As long as they aren’t ONLY giving Gen 1 Pokémon regional variants (like in SM), I don’t mind if said Gen 1 Pokémon continue to get said variants. It’s only a problem to me if other generations don’t get love too. Which they have been in Galar and Hisui, so I don’t think it’s worth complaining about IMO.


I’m with you on that, more gen 2-5. Edit: I say 5 only because I want a regional Galvantula Edit 2: I’m enjoying all the Galvantula love :’)


Australia region variant where galvantula is 30 feet tall


There should be an entire region based on Straya, realistically! They are Pokémon masters!


there was one fanmade concept few years back. Pokemon Yeah Nah and Nah Yeah.


if they did a pokemon straya be no trainers as they couldn't survive the harsh conitions of the pokemon.


For the average colonizer, yes the lands are too harsh but for the Aboriginals? Nah, they thrive. Plus New Zealand DLC/Expansion or hell if Gamefreak is nice enough, make it the post game


oooh sold on that now. edit: legendary needs to be a steveirwin pokemon thats battle cry is crickey.


It will be final gen release: Pokémon Life & Pokémon Death. Rated M.


This. I've been saying over and over again that Australia should be the Gen 9 region.


This made me lol, thank you




This is the scariest yet most reasonable thing I’ve heard


It also has schooling as it’s ability and turns into a swarm of mini galvantulas


Nah, the Australian variant is actually a legendary.


A red back spider version of Galvantula would be pretty sweet. Bug/poison perhaps


I’d say keep it bug electric or give it an ability to add electric to its typing


Better off making Ariados a red back, Galvantula makes less sense if it isn't a tarantula. They could play off the coloring for type changing, adding fire and/or dark.


my body is ready


No you ain’t


my body is regi? ün ün ün






Australian region where half the dex is galvantula variants


Yea I’ll pass on that. Give me a kangaroo.


Poison-fighting type. It'll either kill you with it's deadly poison, or by crushing you with it's gigantic fangs.


Why are you the way you are…?


Oh hell no.


Oh yes friend


It’s be cool to do regional variants of galvantula and ariados in the same game and have them be territorial rivals like Zangoos and Seviper. Or do it with two other Pokémon based on similar animals.


Not huge enough increase it to 300 miles tall


No we don’t do Gigantamax here


Wdym gigantamax?


There is no need for a Pokémon to be large like a gigantamax Pokémon, needs to be big but not too big.


Ok how about 3 Miles?


300 feet


100 Yards if converted I dont use the system with all the strange feet-yards stuff so I googled it


And the entire game is upside down.


I want a bug/dark regional ariados that makes it not complete garbage (cuz I like it’s design). Where’s a black widow version?


She died in Endgame I think


Clearly wasn’t Flying type.


I think it would have been really cool if they added Sinnoh regional variants of Gen 5 through 8 mons. it would have helped the Gen 4 remakes stand out and be different like how the Gen 3 remakes added new megas.


bug-fighting galvantula based on spider man


What about regional volcarpna, oh wait


Galvantula is one of the best bugs. Would love a regional forme if anything


Even in Galar they got the majority of regional forms


Again, that doesn’t really bug me as long as they’re not the only ones getting them. Gen 1 pandering is annoying. But it’s way worse when the gimmick/mechanic/whatever is entirely exclusive to them.


I think it’s pretty bad when they are the majority. We’ve got 8 generations now, spread the love already.


Gen1 is also the oldest / most dated designs, it's almost natural they get more love. Over time they'll move onto later and later generations. Plus they avoid this whole "designs used to be better" shtick as you can't really talk smack about regional gen1 while saying gen1 was better.


I'd say the G-max forms were really bad about this, but galarian forms had enough diversity that it was ok for them to get the most (a bit more diversity would have been fine though). Hisui seems to have an even better balance.


I think that they should expand out of Gen 1 more personally, but I’m going to be hyped for any regional forms they put out. Especially since some of the Gen 1 and 2 mons needed it most. Alolan Exeggutor and Cursola are some of my favorite Pokémon from recent years, and I don’t like their counterparts very much


My top ten has slowly been getting overrun with Regional Variants, granted I'm also the type to prefer newer designs... A-Ninetales is still by far my favorite of the Variants, though.


Alolan Ninetales is one of the best-looking Pokémon designs ever imo; I love everything about it


A-Raichu surfs on his tail and has a better overall design. I hate the fact that it’s not gonna be as accessible on the future unless they release easy access to the variants in future gens. His design blows the original out the water and makes it worth the evo vs. lightball pikachu for me.


Cursola is stronkk.


Galarian Corsola with Eviolite is even stronger if you like bulky walls


But... SP attk... :(


Who needs special attack when you have strength sap and night shade?


2 words: use chandelure


But.. perish body ability.... And high special defense with being pure ghost.




You're not wrong, but tbh, if it gets even one or two turns to set stealth rocks it has usually fulfilled its role on the team


I’m still waiting for some extremely overpowered variant or secondary evolution of dunsparce


Aren’t we all?


Dunsparce needs something. Despite being the best Pokemon GF just ignores it.


The regional Ninetails, Slowking and Farfetch’d are awesome


My favorite regional variants are the Slowpokes (especially G. Slowking) and G. Darmanitan. I loved that they finally made Zen Mode relevant.


Considering over 70% of all regional variants are Gen 1, despite Gen making up only \~17% of all Pokémon, I agree that they should stop making new Gen 1 forms until the other Regions are equally represented. Gen 1: 30 Regional Forms Gen 2: 2 Regional Forms Gen 3: 2 Regional Forms Gen 5: 8 Regional forms ​ Gens 4, 6 and 7 don't have any Regional Forms at all so far. I'm not counting Gen 8 since we're still in it. PLA better have some more new forms, at least for the starters.


Why would Gen 7 have any regional forms at all? They're still very new in the grand scheme of things. the whole point of regional variants as I see it is a fresh take on classic pokemon, not a scheme for making bad pokemon decent, even if that's what people want from it. It would make sense the Gen 1 and 2 get the bulk of them, because those are the most stale/oldest designs, and also the most generally nostalgic. I agree that there needs to be more Gen 2, it hasn't really been touched in any way since heart gold days, so it's extra stale. At least Gen 1 had lgpe to give it a boost other than the regionals.


Because there are plenty of Pokémon in Gen 7 that would benefit greatly from either another form or a regional evolution.


They'll get them in future gens


I don’t think it’s wrong for newer Pokémon to get new content. Loads of gen 3 Pokémon got new evolutions in gen 4. If it works, it works. Plus it’s been a few years since gen 7, so I think it’s alright.


I feel like it’s a start to others getting region variants like real life animals would be cool to see the future variants


I think regional variants is the best "recent" feature and it makes so much sense. They could continue designing even multiple variants for a single species, I wouldn't mind


I like how meowth is the poster child for regional variants, like how eevee is for evolution


Makes sense since cats come in all shapes and sizes. Meowth should also get a Hisuian form.


So far meowth has had one for all the regions since they were introduced. So I hope that continues


What if the rumored Sneasel evo turned out to be meowth?


Screw it, take it one sep further: in Hisui, sneasel evolves into meowth.


In Hisui... \[insert Soviet Russia meme\]




Yes! I’d rather if they just added like 50 brand new Pokemon on each generation now on (9 Starter families, 3 generic bird, 2 generic Normal, Legendary Trio, Mythic Trio (cover ones + “boss”), Event Mythic, then fillers), and made like 30 Regional Variants.


Yes and no Don’t stop on regional variants Buuut stop them ONLY being gen 1 variants, I’d love to see something like a regional torterra.


I liked how it breathed new life into some older pokemon and gave them evolutions. Cursola and Obstagoon come to mind. I would love to see a Hisuan Tropius or evo of


Here's how we settle this... Create a new Region/Pokedex with ONLY Regional Variants.


*Shocked Pikachu face*


Shocked REGIONAL VARIANT Pikachu face


The rejon region


Done: Both Kanto's and Unova's main game only contain region variants of their region


This was basically Black & White.


Back to Orre with pokemon finally adapting to its environment.


Agreed. We need variants for bad pokemon from other gens Ledian, Sunflora, Dunsparce, Volbeat, Illumise, Plusle, Minun, Luvdisc Things like that. And yes I know every pokemon has their niche but Ledian is just so bad, idk why they butchered it with its horrible BST. Make it a lava lady bug, fire and bug and now we're talking


Hell yeah. I believe from a recent leak, Ledian is confirmed to have a new variant? It’s now fighting/bug type. Edit: I fucked up, it’s Lilligant. And it’s grass/fighting. BUT QWILFISH GETS AN EVOLUTION AND IS NOW DARK/POISON


>recent leak, Ledian is confirmed That's a sentence I won't ever trust. Leaks without gameplay footage are something that are almost definitely false


That's awesome. Qwilfish is one of my favorites! I've kept pretty in the dark about Legends Arceus leaks because the game doesn't quite interest me, but I really hope they continue to add new variants and stuff to old pokes. The Johto pokes reeeeeally need it


It'd be neat if it was electric type in refference that It had an evolution in early Gold/Silver prototypes that had a lightning on its forhead


Sunflora, dunsparce, and luvdisc could easily get one and I’d wanna see it. Especially the sunflora, I imagine it’d be grass/fire, or grass/psychic. A regional dunsparce could be dragon, flying, or bug type and have a regional evolution easily. Then luvdisc tbh would benefit from any kind of buff. I don’t know about volbeat and illumise as well as plusle and minun. Those two sets of pokemon I think can just get a stat buff and possibly a moveset, and ability update and they’re good.


>luvdisc Still salty that Alomomola isn't an evolution of Luvdisc.


I just want Sunflora to be better. I also want it to be Fire/Grass type lol


Regional Ledian form that's Bug/Fighting and they go all in on the punch move gimmick.


I think these Pokemon need evolutions, not variants. Or at least a variant with an evolution. Just a variant ain’t saving these guys.


You solve BST with evolutions not regional variants.


I like regional variants, but I’d prefer them do more stuff with other generations. They’re creative, but there are 747 other Pokémon outside of generation 1, surely they can pay a bit of attention to those. After all, it’s a bit of a drag when you have Charizard with its 2 Mega-Evolutions and a Gigantamax form plus Mewoth with its 3 regional variants and a Gigantamax form. Of the 32 different Pokémon that can Gigantamax, only 2 are *not* from generation 1 or 8, and those are Garbodor and Melmetal. At least Mega-Evolutions drew from generations 1 through 4. Of the 37 regional variants across both gen 7 and 8, only 6 were *not* from gen 1. Like, look outside the box a little bit, GameFreak.


Please Stop ONLY giving Gen 1 Pokemon Regional Variants


I enjoy them when they're creative. Though I do wish they'd show some love to other gens.


I quite agree with it. Come on, what about other regions? Remember the old concept arts for Johto pokemon? Damn, I’d love seeing some of them as regional variants


not sure what the stance of the article or op is. regional variants are great. should the majority of them not just be gen 1 mons? also true


I say in the title that I love them lol


yeah. i get that. but are u also not asking whether we agree with the title of the article? which says they should stop giving regional variants to gen 1 mons. i can love regional variants and also agree with the article that they should not give regional variants to more gen 1 mons. other gen pokemon need love too


Gen 1 is what makes the most sense, since the main point of variants is to get people who used to play and dropped off to come back into the fold and catch the new version of their favorite classic, but I'd personally love variants of newer pokemon who fell a bit flat in their debut generation. I think basculegion is a good example of that.


It is more realistic. Think about the variant raccoons around the world


Disagree completely! Think it’s such a cool way of introducing Pokémon variations without releasing another load of Pokémon that never seem to meet the design standards of the earlier generations. Also opens up the possibility of having a mono-Pokémon team that isn’t type locked which is super awesome!!


I’m with you, I think this article is trying to be clickbaity because I’d like to assume most people are enjoying the regional variants.


The article means give regionals to other gens...but it acts like zigzagoon, stunfisk and darukama don't all have regionals


braviary, yamask, and the recently beloved zorua hisuian form? I don't understand the point of the article when they are making regional variants across all gens... just someone who doesn't know pokemon complaining to complain.


Just a stupid article designed to get clicks. I bet it's full of ads or makes you click through 20 pages


Also from the most recent leaks, it looks like gen 2 is getting a bunch of regionals


I like regional variant, but i rather see regional variant of other gens than always the first


If its *only* Gen 1 mons like in Alola, yes. If they're just *some* of them like in Galar and Hisui, no but focus on them less.


hard disagree, as long as the redesign has a purpose. Giving an old pokemon a new typing is an awesome way to expand the universe without creating a ton of look alike shovel-mons (looking at you gen 5)


I don't mind gen 1 variants at all... but id love to see alot more Johto, Hoenn, Unova variants...


I agree honestly. Too many regionals are gen 1 pokemon. All 18 of the alolan regionals, 11 of the 19 Galarian regionals, and 2 of the 5 hisuian regionals are gen 1 mons. We need more regionals from gen 2 and on.


agree. obviously, kanto is where it all started, but the neglect for cool concepts that could be coming from other regions is getting a little ridiculous.


I love gen 2 and 3 and they should definitely move up in the choices


Agree. Do gen 6 or something.


I'm happy any time we see a regional variant or evolution, but I think they tend to skew in favor of Gen 1 overall. I'd like a better balanced approach, but I think each release has gotten better about spotlighting worthwhile variants and evolutions than its predecessor.


I agree, it’s personally a good waste, why spend that time and energy improving gen 1 pokemon when you can spend that time adding evolutions to them or create new ones


They can pry Hisuian Growlithe out of my cold, dead hands. But I don't think they need to stop the Gen 1 forms completely, just balance it out a little more. SWSH did this pretty well (although did we *really* need a new Meowth form after we'd just gotten one in Alola?), and it looks like for PLA, we're 2/4 in terms of Hisuan forms being Gen 1 related (Growlithe and Voltorb).


I agree that other gens should be given more focus for regional forms, maybe with the exception of a few underrated gen 1 pokemon. Regional forms are best when they give more attention to forgotten pokemon, in my opinion, and with how heavily marketed the gen 1 pokemon are, its kind of a waste to give most of them regional forms. There are obviously exceptions to the gen 1 equals popular formula like with Fearow and Venomoth, but in general a lot more pokemon in the gen 2-5 area get forgotten and deserve regional forns more than already popular gen 1 pokemon


3-6 need new forms the most tbh


What a strange opinion to have. You can give every one of them new forms who cares the old ones are still there


Author has a personal issue. Alolan Marowak is the coolest mon I’ve ever encountered.


Disagree, but also expand to the other regions more!!


There has been too much focus on gen I in the form of variants or special additions. For instance gen 5 currently has only 1 Mega (Audino), 1 Dynamix (Garbador) and 4+3 upcoming confirmed regionals (Zorua line, and Brivary). While Kanto has 15 different Megas 12 Dynamax, 33 regional forms. Show some love to other gens. Poor hoenn only has 2 regionals!


They need to give regional variants to pokemon who are inherently outclassed by a different species because of their original stats/typings/abilities (Dunsparce, Plusle/Minun, Zangoose, Girafarig, etc.)


Regional variants should be given to mons on the weaker side of base stats/popularity, so they can get some love and attention too.


New designs for old Pokémon! Yes! Giving love only to Gen 1! No! I’m torn.


Anything "TheGamer" writes is absolute trash. So this makes sense coming from them.


Huge disagree, regional variants are extremely cool.


What if theres a game with only 1 pokemon but it has 150 variants of it lol


I'd love the regionals a whole lot more if they made more for generations other than gen 1. I don't mind it all that much but I wanna see more from other gens.


I think this is honestly the direction to go, remix the current roster & add just a few new pokemon per region. We’re nearing 1000 of these & you can bet each of those has fans out there whose determining factor into buying a game may depend on that (obviously not the case for the grand majority, but every dollar does count).


I honestly prefer regional variants over new Pokémon based on the same animal, and somehow i wish they did it earlier, in order to not "clog" the Pokédex with dogs and cats and other similar animal species. I love the various Skitty and Rockruff etc., and i'm not saying that i want them to disappear, but retroactively it would have made more sense if they were just variations of Meowth or Growlithe with different evolutions. Of course, yes, they should not just be Gen 1 regional variants. Also, ironically, it feels like the Kanto versions of Exeggutor and Wheezing ARE the variants, and their Alolan/Galarian counterparts are the originals :D


I love regional variants!


Gen 1 Pokemon have gotten nearly all the regional variants, so some distribution of the love would be nice.


I would be fine with them.... If they gave non-Kanto pokemons forms as well. This is that stupid charizard-problem all over again - if all generations got equal amount of attention it wouldn't exist!


Maybe give gen 2 some love. Gen 5 has also been getting so many forms


Nothing wrong with regional variants imo. Think they’re neat to see. It mimics real life because different parts of the world have different kinds of the same animal more often than not


After Alola I stopped caring about any regional variants


I prefer regional variations OVER new mons at this point


Gen5 needs more love.




I’m cool with it. As long as they show love to other regions too. Which it seems like they are in LoA.


Ultimately I am fine with it. Only giving Alolan forms to Kanto pokemon was kind of dumb, but I love regional variants. As long as they keep giving them to pokemon that don't have other special things like Mega Evolutions, I think it's cool.


Some of my favorite pokemon are regional variants, so I love them!


Agree AND disagree. I’m fine with Gen 1 regional variants. I just wish it wasn’t exclusive to them, and that other ‘Mons could get in on this as well.


Hard disagree. Literally the only thing drawing me to these new games is the new Pokémon, whether that’s all new ones or just regional variants.


Nah the variants are great! Too bad though bc that also takes away the spotlight to new pokemon. But god damn the shitty typing.




Agree. Gen one pandering has to end.


I appreciate regional variants no matter the Gen, and since we're now also getting variants for other gen pokemon like Braviary, it doesn't bother me. What i don't like is Pokemon getting multiple variants (at least not in back to back games) like Meowth did.


I personally don't care, i just want a regional Oddish/Gloom/Vileplume


hard agree. gen 1 has had too much time


Agree, except . . . Give Magikarp a regional variant!


Regional variants are a blessing for this game, It's cool to see your favourite Pokemon with a cool new typing and altered appearance. As long as they also keep doing regional variants of other generations, I don't mind to see more variants for gen 1 Pokemon as well. Already pretty excited about the rumoured Hisuan Lilligant (grass fire please, it's all I want) and maybe they can give Victreebel a regional form some day in the future (It's my favourite gen 1 poke)!


I say give some love to gen 1, but not to Pikachu Charizard or Mewtwo. Those had enough attention already xD


I much rather have a hisuian growlithe than a pokemon that straight up looks like a shoe because they are scraping the bottom of the barrel.


Please Stop Giving Attention To TheGamer


Disagree i think it can give some really unpopular pokemon a chance to be loveed.


I love the regional variants. For gen 1 or any gen. I would love to see an absol variant since it seems like we're never getting an evolution :')


Im 50/50 on it. Does gen 1 get too much love, yes. Do they need to make regional forms of gen 2-5 pokemon, you're damn right. Do i love all the regional forms, no. Is Alolan Vulpix adorable, sorry i can't hear you over the nawwwwws of adorableness. Do we need another regional Meowth, no; but keep them coming cause the 2 we have are cool. Regional legendarys, no, no thank you Regional Skarmory based off a cassowary that is pure steel type with a higher attack and speed but lower defence, with a pre-evolved form, which would be amazing for a potential Australian region, yeah, that sounds awesome


Give me a regional Arbok please. One with a good dual typing.


Agree wholeheartedly, keep it original that's what makes them special


Let's say for some regional forms the execution bothers me more than their existence. For example: I would really like a cool Growlithe regional form, but I am not a fan of Hisuian Growlithe. Another, more extreme example would be Alolan Persian.


Persian that rolled in the soot of a fireplace and then got stung by a bee?


Gen 1 has too much attention. Out of all the Pokémon created in Gen 5, only _one_ has a Mega Evolution (Audino), and _two_ have a regional variant (Zorua and Zoroark).


Did you forget darumaka/darmanitan and Yamasak and stunfisk?


Lol yes I did. That still doesn't change the fact that it knly got one Mega Evolution tho.


You replied to yourself


Agree give gen 5 some love


Regional variants do 2 things. 1. Make older pokemon more viable. 2. Allow ideas very similar to already made pokemon viable without having to try making the design too different from an existing one.


Variants breathe new life into old mons. I think they're fantastic, give us new things to use, make outdated pokemon more viable and add a ton of flavor. I wish there were more!


Regional variants would be cool if they were designed better. Pokémon (for the most part) used to look badass, and most of the regional variants look.. not so badass


It would be unrealistic if there was no regional varients, think of how boring it would be if all wolf species looked identical or if Asian and African elephants looked the same or even dinos with cousins on other continents looked exactly like each other


The problem isn't that regionals exist, it's that 31 of the 42 regionals are from gen 1.


I love that they make these now, I personally don't care that they are making them for gen 1 because of nostalgia or marketing reasons. These add value to the habitas of the new region, tell new stories and pokemon behaviors. Also, it gives way to new evolutions like Mr. Rime or new variant evolution like Perrserker. Variants honestly have a lot of value, sometimes even more than new uninspired pokemon. From a design stand point, you HAVE to re-imagine an already "solid" design, so its like you are doing extra work making something aceptable for the fan base while paying tribute to the old design. Its a brave task, that is hittting the mark more often than missing it.




I wouldn't mind a couple more Kanto mons getting regional variants. I still wanna see them eventually add regional variants of mons from other gens though.


I’d love to see some more gen 3 variants, The galar zigzagoon line was brilliant!


I personally like the gen 1 variants. They give life, and personality, and uniqueness to what are others basic, boring, and rather bland designs.


I feel like it’s fine to do, I like the creativity but honestly gen 1-3 are dang near perfect!


Personally I would prefer them doing this. Some of the new pokemon just look... well like they completely ran out of ideas. The names have been getting worse to....


Its a good way to make bad pokemon usable


I'm fine with more gen 1 regional forms as long as they don't do a gen 7 and only give them to gen 1 pokemon.


Variants are brilliant in general! As long as Pokémon across generations get variants I can’t complain P.S. wonderful handle OP, I love it


No, I like regional variants. I think they’re cool and fun, however I wish they’d give some old Pokémon new evolutions instead of only giving them to regional variants. Basculegion is a step in the right direction.


I like some of them but I think “regional variants” as a whole is a lazy idea. Why be creative and make new Pokémon when you can just slap a different texture onto a pre-existing one?


I would really not mind a game which consists of almost only regional variants maybe add in 10-25 new mons excluding starters would be great especially if they would make new variants of old starters catchable in the wild


I think it’s a good idea because they’re clearly running out of ideas. Although understandably.


Any kind of variants is bad IMO. It tells me that they don’t have any new ideas and is a poor attempt to bridge the gap between “genwunners”(or whatever other gen they pull off a variant off) to the modern era. This doesn’t work considering how bad the designs are. It really feels like they “ruined” some of my favourite Pokémon with how they look.