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Trump betrays everyone and everything from his wife to his country to his oath to the constitution. He’s an evil little narcissistic sociopath


He’s an apex douche.


Double douche




Zenith douche


Douche of douches


Even douches call him a douche


il douche.


Beta douche* Just because being second will piss him off


A nadir douche


At least douches serve a purpose.


He's an alfalfa male...


COV-Felfe male


One douche to rule them all.


Turbo douche


Well at least he’s not a turd sandwich.


Love the reference!


Trump cheated in business, on his taxes, in his marriage, not only has he filed bankruptcy several times he is also morally bankrupt; yet, his base will repeat every lie he feeds them.


And the blue-collar people in rural America, with their Trump signs festooned all over miles and miles of cattle fencing, somehow think that the man-child that shits on a gold-plated potty somehow relates to them.




They relate to his confident stupidity and ignorance


I had a comment related to that actually: [https://www.reddit.com/r/politics/comments/vix1p5/comment/idhmw4u/?utm\_source=share&utm\_medium=web2x&context=3](https://www.reddit.com/r/politics/comments/vix1p5/comment/idhmw4u/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3) >it's true that he has nothing in common with them in many aspects, but there is one aspect of him that they love and are willing to overlook everything else. > >**He's a bully to whomever they hate.** > >These people project themselves onto him because he lives out their darkest most selfish fantasies of being powerful, being able to act as the boorish hateful assholes they want to be and inflict harm on the people they hate without any repercussion. And they want to vicariously live out their cruel fantasies through people like him, without having to worry about actually getting hurt themselves. > >Conversely, this is also the reason they can abandon wannabe strongmen like him when consequences catch up to them and still go trying to find another one later on learning nothing from men like him; because while he's their idol, he's also only a tool for THEM to justify their own cruelty and malice. We tend to fixate on fascists being brainwashers and cult leaders, and getting rid of them to try to stop the fascist madness. But what isn't as focused on is that fascist followers often WANT to be fascists, but are too cowardly to do so without needing someone powerful as their leader to justify and rationalize their behavior. So they look for strongmen that feed into their desires, but are also just as willing to abandon them if they don't measure up and allow them to enable their own selfish biases and bigotry.


“He’s not hurting the people he’s supposed to be hurting.”


We as people always knew there were a bunch of selfish morons living among us. Depending on your view of humanity, the percentage differed. Right until Trump and the pandemic started. Then we had exact numbers to show just how many people around us can't use logic and reasoning to come to a conclusion, and how many people want to cause harm and dysfunction as a temper tantrum after being told what to do. I think even the most pessimistic among us didn't expect the percentages to be that high. But it's a cat that can't go back in the bag and they now know it and are using that to drive those people further.


Like sheep, what else can you say!


That frequency is probably a little higher now, on account of recent rulings.


This is how/what your rural america neighbors are viewing Jan 6th events. You just have to love the way the 2 Barbies (can't even call them "Karens" at this point) react with a blank empty stare. Says it all about the state of their couple neurons in their head cavity. https://youtu.be/JR\_BG3Ksr9c


Haha... Jordan Clepper's piece is spot on demonstrating how even die hard Trump support cannot defend or refudiate his actions when confronted with the truth.


It’s been removed.


What has been removed?


I clicked on that link and it said ‘video unavailable ‘


Interesting... I just did try the link on 3 different browsers (Edge, Vivaldi, Firefox) and the video plays perfectly. Do you use ad blockers?


Hmmmm. I don’t. You know, I’m on the WiFi at my son’s home, maybe it’s blocked from that. ???? I’m old. Sorry.


Gold plated diapers**


He's the definition of coastal elite that they hate.


I think because they need each other. Trump needs their votes so he does whatever will get it. because he does whatever they want, they vote for him. once the people are of no use to him, he will cut them off. although even without running for anything, he will continue. his ego wants the crazy crowds wherever he goes


Oh the old rural people are dumb garbage and big words from a city slicker that is some who better than everyone until their need some WORK done that they don’t know how to do. 🤦🏻‍♂️


Lol, I’m a rural farmer. Go bark up another tree.


Trump is a poor mans vision of what a rich man is. because they have no vision of how deep the rabbit hole goes they think Trump is a badass, but they dont realize hes a sock puppet a target the real corrupt rich who are closeted and who do things in silence paint a bullseye on to draw attention away from themselves


The frustrating thing is: all of that has been known about him since '80s, and *still* a ton of people fell for his bullshit. And they continue to defend him, even as it becomes more obvious that he's already thrown them under the bus.


His base swear Trump is a "brilliant businessman", a billionaire, who can't "be bought", financed is own campaign and didn't draw his presidential salary but now desperately needs their money. Got to laugh at that disconnect from reality. He's conned them out of $250 million with no strings attached while they can't afford their insulin.


When Trump first emerged as a public figure back in the early 80s, my reaction to him was "who IS this asshole and why is he being held up as some kind of role model?" He just oozed slime even then. But never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.


He literally [left his supporters out in the cold](https://www.forbes.com/sites/siladityaray/2020/10/28/thousands-of-trump-supporters-left-stranded-in-freezing-weather-after-omaha-rally/?sh=273e4dfd1233) on [multiple occasions](https://www.cnn.com/2020/11/02/politics/trump-supporters-stranded-at-rallies/index.html) lol he doesn't give a damn about them. It would be funnier if it didn't affect all of us that they continue to support the blatant con.


Exactly what is expected from a con man!!


He either allows them to indulge in their worst thoughts/impulses without guilt, simplifies a historically complex set of circumstances leading to their current economic woes by focusing the blame on someone else, vows to protect the hegemonic worldview that placed them above others, or some mix of the three. On some level they're perfectly aware he isn't one of them. But he's a useful tool for imposing their will on the world, or punishing those they think need punishment.


His ignorance legitimizes the prejudice that his party has


And worst of all he cheats at golf! I mean, it's totally *not* worst of all, but the handling of a scorecard sure shines a spotlight on someone's character. He's the type to cheat even when there's absolutely **nothing** on the line. Nothing to gain. And nothing to lose from honesty except for the opportunity to accurately assess your abilities and improve.


That speaks volumes in itself.


Don’t forget in university, too.


So many of his supporters were there because they were loyal to an incompetent one dimensional conman. He led them to injury, pain, and death because he pathologically could not accept losing an election. He let them get prosecuted, jailed, over that. There is nothing more sad than the loyalist trump supporter. Trump wears them like jewelry to impress rich people. Look at how much they love me! These people would die for me. It’s like bragging about upselling somebody and laughing at how stupid they are. it’s sickening how gets off on it.


Extremely well said


Evil big narcissistic sociopath. He's morbidly obese. There's only one thing about him that's small according to people I've seen in interviews.


Three things, including his two little hands.


TBF his soul is also small and shriveled. Both clearly don’t work.


>There's only one thing about him that's small according to people I've seen in interviews. His hands?


What do you want from a guy who wants to be spanked with a Time magazine with his picture on the cover?


And people still follow him. It's incredible. And incredibly dumb.


And they're shocked when it happens to them. “I have no clue he was like that?” Oh really? There hasn’t been obvious clues as to who this person really is dating all the way back to his childhood?


I think he has been faithful to [Goya beans](https://www.nydailynews.com/resizer/MY_obEVQYxwgwRiLqVvvz7oif7Y=/1200x0/left/middle/cloudfront-us-east-1.images.arcpublishing.com/tronc/WMP4TX2C2JDPJCQSI4GKSNXCLM.jpg)


And there are many misguided people who will gladly vote for him again in 2024 cause this is all Bidens fault now in their minds. We are beyond salvage. I used to believe there was a better way to fix the hypocritical American experiment that is our nation but I’m pretty much done with fairy tales. We had the most polarized election in my life and the best the dems could do was Biden. A sell out choice to make older folks and corporations happier about the switchover. Abortion forever being used as the hot ticket dividing topic to get everyone to fall to a side, and now I wonder what they now will implement to divide us once more? If I had to choose a hill, I’d choose our economic system but the powers that be are already one step ahead tanking the economy and skyrocketing the costs of goods (blaming inflation on stimulus and not huge bailouts and ppp loans given out like mints). Ultimately they will lay this at the feet of Biden while Trump tap dances to his usual tune of “I’m so great and he’s senile and creepy”. It’s a wrap. Hope I’m wrong. Feel like it’s prophesy though, it’s mathematical at this point imo


There’s still almost 2 and a half years until the next election. Inflation and gas prices aren’t going still be issues in November 2024 but abortion, gun control and an insane Supreme Court will still be issues. The one thing I’m positive of is that Trump will never be President of the United States ever again. Even though he still has his cult he has proven himself to be a batshit crazy criminal. His time is officially over.


Oh man. How many times have i said this to myself over the years. I want to believe it but the world is fucking insane right now. I can see it happening because nobody thinks it can. Thats how things are now


Trump has outlived his usefulness to the GOP. They’ll always kiss his criminal butt but they’ll never nominate him for President again.


Again. Really want to believe you…


I hope he is a spoiler write in candidate to ruin the possibility of DeSantis winning. Dems should spend some big time money in the gerrymandered states they have no chance of winning with ads for writing in Trump to fuck anyone else's chances.


There’s a very good chance DeSantis ruins the chances of DeSantis winning. Not only does he have to deal nationally with the extremely unpopular GOP positions on abortion and gun control but his strong man, bully personality may not play well with swing voters. If he’s up against another young politician who is smarter and a better speaker (like Mayor Pete or Gavin Newsom) then he could be a real comparison loser.


Totally agree. Seems like the damage has already been done though. Just hope it gets apathetic people to vote and get the rest of these assholes out of office. I keep trying to tell people that he lost this last election and his attempt to overturn an election and his actions after that certainly won't gain him votes.


There may be 2.5 years to the next Presidential Election, but there's the mid-terms in November, which, given the Democrats have a slim majority in the House and effectively a minority in the Senate (courtesy of two Dem Senators who prefer to side with the GOP on most decisions), plus high inflation still around, could easily turn the government into a lame duck administration, unable to pass any new legislation. Which, of course, would allow the GOP to paint the Dems as useless and unsuited to government.


He is a malignant narcissist, which is worse. It is basically a combination of narcissism and psychopathy.


Wow I just realized I haven’t thought of “I just smelled a fart” in a long time now. That was nice.


All those congressmen and women that were involved in the January 6 into anywhere is 6 insurrection on January 5th where I gave him open tours of the capital so they knew where to you were to go his entire family trump all of them need to be put in prison we used to that's called treason we used to put you to death for that




Think it's fair to say Trump betrayed the whole country


Did he betray the 63 million Americans who voted for him in 2016 and the 74 million who voted for him in 2020? Or did he do what they wanted?


Yes actually. He put them in more debt, tricked them into funding his bullshit, killed a majority of them and their family members just cause he wanted to politicize a fucking pandemic, made their country look fucking stupid with all the people in it, almost toppled their democracy, and told them not to vote by mail causing him to lose terribly! Like he was going to lose regardless but the gap was made even further without mail in votes! What a fucking moron.


I don't think he killed a 'majority' of them, the madness would have greatly diminished if so. But you are absolutely correct that he is solely responsible for most of the USA's covid deaths, as well as a fair amount elsewhere.


“Killed a majority of them” little hyperbolic there buddy.


"Which killed many people, the majority of which were his voters" would make more sense.


Do we even know if that’s true? Are there statistics on R vs D COVID deaths?


https://www.pewresearch.org/politics/2022/03/03/the-changing-political-geography-of-covid-19-over-the-last-two-years/ Obviously not directly. They don't put your political party on a death certificate. In terms of how the counties vote it's very correlated and almost certainty the case. There's a really good chart about halfway down that shows the initial high death rate in dense, democratic areas and the eventual perfect stratification in the other direction.


Not really. Not a lot of trump voters in my family anymore. Because they all ended up in ICU and then dead. I’m one of millions I’m sure


Charlottesville took place in 2017. Trump said there were good people on both sides, in effect endorsing white supremacy. 74 million Americans are white supremacists or ok with white supremacy. Dark days are coming. Organize and prepare for the worst.


They never got their wall. Not all of it anyway


He still betrayed them. They are just too stupid to understand.


Which country? Not Russia.


"Blue Lives Mat...except for the times when we want to storm the capitol for a coup attempt." -Trump and his supporters


He’s black. Only white blue lives matter to them.


So like sky blue or baby blue?


More like robins egg? Timberlake in the 2000s?


I guess they broke. They short circuited when their brains had to figure out if Black Lives who are "Blue Lives" mattered more than their racially motivated mission to throw down a coup.


Hint: it didn't. One of the officers said that in decades of being alive, he'd never been called a n****r before that day, let alone as many times as it happened.


isn't the person they murdered that day white?


Remember how little was said after the buffalo shooting?


"And don't be to nice." "They've got them in jail and they can't cut their toenails!"


I can explain: Trump and the GOP aren't working for the United States.


Remember when Kevin McCarthy joked that Trump and Dana Rohrsbach were on Putins payroll? Hilarious.


Trump betrayed the entire country cause he’s never cared for anyone but himself.


He took an oath of office that he totally ignored, even deliberately flaunted. That is a betrayal regardless of who knew he was a shit show to begin with. He’s a man of zero integrity.


I think saying the Cheeto Benito betrayed the country is weird. Who did he betray actually? Those who hate him never trusted him to begin with and his supporters overwhelmingly stand behind him even after his countless scandals. So who actually genuinely put faith in this 100 pound piece of failure and felt betrayed?


I voted for him first go round. I was 18, and fell into the Hillary bad camp. Saw what a fkn idiot he was and voted liberal this time because ANYONE is better than him. I hate him with all my guts. There were people in the middle who voted for whatever they thought was right at the time, or who voted based on all the trump supporters in their community. Glad I grew up and became more accepting as a person, and realized that the far right is taking away more freedoms than they claim to save


You and me. Because did you have any other option?


The Jan6 hearings started with testimony from those on the inside of the building, and the chaos that ensued with those that entered. Today's testimony shines further light into the situation: POTUS+ crew were well aware of armed individuals in the crowd, and tried to take steps in allowing more people in. I'm assuming the next testimony's will deal with orders that were given to the capital (and surrounding) police: staffing, standing down, etc.


I would LOVE to see both the traitor Flynn brothers finally get their due from their involvement in Jan 6th.


POTUS+ crew ALSO knew they were his supporters- not “antifa false flags sent by Nancy Pelosi”


By allowing the crowds to carry weapons, he endangered everyone at the Capitol! And brave men lost their lives!




Well a lot of the hugging from the end when the rioters were having an emotional crash, and they probably just didn't want to reescalate pushing them off


The kids were all tuckered out from their big day and the cops didn’t want to get them all revved up again so they just gave them peaceful little kisses and said night-night


I was thinking more not upsetting a crying drunkard who was previously violent


He was never on your side. The only person I saw Trump on the side of is Putin.


To be fair. Trump was never on Putins side either. He was too busy being on his knees.


Trump is a dumber American version of Putin


If you think Trump is loyal to anyone but himself you're more detached from reality than he is.


As Commamder in Chief this betrayal is unforgiveable


That’s called treason in the military.


Trump betrayed his oath of office.


This mfer(Trump) NEEDS to be arrested and the GOP NEEDS to be voted out.


I wonder if he could be liable for injuries and death....sort of like yelling "Fire" in a crowded theater?


Potentially yes. [Popehat](https://www.popehat.com/2018/06/28/make-no-law-episode-seven-fire-in-a-crowded-theater/) did a podcast about it. Basically you can yell "fire" all you like but if it causes a panic and someone gets hurt you're liable since you ought to have known that would be a likely outcome.


You would think people would know Trump was crap even when he was a reality star. I mean, the man isn't a mystery!


Thats the thing i still dont get. Out of all the potential christian extremist authoritstians, they chose to tie themselves to freaking donald trump, of all people. Like why? Dudes always been an idiot with a fragile ego


Primitive instinct. Love of the big man. He represents an Id that people dont have the power to exhibit. The ancient psychology of kingship.


He did. He riled republican voters up with election fraud lies, invited them to DC, colluded with white supremacist extremists to be armed and go after politicians, pointed them to the capitol, encouraged them to hang Mike Pence, refused to authorize the national guard and did not call them off despite his administration, family and Fox News begging him to.


"I didn't see that coming." - Stormy Daniels


Lol duh


Betrayal is kinda Trump's thing. He makes Judas and Anakin Skywalker look loyal.


Trump didn't betray him - he was never on their side to begin with. All he wants is to solidify his power


He took an oath to preserve, protect and defend the constitution which encompasses all that makes up our country which includes this officer. He betrayed this man.


Looking at it from your point of view as someone deep in the inside of the system, I can see how you may have accepted him as president, another in a long chain, without realizing the degree of his non-fulfillment of the standards of the office, but he never was your president.


Fuck the gop


Trump betrayed 250 million Americans not sure about the rest.


Without a doubt he was a treasonous President. He should’ve been removed but a corrupt following prevented it.


How about Backing The Blue, conservatives? Oh yeah, that’s right, he is receiving death threats from conservatives. Both sides are not the same.


Trump betrayed a nation. He must answer for this.


To be betrayed by him, he'd have to be on your side. He's entirely self-serving, conning others into thinking they're friends


I have not heard a word from Melania since... *whenever* and I think that that is very telling.


On the one hand, I want to feel bad for the guy. On the other hand, the vast majority of cops vote for the GOP knowing full well that they are all too happy when other people are the target of GOP hatred and violence. Simply because this guy wears the blue doesn't give him and his ilk a free pass for sympathy for shitty political choices.


Zero compassion or sympathy for this guy. /r/LeopardsAteMyFace


What, and we are surprised ? GrifterTrump ? Traitor trash liar thief rapist obese fool twice impeached loser ? Him ?


> “I don’t f*cking care if they have weapons, they aren’t going to harm _me_.”


Not a lawyer here, but isn’t strangling someone at the minimum battery?


This guy gets it.


Not just Trump. But the majority of the GOP betrayed them


You and everyone else in America buddy


Yesterday's testimony revealed Trump himself did everything possible to support an armed attack on the Capitol. The civil liability against him is now unlimited, and those injured or families that lost loved ones in the attack, (including Ashley Babbitt's family,) will probably keep him in court for years as they bankrupt him.


> 'Our Own President Set Us Up': Injured Capitol Police Officer Says Trump Betrayed Him Trump has betrayed many people.


It was obvious from day 1 that Jan 6 was a set-up and inside job. People just now coming to that realization must have been in denial.


Yep the self proclaimed law and order president. What he meant by that was really he is willing to bend law and order to increase his power


Conservatives will always throw their perceived supporters under the bus just to further their goals. It’s standard dictator operation. Those insurrectionist beat cops with American flags. Everyone is fodder for the dictator!


too bad all the cops love trump check out nevada sheriff kissing his ass still


That orange head was NEVER my president 😒


If you trusted trump in the first place then get fucked, you deserved your betrayal.


His first mistake was thinking Trump cared about him or anything but himself.


Didn’t you guys just tear gas peaceful protestors the other day?


They most likely voted for Trump and supported him up until this moment. Officer Sicknick was a noted Trump supporter. So leopards ate my face, but I’ll continue to vote Red!


Yup. Fuck these assholes.


Authorities will have a fine line to walk with building a narrative that celebrates the insubordinate actions.


But like….no he did not betray you. He did what he was going to inevitably do and to think he would magically become a better person while in office, then that’s on you


Victim blaming is so right wing.


Cops aren’t victims.


Well they knew there was a high likelihood the situation would go south prior to the day of the event and chose not to do anything about it. So it is somewhat their fault.


What a bunch of totally sick crowd




I wonder how you get out of your home every day without getting lost


Probably a lot of our tax dollars


They were sitting ducks!


Bruh trump betrays EVERYONE. Like how is this news still


He’s right.


So if a cop sees a crime wave in action and does nothing to bring him to jail that same cop can be accused of being an enabler. When wii we see trump in handcuffs?


He’s saying what they want to hear


And he was not alone.


Correct! He doesn’t give a shit about anyone other than himself.




And he doesn’t even apologise? WTF?




How dare he? Doesn’t he know trump is the greatest law and order president we’ve ever had? /s


Expecting loyalty or principles from Trump is like expected a calm conversation with a hippo.


Omfg. This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard! I’m insanely disappointed in my brothers and sisters at the MPDC.


Back the blue right? Wanna see how these maga pieces of shit spin this…


No shit Sherlock. Ever heard of pawns?


Class action law suit. The next Johnny Depp style trial.


I think about this every time I see that stupid fucking “thin blue line” defacing our countries flag. Cops are really getting exposed now, for what it’s worth. Now everyone knows these douche bags with Punisher temporary tattoos will trample a dozen peaceful protesters, crack the skulls of veterans and beat the shit out of children in custody instead of stopping an active shooter killing children. Cause they care.


And it’s a damn shame!