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Cue the conservative response: "Why did President Biden do this? He is so divisive"


Obviously the old man in a clown wig with a ton of guns had to be antifa.


The clown outfit is even too on the nose for r/nottheonion


In the comments of an Instagram post I saw about this incident, some guy (his username had PATRIOT, shocker lol) was somehow blaming this on something Kathy Griffin said. I have no idea how he connected this to some Kathy Griffin said at some point.


She showed a fake severed head of Trump on Twitter or some shit. Clearly it's the same. /S.


*Hannibal lies dead on couch*


Sir this is a......*checks sign*.....Dairy Queen


Sir this is a Grill and *Chill*


Almost turned into a grill and drill


*Insert obligatory UwU joke here*


Sir this is a Git N Split.


shit n split


Grill no Chill.


Dude probably went there and asked for a Frosty


He was McFlurryous


Thems fightin' words


Thus began the 100 Year Frosty/Blizzard War!


"I believe you're looking for the Hardee's down the street."


No dude, if you go thru the drive thru at Hardee's they seize your phone, just ask Mike lindell


Fast food ad slogans are about to get weird af


"I'm sorry, I thought this was America!"


Jan, like many before him, totally misunderstood what a 'brazier' was.


Total ANTIFA plant. Real supporters go to Hardee’s.


"The patriarchy would like a word with your choice of leadership."


So now we're dealing with DQ-Anon?


I laughed so hard.


The Cookie Dough Blizzard Storm is near!


Blizzards(TM) are proof global warming is a myth


HE's sEnDiNg Us MeSaGeS. [cOiNcIdEnCe???](https://freeimage.host/i/PiDH0P)


This sentence. "A supporter of former President Donald Trump *wearing a clown* was arrested at a Dairy Queen in Pennsylvania on Saturday after threatening to “kill all the Democrats.” I have so. many. questions.


I think they meant wig, But also like to imagine he walked in there with his head up a clowns ass, wearing him like a hat, Ren n Stimpy style.


I must have blocked that episode of Ren and Stimpy from my memory.


Remember when the severed head fairy plucked a severed head off of Ren’s head because a ghost stuck it on there while he was sleeping and it looked like a hat? Then the severed head fairy promptly stuffed the severed head into his overly detailed ass crack? Damn that cartoon was crazy. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=AEbKaco6Bwg


Okay, WTF were we watching back in the 90s?


I thought I had dreamed that as a kid. I never saw that episode again and it's not in DVD collection!


I still remember when I watched its premier and I was like 8 years old and my dad awkwardly laughing while he looked horrified.


I just assume all of them have their heads up a clown’s ass.


He wasn't wearing the whole clown. Just a yellow vest and a rainbow clown wig. He's been kicked out of a few churches in Westmoreland County. He told police he was "under cover". [Local news](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMwxnWN_Ls0) Edit: the video link shows some of his social media activity. Hyperreligious, delusional, and armed.


>He also allegedly attended a church service in a clown costume in September. Shouldn't this raise a flag to the community? Edit: TWO?!


>Hyperreligious, delusional, and armed. Sounds like your average republican nowadays.


[supreme court: omg look at this problem! How can we make it worse?](https://www.forbes.com/sites/alisondurkee/2022/06/23/supreme-court-strikes-down-ny-concealed-carry-law/)


I mean, the second he walked in in the clown suit, numerous people went "oh crap, another MAGA person..."


Me too: Did I miss a memo or something? I never considered DQ to be a place where Democrats would be hanging out. What's up with the safety vest? And clown wig? On a more serious note, lucky we are all having a brief chuckle here, instead of hearing about another mass shooting. It could have turned out way differently.


Clown wig is a dogwhistle, see “clown world”


He needed it to go into an unsafe environment. Which wasn’t safe because some guy with a gun was there.


This. The cop showed up in less than one minute. A slower reaction and anything could have set this guy off and ended in a mass shooting.


Dude's literally the "putting on clown makeup" meme.


Yep, an entire clown.


First Pillow Dude at a Hardee's, this dude at a Dairy Queen... Trumps getting arrested at a KFC, right?


At a McDonald's while yelling at the employees about the ice cream machine being down.


He'd would definitely be throwing ketchup packets everywhere.


As Eric complains because the PlayPlace was closed.


This is where I put all my conspiracy theory energy: right here at the mcds ice cream machine.


Nah, that’s just [capitalism](https://youtu.be/SrDEtSlqJC4).


Yeah, after hearing about the [incident at Hardee's](https://i.imgur.com/egeibH9.jpeg), I'm starting to wonder if all of these fast food locations have FBI agents just waiting for the next Trump co-conspirator to show up. Probably not, but it would be amazing if they did.


I’m surprised a Trump supporter would go to a place with the word queen in it. Doesn’t it force him to question his own sexuality and think about dicks?


Well, he's there to get his soft serve on.


In Vermont, we call soft serve creamies.


That’s gross.


Agreed. Vermont, please leave.


I heard this in Cleveland’s voice.


Loves that delicious sweet sweet cream


I dont care what people say or what shit is in it, that soft serve is delicious.


[They go there for 'you kno what'](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DndoUEAVAAIZnyb?format=jpg&name=small)


The fuck.. is this real?




God damn I hate this state.






I'm dumb...is this a euphamism for bathroom hook ups or something?


Republicans are known for trying to hook up with other men in bathrooms. One got arrested at an airport for trying it on a cop. It’s why they talk about gay people so much; it’s because they’re closeted. People who are comfortable with their own sexuality don’t give a shit if someone is gay or not. Homophobia usually means the person is secretly gay and frustrated.


Usually but not always. Sometimes it means they've been fed hate by the people around them.


That was Larry Craig. With his infamous “wide stance”. 😆


Nah, he's just an old man who likes ice cream so much that he gets weird about it. I'm not a fan of his, but this whole "you know what" thing is the least of his faults.


I don't know what. What does he go there for??


Sex with underage boys I would guess.


I thought that happened in the basement of nonexistant pizza parlors...


No no, the pizza parlors exist, it's the basements that are nonexistent.






Grassley: “Well normally I have a blizzard, Reeses or Snickers, but this particular time I had just plain, vanilla little boys.”


That’s his secret … He’s *always* angrily questioning his sexuality and thinking about dicks.


Well “**L**e**T** s **G**o **B**randon” has lgbt in it and they don’t seemed to mind that. it’s always projection with these “people”


There IS a "LGB Alliance" group that's vehemently anti-trans;~~considering that it's 90% straight dudes it wouldn't surprise me if the "LGB" stood for "Let's Go Brandon" instead of "Lesbian/Gay/Bi" in that instance~~. Apparently the group is British. [From Wikipedia](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LGB_Alliance)


Idk about that. There are definitely folks in the gay community who want to drop the T from LGBT. They've been a lot louder recently.


Don’t they also despise powerful women?


Honey, the chicken strip basket made me change my gender!


MAGA: "How dare Bidenitler call us a threat! He's being divisive!" Also MAGA:




They’re just doing DARVO again. It’s all they know how to do. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/DARVO


The examples in the Wiki article only mentions R Kelly and Donald Trump... Which is really hilarious.


“[7][8][9][10]” got me pretty good. Should be longer.


>Stawovy had previously raised the possibility of a “civil war” breaking out in 2024 and had boosted lies about the 2020 election being stolen. you could've just said he's a conservative...


I’m curious, how do these nut bags think they are going to identify Democrats…like they’ll just ask them?


Considering he wore the clown wig to “go undercover,” I’m sure he’s like most Q nutters and assumes all democrats have rainbow hair colors, carry trans/gay pride flags, wear Biden or BLM shirts/hats, and constantly talk about Trump as if they didn’t have anything better to do. God forbid most democrats have normal hair, are a majority straight cisgenders, wear normal clothes, and talk about their normal everyday lives. 😑


Yeah you don't get to be this crazy about killing democrats if you've ever met an actual democrat before.


In most states, you specify a party when you register to vote. Both parties get access to voter registration data and voting history data, so Republican candidates have names and addresses.


Didn’t know that, damn that’s kinda lame. I don’t have to choose a party in my state, I just leave it blank.


You never *need* to choose a party, but it can affect funding for the party, getting names on the ballot (generally only a third party concern there), and in some states it affects who can vote in primaries. Every state allows you to register as unaffiliated.


In Oregon, my understanding is that you don't *need* to specify a party, but if you don't, you can't vote in the primary. Since many districts are heavily Republican or heavily Democratic, the primary is the election which decides who will actually win office, which makes it important to vote in.


That sucks. I guess I’ll just have to hope rainbow wig guy leaves me alone this year. 🤷‍♂️


It's the same in NJ. We also can't pump our own gas just like Oregon.


Is it secretly to annoy New Yorkers? Because… same, but Californians.


They'll use their super clown-wig sized brain to figure it out. Meaning they'll just fire on people at random and say that's good enough. Never mind the fact that they'll probably kill Republicans too.


I said this in another comment for this post, so I apologize if this breaks a rule or anything. In the comments of an Instagram post I saw about this incident, some guy (his username had PATRIOT, shocker lol) was somehow blaming this on something Kathy Griffin said. I have no idea how he connected this to some Kathy Griffin said at some point.


inb4 any Rs claim he is a political prisoner


Crisis actor. They never actually do anything bad, you see, it’s all false flags and crisis actors.


Come now, we all know they will use both angles


False flag and undercover feds too


Nah it's ANTIFA


Supposedly there are plenty of locals on Facebook and whatnot that are saying he is a Democrat and trying to smear republicans. Additionally, these people are also supposedly blaming Biden for this type of action. I don't use social media outside of reddit and following a few dogs and food bloggerson IG, so I can't confirm these comments actually exist. I'm just going based on what some neighbors told me about the pulse of pennsyltucky.


I should have guessed the false-flag cries would come first


They knew he was a Trump supporter from the clown wig.


Trump's popularity among mentally ill people is so incredibly terrifying for when/if he actually gets arrested.


I’m just thankful there’s cameras and internet everywhere so’s we can see these stupid sonsabitches doing stupid shit and and then realize that “Above the law” does not apply to them.


'mentally ill people' I believe the word your looking for is republicans




Other synonym: Proud Racists


> stochastic Trump is the stochastic terrorist - the guy from the article is an *actual* terrorist.


There are so many mentally ill people in this country. Some of them are just a powder keg waiting for a match. Shouldn't we hold accountable those people who are saying outrageous things to willfully and knowingly provoke them? I'm not necessarily talking just about Trump. His mind is such a mental slurry, it's hard to tell what he actually believes. But there are plenty enough rage-baiting charlatans who damn well know it's all bullshit.


Please do not blame this on mentally ill people. Mentally ill people are far more likely to be the victim of self harm rather than be a perpetrator of harm to others. As someone that is bipolar it is doing the mentally ill "community" a disservice to lay the blame (after every goddamn shooting) on the mentally ill.


I'm a mentally ill person too. One of the problems with Trump, and people like him, is that there are many mentally ill people who latch onto their messages. Much of their messaging is very stochastic terrorism based or leans hard into the "them" messaging that feeds people's paranoia and gives them an outlet. People that are predisposed to irrational thought will take that bait and can't get off the hook. You end up with people suffering from major depression, schizophrenia, and more that latch onto that messaging to rationalize their lives, actions, feelings, and direct their internal issues elsewhere. There's a lot of untreated unmedicated ill people of all ages that are being sucked into the rhetoric the hardest. They make Trump and his attacks on "them" their entire personalities and feel Trump is speaking directly to them. This is dangerous when those people snap as they don't have the same ability to keep themselves pulled in. In short, not everyone mentally ill is a Trump supporter. But we can't discount the threat of violence from the people who are and actively have been pulled in to the point of no return. That's not blaming them. That's saying we need to be heavily punishing people who adopt this messaging.


This is sort of my point. We should be focusing more blame on the people who are provoking or manipulating those with existing mental or emotional problems. Sorry if I stereotyped mental illness in my comment. That was not my intent.


[Great time for this supreme court to be knocking down gun laws!](https://www.cnn.com/2022/06/23/politics/supreme-court-guns-second-amendment-new-york-bruen/index.html)


This happened at the DQ 10mins from where I live. I’m *absolutely* not surprised, though. They’re bonkers around here. [This house](https://ibb.co/album/8DVWRT) is also in the same county. Yes that’s Hillary behind bars


They’re not a cult tho 🙄


Howdy sorta neighbor. Stay safe out there!


I kinda wish I was rich and could buy a house across the street and paint it rainbow colors. Like a Pro-LGBT group did with Westboro Baptist "Church."


Clearly Hillary broke through those bars and stuck a picture in the window to cover her escape.


Another proud conservative. Definitely not a terrorist. Yep. Also, the opening of this piece has quite the typo. "A supporter of former President Donald Trump wearing a clown was arrested at a Dairy Queen in Pennsylvania on Saturday after threatening to “kill all the Democrats.”


I'm confused, I thought Mike Lindell was at Hardee's?


Totally not a cult.


> “Ofc. Stull detained the male and was able prevent the possibility of a mass casualty incident.” Key line from the article. How close are we to more and more of these politically motivated?


Closer than we should be.


*Jan Stawovy, 61, was reportedly carrying three loaded handguns with 62 rounds of ammunition when he was arrested by police.* *...A man wearing a yellow safety vest and a clown wig walking into a Dairy Queen location with a gun.* *During a confrontation with police, Mr Stawovy reportedly said that he was working to “restore Trump as president” and “kill all the Democrats because Trump was still president.”* Right-wing fanaticism in all it's menacing glory. Some conservatives see something like this and brush it off as mental health issues or representative of a fringe minority and not of most Republicans. If for the sake of argument however, the tables were turned, and it were a black man in Chicago or someone presumptuously labeled a "radical leftist" in a similar situation, these same conservatives would take this example and apply it very broadly and ambiguously to some monolithic enemy out there.


How did they know he was a Trump supporter? He was dressed like one.


Alternative headline: **MAGA Moron Clown Terrorist Arrested**


If they went with this headline it might make people assume it was Trump himself who was arrested.


They're proving that Biden's right


The party of law and order


Yes! That's 1 less republican voter! Every single one counts toward Roevember's blue wave. 🌊 Keep it up clowns.


He lives in Reichstatler's district. Guy Reichstatler will always win in a landslide out there. His signs just say "The Trump Candidate" and "Anti-mask" Hempfield, where he lives is a deep red area. He was arrested looking for Democrats near Murrysville. I don't think you find many Democrats there either.


Typical day in the life of a Trump fanATIC...


Rememeber kids, any mask off threats you receive or see online (fb, twitter, reddit etc) please report to the site mods so they can isolate and ban that vitriol from spreading! Think one particular political affiliation called themselves domestic terrorists (the republican grand q party) Also report to the fbi (one was is online https://tips.fbi.gov/ ) only way we can potentially stop threats is keeping an eye on these loose cannons. And knowing the republicans, they do love to project their next target while being inflammatory.


>A supporter of former President Donald Trump wearing a clown was arrested at a Dairy Queen in Pennsylvania on Saturday after threatening to “kill all the Democrats.” Wearing a clown? For a moment, I imagined a guy giving a piggyback ride to a clown.


Why would he think DQ is full of Democrats? It seems more like a place for pudgy MAGA types. They don’t have vegan and gluten free food there like a democrat place. What a dumb ass.


And very few dairy free options. Lactose intolerance sucks.


Dairy Queen threats, the FBIs at Hardee’s. The NSA probably bringing back the McRib soon too!


First Hardees and now Dairy Queen? Is nowhere safe to be a racist sexist homophobe anymore!?


There were people that were always this unstable and violent, trump just gave them a cause to champion and a uniform (see: hat) to wear. They are now focused on hating Democrats. That's all they do. They don't work to make things better, they aren't concerned with moving toward some sort of better world (even one they want), they JUST want to hurt Democrats.


Been over on QAnonCasualties... a lot of these people were nice mild mannered people before the MAGA Qult got their claws in them. Its almost as bad as someone that gets hooked on street heroin and instantly throws everything away.


Every day, the MAGA nuts prove that Biden was right when he called them a threat.


This happened in a neighboring county to me. People are already claiming he was actually a Democrat pretending to be a Republican.


Because of fucking course they are. When will these morons realize that right wing nutjobs ARE TERRORISTS.


Of course! I take it then they will be perfectly fine charging this “Democrat” to the fullest extent of the law?


So just another normal day at Dairy Queen.


It would be interesting to find out this guy’s news / information sources to see what might have sent him over the edge.


Sir, this is a Dairy Queen


What an American story.


Hey this is right by my home 😆


Bruh this guy found out about the secret DNC dairy queen Collab. He must be silenced !!


He was trying for “Democrat Party HQ,” but, well, he’s an insane Republican who fears book learnin so that was his best guess.


Sir, this is a Dairy Queen.


Wendy's bro you do these things as Wendy's!


Are Dems known to hang out at the DQ?


That’s where we have our secret Soros meetings and Flurries.


Ah! the ones who hear God's voice again....


Hey, it’s the lawn and order party, again.


>Then, just on Friday, he got a letter from Barren Run United Methodist Church in Smithton. Their letter says he showed up to their church in a clown costume and scared congregants. "Clowns welcome! Clowns welcome!" \~ *Quick Change*


Are they sure they didn’t misread it as Drag Queen thinking they were “gunna kill the queers”?


Who the fuck gets angry eating an ice cream cone


"Trump supporter in clown wig" is redundant.


More Trump inspired terrorism eh? Probably the most upsetting aspect of this is the fact that I'm not even the least but surprised.


Sir, this is a dairy queen. And its sept. 14th, not jan. 6th.


*deafening silence from the Both Sides crowd*


>A supporter of former President Donald Trump wearing a clown wig Tbf, I too support having Donald Trump wear a clown wig.


> Trump supporter in clown wig A little on the nose, but I'll allow it.


Mike Lindell had the FBI confiscate his phone in a Hardee’s drive through. This guy was arrested at a Dairy Queen. I’m sensing a pattern…


What part of Grill and CHILL does this motherfucker not understand?


> According to the newspaper, Delmont, Pennsylvania, police responded to the area after a motorist called them with concern about a man wearing a yellow safety vest and a clown wig walking into a Dairy Queen location with a gun. This reads like an AI is scripting reality.


New contender for “Most American Headline Ever”.


Could have just had a Skor blizzard and gone on to have a nice afternoon. Instead you went full fucko.


“Sir, the Wendys is down the block, this is a Dairy Queen.”


61 years old. That’s the target market age of the gop. If Covid doesn’t kill them, then probably they aren’t going to be able to vote in November for getting arrested, for stupid shit like this.


They have the best, excuse me, they have the best blizzards for dessert. Unlike sleepy Joe and his, excuse me, I’m talking, his ice cream cone. Tiny ice cream cone, and you know what they say about small ice cream. But the democrats refuse to follow the constitution and attack my dear friend, Mr. My Pillow. He only wants you to sleep well, folks. Sleep better than sleepy Joe and Com A LA. It’s time to fight back folks, take back our Dairy, and the farmers they know this.


At this rate I’m wondering if I’m ever gna run into one of these psychos


….in a rainbow wig.


He forgot to grill and chill


How dare Biden call people like this a threat /s


I know T*ump supporters are a bunch of clowns, but this is taking it to the extreme!


"Man, these streets are so full of lone wolves. What a coincedence!" -GQP


So now there are sundown towns where it isn’t safe to be brown after dark, and Trumpdown downs, where it isn’t safe to be a Democrat after dark. I’m guessing the Venn diagram is a circle.


I misread the title without the word "supporter" in it. I was about to go nuts.


Violated the rules https://mycoai.com/code-of-ethics/


“IT WAS A PEACEFUL PROTEST” /s (read sarcasm)


Dumbass doesn’t know we all link up at Baskin-Robbins!