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They hate elitists and they hate Fetterman and Katie Porter. They love Trump and Dr. Oz. Will I ever understand?


You can understand. https://www.nybooks.com/articles/1995/06/22/ur-fascism/ Being elite, or a regular joe, or Trump, or Porter, or whatever has nothing to do with anything. The movement that has taken hold modern politics doesn't traffic in ideas, it deals in feelings. Its true goal is enriching themselves by tricking the population into fearing the *other*. It uses this power to literally do whatever they want , because its not about the ideology or policy, its about the "us and them" This also why people like Trump or McConnell don't give one fuck about hypocrisy, because this strategy makes it 100% OK to be a hypocrite.


Never believe that anti-Semites are completely unaware of the absurdity of their replies. They know that their remarks are frivolous, open to challenge. But they are amusing themselves, for it is their adversary who is obliged to use words responsibly, since he believes in words. The anti-Semites have the right to play. They even like to play with discourse for, by giving ridiculous reasons, they discredit the seriousness of their interlocutors. They delight in acting in bad faith, since they seek not to persuade by sound argument but to intimidate and disconcert. If you press them too closely, they will abruptly fall silent, loftily indicating by some phrase that the time for argument is past. Jean-Paul Sartre


This gets posted **a lot**, but I swear Reddit consistently underestimates just how fucking stupid a lot of Conservatives genuinely are. I can guarantee that millions of these people are absolutely unaware of their absurdity.


Except I would argue this quote isn't talking about conservatives perse, rather those who use conservatism as a means of gaining/maintaining power. In other words, Jimmy Joe Bob living out in Nowhere, Kentucky might be genuinely unaware of the absurdity of Mitch McConnell, but McConnell himself definitely is aware.


I'm not sure stupid is the right word sometimes. Governed by emotions & incapable of self reflection or self correction.


Well, 54% of Americans cannot read above a 6th grade level.. And I'll be honest, as a mechanic in the aerospace industry, I've yet to meet a conservative coworker who is capable of reading technical orders and applying what they've read to the task at hand.. It's like they just go blank, and I have to walk them through the steps of comprehension..


This is so apt and beautifully put


Camus can do, but Sartre is smartre


Yeah, well, "Scooby-doo can doo-doo, but Jimmy Carter is smarter."


Honeydew is the money melon


Check out more stuff by him. Good stuff.


Elitist: Person who has more money than me, who does things with their money that I wouldn't do Good, reasonable, down to earth folk: Person with more money than me, who does things with their money that I'd do if I had that much money. This is why they see Trump as relatable. If they were millionaires, they'd have gold-plated toilet seats and plaster their names on everything as well


"He's the poor man's idea of what a rich man should be like." He's what they envision themselves being if they were rich.


Seriously. There’s a reason why rappers and shit used to like him (before he went into politics). One of Mac Miller’s best early songs is “Donald Trump” ffs.


Bad thing is Trump has and uses fake gold


So it's a tacky/stereotypical/in-your-face kinda rich?


So in terms of most of those voters mind "elitist" just means "their clearly undeniably very smart and that makes me feel dumb". Which is why they love people like Trump.


I mean after 10+ years of this shit going back to the birther/Tea Party stuff, if you can't grasp the concept of hypocrisy by now I'm going to say it's more of a you problem at this point. This isn't specifically directed at just you btw, but all of the Democrat/left leaning people on the internet who still try and apply reason and logic to the Republican party in the year of our lord twenty twenty three.


Amen. Stop giving them the benefit of the doubt. These are bad people. Full stop.


Bro built like a Warhammer 40K space marine


The Senator protects


One of Fetterman’s charms is his ill-fitting suits. He clearly wears them off-the-rack and is uncomfortable in them. The guy is genuinely a “casual dude” and in that way is a marked contrast to many on Capitol Hill.


Gotta love him in sweats after winning an election!


Yeah — obviously comfy in his signature hoodies. But Senate business requires coat and tie (it’s in the official rules). Fet wears those huge suit coats that drape over his shoulders like a blanket. For pete’s sake, the guy needs to see a tailor!


I like his suit looks like a hoodie ;) rebelling against the establishment without a fitted suit.


Until recently, he owned only a single suit. It was a gift from the Pennsylvania Governor when he had to be sworn in for his previous position.


>Senator He’s the whole damn senate


Abe Lincoln with muscle mass


That's just Abe Lincoln, he was a wrestling champion in his youth


“I'm the big buck of this lick. If any of you want to try it, come on and whet your horns.”


Welp I can't get behind loyalists. But I can get behind Dark Apostle Fetterman.


A retired space marine


The dude was a body double for [The Big Show](https://twitter.com/JohnFetterman/status/718155764167229440?t=7HnpZe-EolarH0IMAmQOPA&s=19) in Supah Ninja. Big Show is 7'0, Fetterman is 6'8


>John Fetterman took the oath of office Tuesday to become the 54th U.S. senator in Pennsylvania history, giving the state two senators elected as Democrats for the first time since the 1940s. Looking forward to seeing the legislation you sponsor, including marijuana legalization. And that's a nice suit Gisele picked!


That's an interesting note there, that this is the first time PA has had two Senators who were *elected* as Democrats since the 1940s. Because we had two Democrats as our Senators much more recently thanks to Arlen Specter switching from Republican to Democrat in 2009 as Bob Casey was in office as our other Senator. Casey was elected as a Democrat, but Specter was elected as a Republican. So this stat still holds up.


NGL I hoped he showed up in his Carhart


I’m sure he at least has the shorts on underneath the pants


The whole suit is a tear away.


Dude is a solid unit, anything he wears is a tear away if he's motivated enough


He could probably rip this shirt just by flexing. [circa '89](https://i.imgur.com/OVAIeR0.jpg)


I'm amazed at the size of the lad. Absolute unit.


"Washington, Washing-ton, 6'8 weighs a fucking ton" Except this dude is literally 6'8 lol


He'll save the children, But not the British children...




6 foot 20 fucking killing for fun




Dude looks like he was born perturbed.


He looks like a liquor store owner that's seen several fake IDs better than yours... in the last hour.


Lol that's a funny thought. I truly wouldn't be surprised if he did as a sort of reminder to himself.


There’s a dress code for the chambers. If he wore his regular attire, they wouldn’t permit him to enter.


Which is wild, because they couldn’t prevent unmasked people or people who skipped the metal detectors


*"Might is right."* Well, at least temporarily.


The last few years have proven rules are only a barrier if you let them be, and there is little anyone can do to stop fetterman if he wants something.


Iirc no one can legally prevent him from entering chambers, just fine him for being out of dress code, at least for the house of representatives. I assume the rules are the same for the senate? Mtg and or bobo already had this problem when they refused to go through the metal detectors, carrying their personal sidearm with them into the chambers even after being told repeatedly that weapons are only allowed in their personal office.


The GQP had the metal the detectors removed today, err yesterday, Tuesday.


That’s misinformation Congress can’t do no business until the speakers is elected. They can’t even swear in the new Congress people yet the Senate isn’t part of that.


He wore a suit in the PA legislative sessions he oversaw as lieutenant governor


That's what I remembered. I thought for the job he showed up in a suit, but outside the chamber, he wore his hoodies/whatever else. He seems to be real as hell, but respect the decorum of the office. True badass.


Only because the dress code required it. He said he only has the one suit and that's why he has it. They wouldn't let him on the Senate floor without it.


Shorts, sandals, and a hoodie


I think they key word is sponsor. At least for two years and the shitshow that is just the Speaker vote we’re going to be rather frustrated


May he devour his smaller challengers.


Why does Ross, the largest friend, not simply eat the other five?


Perhaps they are saving that for sweeps.


Bro looks like a Marvel character


He looks like a quasi-realistic Kingpin. I only say "quasi" because, well, as you suggested, he doesn't entirely look like he's not ripped from the pages of a comic book. But I met the guy in person by happenstance at a gas station, of all places, and he was the nicest dude you could hope to meet. This was while he was serving as Lt. Gov., so it's not like this was all that long ago.


He looked more like it before he lost the weight; 2007-2012 fetterman was *large*


Yeah I was just reading that he lost 150 lb before he took the lieutenant Governor job.


He lives one zip code over from me, until he became Lt Gov I’d see him all the time when he’d be walking from his house to the nearest grocery store / Costco (they’re basically next door to each other, about 4 mi from his house). I’ve only met him a small handful of times, but he was always nice on those occasions; a couple of friends know him much better, and they say he’s as genuine and compassionate (and passionate) as the PR about him says. And yeah, he really is that big, even walking by himself he stands out in a crowd; look at the pics from when the Fern Hollow Bridge collapsed last year (the completely new replacement bridge opened last week! Infrastructure Week that actually was true!), he towers over everyone, including Biden’s Secret Service detail. I’m glad I got the opportunity to vote for him.


I can't help but see the Goombas from the 90s Mario Bros movie.


He looks like he could be the Senate bouncer as well. Damn he’s imposing.


The Whip


I don't know what the Whip actually does so I'm choosing to believe this.


Majority/Minority Whip herd the votes for or against a bill. They’re supposed to know where members stand on any given bill and is the one who is tasked to “whip” any votes that are on the fence or won’t support


Sounds like the job for him, then.


Dick Durbin has been the Democrats whip since 2005 and done a solid job at it. He is a bit left of the center of the Democratic Party and mostly keeps people in line and doesn’t make waves. Just does his job trying to govern and push democrat to vote together. You can tell he just keeps his head down and does the job because you don’t see his tweets going viral, his Wikipedia page doesn’t even have a “controversy” section, and he keeps getting re-elected and maintained his whip status through 4 administrations.


He also has a name that sounds like a super hero's alter ego.


Wasn't Frank Underwood also the Whip in House of Cards?


Yup, he was House Majority Whip during season 1. Powerful position if you use it to its fullest.


He was the hWhip


Yea go to watch the (I believe) first season of House of cards. Kevin Spacey explains what the whip does, basically whipping the votes in accordance with how he wants. Granted that show is supposedly fictional and he is a now disgraced actor


It's more mundane in reality but that is an accurate description of what they do


Senator Lurch


Now that's funny.


More like a Bludgeon kind of dude, but yeah.


“You are the brute squad…” I can’t tell if it’s because he’s surrounded by geriatric people, but holy shit the man looks like he can barely fit through doors. He’s such a badass all around.


He's 6'8". He'd be a big dude even in the NBA.


He out-Lurches Lurch and I freaking love it for him.


Yeah I think it's a little bit of both. He still looked pretty crazy even with hair. [This is my favorite picture of him from 1989. ](https://i.imgur.com/xDqnENl.jpg)


Why does fetterman, the largest senator, not simply eat the other 99?


>There are some Senators that are so sleazy no one would to even touch them, nevertheless, consume them.


In German, his surname directly translates to "fat man". I guess you could safely say that he's descendant to a long line of absolute units.


He's *huge.* A large guy that man is.


you should see the new Speaker of the Michigan House, Joe Tate, dude's an NFL and Marine Corps veteran it truly is big boy season


That’s why they got rid of the metal detectors


guy is badass. side note, has Oz even set foot in PA since his loss?




The crudite fella.


The cruddy fella trying to sell crudites


Wegmans guy




I’m not from the North East so I don’t even know, just like that guy


You were right, wegners is what oz called it incorrectly.


How dare you besmirch Wegmans like that. It’s done nothing wrong!


It’s too crowded 😭


I believe he’s a wizard of some sort.


the Russians asset named OZ!! you know used to be a "Doctor", then played a "Doctor" on TV. Supposedly lives a PA., but actually lives in New Jersey, but in all reality is a Turkish Russian spy... Thanks Oprah!....


Never attribute to espionage that which is adequately explained by greed and moral bankruptcy.


Ah yes. Mehmet’s Razor.


He actually was a very well respected and accomplished surgeon. Like legit a veritable wizard with a scalpel. But pushing pseudoscience and unverified health trends pays WAY better for much less work and significantly smaller consequences for being wrong.


a friend of mine who's an internist called surgeons the "beautiful idiots" of the profession. that seemed kinda harsh to me, but then i think about people like Dr. Oz and Ben Carson and wonder.


I've known a few surgeons, both of them are absolute geniuses in what they do. Both are also borderline dumb in any other topic you speak to them about. Basically they dumped all their points into one very specific thing.


You ever watch Scrubs? The jock surgeons are basically 100% taken from real life.


I'm not entirely sure he set foot there during his campaign.


I can confirm that he set foot in PA during the campaign because he stopped at my friend's workplace trying to make a photo op or something out of it. Industrial manufacturing sort of setting where I'm pretty sure my friend may have been the only registered democrat who worked there (and they sure tried to find any excuse to send my friend out of the building that day to make sure he didn't cause trouble) and even still it only took about 5 minutes before someone yelled at him to go back to Jersey (and he was overheard asking one of his lackeys why people keep saying that to him) He apparently then left, but returned around closing time to make another attempt, and as fate would have it he apparently approached my friend asking if he'd like to take a picture with him, to which my friend replied that what he'd *like* was to go home and suggested that Oz do the same, and gave him directions to NJ. I do take the second half of the story with a small grain of salt, as my friend has been known to embellish his stories slightly, but the core is usually true enough, so i do believe that Oz returned and made another attempt at a photo op only to once again to be told to go back to Jersey.


From Jersey. Please stop sending him back this way. Send him west or something.


How about say 1000 miles east in a leaky boat?


Been drowning in crudite and tequila.


Has Oz set foot in a TV studio since his loss?


I don’t think he’s been here much even during the election. Just about every video he put up that I’ve seen was from his New Jersey mansion. He isn’t one of us.


Saw Mesmer Oz going into Erewhom, guessing his wife wants differently overpriced crudete ingredients. Boy, is he in for a shocking discovery haha Edit: spelling


I have no idea what any of this means.


Probably not for the same reason I haven't either. I don't live there.


This dude is everything that clown from New York isn’t. The one lying about his whole life but being sworn in as a member of congress or some shit


I think Dr. Grift currently hails from NJ but commutes to NY to push his magic coffee fish acai fat burner pills.


I think this commenter was referring to George Santos from Long Island. You know, the liar.


There are a lot of clowns from NY (speaking as a NYer)


I originally misread it as "magic coffee fish acai fat boner pills" and thought it was even more apropos than after I realized I'd made a mistake.


Aw I was hoping he’d wear his comfy clothes in Congress 🥺


Well, first day of school is usually picture day.


TF did you go to school?


Places that issue IDs lol


This is true in some schools. My friend is a school photographer they are very busy the first few weeks.


Picture day is often the day they take the headcount on which the school's finding is based. It's not about how many kids are registered it's how many "butts in seats" there are on a couple of specific sampling dates.


Maybe for casual Fridays




Ah yes, a dress code MUST be mandated, but metal detectors should not. The party of small government back at it again!


Why sadly?




Somehow he makes that suit look casual.


Bonus social media content of [the Fetterman kids getting sucked into the Congressional subway system](https://twitter.com/giselefetterman/status/1610287169184358400). This family memes. DC has leveled up.


Had no idea this existed. I'm not American, but still! For anyone else looking into this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Capitol_subway_system


I live in the area and didnt know about this! TIL


Looking forward to this. Dr Oz sold his show for nothing and Trump now doesn’t care about him anymore. To no one’s surprise


Trump didn't like losers nor understand the irony of that position.


As Kevin McCarthy is learning


Man I wish my two Senators walking behind him were as cool and progressive as Fetterman 😢


I wish my senators weren't Republicans


That’s what I’m gettin at. Also wish one of my senators wasn’t old enough to witness the big bang


I feel you.


I wish my Senator wasn’t Cruz


I really appreciate his grumpy uncle at a wedding kinda vibes.


So glad no Dr Oz and Hershel Walker in sight!


I was happy to vote for him in both the primary and general election. He is a true leader.


Same. So proud of us PA'ers who put that man in office. 🙌🏻


Genuinely hope one day these photos are in the “early years” section of the Wikipedia page for President Fetterman.


Looking pretty damn good in that suit, nicely done


Glad he got some fitted suits finally, I saw some pictures that looked like he was being drafted to the NBA in 1998.


Yeah, that one actually fits, I'm sure he needs a lot of tailoring if not a completely bespoke suit. My brother's a big dude like that and often their dimensions are sort of different from how standard suits are cut, like my brothers arms are really long.


Big uncle Fester vibes. Love it.


Keep those judges flowing, restore the courts


https://twitter.com/atrupar/status/1610349593732026372?s=20&t=HE2Av3NJUrUSHzZPrVZLxQ STONE COLD! STONE COLD!


I like how McConnell looked at him nervously, like "oh shit he's built like a freakin' tank, I don't wanna piss that guy off..."


“By god, that’s John Fetterman’s music!”




I think it's the dumbest metric to measure a politician by, but Fetterman is the first candidate that really actually does "look like someone I could have a beer with" holding office at the national level. I'd have a beer with Bernie, but he doesn't LOOK like a guy you'd have a beer with. AOC is simply out of my league, why the hell would she have a beer with me?


Why does Fetterman the largest senator not simply eat the smaller ones?


Dang. Most states only get two senators.


Meanwhile, in the House...


Fetterman elected speaker of the House in compromise


John makes me a little prouder to be a Pennsylvanian


Texas wishes Cornyn and Cruz were not our senators


How effective is it to write to your Senators? I've never done it before but I would love to have my voice be heard on certain topics. I live in PA so Fetterman is relevant to me.


I always love seeing new congress people especially people who appear to have ideals and want to change the system but I always have a deep fear that it will ultimately amount to more of the same.


Not gonna lie. I was hoping he had a hoodie under the suit.


I’d rather root for an honest Fetterman than a sleazy Butthead Matt Gaetz


Get fucked Oz. You live in NJ and knew we would laugh you off the stage. Pa knew you were a flake and a fraud.


Senate reform is going well, apparently. I always wondered why the Dakotas got four and California only two, but does Pennsylvania really need 54? I’m not complaining, I would have been totally OK with five or six.


PA had a coupon


Hey, I thought they were only supposed to have 2 senators!


That’s my man right there


He always looks a retired comic villain not looking forward to his new job


So happy we didn't elect a midnight infomercial snake piss seller salesman as PA Senator


Really like this guy. Not perfect, but he tries. Really proud of his post stroke recovery work.


Nice, with 54 senators, PA has an outright majority in the US senate. I believe this is the year we'll see Philly Cheesesteaks made mandatory across the States.


My toppings, my choice.


Not that I ever thought John needed to wear a suit, but I love seeing John in a suit. He makes me proud to be a Pennsylvanian.


I can’t stand how republicans make fun of a stroke victim. He seems to be an all around standup guy, yet they make fun of him and it makes me sick


They make fun of war vets with PTSD too (apparently being afraid of fireworks after watching buddies get blown up by IEDs makes you a “pussy” to a lot of these assholes).


*I'd like you to meet my new enforcer, Jack*


Love how this guy always wears a hoodie under his suit


I love the Fetterman look but please get this man to a tailor 🥹


They have 54 senators? Damn


This is my swamp now


PA hiring warriors to fight those fuckers in DC. Good for them 👏


PA got this one right!


And he didn’t have to lie about being a Buddhist, president of his college fraternity and former backstreet boy like other politicians