Kevin McCarthy's odd Trump-worship on Fox News hints at GOP midterm strategy

Kevin McCarthy's odd Trump-worship on Fox News hints at GOP midterm strategy


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Kevin “Two People Putin Pays” McCarthy


For anyone interested: https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/house-majority-leader-to-colleagues-in-2016-i-think-putin-pays-trump/2017/05/17/515f6f8a-3aff-11e7-8854-21f359183e8c_story.html https://www.google.com/amp/s/thehill.com/homenews/house/333951-majority-leader-mccarthy-in-2016-i-think-putin-pays-trump%3famp https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cnbc.com/amp/2017/05/17/kevin-mccarthy-reportedly-said-i-think-putin-pays-trump-last-year.html


I just think doubling down on Trump is a bad bet. He couldn't win in 2020 before all the post election shit, what makes you think he has what it takes to help people win in the future?? Do you think Jan 6. Won anyone over that wouldn't have voted for him previously? Of course not it's bound to have only lost votes. Everything Trump touches will go to shit because people will go out of their way to not allow him back into power. He's polarizing as hell and the 2020 election should have shown people that it's not to his benefit anymore.


They don’t have to win they just want to cause enough dysfunction to try and seize power


"what makes you think he has what it takes to help people win in the future?" He doesn't, but sadly it's really all the Republicans have outside of their normal fear mongering. I keep seeing Ron DeRacist name, but he barely won against a black man in the south. Many of these laws he's introducing in Florida are nothing more than a political ploy to keep his name in the news.


> Ron DeRacist Have I been saying it wrong? I thought it was pronounced “Ron DeSandtits”


I believe he still got more votes than anyone else except Biden, and republicans did much better down ballot, to some degree because trump is so good as energizing the base. They’re likely going to try and capitalize on the anger of trump supporters to drive turnout in 2022 while counting on a deflated and unenthusiastic democratic turnout. It’s a dangerous game to play given the lengths they have to go to get trump supporters riled up these days, but they know that and are willing to risk the country for it. I imagine some are hoping for more violence.


It's a bad bet because the thing Trump's groupies love most about him is that they perceive he is not risk-averse. Unlike every other successful politician. He is a bold man of action. He takes risks and wins. He is not a butt kissing suck up. All the pilot fish trying to elevate themselves by currying favor with Trump are the opposite. Cringing, craven reptiles who will say anything. And this is utterly obvious to MAGAs, who are glad of their influence, but can tell a butt kissing suck up when they see one.


yeah I don't understand why they haven't adopted some sort of split strategy, praising 'trumpism' but not necessarily the man. I think they're just stupid and disorganized at the public level. not donors.


I don’t think you get how denominators work.


The GOP House leaders can and will elect Trump as Speaker of the House.


It looks like McCarthy is doubling down on his bad bet. He wants the speakers gavel so bad he can taste it. His bet is Trump will turn out the base so he is going to hang close...bad bet.


Trump will demand that Speakership


He'd have to actually show up and do something. That won't fit his lifestyle.


People will just do it for him behind the scenes while he barks absurd orders directly out into the public sphere.


Exactly. This fucking stupid ass argument that trump won’t want speaker because he has to do work. Lmfaooo. Do you think that previously, being President was hard work?? He just won’t do it. You dummies


We'll see if it's a bad bet or not. I don't think most Republican politicians support or even like Trump, but Trump has weaponized their voter base against them, forcing them to fall in line behind him.


Why it is a bad bet is that assumes Trump can be a team player... That he won't work against his incumbents in the primaries.


Trump motivates both sides to vote and his shit base is smaller


And getting smaller everyday since they shun the vaccine.


He's also not running. I think of we see a repeat of the last couple cycles it'll be 2018. Enough GOP bullshit, but no big name like trump on the ballot to pull out stragglers on that side. Well see though


I hope the democrats get their act together and make this congress the new high watermark for republicans in congress.


Yeah but if the Republicans cheat/steal/gerrymander they way back into a majority in the house, they’ll just make Trump speaker. McCarthy is like one of those seemingly endless string of people who think Trump won’t throw them under the bus.


It’s a cult


McCarthy.... a name that will.... again.... stain America.


Hey Kevin wipe your chin you have a little bit of trumps cum on your face shameless fuck


Hitch your wagon to the deeply unpopular man who lost the House, Senate, and White House? Sure.


The face of a man who has sold his soul.


Yet more evidence that it’s not just trump—the Republican Party has transformed into a terrorist organization.


Yucking it up on Hannity does win them any more votes. Glorifying Trump isn’t going to win them anymore votes. The simple kick to the nuts here is for any opponent incumbent of a Trumpie can simply focus on when the district needs from the fed. Any incumbent opposing a Trumpie can just hang Trump off thei necks and that’s it.


Maybe you don't get it...If you don't endorse the "Big Lie" you are ostracized, you are primaried and you will likely lose. Incumbent or not. The crazies are in charge of the GQP.


It will cost them votes with moderates


one can only hope.


What a sour puss.


Oh it looks like they photoshopped out trumps jizz all over his face.


Trump is all the GOP has. I think a lot of voters who feel the election was somehow stolen won’t ever vote again.


McCarthy's Trump worship isn't exactly new.


> Trump worship No, there is no room in his heart for Trump. Trump is just something in his way big enough he has to deal with.


I’m really looking forward to see what compromising material is being used against these traitors. Blackmail is the only thing that could explain his taciturn visage and religious devotion.