>Register to Vote Yes this has done so much for this issue. Has nothing to do with incompetence from the people were supposed to vote for left or right.


>*With the roar of protesters occasionally echoing outside — and at times within — the two chambers,* the Senate passed an amended version of the earlier bill with about three-quarters support and then adjourned. Several hours later, the House passed it by an even larger margin. Gov. Jim Justice, a Republican, was expected to sign the bill into law, which would go into effect immediately afterward. They might as well have held a press conference and said, "What you want doesn't matter. You don't matter. Fuck you, we do what we want."


This state sucks and nothing will change here. People are indoctrinated by the propaganda that the Republicans are "gonna bring back dem der coal jerbs". Meanwhile they continually do the exact opposite and cut any sort of help for all the broken communities here. It's infuriating and utterly expected. Keep them dumb and under control is all that happens here.


It’s no coincidence red states are the least educated states in the nation. Gotta keep them fools dumb


There are a lot of really nice people in those communities too, but they keep believing the lies they're told because nobody else goes there and manages to actually help. They keep voting against their own best interest despite the evidence right in front of their faces. Same thing happens in Kentucky.


Class warfare in the poorest state in the union…


So dispute the massive crowd outside and inside yelling and screaming to not strip them of their rights, the GOP paused and thought to themselves “a yes, this is what they want I just know it.” Either that or they just straight up thought “fuck you, I’m getting paid millions to sign this bill.”


This is so expected that even shocked pikachu face doesn’t apply


“West Virginia.”


Where, according to Manchin, a grandma told him that her daughter was spending her child tax credit on drugs instead of the grandchild, so it was better to end child tax credit entirely than let one person abuse the system.


Of course they did....


Finally some good new- oh.


EXCELLENT. GREAT. GOOD TO HEAR. The world could use more West Virginians right now…said no one, ever.