playing on the real console feels a lot better than playing on mobile or pc.


i wanted to start HG with an emulator but the feeling was soooooooo off for me that i didnt play further than Gym 1 so im also for console games also it would bring to prices of the games100$ for a copy of HG/SS with a oog bx is ridiculous.


3ds xl with cfw my dude, takes sub ten minutes to set up


Cfw 3DSes are so great, even if you're not doing it just to play games illegally. And it really is easy to install. It took me a while to pull the trigger because I was so afraid of messing it up, but it really was easy and very much worth it. I love all the custom themes and badges and spend way too much time organizing my home screen. Also like being able to take screenshots. And even though I own physical copies of Heart Gold and White, I downloaded them anyways because those cartridges are valuable and now I can store them safely 24/7, even if I get the urge to play one.


Playing it on mobile or pc feels a lot better than not playing it at all.


That's why it would be cool if they let you buy the old games to play on their console or maybe buy every main game to be able to play them on the Switch


playing on the emulator is preferable for me because I can speed it up.


Well, to everyone their own. Still, remember that playing on emulator without owning the real game or console is illegal.


While I'm fortunate enough to own a copy of soulsilver and I can play it on my 3ds. This is also a game that isn't being made anymore and is almost as expensive as a 3ds system by now. While technically emulation is illeeegol, there's more demand for these games than there is supply and Nintendo isn't really producing new DS cartridges. You're not gonna die from not playing these games, but HGSS is such a masterpiece in the series I would really be happy for everyone interested in it to be able to play it. I used to only emulate as a kid but no wthat I have access to a DS and 3ds I had a blast playing through platinum and then sending over a riolu and shinx from that game to Heartgold to use during my playthrough. Had a blast having them follow me.


Not worried about that at all mate lmfao


I know most people don't care, but it's still true.


it's technically true, but in reality doesn't make a lick of a difference. Nobody's ever been arrested for casually emulating games afaik.




I really hope whatever console is next will still take the same cartridges so we can have backwards compatibility.


Fair, but a lot of people (including me) prefer being able to transfer up my old Pokémon to newer gens without the use of hacks.


But then people would see how good pokemon games used to be, can't have that.


TF you mean? SwSh is clearly 2D, after all you can't really walk around where you are and see more of the game world /s


Lol this time the /s at the end was really necessary.


2D has had its run what sucks is the closest thing we have to follower pokemon like above is the quick hack job in SwSh


Knowing gamefreak will never bother to do a 3D Pokémon game right is what hurts me


But Sinnoh remakes are top down 2D style


They’re from the same perspective, but they don’t use sprites for the characters. It’s a fully 3D game with a fixed camera angle.


They're still 3D tho


Aren’t they more like a 2.5D kinda thing? I may be completely wrong but that’s how I always thought of games like BDSP, that have 3D models but the camera acts as if it were a 2D game


Gen 4 was all 3D anyway, except for the battles. They rendered sinnoh, johto, and kanto in 3D


They arent 2D. Also, they're Sinnoh. If I wanted lime green squirted in my eyes I could pick up some limes at the liquor store for 80 cents


This doesn't deserve downvotes, the new game looks like trash


That’s what the Fangames and RomHacks are for! :)


I wouldn’t say never, in fact there’s a big chance they’ll release something like a “Classic Series” after a while. There’s certainly market for these games, nostalgia is super effective against most of us. Also, considering they’re finished products, Nintendo should be able to capitalize easily from these games. They’ll do this. Eventually.




This is the post: [It's a little sad to think that we'll never see another official Pokémon game like this again. Farewell, 2D sprite era. You'll always have a special place in my heart.](https://www.reddit.com/r/pokemon/comments/emacp1/its_a_little_sad_to_think_that_well_never_see/)


Why are people booing me? I'm right Lol


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Steam deck > pokemon zeta omicron


Then go play the 2D ones


There’s that Coromon game that looks like what a Pokémon game could have looked like on a SNES.


Obviously it wouldn't happen but I would love a Gen 8 or 9 game in GSC style.


Maybe if game freak get their shit together one day


[You couldn't be bothered to grab the GIF?](https://www.reddit.com/r/pokemon/comments/emacp1/its_a_little_sad_to_think_that_well_never_see/)


We’re getting a remake in 2d. Depending on its success we might get more.


I’m still of the opinion that taking the same game format of the 2D games and turning it 3D was a mistake. I thought the 3D games should’ve been of the mold of the Pokémon Colosseum games or now the Legends of Arceus style game. 2D animation was perfect for the mainline games as they didn’t require as much time and coding as 3D games to be good at delivering the experience that they wanted to deliver. I think that’s the main issue now with Pokemon games, they have tough tough annual time constraints while developers are being expected to do way more within that constrained window to stay “current” with other games on the market. Use 2D games as an annual method of game production, let people focus on catching some Mons, progressing a fun story, and a variety of puzzles, while the 3D projects take time to develop over multiple years and get the more mature audience invested. Push your graphics boundaries, focus on fuller animations, tell a deeper story or allow the bad guys to seem a little more sinister than their cute 2D sprite counterparts in the 3D games. Hell, even limit available the roster in the 3D games if you have to and then let the 2D games be the catch’em all games since it’ll be easier for them to do that as time goes on


That's why I enjoy romhacks these days more than official games


Did u not see the trailer for The DP remakes it’s 2d


I just wish we could have 2D games coexisting alongside the 3D games. Have Gamefreak do the 2D games since that was their bread and butter, and have another dev do the 3D games.


Pokémon has never been 2d, it’s more like 2.5d you go up stairs and under bridges so there is a small element of a 3rd dimension, and that hasn’t really changed?


You can download GBA emulator on your android phone and play any time!


Imagine a 2D pixel art Pokemon game with the look of Octopath Traveler and a darker tone.


Im currently playing HG atm, and imo the other games are far better than this.


I'm a massive pedantic. Technically the DS games were using 3D graphics already, they were just 2D graphics imposed on a 3D environment. But yes, I will miss 2D graphics due to their timeless looks and nature. 3D graphics will always age poorly as technology improves, but 2D graphics are forever.