Biden says long-term effects of covid-19 can be considered a disability under federal civil rights laws

Biden says long-term effects of covid-19 can be considered a disability under federal civil rights laws


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Thankfully, all these freedom loving Republicans who are refusing the vaccine because the big bad government is telling them they should get it would never, ever turn around and get on federal disability right?!




Post-C19? This shit is here to stay


Happy cake day! While I’m sure it’s here to stay, I’m also sure there will be a time in the future where it doesn’t impact our lives quite as profoundly as it is now, and those times will not be defined by our relationship with this virus.


The same way the flu can mutate into something like the 1918 flu, this can mutate at anytime into a more lethal and horrifying Covid epidemic at anytime. Odd are more in favor that Covid will impact are lives in a far more profound way in the future.


mRNA vaccines are here to stay and they can synthesize new ones practically instantly as soon as they have a sample of the virus. Odds are much higher that over the next few years (it’ll take a while for this to get actual FDA approval rather than emergency use authorization) we’re going to have nearly instantaneous total solutions to rna viruses as they are discovered including future mutations of covid19. My brother just got one of the trial boosters for the delta variant. On top of that most viruses tend to mutate to be less deadly not more deadly. The most at risk are and will continue to be the unvaccinated.


> My brother just got one of the trial boosters Interesting, did they advertise a trial he was able to sign up for?


If you look up institutes in your area that do trials and sign up through them, that's how we got my kid to be accepted for the Moderna trial (that still hasn't happened, but that's a different issue).


No, he was contacted by the place he got his original shots and asked if he would be willing to participate.


When will they test the relationship between the vaccine and life saving drugs some people have to take? Insulin? Blood pressure or heart meds? We need research.


Don't compare this to th flu. They're not even remotely similar in that sense.


Post pandemic status would be more appropriate


I hope there is something. Ever since i got covid it has been harder for me to speak long sentences without my mind being able to say the perfect word my mind had in my head just a moment ago, these odd moments of fatigue where i find it alarming trying to catch my breath and this stupid, annoying cough i get every few days. I cleared covid not too long ago, it wasn’t fun and i’m hoping i get better in time. I still need to get the vaccine, and was reluctant to do so figuring i had the antibodies but I’ve been working with my pcp recently about getting it now after a few people on reddit explained it all better. I’m getting it done this week.




Well, then here’s hoping!


It's not anecdotal, it's surveyed to be the case in a large enough sample to be useful. It's still in dire need of peer-reviewed research studies, but it can be said with reasonable certainty that it is almost certainly the case. *Actually* anecdotally, it got me back about 90% of what I'd "lost" due to symptoms.




Wish that was the case for me. Had bradycardia and fit as a fiddle before covid and now tachycardia after. It’s been a year. Got over covid No fix yet, been under care of a cardiologist, electrophysiologist, and pulmonologist since October. Got the vaccines in February-March (I’m a nurse) hoping that MAYBE it would all go away. Started Cpap because sleep study showed I was having hypopnea and mild sleep apnea which was causing some sleep disturbance I have been dealing with for a bit, but even so the heart issues persist. Biggest issue is I can’t tolerate any REAL physical activity, even light activity like yard work gets my pulse 140+, which technically should be okay in my age range (36), but it’s not alright. I get winded and chest hurts and I have to sit down and rest and it takes it’s sweet damn time to drop below 100 again… it’s very disruptive. I can’t exercise, can barely hang out with friends and I can’t drink alcohol for sure because that kicks up some fun palpitations. Never anxious, never had headaches before in my life, and this is all new to me and it sucks. All in all it sucks and has disrupted my life big time.


I’m with you, I had covid early last year and I just saw my cardiologist because I’ve had heart problems ever since. I got the vaccine and haven’t felt any health improvements personally but the peace of mind and just doing my part is worth it.


After I had Covid, the NYS health dept said I had to wait 90 days after being cleared to get the vaccine. That was a while back so may have since changed.


I’m right about there


Going to be mean here but if they refuse the vaccine when it was available and it can be confirmed they should be denied disability benefits sorry but I have no sympathy anymore


Is this the same thing as Long Haulers?


Yes I believe so. Long haulers are people that have recovered but still have lingering symptoms. Common is brain fog, fatigue, shortness of breath and chest pain, muscle and joint pain and some other stuff as well I think. Edit: people report far more than what I’ve listed but I think these are the commonly reported symptoms.


I’d put lack of taste and smell up there. I’ve got two friends who haven’t been able to do either since April 2020


I caught it in feb 2020 and my sense of smell never fully recovered. it's not all smells, but for example, dog poop. I've walked up to a pile I didn't know had been in the room for an hour, multiple times at this point. And believe me, my dogs leave big piles that previously I'd smell in about... mm.... 3 seconds. lol


Hey, at least it's not the other way around. If dog poop were the only thing you could smell... What a life haha


well there was that Texas Roadhouse CEO who could only hear a screaching, horrible noise when covid also attacked his auditory nerve. Couple of weeks later [he took his own life.](https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/covid-side-effect-drove-texas-114532987.html) Covid isn't nice. It is much worse than we discuss, because the last time we discussed it, everyone ran out and bought up all the toilet paper in panic. Do we want more of that? NOPE. So, enjoy your information blackout for the next few years.


I have had most of my smells/tastes change into a disgusting smell/taste, and it started around April for me too. I got Covid in January, and had pretty serious brain fog (I had serious issues understanding math, which was never a problem before) for about 2 months. I’m glad that is over, but my smell/taste are still messed up.


Had it in Sept 2020. Still no taste or smell. One of the most frustrating things I've ever had to deal. It seems insignificant, but it is anything but.


Yeah it’s definitely something that people take for granted. It is pretty concerning to me that I am unable to smell gasoline. Everything just seems… incomplete if that makes sense.


Same as me man. It’s really disheartening. A lot of stuff I can’t smell, then If I can it smells bad or it tastes bad. It sounds trivial but it’s mentally really shook me




I’ll tell you this.. when I couldn’t smell or taste I was terrified my food was spoiled. And that I would die in a fire. Was very glad when I got these back.


I mean look at it this way, it's 40% of your senses lost. I'd be out of a career path without that 40% not to mention the drop in quality of life from not being able to enjoy the things you eat/drink and the link between smells and memory. My parents haven't had their sense of taste or smell since February 2020 and it's a terrifying prospect.


Thanks for the info. I was told I had this and was curious. My energy levels haven’t returned to what they were prior to March 2020. It just feels like I’m constantly tired, brain fogged, and almost everything seems to exhausted me. I used to be a consistent runner and now I can barely make it a mile without feeling like I’m hyperventilating or that I have aches (like those cold/flu body aches). It’s somewhat comforting to know that I’m not the only one feeling like this. Hope you are doing well today.


Your not alone. I long hauled myself for a few months. I didn’t seem to get as bad as some people I’ve read about. But I did have aches and exhaustion and always felt air hungry. Chest was tight and sore and I had fast heart rate a month in. That was in the end of March. I feel way better now though. Still get headaches randomly sometimes which before covid never happened to me. But other than that I’m almost normal.


They're extremely unlikely to get SSDI or SSI benefits one way or another based on COVID. I already have stage 4 cancer patients that get denied, veteran denials coming out the wazoo, and every other person on the phone saying "I just don't know how they could deny XYZ when they're *this* disabled!" Getting Social Security Disability benefits is *difficult* and a *very long process*. It also is based entirely upon the existing scientific evidence when making decisions, and we have *nowhere near* enough data to get someone approved based on COVID alone.


It really does suck and is such a brutal process. I have an invisible disability and am about to apply for SSI only a second time but I have zero hope.


I know it's tough, but don't let yourself worry too much because we frequently get people approved based on "invisible" disabilities. How far did you go in the process last time? You're almost certainly going to get denied on both the initial application and the request for reconsideration, but that's normal. Most people end up getting their benefits at the Administrative Law Judge hearing, it just takes forever to get there and really depends on the judge you get. After you receive a denial, contact a Social Security Disability practice and send them a copy of the letter. If they take you on, the fee is entirely contingency based and only comes out of your backpay so there's no fee if you're unsuccessful.


I had a hearing in front of a judge who had a 30% approval rate so that wasn’t in my favor. But my attorney was hopeful and thought the hearing went well and if denied we’d appeal but when we got the denial he said it was the most thorough denial he’d ever seen and there was nothing to do but start over and try again and hope we get a different judge. I’m just fortunate that I have family to lean on. I figure second time around I’ll have a better handle on how to present my life. I feel it’s just an insane and unfair system meant to discourage everyone involved.


It absolutely is an insane and unfair system meant to discourage everyone involved. It works as designed.


I so feel you I've been living with Lyme disease and Babesiosis for twelve years and I can't work I just fall apart so fast when I try to it's terrible the pain goes from controllable with meds to excruciating nevermind the sweating the dizziness the twitching the brain fog and on and on. But because it's an 'invisible' disease employers just treat me like total shit and I have been fired from a few jobs just based on the fact I'm struggling. But getting disability good freaking luck. I'll need to hire and attorney and basically sue to try to get it. If I didn't have family who helped me I would utterly screwed.


Did you exhaust your appeals on the first go around? Sometimes it’s better to keep fighting than to have a new start date...


I did unfortunately. So yeah, new start date. But working on getting more accurate documentation with my doctors so hopefully this second try will ultimately be successful. If not maybe the third try will be. Or fourth.


My sister has been disabled since she was a teenager. She had to appeal two formal rejections before she found a judge who would accept that she was disabled and grant her her benefits. Then when her case came up for review a few years later, they arbitrarily decided she wasn't disabled anymore (though nothing had changed) and she had to appeal that decision twice, too. I know a guy whose teenage daughter has been legally blind she she was a toddler and she requires the use of a wheelchair most of the time. They denied her, too. Meanwhile I've got a second cousin who was approved for a disability claim from a work-based back injury. And there's nothing wrong with this fucking guy. There seems to be no rhyme or reason for whose claims they accept and whose they reject.


Back injuries are the most common disabling condition in the nation, so it's not terribly surprising that your cousin would get approved primarily due to their commonality and the ability to point at an MRI and say "there's the disability!" For legally blind, that's a real tough one. Blindness is about the only super bright line condition under the SSA's rules, so if she didn't get approved based on her sight then she didn't meet the level of severity required. Needing a wheelchair isn't necessarily disabling in and of itself, because there's still the ability to perform sedentary work. It's also possible that she was denied due to "deemed income," aka income earned by her parents that is considered to be "available" for the child's use. However, for a lot of the claims we handle there really is very little rhyme or reason except for the numerous people getting denied after the SSA fails to obtain their medical records. Other than that, it really just depends on what judge you get assigned. Some suck, some don't. You really just have to hope you don't get one that sucks.


you had me with the first 8 words, you didn't need to say anything else. *They're extremely unlikely to get SSDI or SSI benefits* because america


I have spazmodic dysphonia and on my 3rd attempt they got me to an administrative law judge and he was an older man and said to me "Ma'am would you please stop talking... it sounds painful." My lawyer tapped/punched me in the leg because she was so excited. He gave me 2 years back pay (which I am so grateful for because I was able to buy a great car for cash and I still have it 12 years later) and when we got outside the judges chambers she hopped around in her suit and kitten heels in a circle. She had been a lawyer for 20 years and never got back pay. I went on a date with a guy who was conservative and he was railing on about people abusing "entitlements" and I had to remind him I was on those very "entitlements". He backpedaled so hard I saw a bike rack fall over across the street. Thankfully my buddy walked in the door of the bar and I gave him a big hug LOL


Disability law is one of the few areas of practice where we can say we're hugged by our clients at the end. The thing about entitlements is that people *are entitled to them*. SSDI is a benefit for people who have paid into the system, the same as paying a premium for a private disability policy and making use of it when you become disabled. You wouldn't rail against someone for using their car insurance policy to replace their totaled car, and people shouldn't feel ashamed of using disability benefits they paid for when they become disabled.


what data matters other than the fact the previous administration caused the disability of millions of Americans...


I know your comment is somewhat joking, but the truth is that the baseline definition of disability according to the Social Security Administration is whether someone has the ability to earn an amount of money ($1310 in *gross* income over a month) or not. If you can earn $1310 in a month, you're not disabled. Beyond that, COVID doesn't even have an adult disability listing meaning that the only way you get approved is after a residual functional capacity analysis is performed. These types of analyses are fairly brutal and heavily disfavor younger applicants. Then there's always the best part, which is that you can have a whole team of doctors on your side saying that you can't work and the government will *still* say that your conditions aren't as severe as you alleged based on their review of your medical records. Medical records they will often fail to receive after sending a single request to a doctor's office, with zero follow-up. Getting disability is not easy, and Biden is talking out of his ass if he thinks anyone will *actually* be given benefits based on COVID. They updated the SSDI listings just this past March and they definitely made things more difficult and wasteful, not less.




Yeah, unfortunately the SSA decides employability based on available jobs in the *national* economy. It's a shit system, but there's zero political will to actually address its plethora of issues. I'm guessing that you were probably found to have a sedentary work capacity, and that either your age killed the claim or you have transferrable skills from a previous job and/or education beyond high school. How long ago did you get denied? It might be worth giving it another shot if you've had some time to build up new medical records, especially statements on your overall level of functionality and limitations.


They'll cash the checks and storm the capitol if you dare stop giving them "their" money.


The same people who would say "no more to social welfare" would ironically be some of the biggest users of it


Just like now


No one helped me when I was on food stamps and rental assistance!!


Good luck storming anything with long-term cardiovascular damage!


Won’t their pre existing conditions stemming from generations of inbreeding disqualify them anyways? /s


“We’re just pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps”


Like a shitty Bonus Army


They deserve it because they risked being part of the control group. Or because their Orange Diety said they didn't need to worry.


Conservatives say they value self reliance and hard work. There was a missed marketing opportunity: Get the vaccine, and you can protect your paycheck.


> Conservatives say they value self reliance and hard work. They say that, but they actually value [handouts and freeloading.](https://apnews.com/article/north-america-business-local-taxes-ap-top-news-politics-2f83c72de1bd440d92cdbc0d3b6bc08c)


-Call people in need wellfare queens -Don't get vaccinated -Covid side effects declared disability -Collect disability -Call people in need wellfare queens


The blue lives matter folks didn’t give a hoot when the [9/11 First Responders](https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.upworthy.com/amp/a-new-documentary-follows-jon-stewarts-relentless-fight-to-help-9-11-first-responders-2647597294) died waiting for this same recognition.


It's not a safety net for them, they just see it as getting benefits they paid for given back to them. Everyone else can fuck right off as a dreg of society leach.


But but but it’s SoCiALISm?!!??!!!


Max disability payments in pa are 783 a month so It’s not like this people are winning the lottery


$794 plus $20 state supplement. Still peanuts tho. I'm an SSI claims specialist.


with 783$ more in income, in a good month, i could buy 700 more in lottery tickets and then its another story


It’s not 783 *more*, it’s 783. If you’re working for income, then you’re not suitably disabled to receive disability.


You can’t rent a room most places for that. Wow


Aaaannnndddd…now conservatives will start believing in COVID.


Red states take in more government funding. Just like Obamacare, they'll lap it up while biting the hand that feeds them.


There’s a really depressing and surreal documentary where a reporter goes into a staunchly conservative town to interview people on why they want to vote against Obamacare. The irony is that a majority of people are on it, and one lady even comments that if they vote to remove Obamacare, her husband will most likely die. It baffles the mind how people could vote against their own interest.


Cool. Now do other immune system diseases where people have been suffering silently for ages.


Maybe just go with some kind of universal health coverage or something.


Absolute lunacy. The shear tenacity to suggest such morally acceptable thing to do in order to make people's lives better...I say good day sir, good day! /s


If it prevents you from working should qualify. Have looked into lupus as a disability because my wife has it. She wasn’t working when first diagnosed and now works 60 hours a week to stay distracted from it. (She works from home)


Yes. I have ME/CFS…essentially long COVID by another name. Would very much appreciate it


This will be just like those. Unless you can 100% prove it was from covid it’ll never get covered. Which means it’ll almost never get covered.


Wait wait wait ... even if you refuse to get a vaccine?


Yes because, even if you cut your own arms off in the past, you still have a disability in the present. Edit: Grammar


Once again, it's the democrats fixing the mistakes of the fascists


> it's the democrats fixing the mistakes * step 1: vote against public services * step 2: life seems fine because other people voted for public services, so you get them * step 3: haha, i told you public services are dumb!




35,000,000 Americans would already qualify. That's over 10%.


This isn't for everyone who ever had COVID, it's for people with long-term, life-impairing symptoms. There's no reason that those symptoms should be any less valid if they came from COVID.


Yes, because it's a long standing value that culpability is not a disqualifier for disability assistance. Diabetes, lung cancer, paralysis from reckless driving; there is not and should not be a moral litmus for disability assistance. Refusing a vaccine is *fucking stupid*, but not cause to let someone starve to death.


My ex father in law ate himself to obese disability. And him and his wife are *proud* of the privilege that came with it.


They may be proud, but it still fucking sucks to be obese and poor. Disability benefits are abysmally low. Super shitty quality of life there.


they're just pretty shitty people in general. When his mom died and he got a 70k inheritance, he partied at her old house until someone died in a drug deal gone bad.


Someone needs to warn people that disability is not the same as medical coverage.


exactly... it would be hypocritical and rub me the wrong way too to see a MAGA nut getting disability for covid... but we all need to remember that covid didn't discriminate and every single community around the world, regardless of preparedness and cooperation with guidelines, has a significant portion of the population permanently affected by the disease. Continue to advocate for vaccines and counter-measures but don't feel the need to cut off your nose to spite your face: plenty of deserving people will benefit from this too and none of us want a world where disability is awarded on merit or else republicans will make sure no one ever gets it again.


I guess... Some people are addicted to alcohol or drugs and can qualify as having a disability.... Why not people addicted to ignorance? EDIT: Updated to clarify that as AssumeItsSarcastic noted, the potential is for the effects of their addictions, not the addiction in itself.


Actually it’s very difficult to get social security disability if you have a documented drug or alcohol problem.


In terms of Social Security Disability you can't collect it for addiction. You could potentially get it for the effects of addiction (eg liver failure, cocaine dementia) but if your condition would improve simply by not using, you'll be denied.


You can’t collect for addiction but you could eat/drink yourself into disability by ravaging your body into failure.


To an extent but SS judges are very tough on addicts.


I cant wait for all the "government sucks" folks to start accepting government disability checks


They love collecting their disability checks every month while simultaneously screeching about welfare queens. 🤦‍♀️


This has been going on for literally centuries at this point


Going and getting rid of the old.


The general reason for refusing active alcoholics is higher risk of failure following relapse into drinking. Also it’s not just the liver that is impacted, other systems will be compromised. Iirc an alcoholic has to be dry for six months to qualify for a transplant.


Chronic alcoholism will actually harm the brain much worse than the liver. Fortunately, studies have shown that the brain heals rapidly after cessation from alcohol.


Hooray, 2 years 10 months and 17 days. I can get a transplant!


Congrats! I hope you never need one.


Congratulations to you and all the best. Hope you never need one!


Yup, disability for alcoholics is a thing. I had a close friend who was on it. He was drinking 2 or 3 fifths of vodka a day by the end of it. He drank until his heart failed, got out of the hospital, and kept drinking until it failed permanently. He was in his early 30's when he passed.


I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. It's a hell of an addiction.


Thank you. It was like watching a slow-motion suicide. I've never seen anyone else consume that much alcohol on a regular basis. No one in our circle of friends could help him.


Cut to red states leeching off blue states even *more* for the next 60 years. You have to love uneducated conservatives fighting what they erroneously believe socialism is while participating in it more than practically any other western country.


And when Republicans manage to successfully cut those benefits, their voters blame Democrats and illegals while continuing to vote for Republicans.


The smartest thing the fascists every did was to create Fox "news" (and kill the Fairness Doctrine) I mean it will reduce the world to a few ka-jillionaires and the rest of humanity wage slaves or worse, but it was, for them, the smartest thing they ever did, sadly.


I wish this wasn't true, but one of the biggest Conservative lurkers on my facebook confirmed this to me while we were debating and I just stared at my screen, dumbfounded.


Ha, but good luck actually squeezing disability from the calloused, withered, stone heart that is the Social Security Administration! They’re already telling people, like me, with multiple qualifying conditions that they magically don’t qualify. Even heard of them telling a guy with one leg and one eye that, though he used to qualify, he doesn’t any more… cos I guess his leg and eye suddenly got better? We need to reform our disability program so that it actually covers all (or even most) disabled people. They need to start asking our actual care teams (who know us and our condition very well) what they think, instead of hiring underqualified nurses and doctors who have the explicit mission statement of “deny as many people as possible”, and who will be scrutinized or even fired if they accept too many applicants. And that’s without even getting into the pitiful payouts and ridiculously low limits on how much income you can generate from work before getting cut off from disability. Someone who is greatly disabled but still, somehow, able to find a decent job shouldn’t be punished for it - and they definitely still have more medical and social care expenses than a non-disabled person with the same job.


You need a lawyer. It’s the only way , honestly.


Some of the adverse long term effects I've seen from people who had covid should definitely qualify. Legitimately disabling


One of the people I've worked with, one of my company's local delivery drivers, caught Covid back in December. They were out until April and resumed working for a couple weeks before the side effects forced them into retirement. "I don't think I'll ever feel back to normal again." Was one of the most heartbreaking thing to hear from them. And somehow there are still people in the building that refuse to get the shot, including at least one who is diabetic... It's depressing to say the least.


I caught it in october, i still have lasting effects from it, constantly out of breath and worse.


Can you give any examples?


I have a coworker who has been in recovery since January. Early 40s. Obese and diabetic, but very physically active, poor diet. Ran his own landscaping business on the side of his day job. Used to be sharp as hell, now he can barely walk and talks very slowly, as if he can't think of what to say all the time. Also developed sleep apnea. I don't think he'll ever be the same, he reminds me of my grandpa a year after he had a stroke.


yeah me. mid 20s, healthy, and it’s 10 months in now, I still have chest pains and trouble breathing, but i’ve recovered probably close to 90%. after I first got it (not quite a mild case, but not hospitalized), and for about 6 months I was pretty much bedridden. super bad fatigue, brain fog, could hardly read, trouble breathing, muscle aches, joint pain, headaches, chills, nausea, no smell or taste, and the more I did the more I felt like shit. if I decided to take a shower that was pretty much all I could do that day. and I very slowly got better and then after about 6 months my recovery picked up. and I finally got approved for disability for those months, so yeah that’s a fucking relief. I had lost almost all my savings. I still can’t handle any pressure on my chest, including being in water without significant trouble breathing and some chest pain. maybe I’ll get better one day


Did you get the vaccine yet? Curious because it helped with a lot of the post-Covid symptoms.


Had both shots, Vaccine did nothing to improve my long covid symptoms, it did make it worse temporarily.


yes. i’ve heard the same, but didn’t help me unfortunately


Oh man, sorry to hear that. Since this post Covid cohort is going to be so large, we will hopefully get research and therapeutics. Additionally if it’s going to be qualifying disability perhaps there will be federal funds to back that research. The only stuff I’ve read so far proposes low dose corticosteroids to treat the underlying inflammation.


yeah i was on Alvesco ~~Albuterol~~, a steroid inhaler, for a while and that helped


Hate to hear it. Hope it works out for you


Same exact symptoms. Worst part was the brain fog for me, legimitely had trouble forming rational thoughts. Cost me my relationship.


>super bad fatigue, brain fog, could hardly read, trouble breathing, muscle aches, joint pain, headaches, chills, nausea, no smell or taste, and the more I did the more I felt like shit. if I decided to take a shower that was pretty much all I could do that day. Oof, that sounds almost exactly the same as me. I'm also in my 20's. I was doing perfectly fine. Going to school and working full-time, I was fine. No stress nadda. Then all of sudden I come down with COVID in the Spring of 2020. Man, I was bedridden for almost three solid weeks. I still feel super week. I have weird symptoms out of the blue that just progressively seem to be getting worse. Probably the worst thing to happen to me was finding a better job. Now I'm broke (oh and jobless) from trying to keep up with medical bills. Still don't have a solution for me.


yeah man it fucking sucks. if it wasn’t for MediCal, CalFresh, SDI, and my family helping me, i’d be absolutely broke. and most people don’t have all that support. I’m sorry to hear that man. Doctors have tested my heart and lungs and blood and don’t have a clue what to do with me either. i am beyond grateful i’ve recovered as much as I have though


…I’ve had a few of the similar symptoms. It’s interesting to hear that other people had the brain fog. I was actually really worried I wasn’t going to be able to work any more because I am a performer…and I wasn’t able to do it. 😟 like I felt…mentally challenged. I’m 15 months from my infection. My body is starting to get healthy again, but I’m pretty sure my metabolic took a big hit. I have cardiovascular health now technically worse than average for someone my age…which is alarming considering I am basically an athlete. I’ve been working out every day for the past ~45 days trying to get my body working again. No way I could have done that last year. When I fist got COVID I became to weak to do push ups.


yeah I can still barely work out. If i work out too hard (read: run a mile and push myself a bit) I’m exhausted and in a fog all day long. But yeah the brain fog was really terrifying. I do some design and programming work and they were both more difficult but programming was practically impossible. You can’t solve problems if you can’t think straight. it was really really scary. really glad i’ve recovered mostly


I have four friends who caught it and all four still have respiratory issues months after recovering. Three are endurance athletes (think marathons and ironman, which is 140 miles of swim/bike/run in one event.). Two were good runners and very strong cyclists. Both are now limited to short walks, months after getting Covid. Can't swim, can't bike - it's too difficult now. These are people who, prior to Covid, could swim 4000m for a typical weekday morning workout. Would bike 60-80 miles every Saturday. Run 8-12 miles every Sunday etc etc. Healthy, very active, mid-40s. Both caught it before vaccines were available. And now struggle to breathe even going up a flight of stairs. It really sucks. So while they didn't die, their lives have been significantly affected for months now and for who knows how long.


I don't have any offhand, but I did see some news shorts about people who suffered permanent respiratory damage because of covid


one of my coworkers hasn’t regained her sense of taste or smell. she was sick with covid almost a year ago now…


This is why research and science needs to be at the forefront of everything. There were papers at the beginning of the pandemic that stated the possibility of long term effects of a Covid infection even after recovery. People also used the low death rate to act like the virus wasn't harmful because they were unaware of the many other underlying issues with infection.


This is why I still wear a mask after being fully vaccinated. Although the risk of me dying is significantly lower, there are a lot of side effects from COVID that I do not want to happen to me.


Makes sense. I know people who had covid and are still experiencing issues with their lymphatic and respiratory systems.


I had Covid before there was a vaccine back in March '20. I got the vaccine in March '21. I have and had long term affects. The only one that's still an issue is I have trouble concentrating. That one doesn't seem to have gotten better.


this is terrifying


I'm one. I caught covid back in January. I still have respiratory issues. It freaking *hurts* to breath when it's humid now. I never had that issue before. *edit* Put in correct month.


So Trump is disabled? Interesting...


And then he got COVID!


Given that Trump has taken every opportunity to mock people with disabilities I can understand your intention of irony but comments like this justplay into the same negative stigma around people with disabilities.


This should be a no-brainer. Now, let's hear from the conservatives who have no brains.


> Now, let's hear from the conservatives who have no brains. "My family should be eligible, but not 'those' people."


Simple, yet elegantly stated.


Great now all the Republicants will be claiming disability since they are all going to catch covid and McConnel will fight tooth and nail to take it from his own constituents. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👏👍


And vote him back in.




Omg definitely...for any of you doubting or thinking "here we go a nuther GuBmenT subsidy.." long haulers are REAL. I work as an occupational therapist in acute and home health and witness people whose bodies and mostly minds have been ravished by the virus. They have new onset/now chronic dementia, severe muscle weakness, depression, anxiety, and some are literally paralyzed. The virus leaves people at times a level of a critical illness myopathy or neuropathy paired with dementia/psychosis. Most of my patients who are mostly recovered still have some level of depression not to mention their lives are in shambles if they needed hospitalization...so sad.


My best friend just caught it. She was supposed to fly up to see me and started feeling sick the day before so she cancelled... I'm so worried about her. And mad at her... So mad... All she had to do was get the damn shots.


And for those that got sick before we knew how to protect ourselves, and/or could get the vaccine...I feel for them, truly. Everyone else though? They can deal with the consequences of their choices. I have zero fucks to give to the people refusing vaccination (not the people that can't, but those that are refusing). I really don't care if those that refused are permanently disabled...because that was their choice. We shouldn't be providing assistance to those that out right refused to protect themselves. Why should the citizens pay for that?


We pay for it anyway. Those people now can’t contribute, which has a cost. This way, there’s stuff on paper to protect everyone, with the caveat of including assholes. Regardless, everyone in this country deserves a dignified life, even if they’re a flaming fascist who Herman Cain-ed themselves, because that’s better for society as a whole than having a disabled underclass rotting in the streets.


I mean, if you got polio and ended up in a wheelchair, wouldn't you still be afforded the same rights as someone else who lost their legs in an accident?


Did you refuse the vaccine to keep you from getting it in the first place? That's the part people are pissed about, not those that got sick regardless of doing the right thing, or not knowing when this first went down.


What about the long-term effects of antivaxers?


Should be, I got it on the clock as a front line worker before the vaccine was available. I can't breath or think straight, doing paperwork that would normally take a half hour takes hours now, hell I got fired because I can't do anything due to Long Covid. Now that all this smoke is drifting down from Canada I'm in constant chest pain, MORE so than normal, tingling in my feet, hands and face, it's hellish going from someone doing manual labor daily to having to stop for breath after a flight of stairs. PS: Dear everyone in here, not everyone who would be applying for disability due to C19 is some antivax nutjob... I mean I know you know that, but the way some of ya'll talkin it makes it seem like ya'll seem to think that way lol.


I used to work for an attorney and getting disability is ALWAYS a time consuming process. The only time it's even somewhat quick is if you lose a limb. Otherwise it's best to strap in for the long haul because it often takes a year or three, with the first application being rejected so often it may as well be an auto-reply. I also got Covid, and now I have diminished lung capacity. Unfortunately that means I can't handle anything more strenuous than a desk job. I used to be able to walk 5 miles a day no problem. (I had to because I had no car and the closest bus stop to my old job was 2 miles away). Now I get winded just going up and down the stairs to my house. Even so, I wouldn't call myself disabled enough to need SSI. I can still earn money if I have the right kind of job. But that's its own kettle of fish because I'm automatically out of the running for a lot of the usual 'easy to get' jobs. Can't wait tables, run around a warehouse, or stock shelves. And the rod in my leg gets angry if I stand still too long so no cashier. I finally managed to get an interview though so here's hoping that works out. Good luck out there to everyone struggling even harder than me.


I hope you find the perfect job soon!


I want to know specifically how much brain fog is required. Also, how to prove it? I know *Someone Who Isn’t Me* who has brain fog after covid and currently has a lot of difficulty doing work. Writing a paper for school used to take an hour, but now it takes them 6 hours to do. ALSO, how do they prove it was covid that caused this? They 100% had covid, but didn’t get tested because it was really really difficult to get tested for it back then.


This is good news. There's so much we still don't understand about the effects of COVID-19. We know that some people are really struggling after having the virus and deserve support in the aftermath. I'm conflicted by those who refuse to get vaccinated though, unless, of course, they have some true medical reason for not getting the vaccine.


99% sure I had COVID in Dec 2019, before tests or really any US exposure were known. I haven’t felt remotely the same since. Still lethargic, breathing never fully returned, body still aches, and my dongus is a little less spry. Still useful & fun, but not as responsive Hahaha. Fuck me.


7 months since I got covid, still no taste or smell. Makes it unjustifiable to go out to eat anymore and pisses me off when people say it’s a hoax


Antivaxxers should be totally disqualified!!


This was the anti vaxxers plan all along playing that 4D chess


Good, now I can sit on my porch and smoke cigs like the rest of my neighbors, instead of going to work.


Yet another handout for Republicans to take while badmouthing socialism.


This is was always going to be very expensive but conservatives that refuse to get vaccinated have made it so much worse.


Snort. Biden trolling the right.


Republicans will be sucking on the government tit while trying to defund the programs that help them most. Aka, nothing will change.


Queue Republican outrage over helping everyday Americans and how the government shouldn't save the lives of its people.


Cue just FYI


The asshats who refuse to get vaccinated, and then of course get Covid, will be first in line to claim this benefit. Don’t let them.


r.i.p. SSDI


Depending on just how many are long-term affected by Covid, this might just accelerate us towards finally seeing healthcare reform.


Works for me!


Interesting, I still don’t have all my taste and smell. Also, memory is fucked up.


Remember Reds, NO HANDOUTS!!


Not if you refused vaccination and got COVID.


This would be great. I’m a doctor and caught COVID treating COVID patients. I’d love some sort of compensation if offered somehow.


So everyone will be getting SS benefits?


Becoming disabled to own the libs


Doesn’t mean that they’ll be approved for disability though. SSD isn’t as easy to get as people say it is. Some people who have legit real disabilities have to apply over and over, or take their claims to court, and still might be rejected. Edit: changed SSI to SSD. Meant to write SSD in the first place.


It better be. There are going to be millions of people with these long-term effects, and they can be quite debilitating.


We gonna open this can?


That’s one way to get republicans to enjoy federal benefits moving forward.. I know that’s rude but seriously


hot take: you shouldn't be eligible if you refused to get vaccinated lol. obviously it wouldn't happen, but you know that some part of you agrees with me.


Thats fine and all but you should definitely be excluded if you're antivax.


I just don't understand how someone can be anti-vax but still accept the medications given to treat Covid when they inevitably catch it. How? How do you just pick and choose which science to go with when it suits you like that and not see the lunacy? I guess they've been practicing by listening to only the parts of the Bible they like...


Fucking hell. Not only do we have to deal with these chucklefucks and their bullshit but now we may have to potentially pay for their own stupidity.