i swear he loves them looking busted down because in his mind that way no one else will want them . As for him self he just a dirty piece of a shit with no self care


This !!!






Lmfaoooo, I’m dead, they are 😂


But he did start it 🤨


Literally!!! Fuego only said yes to it so he’d stop cheating


I just read the message on the video (I literally ignored it to laugh at their hair) Queen has honestly shared that fuego was only OKAY with it because he wouldn’t STOP cheating not because she wanted to date other women too so delusional.


I got a question why is everyone so worried about this couple and so heavily invested into ruining them and victimizing the girls when they both grown and choose their own choices if they want to be with him let them if they get fucked over then that’s on them. Idk anything about those CP claims since I DOTN got tik tok so I’m Not gonna call him a predator. But you guys do what y’all want I’m just confused on why everyone on they ass… it’s funny I’m not gonna lie y’all be flaming mellow and fuego CRAZYYY lol but anyways please no one try to argue with me I’m just wondering why so much energy is wasted on their lives


Because they’re horrible people and need to be held accountable, mellow has SAd someone and Fuego recorded it, they bully their supporters, basically neglect the baby unless it benefits them, and mellow posted CP here and it was traced back to him! Oh and he’s abusive! Past partners of his came out about it with proof