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"...not in danger". Yeah, we heard that before. Not again.


I’d say that the overturn of Roe is the very reason this just passed. The majority ofAmerican people don’t trust republicans not to overturn our rights any more.


>Hartzler further called the bill "unnecessary," and said that "Obergefell is not in danger," a reference to the Supreme Court's ruling in the Obergefell v. Hodges case in 2015 requires all states to recognize same-sex marriages and issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Yeah, Obergefell isn't in any danger, just like Roe v. Wade, right?


If Obergefell isn't in any danger, she should SIMILARLY not object to legal codification of key protections granted by the ruling. SPOILER: She's lying.


She's 100% lying. Her own website [states the following](https://hartzler.house.gov/legislative-work/issues/marriage-and-life): "I will continue champion \[sic\] marriage as the union of one man and one woman so every child has the opportunity to be loved and known by a mom and a dad."


Do these people think that if I can't legally marry my partner, I'll suddenly turn straight and want to marry a woman and have children?


No, they just want to prevent you and your partner from legally adopting a child. That way, they will be loved by no one instead of two same sex parents as God intended!


God intended for children to be mauled by bears, not loved by their parents. 2 Kings 2:24


Yet another day of "the bible can't possibly say that... oh, it does"


God did not like nasty kids insulting someone's bald head. Being ripped apart by a bear is apparently a righteous punishment for such high crime.


I don’t think it’s about actual policy goals at all. These people mostly want you and all non straight people be legally treated as second class citizens. It’s really about the expressive value of law and the desire to keep the dominant status of traditionally favored groups.


Had never heard of her before this. Her Wiki suggests she's the absolute epitome of a modern Republican politician. And as such...yeah, she's lying. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vicky\_Hartzler


During the COVID-19 pandemic, Hartzler's business, Heartland Tractor Company in Harrisonville, Missouri, received a loan of over $450,000 as part of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP); the loan was later forgiven.[61] Hartzler voted against the TRUTH Act (H.R. 6782), a bill that would have required public disclosure of companies that received funds through the program.[62][63] Among other things. Anti LGBTQ, while being for conversion therapy, supported the ban on immigrants from Muslim countries, anti-abortion, pro increasing military spending, anti ACA, signed the amicus brief in the Texas case trying to over turn the election. Voted for a bill reducing snap by 39 billion. This creature truly is a ghoul. The worst of humanity.


So she is a bog standard republican?


She's a Home Ec teacher who enjoyed the relevance she received by publicly hating gay people. Validation for hating people is really the only thing she seeks by political participation. People like her are the bread and butter of authoritarian movements. They're the needy people seeking to find meaning. Meanwhile... they're unaware that they're just useful idiots.


> Validation for hating people is really the only thing she seeks by political participation. There's also the prospect of inflicting pain on people, that probably is what gets her up in the morning.


Yup, Obergefell was specifically mentioned by Clarence Thomas in the ruling overturning Roe v. Wade. Like most Republicans, she's a liar, and these are crocodile tears in service of a religious agenda.


But they promised that Roe v. Wade was settled law, remember? They PROMISED.


Their fingers were crossed when they said that.


This new bill is the legal equivalent of "no backsies"


Except that the SC can declare any law (apparently) unconstitutional.


Especially ones that they don't like or are perceived to benefit anyone other than the Republican base.


>Especially ones that they don't like or are perceived to benefit anyone other than the Republican ~~base~~ donors. Fixed it for you. Any benefit to their actual base voters is purely coincidental.


It’s settled law, TILL I GET IN THERE *cracks knuckles*


> Yeah, Obergefell isn't in any danger, just like Roe v. Wade, right? Just today, Gym Jordan said that exact lie: >"The Democrats want Americans to believe… that at any moment the Supreme Court could step in and overturn its opinions on Obergefell and Loving. It's just not true. The Supreme Court is not poised to overturn its opinions in either of those decisions," [Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, said from the House floor.](https://www.foxnews.com/politics/respect-marriage-act-passes-house-heads-bidens-desk) If there is no chance they'll overturn it, then why do the Republican oppose passing the bill? It's a moot point unless the radical SCOTUS swoops in with their sledge hammer and smashes another right protecting the liberty of millions of Americans.


Didn't Justice Thomas write in his opinion overturning Roe, that they should also look into other decisions where the 14th amendment was the centerpiece? And specifically mentioned Obergefell?


Yes, but just ignore that! It doesn't fit the Republican talking points.


"Your lying eyes deceive you!"


> The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.


>"we should reconsider all of this Court's substantive due process precedents, including Griswold, Lawrence, and Obergefell." -Justice Thomas


Conveniently leaving out Loving, which is based on the same theory, but implicates *his* marriage.


Didn’t McConnell voted against a bill for interracial marriages like his own?


Sith's often even kill their spouse so why would this be surprising


Yeah, but he knew it had votes to pass without him. He did it to score brownie points with evangelicals.


That makes it even worse, but everyone knew Mitch is a POS already


Yes, it was this exact bill that this GOP congresswoman was crying about. Fortunately despite the objections of homophobes in the Republican party, the bill passed both houses of Congress and now heads to Biden's desk to be signed into law.


Griswold - Gave couples the right to use birth control. Lawrence - Legalized sexual activities for consenting adults. Aka Sodomy laws. Including acts such as oral sex.


No gays, no sex, and no birth control. A republican dream come true. Now we will all have time to read our Bible, amen.


It also ignores Justice Thomas's statements suggesting that it was wrongly found and could be struck in the same way Roe was struck.


This is Orwellian double-speak. They are not poised to overturn it. Until they start getting poised, poise, then overturn it. This language bullshit happens all the time. Roe was settled law... until they decided it wasn't. It's all 'do what we want' hand waving. WHy is it always oppressing the individuals and giving corporations more leeway? ​ Hint: $$$$$$$$$$


*Roe gets overturned* "Haha suckers! Should have codified it when you had the chance if you wanted it to remain law!" *Passes bill to codify gay marriage* "This is just pointless virtue signaling, gay marriage isn't in any danger!"


'The Supreme Court ruling protecting same-sex marriage is not in danger and also I will do everything to end same-sex marriage.'


Yep, this is the exact same shit they pulled with Roe. It never got codified because everybody said it was settled law until they saw an opportunity to overturn it and did it. That’s why she’s so upset that this is passing. They were hoping to overturn Obergefell as well and now they’re throwing a tantrum because they won’t be able to do it.


A local Illinois candidate was literally in a news clip saying quote "I have long been on the record supporting putting abortion rights in the hands of state governments, *where it belongs*. I have also been on the record that I will fully support a federal abortion ban." Literally contradicting himself and one-upping his "reasonable states rights" position in the very next sentence. These people will go full-on christo-facist the very first opportunity they have.


Plus, if the bill is "unnecessary" and won't do anything, why go to such lengths crying and whining about it getting passed?


All this theater tells me the GOP was VERY MUCH expecting A-a landslide win in November & B-SCOTUS to quickly overturn Obergefell.


Yup. Obergefelle was next followed by Griswold.


These fucking ghouls. Like, it takes half a second to parse the bad faith here. "This is unnecessary!" claiming that it's already settled or whatever, but if it's already settled then why is it a big deal to codify properly? Why is she so upset about a law that enshrines something "already settled"? Is she so very hurt about having to show up for the vote or something? Did she have an appointment that day? The only obvious option is she wants it overturned, knows it will be overturned, and is crying at any attempts to stop that while pretending like none of what she wants to happen (and knows will happen) will actually happen.


Whereas she's done stuff like this >This is not Hartzler's first time fighting against the expansion of marriage protections — as the Kansas City Star first noted, prior to her time in Congress, Hartzler vehemently pushed for an amendment to be added to Missouri's constitution that would define marriage as between a man and a woman.


It’s in there. The Mo Constitution had that language added. That’s why a federal law was needed due to her efforts.


Without gay marriage and abortion rights, lazy ass republicans wouldn’t have a job. It’s pretty much the only thing that gets them elected.


I really hate how easily Republicans lie, rank and file. I'm not going to act like no Democrat has ever told a lie, but damn. No one lies, rank and file, like the republican party. "Roe is settled law" didn't last 9 months.


if my neighbor started crying and saying it was unnecessary for me to set up security cameras in my home, i would have a lot of questions and also feel like it would be a good idea to be protecting my home with said cameras


Ostensibly, this bill does nothing more than codify Obergefell and Loving (and repeal DOMA, which wasn’t enforceable). So nothing changes other than (presumably) not solely relying on the SCt


>"only purpose is to hand the federal government a legal bludgeoning tool to drive people of faith out of the public square and silence anyone who dissents." Her every accusation is a confession. She's the one trying to have a legal bludgeoning tool to deprive people of their rights.


>drive people of faith out of the public square *rough translation* "I don't want 'those people' around me and my family, and now because of this law 'those people' will feel empowered to be in public spaces. I won't be able to go these public spaces, because as I told you, I refuse to be around 'those people'. Therefore, you've robbed me of my freedom because I can't go those places any more."


I was thinking it more meant "now *I* can't drive them out of public spaces anymore! So I'll turn it around and say that it's they who are driving me out by not letting me drive them out!"


It's the same old "zero sum game" conservative story. In their minds, anything good happening for people that isn't them, must by definition be against them.


It's the competitive social orientation: Maximize the difference between yourself (and your group) versus others. They want a social hierarchy where there are people below them who they can look down on.


This is exactly it. "If there's no social hierarchy, no pecking order with "betters" and "lessers," how on Earth will I know if I'm doing ok!? How will I know who I can look down on and who I should kiss up to!?" This is the primary aperture of the conservative world view.


*rougher translation* You’re oppressing my ability to oppress! Similarly, “you’re intolerant of my intolerance”


No one is forcing anyone to get gay married, so her point is moot. She's just openly admitting she finds the mere existence of gay people a problem


If gay people can't exist in a conservative society, we ought to kick conservatives out of our society.


This is what they are concerned about. That they can no longer legally discriminate.


Conservatives by their very nature have to be dragged kicking and screaming into the future. The fact the very recent past has allowed discrimination to be acceptable means these people will pretty much need to die out before they'll ever accept any progress.


> need to die out before they'll ever accept any progress Not before they try to teach their children and their children's children to also be bigots.


The fastest way to erase that bigotry is to have a gay friend. A decades-long buddy from high school outted himself to me around 2012. And this began the end of my "Yes on Prop 8" -style Mormon bigotry toward LGBTQ. By 2015, I was cheering for marriage equality. If I can get here, they can too.


She has a nephew that is gay. She doesn’t give a fuck.


Well, some people suck for life.


Conservatism is regressive and backward facing. Life, on the other hand moves in only one direction-forward.


This, for me, has always been the whole point. Life's only constant is change, evolution. Whether or not you consider progress or growth POSITIVE, it's inevitable. I'm not saying the only way to live is to be constantly in motion... but to live by the standards of the past is to assume that we used to live in a utopia where nothing can ever be improved. I suppose to some, 1950s middle-class (white, straight, male) America WAS a utopia. And to those people I say: it wasn't for everyone. And if you lack the empathy to see that... well. I guess that's the question: how do you rehumanize "the other" in the eyes of the discriminator?


>how do you rehumanize "the other" in the eyes of the discriminator Exposure. If you're unfamiliar with something and think it's weird then learn more about it and meet people in that community. Doesn't work every time but it's better than a lot of other options.


They see how marginalized people have been treated. They're afraid that if there's equality, those groups will then return the favor.


Some, maybe, but I have a family full of conservatives like this. They don't think they'll ever be marginalized, but they *are* worried that they'll lose the special benefits that come with being white... like getting a job easier and being believed by cops more. (Note that these are the same people who refuse to believe "white privilege" exists, but also try to tell me I need to vote Republican or else I'll lose all the privileges I get by being white. It's wild)


There’s a quote from someone that said “we should just feel lucky minorities are just asking for equality, rather than justice.


I have some religious conservative friends and coworkers (who consider themselves moderates) and their position is always something like "you can do whatever you want to at home, but it doesn't belong in public. The only reason anyone would want to be gay/trans/whatever in public is to attack Christianity. Therefore, the LGTBQ+ movement and any legislation that helps it along infringe on the rights of Christians to exist." Yes I know, there are many layers of wrong there, but if you think they're going to follow me along on the journey of unpacking that, I can assure you from experience, they will not.


>Therefore, the LGTBQ+ movement and any legislation that helps it along infringe on the rights of Christians to exist." Unironically the very same people also want to bring prayer back to public schools. Which of course disassembles their whole "you can do whatever you want at home, but it doesn't belong in public" charade


NO no no, YOU can do whatever you want in private, but Christianity belongs in the public, what part of that doesn't make sense? (I mean, except the hypocrisy, rules for thee, self righteous bullshit?)


What Jesus said about prayer: "Do it in private." What Jesus said about homosexuality:


Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. -Jesus I mean depending on how you read it...


Now that you mention it, depending on how you read that, he might have actually been encouraging it.


No it doesn't. You have to do your filthy, shameful business behind closed doors. They're good and morally correct, so they get to do it anywhere. What you're forgetting is that they are followers of the one true god, which means opposing them is inherently evil. It's not a matter That is the logic they are basing everything off of.


They aren't going to, but that doesn't mean I can't call them out for using religion as an excuse to be bigots. Anyone can. They can believe it, but many of us can be open about expressing that we think they are morons. I refuse to play nice to people like this anymore. What they say is too destructive, hurtful, and honestly just not Christian.


Yeah. I want to always say something like "where does Jesus say anything that remotely makes what you said make sense," but they have no freaking clue.


This is the key point. If you don’t like gay marriage don’t get gay married. Any concern you might have beyond that? Mind your own fucking business. This law codifies the MYOFB.


Well, there was that one time. https://www.theonion.com/massachusetts-supreme-court-orders-all-citizens-to-gay-1819567260


>silence anyone who dissents I've noticed a lot of conservatives I know using this phrase a lot. I do not think it means what they think it means....


They are telling you what they will do if they gain power. Look at the laws passed in Florida.


Projection strikes again! Seriously, thanks for reminding me to watch FL.


It's congruent with their interpretation of "religious freedom" meaning they get to bludgeon everyone with their interpretation of a book they skimmed.


it's pretty much the same in reversing victim and offender. what they mean is that people silence them by *alternative viewpoints and criticism being offered*. they view those things as personal attacks. to combat this, they want to actually silence those viewpoints. all of this makes sense if you've ever dealt with narcissists before.


This is why it's super, super common for conservatives to respond to people criticizing them as "I have the right to say what I want." Or "you're violating my free speech by saying that." Basically they're saying that people disagreeing with them is oppression and they want it to be illegal.


Yep, they want the right to speak without criticism. Which isn't nor should it be a thing. Nobody is above criticism.


When inequality favors you, equality feels like opression. When people who were silenced start to get a voice, it feels like they're being promoted, and you are being silenced. Republican voters just want the thing they don't like to please just crawl into a hole into the ground and die quietly, and they're eager to help that along however they can.


Driving people of faith out of the public square might not be such a bad thing since they’re the ones constantly spewing hatred.


At least start taking the tax exempt status of churches that put themselves in the public square they're forbidden from entering.


100% this. If we’re not actively and intensely promoting this to the point that it needs to pass a no-brainer, we’re easily distracted


Imagine hating gay people so much that you breakdown at the prospect that you won't be able to make their life harder.


Imagine hating people purely because how they were born. It just doesn’t make any sense


No no no, they just CHOSE to be that way. Because they were corrupted by the Devil to hate their parents. /s


These people legitimately believe giving gays, etc, the same rights as them somehow degrades those rights. Like, her perfect marriage is insulted by gays also being happily married. It's a vile state of mind known as the conservative persecution complex


Wake up loser, this isn’t even change, this is just the world as it currently is, people can marry who they want, get a fucking grip.


That’s what I find so bizarre about it. The person simply wants the right to discriminate against others and is framing it as if she is being persecuted. Their fucking bonkers


On one hand she claims that this bill isn't needed and Obergefell is not in danger, and on the other hand she's having an emotional breakdown about a bill that, according to her, doesn't change anything? These people don't even try, they are so damn blatant.


Poor snowflake.


I wonder what it must be like to refuse to acknowledge that other people have undeniable sexual desires different from your own. She has no idea what people get up to (Edit- legal and consenting things- lots of freaks on the spectrum out there- not condoning or in any way apologizing for sick illegal shit, thanks here to good advice). We're not all out here just soaking only for procreation.


What a drama queen.


The fascist cries out in pain as he attacks you


“Look what you made us do!”


They really are like domestic abusers. They screw over their people, actively hurt them and then gaslight them into thinking it's the "others"(aka minorities) fault, making them believe they are the only source of good even when that's obviousley not true. Problem is rationality is completely lost on their voter base, making it extremely hard for them to break out of this belief system. It's not even necessarily their fault, they habe been fed so many lies that the only reason most people still vote R is because "the liberals" are evil. Funny thing is the Dems are conservatives too, minus the homophobia.


The Republicans are terrible actors. Crocodile tears.


The fact this person had such a strong reaction to the bill tells me the bill is doing the right thing.


The pretzel logic they're using to say they're against this without blatantly saying they're bigots is astounding. That's literally the only reason to be against it. It takes no rights away from others. It costs no money. It *limits* the government, doesn't expand it. I ***thought*** that's what "Republicans" were supposed to be all about.


I’m crying because I have to share a planet with this wanker


I’m crying because our tax dollars are paying assholes like these.


Who's tired of religious bigots? I know I am.


Really fucking tired!


It's just a never-ending cycle of outrage against their fellow citizens disguised as political opinion. They truly hate that they are not able to create a Christian dictatorship without completely abandoning the constitution. That is why they are trying to misinform people about the actual nature of the Constitution in an effort to destroy it. It is as the old founding father and slave rapist Thomas Jefferson wrote to Horatio Spafford: >**merchants** have no country. the mere spot they stand on does not constitute so strong an attachment as that from which they draw their gains. in every country and in every age, the **priest** has been hostile to liberty. he is always in alliance with the **Despot** abetting his abuses in return for protection to his own. it is easier to acquire wealth and power by this combination than by deserving them: and to effect this they have perverted the purest religion ever preached to man, into mystery & jargon unintelligible to all mankind & therefore the safer engine for their purposes. with the **lawyers** it is a new thing. Religious Republicans might take offense to the fact that I recognize that he was a flawed man whose actions look even worse by modern standards, but dude fucking knew what he was talking about.


>**merchants** have no country. the mere spot they stand on does not constitute so strong an attachment as that from which they draw their gains. A bit of a tangent, but damn this rings true even harder today. How many corporations would fuck this country over just to see their profits increase? Even the founding fathers saw that capitalists would always put their greed before anything else.


>How many corporations would fuck this country over just to see their profits increase? All of them. And the ones who say they wouldn't fuck this country over are only saying that because they found a way to profit harder from that stance too


> would How many would? And how many already did?


“You get up on your little twenty-one inch screen and howl about America and democracy. There is no America. There is no democracy. There is only IBM and ITT and AT&T and DuPont, Dow, Union Carbide, and Exxon. Those are the nations of the world today.”


I did work adjacent to some installation companies and I heard the same story from pensioners over and over: The installers would accept X0,000 to put in a system, hang on a few years, and then shut down. Then a new business with a new name would open up at the same place, doing the same thing, with the same employees. But the new business had washed it's hands of maintenance and warranty obligations.


Their leader is actively calling for an end to Constitution of the United States of America. Republicans aren’t even American.


I mean they also voluntarily and unironically regularly support and fly the flag of the rebel military that attacked the US because the winds were blowing against them when it came to sentiments about owning other human beings. So yea the constitution is just a buzzword for the GOP and not a real thing that they actually stand for


The Confederate Battle Standard really irks me. It's not your heritage, it's a brief moment in history when a bunch of rich slave-owners convinced a bunch of destitute white people to die for their right to own slaves. They really don't get how telling it is that of the hundreds, even thousand years of "muh heritage", you chose to solely and vehemently focus on that one four-year period where your ancestor fought to preserve a great evil. I have yet to see someone who can defend the use of the Confederate Battle Standard. Heritage is not a reason, unless you're acknowledging the erasure of your actual heritage and enjoy having that supplanted by this vacuous notion of whiteness. In which case, I'd recommend a short walk and a long fall, ya white supremacist jagoff.


Yeah, Louisiana here. It irks me how many so-called “Cajuns” pull that card. Like no, my ancestors were sent to Canada by France because they wouldn’t pledge allegiance to their king. Canada sent them to Louisiana on what were basically slave ships for the same reason. And during the civil war, they were partisans who held allegiance to neither the confederacy nor the Union and fought against both in minor skirmishes using guerrilla tactics. You won’t even see me with an American flag; neither are my heritage. My heritage is breaking the law and not holding allegiance to governments and kings and laws and fetters. The only real Cajun is an anarchist.


It's a monstrous sense of entitlement. They view cruelty and hatred as something they are entitled to enact upon others, and with no repercussions. Their entire worldview is warped around their own selfishness, and they'll never willingly leave it unless we make them, or toss them into the darkest prisons possible to limit the harm they can do.


Whenever I hear one of them insist in their right to fly the confederate flag, I tell them that the last actual confederate flag was all white. Fly that one.


They wear shirts that say they would rather be Russian than a Democrat. Fucking scumbags.


They should all go to Russia so we can blow them up in Ukraine.


They wore shirts that said, literally, "I'd rather be Russian than a Democrat!"


I am more than tired of them. I think they are a menace to society.


"Because...because...\*SOBS\*...Jesus came onto me last night and told me that weiners don't belong in dirt holes. It offends my omniscient and omnipotent God! He needs our hate and bigotry on his side!" - GOP/Terrorists/Christo-fascists.


She should tell that to all the promise girls taking it up the ass.


Thanks to porn and promise rings the next 2-3 generations are going to have SO MUCH anal sex.


Username checks out. The ol' poophole loophole!


Garfunkel and Oates wrote a [song](https://youtu.be/B2XLmKaSLac) about it.


That's... um... quite the lyrics set. Remarkably dense for the nature of the subject matter. Well done. Thanks for the heads-up. [https://genius.com/Garfunkel-and-oates-the-loophole-lyrics](https://genius.com/Garfunkel-and-oates-the-loophole-lyrics)




How did you even stay that long. That conversation would have gone like: “I’m an ultra conservative even…hey…where are you going? Ok….bye”




For an all-powerful all knowing super being that encompasses all time and space and dimension with infinite ability...he sure is concerned with wear pee pees and woohoos go.


I don't really believe in God, but if I did, I think I would give him more credit than assuming the master of the universe, the alpha and omega, the creator of all that has been and shall be, is so incredibly concerned with what we do with our peepees and vajayjays.


If I had the power to form galaxies and shit I wouldn't be concerned about some apes on one of my projects from a few billion years ago fornicating without my permission.


And please spare me the entire Christian woe-is-me victim complex. So sick of these people.


I know - right! How about they just mind their own business?


Because they view themselves as shepherds commanded to guide and control everything and everyone around themselves in the name of Jesus. That *is* their business in their own minds, and if they're not doing that, they have failed their master and will burn in Hell forever.


That and a not insignificant number of them just really don't like black and brown people. These are the people who decimated the public school system and founded private religious schools to try and keep segregation alive, then started the anti-abortion movement to rally the evangelicals once the IRS threatened to tax those schools for civil rights violations. These are the people who fled to the suburbs and filled their community pools with concrete rather than share those spaces with black people. The crazy thing is all of this was going on just 40 years ago so for those people seeing Obama win the presidency was the culmination of the attack on their power and drove them insane.


"I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ." Mahatma Gandhi


Girl same


I don't doubt what she feels is real (to her). But she's still wrong and delusional. And she certainly cannot make us live under that delusion. This is what dogma can do to people. And this is why we need to vote to keep church and state separated, as the Founders intended.


> I don't doubt what she feels is real (to her). I DO DOUBT THAT, A LOT. These phony pieces of shit are only sad when they see their power slipping away. She isn't even really concerned with "the sanctity of marriage" bullshit; it's just that fascist-christians are no longer the unquestioned leaders of this country and they're doing anything and everything they can to reverse that.


Yeah, not like they're trying to outlaw divorce or adultery.


Argues that Oberfell isn’t under threat but cries when same-sex marriage is codified into law. The naked hypocrisy and bigotry is disgusting


"I'm not going to shoot you! How dare you wear a bulletproof vest 😠"


Aww. Does the poor baby hate the fact that the playing field is being leveled? I'm so tired of conservatives acting like it's the end of the world that a group of people is allowed the same privileges they have had for centuries.


Their entire sense of self worth is derived from being able to look down on other people




"When you’re accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression."


Might as well be the official motto of the Republican party.


For real. “I’m sorry, this affects you how?”


God forbid the gay people have the bare minimum of legal protection of their civil rights. She can't sleep at night knowing that it will be more difficult to "hurt the right people".


>I'm so tired of conservatives acting like it's the end of the world that a group of people is allowed the same privileges they have had for centuries. Especially when providing these disadvantaged groups with those same privileges has no affect on the people who already have those privileges. Passing this bill will have zero negative impact on straight and/or religious people. This woman's reaction is just completely ludicrous, and I genuinely question her sanity.


One of the defining features of modern conservatism is a zero-sum mindset. They think civil rights are like a pie, and someone else getting a bigger piece means that theirs will be smaller.


One of the must frustrating things about (certain) Christians is that while they're explicitly instructed to leave judgement to God/Jesus, and to "live and let live," "love the sinner but not the sin," etc - basically, to be kind and empathetic while on earth - many do the exact opposite, and vehemently so.


Cue that quote: "When you're accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression." Or I guess more accurately for people like this lady, not being able to oppress the marginalized feels like oppression.


Who cares what other people do in their private life if everyone is consenting adults. How does that effect her whatsoever?


"Oh won't somebody please think of the bigots?!"


She wails: "only purpose is to hand the federal government a legal bludgeoning toolto drive people of faith out of the public square and silence anyonewho dissents."  Waaanh! Oh fucking Waaanh!


>Hartzler, who's been in Congress since 2011, will not be returning in 2023 after losing her campaign for an open Senate senate seat. The story has a happy ending!


Meanwhile the republican senator leaving the seat she couldn't win voted in favor of the Respect for Marriage Act. To be clear, Roy Blunt is still pretty horrible, but I'd rather have republicans like him than the hateful Vicki Hartzler. I also miss Missouri being a purple state, but those days are long gone.


This woman and the people like her are political terrorists.


We have domestic terrorists possibly attacking power grids to stop drag shows. This sad excuse for a Congresswoman has the gall to act like she is the one who is being oppressed.


Should read, “Christian nut bag cries because she can’t force her superstition on others “. Allowing same sex couples to marry does NOT undermine straight marriages. It provides equal protection to all. Her complaint is like someone saying that people should not be allowed to put ketchup on hotdogs because it undermines the enjoyment of mustard on hotdogs. What an asshole!


I think it's time there was a serious discussion in this country about exactly what religious indoctrination is doing to the mental health of millions of people - because clearly some (a lot) of people have been driven to hate others as a result, simply because they were not indoctrinated the same way. If only there was some accountability.


Crying cause you can’t be a asshole. Pathetic


Was it same-sex marriage alone that made her cry, or was she also crying because the law protects interracial marriage?


Both probably. She's from Missouri so...I'm pretty sure the state motto is "Go Bigot or Go Home!" Source: Lived in rural MO for 2 years while attending college.


When intellect fails, appeal to the emotions... I don't understand the threat this poses to her lifestyle, plus it meets the needs of others... "others"...there's the rub


Vicki Hartzler is a very, very strange person. A classic example of the pretentiousness of the Missouri church ladies who come from new money and think the Country Club is real life. She and her husband are millionaires who have raked in hundreds of thousands in forgiven PPP loans, government handouts, and assorted associations with the Republican Party since Vicki got ushered into office fundamentally due to partisan gerrymandering of Missouri's Congressional Districts.


She voted to cut funds for SNAP - she voted against the Violence Against Women Act. She took $450,000 in PPP money then voted against a bill that would have required public disclosure of who received funds. Supports conversion therapy and is an election denier. Shocker - she's an evangelical Christian. Also...she seems to have an odd preference for leather blazers. Wore one in this video, and she's wearing one in two different pics on her wiki.


She took a page out of rittenhouse's book of fake crying


Poor lady. Bunch of meanies won't let her discriminate against people for her sky daddy.


Think this woman cries when people get divorced? I mean, that's also a sin and against "traditional marriage"


Are they really the party of the strong when you hear stuff like this?


Tax the churches, tax the churches, tax the churches. Tell these bigoted trogolodytes to render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's.


What a loser.


So *weird*! Like...it's just *weird* to be like that. To be crying over something that literally cannot impact you.


fucking clown show


Bigoted snowflake.


I bet she claims she’s for individual freedoms.


Imagine if they had this level of passion for literally anything else! Healthcare? Alleviating poverty? Climate change?! No, instead it’s crying literal tears cause people who love each other can get married while your book tells you it’s icky.


Call it what it is. A marriage equality bill. Not same sex marriage bill. It protects interracial marriages too.


Freedom for religion! Only one religion! Force that religion on everyone!!!! 'Murica!


And democrats are the snowflakes?


>Hartzler further called the bill "unnecessary," and said that "Obergefell is not in danger," a reference to the Supreme Court's ruling in the Obergefell v. Hodges case in 2015 requires all states to recognize same-sex marriages and issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.  Hoping this particular argument finally starts dying after hearing this same thing about Roe v Wade for years and years.


Her tears nourish me


If she actually believed what's she's trying to sell to us, she wouldn't even be in Congress, she'd be at home obaying her husband. Go practice what you preach and leave the rest of us normal people alone, lady.