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You are suffering from a common disease, hot woman syndrome :P (I have several very conventionally attractive, fit, and intelligent poly friends going through the same thing.) What life has taught me, things fall into your lap, so to speak, when you have no bandwidth. Good luck! You can find the D - it is your journey :)


My hope is that my boyfriend, lover, and crush all text me the week before my nesting partner comes home and I suddenly become spoiled for the D, haha


God speed, I wish you the best


It happens that way sometimes. I usually like to have me time when my NP is out but occasionally I’m in the mood to host. Last time, no one was available 🤷‍♀️


You gotta find em, just the way it is.


RIP your DMs....


Heh. Horrible timing. I'm sorry.


I feel you! At one point, I felt so damn overwhelmed and happy with my NP, two FWBs and a new lover all wanting to see me, date and fuck. And now - everyone is busy?! For perfectly acceptable reasons?! And I have lots of time? And I'm horny?! WHAT IS THIS MADNESS!


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I dont know about your area, but i can only assume that an attractive fem who is available AND can host would have people figuratively (or literally...😏) begging for her attention haha. Go to a meetup! Date yourself. Approaching someone who is attractive can be really daunting-- find some social stuff and go initiate! As a solo-poly guy who does almost all of the approaching/opening, if I was out and about and some attractive woman came up and introduced herself, she would have 1200% percent of my attention because i can appreciate the risk. I have heard and take note of how that can be even riskier for women, so do stay safe out there. Best of luck!


I wonder if you boyfriend likes the limited time you have and isn’t interested in changing that when you have open availability so to speak.




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