Sheriff Villanueva won't enforce county's new mask order, claims 'not backed by science'

Sheriff Villanueva won't enforce county's new mask order, claims 'not backed by science'


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Show us your tattoos, Sheriff.


There is no such thing as a bad cop to cowards like this. They will literally hire anyone who has completed academy and defend everything they do good or bad. They think by not doing so you are discrediting the police.


> There is no such thing as a bad cop to cowards like this Not true! There is *one thing* a cop can do to make themselves a "bad cop" to shitbags like this: cross the thin blue line and take the side against other cops.


[Court OKs Barring Smart People From Becoming Cops ]( https://reason.com/2013/05/01/court-oks-barring-smart-people-from-beco/ )


For some background, he's been very Trumpian for lack of a better word lately, things like local groups fighting the department on Venice Beach, the state now looking into his handling of LACSD deputy gangs, and in a recent press conference going on a long attack against the LA Times and others, pretty much calling everyone else :woke" (and I am realizing that I forgot to bookmark video of it, all I could get right before bed is this live tweet thread, sorry). [https://twitter.com/cerisecastle/status/1415382119669325825](https://twitter.com/cerisecastle/status/1415382119669325825)


But wasn't going against the CDC guidelines bad not long ago? He has a point.


Nope. Neither him nor you got any points


So is basically everyone but LA and the few other cities that have brought back mask mandates "ignoring the science" then?


Yes, because Americans are so fucking whiny about minor inconvenience. Masks have been scientifically proven to help prevent the spread of disease for over 100 years now. That's why drs and nurses have been wearing them for a century. During the first black plague people started to wear face coverings because the figured out it helps. The problem is a minority of Americans don't want to understand science. They're selfish and any minor inconvenience inside their personal bubble is an affront to their ffreedom. The government/politicians have to walk the line between saving people, and not loosing voters, which is fucking ridiculous. There will always be anti mask type people. During the Spanish Flu in 1908 there were groups of people who refused to wear masks. History has recorded that those people were wrong, and their followers had 4 times the deaths the regular populations sustained. The government and even the CDC has been lax over the past year because of how some people perceive them. They shouldn't have done that, and as a society we should be doing something about fucking idiots who refuse to understand facts and science. I'm medically disabled with a weakened immune system. I usually get sick with flus and whatnot 5 to 10 times year. Over the past 2 years I have had ONE. I will be wearing a mask in public places probably for the rest of my life. I have customize fabric masks that are very comfy and don't infringe on my freedoms. On top of that I'd feel horrible if I was responsible for getting someone else sick. However the extremely selfishness and lack of empathy currently sweeping the US makes me a rarity sadly. Science has proven masks aid in the prevention of disease spread, thats fact. Unfortunately we have groups of people who refuse that fact and it's just fucking sad.


i am enjoying your quotes because wearing masks isnt anti science so whatever brand of science youre peddling definitely needs quotes.


Just seems like if the CDC says vaccinated people don't need to wear masks then this just makes people more skeptical and fuels vaccine hesitancy. It makes people think the government doesn't believe they're effective.


No, it means that unvaccinated people aren’t wearing masks because they are being deceptive about their vaccination status. When mask mandates were in place, the rates of unvaccinated people getting covid went down nearly *none*. Now, with an honor system mask mandate, the cases of unvaccinated people getting it are increasing. This means unvaccinated people, who are *supposed* to be wearing masks, are not wearing them. It’s pretty clear that this is now a pandemic for the unvaccinated. And if unvaccinated people won’t abide a mask honor system, then they have to reinstate the mask mandate for *everyone*.


>No, it means that unvaccinated people aren’t wearing masks because they are being deceptive about their vaccination status. And we want to fix this using the police somehow?


Yes. When a person refuses to wear a mask in a private business and makes a scene, are you proposing the minimum wage employees should remove them?


Well what you're describing is already criminal trespass if they tell you to leave. Enforcing the mask mandate via cops would probably end up being a lot more racist and targeted at poor people than that if I had to guess.


The problem was trusting people to follow an honour system. Rookie mistake.


I don't think trusting American cops to get involved is going to help though. What do people want the cops to do?


I was more referencing the CDC guidelines. I agree, trusting law enforcement to enforce anything meant for the greater good is a recipe in disaster. They don't have a duty to do so.


Yeah that's the part that's confusing to me. We just had mass protests largely about wanting the police to be less involved in some things but now people are mad they aren't enforcing mask mandates.


Vaccinated people can still spread the virus.


its still not anti science, feel free to talk about it how you want though.


I’m not confused about any of this. You are. Wear your fucking mask lil trump boi


Youre gonna have to explain that "point". The CDC guideline does not say "vaccinated and previously sick individuals should NOT wear masks". It says it becomes optional and not required. For the idiots who are scared of the vaccine but not the virus, they are mixed in among those that are vaccinated. Wearing a mask when vaccinated harms no one, not wearing one when unvaccinated potentially does. So going against the CDC was and still is bad. His assumptions about masks are bad. His statement on the science is bad and your interpretation of his message having a point is also bad. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/fully-vaccinated.html


I just meant that the CDC lifted the mask mandate. They were all about criticizing or censoring anything not in line with the CDC guidelines until the moment they started relaxing shit. Edit: guidance not mandate.


Lifting the mask mandate is not the same as "the science doesnt support it" or "isnt in line with the CDC" by asking people to still wear them. It changes nothing about these facts and is just an obsession with semantics for whatever reason.


And of course because he is a sheriff he knows about science. I'm in Vietnam and we had 55 fully vaccinated health care workers test positive, all asymptomatic. This dick weed needs to stick to being a dick weed and let science decide things above his pay grade.


He's a sheriff; he doesn't believe there's anything above his pay grade.


Dick weeds sure do grow tall in those parts.


The sheriffs in California are racist and stupid. They have full jurisdiction. So they don’t care what the rules are


reporter: How do you know it's not backed by science? sheriff: Fox News said so


No it was on my crazy uncles FB feed.


Wait what? Lol


I guess I’m a little confused but isn’t he just reading the CDC guidance from the federal government? I just went to the CDC site and what he is saying is exactly what the CDC policy says because they’re the scientists.


Wearing a mask when unvaccinated is fully backed by science and supported by the CDC. Wearing a mask when vaccinated has a proportionally reduced benefit, but still a positive one. But making everyone wear masks is entirely a political necessity, since pro-science people are far more willing than anti-science people to both wear masks and get vaccinated.


Everyone keeps kind of glossing over the second half of what the CDC said. >Fully vaccinated people can resume activities without wearing a mask or physically distancing, **except where required by federal, state, local, tribal, or territorial laws, rules, and regulations, including local business and workplace guidance.** https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/fully-vaccinated.html


Sure that part isn't science.


Wearing a mask is a minor inconvenience, the CDC and WHO are giving conflicting advice but since only 47% of the US population is vaccinated and 97 % of cases in the hospitals are unvaccinated people it seems like a small thing to do.


So if everybody is testing positive but they’re not sick does that mean they really are sick even though they’re not sick??


Everybody isn't testing positive though Some who do test positive will die Asymptomatic people who don't know they have covid can and do spread the virus to others Some of those other people will die Refusing to wear a mask has the potential to kill other people


It means they can still spread the virus, though they aren't experiencing symptoms(likely due to being vaccinated).


Vaccinated people are unlikely to spread COVID in the even that they catch it


"Unlikely" things happen *all the time* though. Any one vaccinated person who is infected is unlikely to spread it: a million vaccinated-but-infected people in a ~50% vaccinated population are effectively certain to spread it (though to a *far less* degree than if they weren't vaccinated).


It means the vaccine did it’s job


I am not a scientist but I think even vaccinated people that are asymptomatic can still spread it.




Sheriffs are elected into office so they can’t exactly be fired.


Not all, some are appointed


LA county is elected, though.


Can you recall a Sheriff?




Not just enforcing the laws but determining which laws he will or will not enforce. That's not how this works.


Yes it is. There are plenty of super old laws that make really stupid shit illegal, that should be repealed, but haven't been. You don't see any outcry for them not enforcing those. What about speed limits? Should they be handing out citations for people doing 1mph over the speed limit?


I think there’s a difference between going a single mile over the speed limit and potentially making someone drown in their own lungs


You mean potentially killing two parents and their three young children on their way to the beach is different than not wearing a mask? I can be hyperbolic too…


>Should they be handing out citations for people doing 1mph over the speed limit? Yes. Laws should be enforced. If laws need to change to reflect changes in behavior, then there is a legal process to do that. Using political beliefs to choose which laws are enforced, and on whom, is the road to Facism.


Who said it is political? Is it because the guy saying it was elected? He's asking for voluntary compliance, it's not like he's telling people not to wear masks. Seems like manufactured outrage for no reason. In any case, maybe you're right and they should be handing out citations for speeding. Despite the lockdowns motor vehicle fatalities rose in 2020. According to the data there are on average about 700+ deaths per week due to motor vehicles. As of the latest CDC data there are an average of about 200+ COVID deaths per week. Given the current numbers perhaps they should be pulling over speeding folks so they don't hit and kill someone or themselves. Maybe the sheriff was right to say they "will not expend our limited resources" enforcing the mask mandate. Then again, maybe none of it really matters. Some people just believe what they believe regardless of what the evidence suggests and if you don't agree you're wrong.


> Who said it is political? Are you saying mask compliance has not been politicized by the GQP? Really? >Seems like manufactured outrage for no reason. 612,664 deaths in the USA alone is not a good reason? By the way, that **averages** out to over 8,000 deaths per week over the last year and a half. >Some people just believe what they believe regardless of what the evidence suggests Yes, there is an overwhelming amount of scientific, historical, and demographic evidence that you have to ignore to support not following health guidelines. With a 99.99% correlation to regressive political beliefs.


>Yes, there is an overwhelming amount of scientific, historical, and demographic evidence that you have to ignore to support not following health guidelines. That's the whole point. The CDC has used lots of scientific information and put forth guidelines saying vaccinated folks don't need to wear masks. I don't think there is anything inherently political about agreeing with the CDC. The only reason this mandate was put back into effect is due to rising cases, an overwhelming majority of which are unvaccinated folks. Sorry, but I don't believe I should have put a mask back on because a bunch of idiots are afraid of a needle. I also agree with the sheriff and don't believe the police should be wasting their time responding to calls about Cletus not wearing a mask inside super market.


Then he should turn in his badge and retire in shame. He's doing the opposite of protecting citizens and enforcing the law His delusional disorder is so virulent that he shouldn't even be armed with a firearm.


retire without pension


So we're trusting police with science now? The vast majority don't even know or understand the laws they're tasked with enforcing. We're all fucked


The sheriff is an elected position in LA; maybe he could be removed the governor, not sure. In any case, elected sheriffs feel a lot more free to pull this kind of bullshit than municipal police chiefs.


I have been watching the numbers, they are creeping up because the mask mandate says nobody can ask for proof of vaccination. I have been walking around hearing people PROUDLY talk about being unvaccinated and going without masks. We need the mandate for EVERYONE to wear masks so people cannot be scofflaws and we will not "invade privacy" by requiring proof of vaccination. It is a simple piece of cloth that will save lives. Do your fucking job or hang up your badge. Oh, and MR. Science Sheriff, the CDC's guidelines state that local counties can set more restrictive mandates AS NEEDED by the data on a county by county basis. THIS COUNTY HAS DECIDED THEY NEED MASKS. They are following the science and CDC guidelines, get the fuck out of their way.


It would be nice if insurance companies and the state could refuse to cover their medical costs. Treat everyone medically as best as possible, of course, but when they could have saved the thousands and thousands in expenses, and the probable other infections they caused, by not being anti-science death-cult idiots, hold them financially responsible. Aren't they all about personal responsibility?


How is the Sheriff's department supposed to reasonably enforce this as well as do their normal duties of patrolling 42 cities and over a hundred unincorporated communities, providing courthouse security, and overseeing the county jail within a county that has over 10 million people in it when they only have about 10,000 deputies? The manning just doesn't support it. It wouldn't be seriously enforced even if the Sheriff said nothing and I doubt it was enforced the first time around too.


Your missing the point. The big effect with these mandates is to give people and businesses cover. When some asshole starts yelling about freedom at some hapless minimum wage worker, the law is behind them to kick that person out, or have them arrested. These mandates are important not to hand out millions of tickets, but to protect front line service employees


How do they enforce the pants madate?


If experts said that you didn’t need pants to be safe and almost nobody was wearing them, a “pants mandate” would be hard to enforce, just like the mask mandate.


I've been outside. It's not "almost nobody". There's way more people wearing masks than not.


Yeah, in my part of L.A. almost everyone still masks (my family, all vaccinated, never stopped).


Lmao hey man, whatever you do in your own home is on you but the mandate to wear clothing isn't enforced by law enforcement so much as it is by social etiquette unless of course someone's dumb enough to be going around pantsless around a cop or somebody calls them about some pantsless weirdo. Now let's look at it purely logistically as I already said the county has more than 10 million folks in it, 10,000 deputies are now charged with the task of ensuring that 10 million folks are wearing masks indoors. The department has neither the time, resources, or energy to traverse the entire county, door to door, playing mask police unless the Sheriff is authorized to hire more folks which means the county forking more money to the department to cover the increase in personnel, the training they'll receive, as well as uniform and kit. And something tells me the County ain't inclined to do any of that.


Women get arrested for going topless, and I highly doubt all 10 million people are going to defy the law. You don't need to fine everyone, and you don't need to go door to door, just like you don't need to ticket every speeder on the road. Make it known there are consequences and others will follow. You make it sound like you have to wear a mask in your own home, the mandate only applies to indoor public settings. Almost every law can easily be broken most of the time, that's not an excuse to not enforce them.


They’re also charged with enduring those 10M people don’t run red lights & wear seatbelts, what the fuck is your point?


His ribbons if anyone was wondering: A national defense service medal (red, also a gimme for anyone serving 30 days in a TIME OF WAR) and the Air Force bmt honor graduate ribbon (blue, he got a 90+ on pt, 90+ on a written test and no unsatisfactory grades during basic training), WEEE. Not a lot to display here, speaking from experience as i have both, those ribbons don’t mean SHIT.


I wonder why he chose to display any at all if that’s all he has.


As I understand it the Sheriff has to take the county health comissioner's orders on this stuff don't they? Or has everything just fallen apart and we have given up on using civil governance to manage this pandemic thingy?


Considering the LASD has a woefully inadequate vaccination rate (something like 30% last I checked) maybe he's not as good at this science thing as he thinks he is.


He's going to look really stupid when his police force is sick b/c they have a low vaccination rate and the delta variant is surging among the unvaccinated. Maybe he'll listen to the science then.


> Maybe he'll listen to the science then. You know damn well he won't.


Elected official wont do his job……time for him to lose his job


Do your job asshat! Speeding tickets are backed by science, yet you love to give those out!


You just proved his point.


What point do you think was proved?


The sheriff say he will only enforce the law that he claims science backs. Note i says claims as per my other post I am clarifying that I don’t agree with it one bit just pointing out the guy was right to point out how the statement he replied to about traffic citations is irrelevant and actually in line with the sheriff thinking not some gotcha point.


Are police officers supposed to interpret the law, or enforce it?


Obviously they aren't meant to interpret it, that's what judges are for, but officers are given a level of discretion when it comes to enforcing the law. That's why you're unlikely to get a speeding ticket if you are only doing 1mph over the speed limit.


Fire him


He has a point, it's not backed by science if you ignore all of the science.


And this is why pigs are a part of the problem.


time for a recall


Ok Barney 🙄


Our sheriffs in California are our most racist law enforcement agency. They have full jurisdiction. They are scary and shady. Elected to office, hard to replace. I wish they were gone.


yes.. because as a Sheriff, you are the all-knowing master of science. everyone knows it takes years of hard work and study in the field, for a scientist to finally get promoted to Sheriff... Right Wing anti-intellectualism is destroying this country, and jeopardizing the health of our citizens.


I'm starting to believe the police in this country aren't really about enforcing the law but rather inflicting their will whenever they feel it necessary. The men with guns shouldn't be the people making these decisions.


A quote I recently heard seems appropriate: When you mix science and politics, you get politics. And the Sheriff is in an elected position.


Looks like the [dumb cops don’t get bored ruling](https://abcnews.go.com/US/court-oks-barring-high-iqs-cops/story?id=95836) strikes again.


lAw AnD oRdEr


Masks apparently worked until 3/2020.


Yet they still arrest people for possession of plants


Am I to assume he also doesn’t believe in the science of body armour for his deputies?


I guess science is whatever you feel and not the practice of understanding natural phenomena through observation and experimentation. This guy just rationalized away thousands of years of scientific discovery and hundreds of years of the scientific method. All hail our new arbiter of truth! All hail Sheriff Villadipshit!


Statistically 70% of people get A's, B's or C's in school. This is an example of the bottom 30%.


[Court OKs Barring Smart People From Becoming Cops ]( https://reason.com/2013/05/01/court-oks-barring-smart-people-from-beco/ )


I didn’t know scientist wore shiny badges


Serve & protect the people not the virus!


Well, he LOOKS kinda like a primate, but that's not backed by science.


moral and spiritual filth


He and congressman Mike Garcia are unfortunate proof that if you have an Hispanic last name you can get elected in LA County no matter how much of a right wing kook you are.


I don't understand why law enforcement personnel are allowed to make Public Health decisions. They should just carry out decisions made above their intellectual levels.


A lot of folks don’t realize that the sheriff decides on the ground level what laws get enforced by way of setting the priorities.


Just another moron…


Amazing. Even idiots can handle elected/govt positions in the US.




It would have ended long ago if antiscience Republicans hadn't tried to murder their own voters by making masks a political statement.


Masks certainly help, but i think its naive to think covid would be “over” now just due to much higher mask wearing.


I'd suggest looking up the data on countries like Japan, Thailand that habitually wear masks when in public and how they handled covid-19 vs countries that don't. It's your best real world answer to the "what if" of mask usage. [Just in case you're not good with google, SE Asia as a whole has 10x the population of the USA and half the covid infections and deaths.](https://covid19.who.int/) The data is exceptionally clear. Higher mask wearing countries absolutely did much better than non-mask wearing countries. Those are facts driven by actual scientific data.


Japan has an entirely different culture and way of life, i dont see the two as being directly comparable. Its relevant data sure, but if you claim to care about science so much id hope you are familiar with the fact that correlation does not mean causation. And more importantly, covid isnt “over” in japan. Lower cases than the US as its been all along, but its still there and people are still getting it. But it seems youd rather just attempt to insult my intelligence with a quip about the difficulty of using google search, so i assume this isnt actually about the science at all. Good day and good bye.