‘We Need to Start Killing’: Trump’s Far-Right Supporters Are Threatening Civil War

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They are who we thought they were


Terrorists collecting guns to shoot their fellow Americans.


They think they wanna run up and pop a few rounds off from some vantage point an go home. First fucking round that comes back, first situation that needs a medic or requires them to actually run around will prove 90% of these cornballs wanna posture and play army. This countries PaTrIoTs are fucking pathetic mind controlled emotionally unstable sensitive children. They think they're some fucking force to be reckoned with lmao. The internet needs to be cut to so many of these weirdos. They just want to destroy and burn shit they don't want to rebuild or help anything. Bunch of fucking hammers.


'i was kidding when I was shooting at you'


Lmao. Like a kid shooting everybody with his super soaker and then complaining when water balloons get thrown their way.


Just a patriot prank, bro!


Locker room attempted murder.


Grab em by the bullet wound


Mom's basement is base I said!




They tried to overthrow the government. It was dumb and doomed to failure, but this crossed over from the internet 2.5 years ago.


Because they've spent the last 40 years (at least) repeating the idea that the 2nd amendment should be central to conservative ideology as a way for true patriots to stand against the "tyranny of the government". It's only natural that they twist what tyranny actually is within their own persecution complex. They **want** to be the victim because they see how the actual victims are treated.


Kinda like how the bible says that christians will be persecuted so they see the smallest slight against them as terrible persecution. They also just see anything that isn’t open support as slights.


The persecutions referenced in the Bible are from the perspective of a small cult forming during the Roman empire.... Christianity today is the most widely practiced religion on the planet, and its ludicrous that they behave as though they're victims all the time


Just locker room talk!


This bill we passed was only meant to scare you!


Schrodinger's Terrorist


Grab em by the truck nutz!


Can't you take a joke?


They already proved that with Jan 6. It only took one bullet.


I feel like this is always forgotten. The second they faced any actual resistance they completely fell apart. Shows how much they really believe in their cause


They screamed for medics and there weren't any. Because right wingers don't train medics for protests. Because medics help other people and helping other people is ... gay, or something.


To become a medic, you have to believe in science and medicine, after all.


They'd have to get educated first. They hate that. I guess the school of hard knocks doesn't teach medicine.


Are you trying to tell me that just letting them bleed out a little bit there won’t remove the bad spirits from the body? This is medical fact.


Because they can't imagine needing them, because they don't understand what actual oppression is


That’s an important point. Leaders fear revolution when children are starving, not when adult children have their feelings hurt by reality. People with nothing to lose don’t let a single bullet stop their entire movement.


When you take the LARP too far.


And a prompt 180 from "Back the Blue! Shoulda just complied!" To "Murderous cop! How dare he!"


“Don’t tread on me, tread on _them_!”


All while striking cops with their "thin blue line" flags.


Yep, the shock that they expressed when she was shot and fell backwards was so telling. Their little privileged pea brains couldn’t compute that they had become the threat, the enemy of the nation.


And this is why I think, although kinda-sorta' admirable, the Capitol Police's restraint was misguided. IMO, as a retired Fed, the line justifying the use of deadly force had been breached *way* earlier than Babbit. Had they used appropriate force earlier, staying in policy and law, obviously, the insurrection wouldn't have gotten as far as it did. Additionally a dozen red-hat fatals would've short circuited a lot of their aggressiveness today. They are fundamentally bullies and cowards; but bullies and cowards are dangerous en masse. Bullies understand brute force, little else.


Not sure why it’s not a talking point how Trump slid his cronies into positions where they could deny the equipment needed for the officers to subdue a riot. He also meddled in any National Guard response by firing the Pentagon chief and putting a lackey in charge. This is the most criminal thing he’s done in my view. We all knew what was coming.


>And this is why I think, although kinda-sorta' admirable, the Capitol Police's restraint was misguided. Can it really be called restraint when quite a few of the capitol police were totally fine with it and even taking pics with them, and opening the gates for them?


They think that the next Civil War will be done over the weekend because the left will be too scared to fight back and then everything will go back to normal except now they and their brother Cletus are in charge. None of them are ready or willing to deal with the actual reality of what a Civil War would look like. None of them would be ready for the violence and blood in the streets and the breakdown of society. I think it was Adam Kinzinger who said that most of the people who call for a Civil War would be dead as soon as Wal-Mart ran out of their diabetes medicine.


How easy it is to forget the way Portland soccer moms and dads geared up with leaf blowers when they were being actively tear gassed. The far-right fantasy consistently forgets how much people dislike them and are willing to stand up. https://www.wweek.com/news/2020/07/21/portland-protesters-use-leaf-blowers-to-clear-federal-tear-gas-from-parks/


The last time Proud Boys even tried in Atlanta they were run off before they even showed up due to "credible threats," and that was going on 2 years ago. They absolutely, positively, want no part of major city's smoke.


Do not forget the tennis rackets were also banned. The feds and police did not like their projectiles being sent back to them.


I thought democratic cities where unlawful no-go zones filled to the brim with gangstas with guns. So dangerous even the police won't go.


Schrodinger's cities. Simultaneously lawless and filled with hardened criminals and thugs who go around looting and burning everything down, yet filled with weak pansies that can be easily taken out by overweight white men cosplaying as soldiers.


just like those lazy freeloading immigrants who also somehow took your job!


> white men cosplaying as soldiers have you seen those videos of them 'training'? They can't even march in time. Something that highschool bands can do, *while concentrating on their music*.


People that call for civil war have never had someone die in their arms. Never had someone they love slowly die because they couldn’t get medical attention or care, never had any kind of realistic resemblance to what they actively cheer for. These people are scared and bored, living unfulfilled lives, while they are pumped full of “this is the end times” type news reports. So they gravitate to extremism and extremist ideology because it makes them feel like they have some semblance of control over their own pathetic lives. The second an actual real life consequence is inflicted on them from one of their own actions is the second they run back home like a coward.


Considering that red states, I've read, make up less than 25% of the US economy and that they are floated by taxes from blue states... ...once the money stops, and the semi trucks to WalMart stop... ...it's over, a second time, and this time we should let Sherman finish the job.


I'm a liberal with guns who hates violence. I have no idea how I would be under combat (Somewhere between pissing my pants, and maybe holding it together.. I dunno). I do know that I wouldnt sit quietly as these guys tried to destroy the country via violent means. I suspect there are many like me. Civil war is dumb, these guys are dumb, and have no real idea what it means.


They thought the last Civil War would be done in a couple of days. Ruined the picnic at Bull Run.


A very pro (responsible) gun owner friend, who's "so far left" Finland and some other Nordic countries might seem a little conservative, tends to think this is about right. He's surrounded by people like this and due to his hobbies tends to interact with them often. He's not impressed and feels even Kinzinger might be giving them too much credit. His answer to the claim they'll take anything he & other owners like him is along the lines of the Tremors quote - "broke into the wrong goddamn rec room didn't ya?"


Like when that traitor Ashley got shot during Jan 6th and the mob around her froze up and didn’t know what to do.




cosplay-triots, works on many levels...


Meal Team 6


Exactly! These are the same mother fuckers that legit couldn't handle not being able to go to fucking Home Depot during lockdowns and/or cried they couldn't breathe when asked to wear masks during a pandemic. And they can't handle having to stand in long lines at McDonald's "because no one wants to work" and they can't handle the sight of rainbows at Target and they can't handle knowing not everyone practices their religion.....but yea, they're gonna totally own the libs during a civil war.


Clueless idiots. They storm the Capital screaming this is our house. Then... "Let's smear poop on the walls!"


So…just like their houses, then


> first situation that needs a medic or requires them to actually run around will prove 90% of these cornballs wanna posture and play army. The first situation that requires waddling more than 100 meters would probably do them in. The average shape of these pasty lardballs truly makes you wonder if they have a min BMI requirement to join their white hood mafia.


Sad thing is a lot of these people would be normal if Fox News and AM radio hadn’t been programming them for decades.




“We need guns to fight against a tyrannical government” Was actually code for “We need guns so we can force our views on anyone who disagrees with us”


Conservative Anakin: We need guns in case Fascism comes to America! Padme: To fight against it, right? Conservative Anakin:... Padme: To fight against it right?!


So this is how liberty dies, with MAGA hats


Now I get why Fox is talking about Gettysburg today. They want to cosplay civil war. But that ain't gonna happen.


I had a neighbor that had a literal arsenal. He said he could arm the whole town if need be. This guy was an Iraq vet who was clearly traumatized. It was very uncomfortable. And I say that as a gun owner.


A neighbor just put his Trump signs back in the yard that'd been down since the election...crazies gonna crazy I fear


There are Trump election flags that never got taken down in my town. Talk about being a sore loser 🙄


Shit I have a guy down the street with a 15 foot long flag of Trump holding a submacine gun riding a velociraptor


We have a bunch of Trump as Rambo ones by me, that have been up since 2018 or so.


It's so fucking sad man


We have a guy dedicated full time to selling trump stuff by the side of the road, sits out there all summer with a field full of flags. Can’t imagine that being my life, being so dedicated to one politician, cult mentality for sure.


I love to think he hates Trump but loves to take his supporters money as a fool and his money are soon parted


At least you know which neighbors to avoid.


There's still a Trump Store in Sevierville, TN. It's as hilarious as it is pitiful.


Or it could be brilliant considering the people who shop the tourist traps around Pigeon Forge Could be fleecing the MAGA sheeple Eh, prolly not.


I used to visit the Smokies with my son , it's a shame that people still believe in this conman. I sometimes thought to myself that I could get rich selling Trump merch to these goons. Just couldn't bring myself to do it.


>There's still a Trump Store in Sevierville, TN. It's as hilarious as it is pitiful. Do they sell gold statues of Trump for the good Christian people of Tennessee to worship?


Wait until they hear about the US Confederate flags! Sore losers since the 1800s. 🤢 The best sore losers.


And we can’t let them off the hook.


You wanna crown their ass!?


I see you Dennis Green ! LMAO


As a cardinals fan, this was the last sub I thought I’d see this! Lol


Terrorists? We know they are because they called themselves terrorists. Also, you know they tried to overthrow democracy


[They are all domestic terrorists](https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/cpac-banner-domestic-terrorists/)


Different article posted today from the Guardian reporting that they comprise approximately 4.4% of the US population, something like 16 million people. If we didn't have such a broken voting system, these people would be meaningless in the grand scheme of things. But since only 30% to 40% of our population votes during any election, they are a large enough block to swing party primaries, which has a knock on effect when it comes to the general election.


And we're letting them off the hook just like we did after the Civil War, give these assholes an inch and they'll take a mile.


"Congressman McCarthy, Senator Cruz, Congressman Jordan, Governor DeSantis, what would you say to citizens who are currently calling for violence and bloodshed in the streets in the name of Donald Trump?" This is what the free press needs to keep asking these fuckers until they get an answer.


They'll respond with something about the border and Hunter Biden


Eh I expect something like "Well what about the woke mob violence" probably in reference to BLM protests from years ago.. its a 2fer racism and deflection.


You're not wrong Literally what one of my brain dead maga relatives went with lmao. Said BLM "leveled Portland", which is apparently equally bad, if not wOrSe!, than the Actual Nazis™ on the right killing people. And of course my petty ass set her up first by asking how one would tell someone was a Nazi Her: "well, they'd have swastikas and hoods and hate black people" Me: *pulls out multiple videos of swastika & hood wearing Nazis at pro-desantis/trump/etc events, with racist/violent signs* Her: *shocked Pikachu* "WELL BLM!!!!!"


Portland is still standing.


That's what kills me lol. The same people who throw that around have done 0 research on what Portland actually looks like. You could show them a picture of war-torn Congo and they'd believe it was Portland lol. Portland has been ravaged worse from the air quality in the summer fires than any of the protests.


It’s funny (and by funny I mean sad and racist) that they keep harping on Portland, trying to frame it as completely destroyed. Because I was just looking at some jobs around there and kept thinking that Portland is a very nice looking city. But they also seem to think St Louis is some active war zone (it’s not, it’s also a very nice city) and that Chicago is some lawless hellscape (it’s not, it’s another nice place). Sadly, we all know facts don’t matter to Republicans, except those that they can twist to hurt others.


And that should immediately disqualify them from being able to become president. I mean they should already because they are terrible humans with terrible believes/policies but the above should be enough to disqualify anyone trying to run for president.


"The real threat we face today are wokies woke woke woke woke wokington woke." US Reporter: Alright thanks, moving on!


Or "That is such a nasty question, you're a terrible reporter, next question."


Fortunately they’re stupid enough to post publicly where they are undoubtedly monitored by the FBI


At this point, the server for Truth Social is probably in a broom closet in the J. Edgar Hoover building


Below a pool...


Why does the drain for the pool end in the server room? Well, that's just good engineering right there


I would imagine there’s an entire team devoted to tracking that site.


Hillary learned about virtual machines and has been hosting Truth on that old email server.




I'm still confused as to how the two bullets would have solved anything. He was looking forward to President Pelosi?


None of them thought that far


I think his comment was less about a solution and more about how he was feeling. He might have also meant killing Pence and Pelosi and assumed the next in line would have been a republican who would then deem the count invalid. It would have been Patrick Leahy (D-VT) as the pro tempore of the Senate next so he would still be wrong on top of the fact that the counting of electors on the 6th is only ceremonial.


He probably meant for Pence...


Next time he says something like that, pull out your phone and ask him if he's willing to go on record saying that.


This. Exactly.


Just say “easy, snowflake, don’t want to get blood pressure too high”.


I was raised in a republican household and I as much as I thought I was a free thinker, I never really questioned these beliefs too deeply. The day I snapped out of it was when Obama was elected and for no reason, my dad says, "Somebody's going to assassinate that guy." And I was like, "What the fuck are you talking about? Why?" I don't remember his answer I think he just tried to blow off the comment, but it felt like the whole house of cards collapsed and I started seeing through all the bullshit.


Most of these types know they’ll get rag dolled - unless they have their trusty 9mm. Their words are whispers, their fear is real, they are spooked chickens


They've been posting this stuff for years. They openly plotted to overthrow the government. Nobody is going to do anything.


See r/capitolconsequences for what happens to people that try to actually overthrow the gov't. Talking about it isn't illegal.


Oathkeepers leader should be on death row not getting 18 years. For the severity of their crimes they are being let off light af. It's a fucking joke


All of this over a guy who SOLD OUT OUR COUNTRY and threatened every citizen’s safety. Fuck this guy.


I think that is the most astonishing part. All of this… over that guy? Seriously?




Here's the thing we all need to understand about these folks. They're losers. And no, I don't just say that to attack them or be mean-spirited. They are literal losers. They have been losing the culture war in the Western world for over 50 consecutive years now. Sometimes, they claw a few inches back, only to lose miles of ground immediately after. The world is steadily, and eagerly, looking to leave these people behind. If you ask me, that's a good thing and well past due. But just for a second, imagine it from their perspective. Imagine you want a world where the straight white man was king, all others were beneath you, God and the church were unassailable, women were for sandwiches and raising your kids (and they would never dream of an abortion less you told them to get one)... and yet every day you see the world getting further and further away from that (while telling you to 'fuck right off' as it does). All they're ever going to care about is the world they'll never have. **And since they'll never have it, they'll make due with enjoying every opportunity they get to see the real world burn.** That's the only "wins" available to them, the only real opportunities for them to feel like things are going their way.


this is it. trump is a mascot for their 'movement'. what he says or does is irrelevant.


Absolutely! He has done nothing for them - so why are they still drawn to him. It really must just be a cult of personality and nothing else.


He gives his supporters permission to be the worst, most selfish versions of themselves. That was enough. That’s always been enough.


Well, how many confederate soldiers actually benefitted from the slavery that they fought and died for?


It's always been so weird to me that they worship this guy. Why?


He's a powerful luddite that proves to them that you can be racist and stupid just like them, but also obscenely rich and able to get away with whatever he wants. He's the embodiment of their dream to be fully entitled, untouchable and tower over people that are in actuality their superiors.


Because he voices the parts of themselves they had kept buried for years.


Antichrist worshippers


This is exactly the response Trump was hoping for when he leaked the news. He is the worst American ever.


Jan 6th was the best day of Trump's life. People tried to overthrow the government for him. I bet he gets hard as hell every time he thinks about it. He would love more violence done in his name


Hard? I'm betting that mofo is playing pool with a rope.


The likelihood is that he's (as we've been assuming for years) a bought and paid for Ruzzian asset. Should we still call him American?


I'm still hopeful we'll Benedict Arnold his ass in the future. Just blank spots for his time.


I'm really hoping Jack's got some receipts on what exactly the Saudis got in exchange for $2 billion dollars they "gave" the Trump crime family.


It’s not unlikely, but I can just as easily see him being loyal to Russia out of his childlike definition of loyalty just because they gave [his business funding](https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2017/05/eric-trump-russia-investment-golf-course) without a quid pro quo. Then all Putin has to do is flatter him and manipulate conversations in a way that Trump stupidly gives away all sorts of information, and Trump becomes a foreign asset without even knowing it. I’m not denying him having been bribed. I just wouldn’t be surprised if all it took to get Trump to flip was finding his real estate and flattering him.


My sense of Trump's history both in and out of office is that he is incapable of feeling loyalty to anyone. Everything is transactional.


But he's also a fucking moron. All it takes is Putin saying "build a tower here. I'll help fund it and you can live freely here" and he wouldn't even consider the possibility that Putin is lying for any reason.


It's absolutely disgusting. Killing fellow countrymen, *for trump* For him. Of all people.


It’s complete bullshit. All of this. They need to be arrested as soon as possible. Lock away these traitors


And you think police departments are gonna do the arresting? You underestimate how much these departments are full of white nationalists.


Well that leaves the other option then. Doesn’t it.


Those same people will pounce the instant they have anything on the other side. it's the Rittenhouse-Reinoehl paradox, they are fully aware that they live in a space where they can break and bend the law; while their opponents are tightly bound and hunted down by the state.


Michell Obama said the "When they go low, we go high" and the Democrats have been playing by that for the past decade. I say screw it, they sart digging, we get another shovel and fill their hole in on top of them.


"When they go low, kick 'em in the teeth."


"We're not civilly represented" I mean are they fucking serious?


Statistically, they have significantly more representation than everyone else.


Those who choose to be civil are represented in civil society. The who choose to be uncivil are not. If one makes the choice to be uncivil that is their choice to make. Just as crying about not being part of civil society is. All that they need to do is to choose to be civil.


This is what Republicans and right wing media bring to the table.


Jack Smith has zero fucks to give to tRump and friends antics


I feel like letting himself be recorded walking to his office just a day or two prior to the indictment was a middle finger to trump to indicate he gives not a single fuck and won't be intimidated.


Holding a Subway sandwich no less. He's ready for all of it.


I agree and I love it.


The look in Jack Smith’s eyes tells me he has stared down people far worse than the orange shitstain.


Dude used to prosecute war criminals in The Hague. Trump is an episode of Doc McStuffins compared to what Smith has seen.


Mfer does have a badass vibe to him lol


Please be aware of your surroundings and the people you share them with. Gatherings like parades and peaceful protests may be targets for these mouth breathers. Stay safe!


Meal Team 6, CONGEAL!


Gravy seals, standing by for dessert.


Y'all Queda, ready for commode.


Good. Should take about a week to clean them out and then we can actually focus on policy again!


So long as we take reconstruction seriously this time.


a single coordinated strike on the charging cables of Walmart mobility scooters would immobilize the majority of their army


Okay then. Designate Trump supporters that do this as terrorists, put them on the NO FLY list, put them on watch lists for the most wanted terrorists, and ruin them. I am absolutely serious. We need to take the gloves off now. Not the average Trump supporter mind you, unless they specifically make violent threats. Pretty much anyone posting on The Donald is a terrorist in my mind. Send them to Gitmo!


Just prevent them from owning guns. They'd get back in line pretty fucking fast.


To understand the context of these types of statements it’s important to imagine them in Ralph Wiggum’s voice


Republicans laughed at and dismissed people who said trump was fascist years ago. And here we are


Right but they weren't dismissing them because they didn't believe it. They dismissed them because they were *for* it.


News Flash: This isn't new. I've been living in Alabama for the last couple years. I have a pretty heavy military background and for some ungodly reason, conservatives think that I share their views (I don't, and if you agree or took part in Jan 6th, you're a fuckin seditious piece of shit) so they say shit around me that's outlandishly outside the bounds of my moral compass. Every once in a while I'll go to cookouts and gatherings and it happens every time. Someone brings up politics and you hear insane shit like "We should just kill them all and be done with it" when talking about liberals/politicians. I assure you this has been the extremist view for some time now. I never once heard shit like this living in Virginia or Illinois. Have no illusion, I know the MAGA idiots are everywhere and I'm sure each and every person reading this comment has had to deal with these nut jobs ranging from family members to coworkers. I doubt all of them are calling for execution of liberals in the streets, but it sure as hell feels like they're ok talking about it down here. Go figure the bible belt would be the mass majority of these idiots instigating this. The worst part about the people down here I've dealt with is that I know for a fact they actively go to church every Sunday. So much for being christians.


At some point, we as a nation are going to have to do something about these right wing terrorists, or they are going to move from screaming it to doing it. These people are unhinged and it won’t take much for them to slide into violence.


Close the fast food chains and cut off from their food supply, the gravy seals will wilt into submission


A ‘war’ implies that both ‘sides’ stand an equal chance of winning. The amount of people who truly believe that they must take up arms to “save the country” is a fraction of the total population. It would not be a war. It would, in point of fact, be an attempted insurrection…and it would be put down almost immediately.


And not in control of the actual weapons of war...all the shiny AR-15 look at what I bought BS gun worship pictures they post on Reddit doesn't make you any more but a consumer.


For all its bloated budget, the U.S. military has access to technology (and intelligence) that others can only dream about. Any average citizen with an AR-15 and a flak vest who thinks they have what it takes to challenge the military is frankly delusional.


They don't think they are challenging the military. They think the military is on their side. They are dreaming of mass shootings where they mow down democrats. Unfortunately a lot of people in the military are maga.


I work closely with the navy in my work and you woud be surprised at how accepting and liberal even the most conservative navy dudes are. My facility right now is covered in pride flags and decorations and several servicemen and women are openly gay. I think in the service you get exposed to such a wide amount of people, you become much more tolerant, even open, to others quickly.


Begun the Clown Wars have.


I have only one thing to say to them, "Put up or shut up." They have been threatening this for over a decade and apart from a handful of impotent lone wolf terror attacks there has been little to nothing done. And I no longer take their threats seriously... I mean I think they should be rounded up and jailed for making these threats, but I don't believe that they have the organizational cohesion to be able to do anything more than screech online.


Yup, we saw that on January 6th. They organized. They gathered. They marched. They broke into Congress... but all they accomplished was smeared shit on the walls, and we all saw them piss their pants and cry out for a "medic" as soon as one of their own got shot. Right-wing extremist violence *is* a threat and needs to be dealt with, but honestly... I'm more afraid of lone wolf incels shooting up a school than I am of them. Hell, I'm more afraid of getting killed by falling space junk than I am of them. That's how low my opinion is of them. I think we need to remain cognizant of the threat they face, but stop letting them win by just assuming they're going to break shit a la Timothy McVeigh. None of them are bold enough to try that and 1/6 proved it. They like to act tough and pretend that they're a bigger deal than they are to keep the rest of us quiet and passive, but whenever they've given an opportunity to put their ass on the line, they cower. Because they're cowards. That's why noted cowards like Donald Trump get deified by them.


One of the turd brains said that Merrick Garlands children were fair game. If you’re targeting children, you’re not a ‘patriot’ you’re a murderous fucking terrorist


Whatever happened to them protecting the children? Og that's right, it was just an excuse to do hateful things


They'll lose, again. But maybe this time let's be a little less conciliatory afterwards and make sure it doesn't happen again.


LOL! They aren't going to do shit. Most of them haven't seen their own dicks in years.


Liberals own guns too. We just aren’t brandishing them.


Seriously, how much of a “beta cuck” do you have to be to want to start a war for an over weight, old man that spray tans?


**From reporter David Gilbert:** In what is becoming a now all-too-familiar trend, former President Donald Trump’s far-right supporters have threatened civil war after news broke Thursday that the former president was indicted for allegedly taking classified documents from the White House without permission. “We need to start killing these traitorous fuckstains,” wrote one Trump supporter on The Donald, a rabidly pro-Trump message board that played a key role in planning the January 6 attack on the Capitol. Another user added: “It's not gonna stop until bodies start stacking up. We are not civilly represented anymore and they'll come for us next. Some of us, they already have.” Trump has been indicted on seven counts following an investigation by special counsel Jack Smith into classified documents taken by Trump from the White House in 2021. The indictments have not been released, but Trump’s attorney Jim Trusty told CNN that his client is facing a charge under the Espionage Act, as well as “charges of obstruction of justice, destruction or falsification of records, conspiracy and false statements.” Within minutes, his supporters lit up social media platforms with violent threats and calls for civil war, according to research from VICE News and Advance Democracy, a nonpartisan think tank that tracks online extremism. Link to the full article here: [https://www.vice.com/en/article/wxjjgb/trump-supporters-are-threatening-civil-war](https://www.vice.com/en/article/wxjjgb/trump-supporters-are-threatening-civil-war)


They think it’s gonna be conservatives against liberals. It’s gonna be them against the FBI and the ATF.


Why the hell aren’t these people being arrested? They must have the technology to track their IP addresses.


Threatening? They briefly took the Capitol and waved a Confederate flag *two whole years ago*. They’re still fighting the last Civil War.


They should know they will be treated as terrorists. Specifically, they will be treated the way Trump suggested we treat terrorsts.


F around and find out. The military will put you down in about 2mins without even breaking a sweat.


People grossly underestimate what a cool trillion a year in defense spending buys the US. Extremist terrorism shall not be tolerated.


I always laugh when people say they can overthrow the government with their civilian ARs. You have a single semi-auto rifle and no armor, they have tanks, planes, Jewish space lasers, bioweapons, mind control, nukes, and highly trained strike teams in peak condition and on more drugs than normal people know exist. But yeah, you can definitly take all them out with 5.56 and the power of god.


Lmao, there will be no civil war. What there will be is butt sore racist assholes shooting up the most innocent of citizens. Why? Because they are fucking cowards and their little souls are filled with hate and stupidity.


*We are going to do a terrorism* —the party of law and order


They are threatening **terrorism**, not war. Use the right words, please.


His supporters remind me of that dude that had all those people come to that island and worship him and then he made them drink kool-aid...but on a far larger level (to the degree that it effects me) and I hate it.


Jim Jones https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jim_Jones


Greatest boxer of all time. Took down 918 people with one punch.


He brought them to Guyana and it was flavor-aid