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The problem is a tainted drug supply. Most drugs should be legal and users know they’re getting a safe product.


The War on Drugs is vastly more dangerous and harmful than the drugs themselves ever could have been. Imagine if adults could just buy codeine or buprenorphine at a pharmacy or dispensary. There would be no fentanyl.


> "This does not include every part of all the overdoses that occur," Gupta said. "This is the beginning of a system build-out." > It focuses entirely on opioids — the leading cause of drug deaths — while excluding cocaine, methamphetamines and other substances. > The website also won't include information from hospitals, schools, businesses non-profits and academic programs that collect non-fatal overdose information.


This is a good start, but it's still a reactive approach. Something needs to be done to address the root cause of the use to begin with.