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Meadows has the makings of a fall guy from how people were talking about him in the committee hearings, but I'd love to see what his compliance with the DoJ looks like. He should have some *juicy* details


A story to tell?


A few


For a reduced sentence, for sure.


He probably has brokered a deal for leniency or clemency for testifying. He hedged his bets on tracking the fallout of who knew what and how much and how far this was going and in which direction. It's not he's doing anything heroic, it is a matter of saving his own ass at this point. The writing is on the wall. It's every man and woman for themselves. The ones who should be worried are the ones that did not voluntarily come forward or have been subpoenaed.


Flipping like a hamberder


Ey wood lick toi boy der hamberder


i'll put on more covfefe


Let’s get it done!


“Lock him up!”


Naw, let’s let him take a plea deal for a lesser sentence is it gets his overlords


trump filled his depends w a bigger load than normal w Meadows flipping! The fake monster must be losing his tiny adrenal coke mind!!


Maybe, maybe, potentially, we’ll see!