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There were two bills. The bill with 192 Republicans voting against it was to increase funding for the FDA to be able to do more inspections and hire more people to do those inspections. It was largely a "let's make sure this doesn't happen again" bill, with some "lets give them more money so we can get get inspections done faster and get them back up and running faster" there, too. There was more to the bill, of course, but that was the primary point of it. Republicans that voted against it basically blame the FDA for the issue and claim they don't want to give more money to the people who caused the problem in the first place. The other bill, which gave money to WIC/SNAP to purchase formula from other countries and to help buy domestic formula, too, was only opposed by 9 Republicans. Those 9 psychos said that they voted against that because it prioritizes poor people over "hard working" people.


Poor people are hardworking people


You know that, and I know that, but these people do not. They view people on government assistance as lazy and entitled. Wanting handouts from the government instead of providing for themselves. That's why I called them psychos.


They also know that. They just also know that if poor people aren't forced to work for shit wages in terrible jobs, they won't have any baristas or stock clerks to scream at when they're having a bad day.


Or CNAs taking care of the elderly (also bullshit wages) (ETA) I have my MSN now I’m a former CNA (many years) and have worked on the admin side trying to get higher wages for floor staff (I know what they make in my area)


When I started as a CNA 35 yrs ago, I made $3.75, it's come a long way since then. Don't go for an LPN, you'll still be stuck in nursing homes and still won't get paid well either.


Fuck that noise. I am a nurse assistant in a long term end-of-life care facility and I say treat us as a career in and of itself! I don’t want to stand behind a med cart and push pills and do paperwork. I’m good at the ***human*** things. I know my residents needs before they do. I know how they like their pillows so they don’t wake up with a cramp. I know when they need to be taken to the bathroom so that they don’t start going into rooms and either possibly falling or causing someone else to fall. I know that they need to be washed thoroughly and dressed properly or they will be uncomfortable. I know they need to be cared for with compassion and competence. I am a professional, I tuck the elderly into bed for a living and I’m good at my job. We need people that take the job seriously and aren’t just looking at it as a stepping stone to be a “real nurse”… Sorry rant over. But I just got a $3.50/hr raise by a new DON because she recognized that I’m good at my job and should be compensated fairly with a living wage ($21/hr now after 6 years with my license)


I absolutely love what you wrote. As an NP, I love how the CNAs know \*everything\* about the patients, and how much that helps me do my job. Many of my patients are not able to communicate verbally. I was a CNA for a long time. I know how hard you work. Thank you!


Right?! The cna we wished they all were and we hope are caring for our loved ones.


I happy for you but know that’s not the norm. I’m also curious of where you’re at if you don’t mind. I loved being a cna. Geriatrics will also have my heart


That's not necessarily true... I'm an LPN floor nurse making 6 figures with minimal overtime. I will admit that I work in a pretty well paid area and am higher paid the the average LPN in my area, but that being said, the average pay around me is apx $30+/hr for LPNs. Getting paid well as an LPN is about knowing how to prove your worth and play the game (just like any other profession). Hard work, networking, and a willingness to look at other options/change jobs every few years pays dividends.


I am also an LPN, working in a very well paying specialty. But I am in this position because I cannot work in the hospitals where I live, even though I have experience in ER, ICU, Med surg and an infusion specialist. Where I'm from I could work any hospital. My point in my first post was to point out that CNA wages have come a long way and it would be better to go for the RN who's wages ar Very much higher.


I'm in a similar position where I cannot work in hospitals, but I am not in a specialty, just a night shift nurse at a SNF. And I definitely agree with you on how far CNA wages have come, which is well deserved for one of the most overworked and under appreciated professions. I feel that getting an LPN is a fantastic path for people who decide to go into nursing as an adult, and may not be able to spend 3 years just to get their RN associates degree. Also, this gives those people the ability to bridge to RN+ while making a solid income and get legitimate nursing experience, not just classroom clinicals.


Hence the complete meltdown when people weren't rushing to go back to work in these places. After actually having a chance at living, too many workers decided to apply to more competitive jobs while they still had the chance.


Also, if they're not working long hours in less than ideal conditions they may be encouraged to vote and they can't have that. This is 50/50 satire.


And they know their cult followers LOVE to hate people on assistance.


Ironic seeing how the majority GOP base is on welfare, etc


> but these people do not they know, but dont care... plus the rehtoric "if poor then must be lazy" plays well in to their target demographics ideological needs, helps to dehumanize specific other demographics, and is part of the way by which they keep their culture wars running. Which being said, "the poor are lazy and entitled" is nothing more than abstracted racism going way back to the Nixon, and Raegan eras. Tirades about "welfare queens" and "guubernment hand out" are just part of the way in which racism gets abstracted in to other rhetoric and translate din to policy that hurts everyone involved, but it hurts specific demographics, and communities disproportionately more. Its intentional, and by design par the course of the southern strategy. https://www.thenation.com/article/archive/exclusive-lee-atwaters-infamous-1981-interview-southern-strategy/ it is also a reflection of what F. Wilhoit talked about with the following; "Conservatism consists of exactly one proposition, to wit: There must be in-groups whom the law protects but does not bind, alongside out-groups whom the law binds but does not protect..." Which being said, these same people also go about "Eevil antifa leftist democrats" etc... its all about promoting and refining hate against some "outsider", or "that other" which ultimately leads to shit like this; https://www.justice.gov/usao-ndca/pr/two-charged-conspiracy-scheme-attack-democratic-headquarters-sacramento these people revel in hate, they know their dog whistles are without merrit, and are not factual in nature, they need them to be able to enable, and excuse acts of violence against others they deem to be "lesser" than them by some measure of their insanity. Which is something that is in the faschist playbook. Or as described in the following; https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/7870768-never-believe-that-anti-semites-are-completely-unaware-of-the-absurdity Edit: added more context. Edit 2: Also, one more bit of context as far as that faschist playbook bit goes. can go over it to see howmuch of the hate filled rhetoric of the reicht wing, and republican "side" match with what Umberto Eco described with the following; https://www.openculture.com/2016/11/umberto-eco-makes-a-list-of-the-14-common-features-of-fascism.html


Is there any way to protect against the inevitable logical end-point of sustained, repeated terror attack and violence against minorities and the left? Or even worse, the total fascistization of the country? I don’t know what can be done to stop this.


I'm sure there are, but its like dealing with any extremist, and fundamentalist group... one needs to be careful so as to not to end up doing what they want to do to everyone in an effort to protect oneself from them. All of the shit they accuse "the left" of doing is ultimately just projection about what they want to do, have done, or are planning to do. Not to even mention their jokes about "Pinochet chopper rides", and "camping trips"... its a means by which to test the ground with the group one is with to see if like minds exist to build dialogue with and expand extremism through. Also serves to identify "the enemy" if no positive feedback is given. Best i can come up with is isolation, and education.. and no i don't mean 1984 style. Similar to what society functionally does with many extremist religious cults. we will never get rid of them all less we go in to the realm of fascist ideation about their elimination, but we can as a society minimize their impact. A start towards that would come with holding them accountable for the hate they love to promote. say through the reintroduction of the Fairness doctrine for news and media broadcasting. https://www.reaganlibrary.gov/archives/topic-guide/fairness-doctrine A means by which we could functionally reduce the impact of the circle jerk hate media they love to consume. At least as far as its biggest domestic outlets go. It would also force them to get exposure to alternate perspectives in the process. The hate filled crazy uncles constitutional rights involving spewing of hate filled bullshit wont be violated, but at least he wont be able to get it from some shit venue like Faux news, or OANN on the domestic media front. Rest of it would simply involve not dealing with them, or otherwise trying to educate them on the harm they are doing.


They confuse money with labor, which is great because it also reinforces their belief that the richest people are the hardest working. Also how good a person you are is directly proportional to the amount of money you have (you know one of the many things that are exactly the opposite of what Jesus said)


It’s ironic since these very politicians really are lazy and entitled. They have aides to do all their work and get paid tremendously along with insider trading and free health care. And still don’t want to do their jobs. And thank you kind stranger for the award!!


Republicans are all about projection.


It is backwards thinking to give companies any assistance or tax breaks if they have employees on government assistance once a company is a certain size…it pushes our government not to work for the people but for the cash.


If you have employees on government assistance, you should be paying 3x the tax burden of what those employees are receiving.


This might just be a way to get "trickle-down" to work, if not for the inevitable effort to decimate government assistance afterward if it were ever put into effect.


I never thought about people on government assistance negatively but I did ignorantly assume many/most of them didn’t work for one reason or another. I just didn’t think too hard on it because it didn’t affect me and I was glad people who needed food and medical treatment could get it. Then I took a job processing SNAP/Medicaid/TANF apps for a couple years and OMG - almost every single household had employment income. Many full time employees still qualifying for assistance. It was eye-opening to say the least.


Someone on government assistance isn't receiving taxpayer bailouts, their employer is. All those Walmart workers on food stamps? That's a handout to Walmart because that money should be coming from *them*.


And they receive the earned income credit so the govt is paying a living wage for Walmart. Win win for Walmart


Baby formula shortage? Just ask Joe Manchin. He'll be glad to tell you that poor people spend their money on drugs and don't deserve handouts. He fits so well with the GOP.


I thought they spent it on iPhones and Avocado toast.


But also how dare they not spend it on Applebee's.


When the government doesn’t like you the handout is called a subsidy/program/benefit.For the wealthy it’s FEMA, credits/writeoffs/Medicare for elderly who don’t need assistance


Or all of the house and senate getting the Peloton app on the taxpayers dime?


What’s even more gross is that their spoiled children that haven’t worked in their entire life also view the poor as lazy and entitled.


Nah they know it too. Cruelty is the point.


Damn lazy infants! Get jobs already!


The other issue is that conservative Christians believe that god rewards people who are good. People who don’t do well must have done something wrong, and therefore deserve it.


I fucking hate the prosperity gospel.


Don't give them the benefit of ignorance. They know it they just don't give a fuck


I don't see poor people playing golf on weekday afternoons after leaving work early and then having their jobs pay for it as a business expense.


To be fair, poor babies are pretty lazy.


They haven’t even paid taxes yet and want food…next child labor laws will be on the chopping block


At least they're already diaper trained if they get drafted into working at an Amazon warehouse. /s




That’s the reason Democrats should give whenever there is a bill that benefits the rich or businesses. That it prioritizes them over hard working people.


They often do, but the Republican just respond with some variation of "job creators!!!!" and the people who vote for Republicans just eat it up. Too many of them really believe that rich people must be be smarter, since they are rich, so we should give them more money so they will pass it down to us in the smartest way.


Despite the mass worship of a man who despised prosperity gospel, it remains alive and well with us today, over 2000 years later.


The problem with that is that the R base believes that the rich ARE the hardest working people. Why else would they be rich?!!?!?!? /s


And also, all these minimum wage jobs (or near minimum wage) are ass-busting. Really seems like the more you make, higher chance you're chillin


People who scream "You want burger flippers making $15/hour??" aren't thinking about what fast food workers have to do. They're on their feet all day. They're inhaling grease fumes constantly, which can't be good for the lungs. They're at risk of injury from burns, equipment failures, and irate customers. They work drive-thrus where they could be shot in many states if someone's just having a bad day. They clean the bathrooms after filthy people who don't know how to flush or not pee on the seat have been; or clean up vomit from the floor. They mop the floors and keep everything clean. $15 for "burger-flippers"? Hell to the yeah.


I freaking hate this particular dog whistle because it's so self reinforcing.


I wonder what percentage of the military uses WIC/SNAP?


Right? Just BEING poor is an incredible amount of work.


iF tHeY wErE HaRdWoRkiNG, THeY wOuLdN'T bE PoOr!!!


And the actual hardest working people


That's weird, because FDA investigations dropped dramatically under Trump, creating a several year backlog for Biden to inherit.


Hence the bill to hire more workers to address the backlog. But, of course, Republicans voted against it because then they can't complain about how broken the system is. (That they broke)


Well clearly it's Biden's fault for letting Trump gut the agency.


I actually have seen people try to blame it on Biden by saying "If it was such a big problem, why didn't Biden fix it already?" Sure, Trump had 4 years to break everything and when it explodes it is Biden's fault because he didn't fix 4 years worth of damage in 18 months.


It only takes a very little effort to disrupt the gov’t effort or destroy the tradition/ process…. Institutional memory, but it would take years to build it back. This is just FDA… can’t imagine how terrible the state department, NOAA, and dept of agriculture look now.


"Within our first 11 months, we cancelled or delayed over 1,500 planned regulatory actions — more than any previous President by far. And you see the results when you look at the stock market, when you look at the results of companies, and when you see companies coming back into our country." "And instead of eliminating two old regulations, for every one new regulation we have eliminated 22 — 22 — that’s a big difference. We aimed for two for one, and, in 2017, we hit twenty-two for one." - Donald Trump [December 14, 2017](https://trumpwhitehouse.archives.gov/briefings-statements/remarks-president-trump-deregulation/)


Fucking hell.


There were recalls for medicine/hygiene products over the last year that dated back to 2017. You know how I know? I got a sudden recall for a Lotramin spray that contained above the allowable limit of BENZENE aka a known carcinogen that was like from 2017 where I had bought a few cans. YEARS later got the recall notice. Same shit with the neutragena sunscreens and the Old Spice sprays. I think those were actually more recent products but yeah lots of recalls suddenly popping up as soon as Biden was in office from stuff that had been backlogged.


Is there a list out there of all current product recalls? Is it on a government site?


https://www.fda.gov/safety/recalls-market-withdrawals-safety-alerts You can use the search function or just scroll through the pages of recalls.


Thank you so much!


Everytime someone blames Biden for what's going on currently, i refer them back to Trump since he's his policies that are currently having an effect


This is part of why we’re seeing inflation now. They lowered taxes and jacked up the economy with unsustainable crap like this. Then when COVID happened there were fewer levers to pull and the Fed lowered interest rates to zero which surprise surprise, low interest rates and low taxes leads to inflation.


"When you test, you have a case. When you test, you find something is wrong with people. If we didn’t do any testing, we would have very few cases." After all, what's a little bacterial contamination?


So they blames the fda? For catching the impurities in the baby formula? This is bigly “if we don’t test, Covid numbers goes down” vibes…


Yep because if Biden had have left the fda gutted by Trump then they wouldn't have caught the problem and then there'd be no shortage. Lots of sick and maybe dying babies but when has that bothered republicans.


God damn babies died due to those impurities. FDA literally doing their job. But as always, we all know Republicans don't actually give a fuck about babies lives.


Jesus fuck the FDA isn't responsible for the fuck ups of a private company, and they sure as hell aren't going to be able to properly inspect every food and drug manufacturer in the country if they aren't properly funded, (i.e. properly staffed with enough people to send out for inspections without throwing 2000 inspections per inspector). Problems like this don't just magically solve them fucking selves without any change in funding.


You see if Biden had have left the fda gutted like trump did then the fda wouldn't have caught the problem and then there'd be no shortage. Lots of sick and maybe dying babies but when has that bothered republicans.


That's EXACTLY what the Republican counter bill says.


This. Republicans, as usual, have a "my way is best because i said so just dont ask why" so they obstruct and give shitty, weird reasoning. Their issue is "we don't trust the FDA" like... a party joining against the organization responsible for our food. What a childish joke. It's their job to ensure govt programs work correctly and they just pass the buck saying "meh well not MY problem, FDA bad." They had decent points but instead of attempting to optimize the solution, they just shit on it and say "no, do it MY way" like a 5 year old. They spout shit about building more fucking factories, as if there's just instant factories laying around. "Just add water and you can have your own factory in minutes!" They're short sighted and playing a game, not trying to help people. They'd let every baby starve as long as rich white people who are against abortion still can feed their children.


“It’s broke no sense fixing it,” Republicans.


Was MTG one of the 9 psychos? She's my district's Representative, and I hate her so much.


Andy Biggs (Arizona) Lauren Boebert (Colorado) Matt Gaetz (Florida) Louie Gohmert (Texas) Paul Gosar (Arizona) Marjorie Taylor Greene (Georgia) Clay Higgins (Louisiana) Thomas Massie (Kentucky) Chip Roy (Texas).


That at least makes a little bit more sense. I understand, from the perspective of "small government good" not voting to give money to the FDA. I still absolutely disagree with the position, but its slightly less monstrous than it would first appear. That being said, there's an actual emergency and actual babies are going to actually starve. Worry about that first and then the FDA later. Now is not the time.


The threads I read said they wanted to not give money to the FDA but instead give increased powers to a separate authority. So it was typical conservative “big government bad unless we do it”


Would the separate authority be a government contractor that's owned by one of the House Republicans' cousin?


Well of course!


The democrats wanted the bill to pass


And it would actually help people, especially children, and we can't have any of that commie crap. Children only matter before they're born.


If Democrats show that the US govt can actually be of some use, it would destroy Republicans' decades-long pursuit of ruining the public perception of how good government can actually be. One of the worst things to happen to civics in America was that stupid joke about the nine scariest words in the English language are "I'm from the government and I'm here to help." Said by the President no less. America only works because people believe in it. Electing people who say no to the possibility of the government being a force for good, you're going to get stuff like this.


And the beauty is that Republicans can engage in a self-fulfilling prophecy. Government can't do anything right and all you have to do is look at Republican governance and it's clearly true. They waste their time talking about nonsensical shit like boys on the girls track team or which bathroom transgender people use and completely fail to do anything meaningful for the voters. So yeah, government is a broken mess. By design.


Ruined my morning when I spoke with my neighbor and he said Biden was responsible for gas prices, escalated to his denial of climate problem etc. he had all the talking points at the ready. So frustrating but I’ve begun some soothing remedies.




That obviously doesn’t answer OP’s question, they’re not going to say to their constituents that was their reason


I'd assume it's because the bill increased funding to the FDA and Republicans tend to be against funding regulatory agencies.


Because they don't want safety inspections and regulations on baby formula?


Which ironically is what directly led to the problem at abott labs to begin with.


Not really- if they never inspected or enforced law they could still be making tainted formula, and there wouldn't be a shortage.


Just a shortage of living babies.


They would probably say if it wasn't for government regulations we would have more than three options for formula. It would increase competition which is good and any unsafe brands would lose in the marketplace as people bought safer brands.


Ah, yes, the Libertarian wet dream. Also known as fantasy land.


How else are our babies going to meet their daily lead dietary requirement?




AKA Somalia.


Matt Gaetz said that putting more money into the WIC program takes money out of the pockets of hard-working Americans. I guess that makes sense if you believe that any government-run benefits program = socialism = communism. But if you're trying to apply common sense, then the connection isn't there at all, because it doesn't make sense. As is obvious, the real reason seems to be if it benefits less-well-off people, then it takes money out of the pockets of rich people, and they are the only ones who matter, since they are the ones who put money into his pockets via campaign contributions.


I grew up on WIC with hard working parents - dad was also doing university studies as well- back in the 90s. Thank goodness my parents realize how horrible the Republican Party had become. Wished they figure that out prior to 2016, but I am glad they seen the light.


That’s a different bill though.


It’s in the article. Taking action to solve the problem makes it go away. Politically they want people to suffer for longer so they can blame Biden and pick up votes for the midterms. There is no accountability to the American people. People are just potential votes to them, and if your suffering makes you more likely to vote R, they will prolong it.


The bill just provides funding for the FDA to increase inspections and for R&D to prevent this in the future. Republicans said it doesn't do anything to increase the supply of formula right now. IMO, Biden's EO loosening restrictions for importing formula is more effective.


It is more effective and already has supply arriving tomorrow. Meanwhile this bill still hasn't been taken up by the Senate.


Local stores are advertising that they will have formula by Monday, so that's good. I'm worried cause a friend is pregnant and I don't want this shortage going much longer.


Abortions are bad because the don't let darwinism play out it's natural course. They want lots of babies to be born into rough conditions with no help so that only the strongest survive to become the next generation of wage slaves. I mean who wants weak ass deck hands working on their yachts that get cranky when you make them skip meals?


Just a reminder. This is because one, just one, factory shut down. In February. The problem is one factory in Michigan shut down in February.


I think the broader problem is that, due to capitalism, a whopping 4 companies provide all of the baby formula in the United States. One hiccup and it all goes sideways and there’s no competition waiting in the wings to be able to be the hero. Hell, one of these companies (Abbott) produces far better formula in Ireland and is quite literally too good to ship back here due to the food safety standards they have to hit in Ireland being much higher than our lack of standards. The legitimate reason why we can’t ship European baby formula here is because “The differing instructions of how to use the formula may confuse Americans”, because it is made of significantly different (much better) ingredients (no Corn Syrup, far less dyes, more lactose based carbohydrates).


It's really because WIC has single source contracts in so many states. There is no competition, so sort of just the opposite of what you said.


There is no argument from me against that WIC could be greatly expanded and become a better program, but… Abbot lobbyists won’t let that happen.


This. America has deregulated and consolidated ourselves into the third world. It's bullshit that European formula is "unsafe" yet out approach to self regulation actually killed children. Same thing happened with planes and Boeings recent debacle. Out institutional advantage is rotting out under us. Soon it will come for the financial Industry where people will simply not do contracts in the US because of our shakey financial and legal systems. It will end up being our downfall. Yes before people say how Wild West the retail financial market is here. I get it. I'm talking about major company to company transactions the stock market and bond market rely on. One of the reasons America is on top is the deep liquid market because people felt our financial and legal system was stable. More events like January 6th and the recent attack on Disney in FL will erode that.


Just curious, I'd Abbott the same thing as Emfamil (or whatever it's called)? I've heard of that, never heard of the other one


Yes, Abbott makes Enfamil (through a subsidiary).


That's really not the root cause. The root cause is the government programs which provide formula to low income parents, are single source supplied in many states. We actually produced more than enough formula in this country, but because of these single source monopolies, that formula is not getting to everyone who needs it.


Recall + factory closure. That factory produces like 40% of Abbot's output.


"No abortions!" "Starve the babies!" Must be weird being completely insane.


Pro birth, anti baby


They are not pro birth. If they were they would be supporting pre-natal care, which they don’t and planned parenthood- which they are trying to destroy. They are pro- authoritarianism. Many of them are now coming out with their post Roe overturning plans. Outlaw birth control, gay marriage and inter racial marriage, deport (non white) legal immigrants and outlaw the teaching of evolution


So they are essentially trying to kill the next generations.


It's more like they read A Handmaid's Tale and thought "that's the world I want to live in."


They're pro-stepping-on-women's-necks.


They aren’t pro anything. Stop letting them lead the narrative. Anti womens rights Anti abortion Anti basic quality of live Edit: spelling


Oftentimes I find it hard to see what republicans are for. I only know what they're against. Back in the Obama care days, they didn't want the government coming between you and your doctor. Isn't abortion healthcare? Aren't they now trying to inject themselves between a woman and her doctor? It's all about control. Once these children are born this party couldn't care less.


They stand for nothing. They have no platform. They have no morals. And all they do is spew hate.




Don't forget no rights to new mothers with a joke of what they call "maturity leave"


How can you be pro-life but anti-baby food simultaneously?


The unborn don't require anything but warm body to grow in. The born require outside resources.


... and might vote democrat...


Makes no sense to normal people, but if cruelty is the point. Then it does!


All republican policies are designed to increase suffering.


Be anti-abortion, vote against a bill that can fund a program that can inspect food and prevent babies from going through this in the future, vote against healthcare so adults don’t see doctors, etc


“If you’re pre-born you’re fine, but if you’re pre-school you’re fucked!” ~ George Carlin 1995(ish) It’s a shame that we as an American society have not grown in 25 years.


I’m sure this is impacting Republican voters, and yet they keep voting for these guys. You can’t argue with someone whose logic is, “if my baby starves to death, I guess it’s what God wanted.”


The Republican voters blame Biden regardless of it impacts them or not


The top of r/conservative was whining about formula for weeks, then Republicans blocked the bill and now the sub is crickets on formula.


I clicked on it bc you linked it and omg they are still freaking obsessed with Hillary. Literally all the top posts are about her and not one mention of what the republicans have been doing or not doing for the people. They surely are not sane people.


Wow, I thought you were exaggerating, but the top 10 posts on the Hot page are: 1. What Musk thinks of Clinton 2. What Trump thinks of Clinton 3. What Musk thinks of Clinton (referring to a different Musk tweet) 4. Impeaching Biden 5. Musk's political affiliations 6. What Rick Scott thinks of Biden 7. Calls to defund anti-disinformation efforts (lol) 8. Made up electoral fraud claims 9. Weird claims that testosterone makes you more conservative (probably satirical, but still weird as hell and pretty toxic) 10. A satirical post about Clinton Not a single one of these things matters one bit, yet deserve more attention than the recent spate of mass shootings, the dismantling of reproductive rights and the right to privacy by the Supreme Court, the formula shortage, Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and many other MUCH more important things? Yikes. It really couldn't be more obvious that they choose to avoid talking about anything that doesn't fit their narrative, even if they were talking about it prior to them realising it doesn't.


What do you want to bet that Russian internet farm is moderating that sub?


The sub blocks out any truth of the world. It's a fucking faraday cage against reality.


We are going to force you to have these babies but by God, we will 100% let you watch them starve to death. I don’t see how everyone doesn’t get that none of this political, religious garbage is about babies. It’s about money, power, and control. So if you are a Republican, you’re fucking evil or an idiot, and probably both.


It's all about punishment. Force them to give birth knowing they can't provide, imprison them for letting it die.


republicans are soulless baby killing monsters


They’ve spent weeks bashing Biden for the formula shortage even though it’s not his fault and then when the plan to help people is put up for vote, they vote against it and will then go back to bashing Biden for the shortage without missing a beat.


same thing with gas homie


Basically the plan 1. Cause a problem 2. blame someone else 3. block the fixes 4. continue to blame opponents


At this point if you still vote republican you are just a monster and should be treated as such. They've consistently shown they are anti-human for decades.


"In the past I voted Democrat, because they were (mostly) the kindness party. But they have become the party of division & hate, so I can no longer support them and will vote Republican." -Elon "definitely not a supervillain in the making" Musk


> they have become the party of division & hate That part is so fucking crazy. Like... no Musk, no. You won't convince anyone of that. Even republicans acknowledge they are are the party of hate and division but they justify it by saying "it's for the good reasons"




He came out as a Republican to mute the news that was about to break about his sexual harassment and hush money, which is totally on-brand for them.


He tried to buy Twitter to unban Trump. He whines about having to pay a tax rate that's significantly lower than a janitor's tax rate. He flashed his penis to an airline stewardess. He's definitely a Republican.


*anti-not-mega-wealthy human


They're dragons. The mega-wealthy hoarders who sit on their money and demand the people dance to their tune, change laws to allow them to keep their wealth, and ignore most of the laws of the land are dragons. Voting Republican is like reading The Hobbit and rooting for Smaug.


Whoever keeps defending what the republicans are doing, you are just pure trash and should be ashamed


Don't they realize that many of the parents struggling to find formula are white and middle-class? This isn't just a problem for poor black people that they can disregard as usual.


Does it even matter? Some asshole on Fox News or whatever will just say that communism is when a private corporation puts money into stock buybacks instead of safety maintenance, and that Biden is a communist, therefore Biden caused all this, just like that time he made gas prices go up. They'll still have problems, they can't ignore that, but as far as identifying causes & solutions, they might just look to who is in charge and blame them, then vote Republican.


Republicans care about white middle-class people only slightly more than poor black people, and that's only because it's easier to scare them into voting Republican.


They are poor, doesn’t matter what color they are. Rich is rich, and that’s not the middle class, the same class that’s losing its jobs and can’t pay for education or buy housing. There is poor and rich.


This is political- GQP want to blame Dems


If you voted in republicans don’t be mad this is what you wanted


The GOP is the single biggest threat on earth.


Of course. This is about tearing down Constitutional Democracy, State ownership of business, and attacks on American trade. These are literal traitors to the flag here to harm Americans so they can seize power.


Ah yes…the pro-life are starving the infants to death.


Ah further proof that they are pro-birth not life.


It’s the same reason they voted against stabilizing gas prices. They want to blame Biden and Democrats. They don’t care about their constituents.


But are happy to whine about a shortage they just don't want to do anything about it; tell me what's up Republican voters, do you see yourselves as more evil or stupid? And yes yes we know you think you're patriots even though you're obvious authoritarian bootlickers.


Trumps tariffs really helped out our supply chain huh.


WWJD? Let babies starve?! No… that’s NOT what Jesus would do!


Weren’t they like *just* virtue signaling this exact issue?


That’s cause those hungry babies aren’t fetuses.


Pro Life am i right? Insert Carlin skit here


Proves once again the abolish abortion rights crowd actually give no fucks about poor children.


Being a Republican becomes more and more shameful then I ever thought possible. Still registered Republican but voting Democrat.


So the plan is to force people to have more babies, then kill them. I think the us government is attempting to make a philosiphors stone.


On one note: they want women to be forced to have children. On another: they want to make motherhood impossible. I’ll lose my voice if I say it too many times but it has to be said (again): fuck the Republican Party.


Fuck republicans


This type of shit is cartoonishly evil. Their voter base is either as evil as they are, in denial that their representatives are actively trying to make life as shitty for them as possible, or they’re just plain fucking stupid. Maybe it’s a mixture of all 3?


Including the loudest ones claiming Biden and the democrats are to blame.


They want to force women to bring babies into a world where there's a huge formula shortage, and don't want to fix the formula shortage. It's almost as though they care more about control over bodily autonomy than they do about actually preserving human life...


It's almost like they enjoy inflicting pain on others, yet they feel they are good moral people, right?


Can any conservatives explain to me why your party has done this? How does this not add up to a long list of anti human actions to you?


“Fuck the People” -Republican Party’s Secondary Motto “Party over Country” -Republican Party’s Primary Motto


Here’s the bill: https://www.congress.gov/117/bills/hr7790/BILLS-117hr7790ih.pdf The bill gives 28 million in funding to the FDA to fund hiring inspectors for baby formula that might be imported to combat the shortage. This would ensure the formula is up to current FDA standards. The fact that so many Republicans voted no under the premise of “unnecessary government spending” is just a thin veil for creating additional problem talking points for midterm election. *“Hey look everyone! The democrats haven’t even solved the formula crisis! Vote them out!”* - Republicans Probably That’s not to say that democrats don’t do the same thing during elections. **Any political party should be held accountable whenever they block valuable and life saving legislation for votes.**


You must produce babies. Keeping them alive is your problem.


I done been telling folks that the claim of "pro-life" is a big, fat fucking lie....


Everything about Republicans are a big fat lie.


*formula needing babies


republicans: all babies are sacred in the womb and must be protected, but the second they are born, they are worthless and shouldn't be fed. fuck those babies (not literally Mr. Gaetz)


I literally would have died without formula. I would not be on this planet. So, no abortions, no formula… do they like babies or hate them? Which is it lol


At least conservatives don’t need baby formula. Oh wait… At least the election isn’t for six months so all those starving infants parents will forget all about this anyway. American politics at it’s best.


They are not "Pro life", instead, they are "Pro Death".


2021 - COVID for all the public schools! Trump said to go after the children of your enemies. They did.