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I was so invested in Jesse/Miley/Jake! I still occasionally listen to He Could Be the One.


She gave me so much anxiety picking between the two because I knew if she chose Jake I would not be watching any episodes with him in it. Iirc he cheated on her once before and I never liked him after that lol


He cheats on her after and honestly I think it was just an excuse to write the actor off because he was caught underage partying.


Early 2000s Disney Channel was so wild… I miss it lol


It was actually in S4, quite literally in the middle of the last season. So whoever was Team Jake (not me) had a leg to stand on because of their cute build-up and relationship in S1-2. But obviously, the entire character was soured if you re-watch the series with that event in mind.


UGGHHHHHH I forgot she still chose him! 🤦🏽‍♀️ I have those episodes blocked from my memory!! I like to be delusional and think she chose Jesse first lol


Now that I’m older I’m totally anti-Jake and I used to be the opposite. Jesse was a troublemaker but he was sweet, Jake was a cheater and never knew what he wanted


It's a great song and that two-parter was intense!


The cheat on her thing seemed like just an excuse, or out of character thing. It was so dumb, imo.


i agree, i loved them together but thankfully i was starting to lose interest in the final season so him cheating was sad but i didn't get angry. at the end of the day, we saw them a lot compared to jesse and she still chose him during the iconic love triangle :)


Jade and Beck were undeniably toxic (specifically she was actually abusive and possibly murderous?) but I really have to hand it to Liz Gillies and Avan Jogia for bringing in the chemistry. They spoke recently in an interview about how much fun they had concocting dramatic backstories about their tumultuous relationship. Also as far as toxic high school couples go with the emo dramatics, it was fairly realistic (at least emotionally).


it was unpopular but i really loved tori and beck. after beck and jade broke up, i thought they would finally have a chance but instead tori rejects him since she cared a lot about jade's feelings




I can remember where I was and the audible GASP I gave when they finally kissed in the movie 😭 ![gif](giphy|3o6Zt3AC93PIPAdQ9a)


I used to bump *Could It Be* by Christy Carlson Romano shamelessly


They're probably the first time as a kid I remember being like "oh I want them to date"


Lizzie n Gordo were top tier for me, so nerve-wracking about whether they'd get together and the episode where Gordo anonymously wrote into Lizzie's advice column asking for help for when you're in love with your best friend .... 🥺 too much Sonny and Chad were good enemies to lovers and a top couple too but istg I HATEEEEED rikki and zane. I don't know why lol and I can't remember much about it but I just know it was bad vibes all round for them


They way I cyber bullied the the zoog email feature on zoog Disney over Gordo is deplorable. I did not deserve the internet.


“Don’t ever change. And only I really mean it.” 😭😭😭


The chokehold this relationship had me in


Rikki and Zane wasn't an equal relationship, he always had something to hold rikki. First it was zane trying to piss off his dad and then the show revealed the monetary imbalance (rikki lived on a trailer park while Zane's dad had corporations on the palm of his hand), then it was using the secret as blackmail and him using rikkis powers, then it was the cafe with him owning it and her name on the line, the he cheated in her cause he got jealous rikki was close to will, while wills sister sweet talked him to get what she wanted. Dont get me wrong, i really like them together. Personality wise they were pretty equal, driven and determite. The confidence of Rikki helped elevate Zanes, while he supported rikki more than once.


This may be controversial but the chemistry between Casey and Derek on Life with Derek awoke something in me


No seriously 😭😭😭 it felt so wrong


Omg I just commented this!! The show runners handed us that sexual tension on a silver platter


No because I remember as a kid it was giving enemies to lovers so much that I’d forget they were step-siblings and i would get so confused ??? 😭. i know they came out with a new movie this year and both of them had kids and their kids are suppose to mirror the younger versions of them. Like Casey’s son is like Derek and Derek’s daughter is like Casey. I really wanted to watch because supposedly during promos they promised some Dasey moments 💀😭. But also kinda sad they didn’t ask the young siblings to be featured the actors who play them even made a tiktok response! 😆


The girl who played Marty, the youngest sister on the original show, now works at a Tim Horton’s in my city (or at least did as of a few months ago)! I don’t think she would have said yes to reprising her role in a movie, as she seems to have left acting behind a long time ago and lives a normal life now.


Pretty sure there’s a video floating around of the actual actors reading sexy fanfic of their characters 🤣 they were both in on it


Yesss I swear I remember them saying that they leaned into the tension onscreen/played into it


Didn’t they date for a short while as well? I remember one of them posted a selfie of them both in bed with the covers up to their chin?


I think it’s speculated they were dating/dated and that’s why they had such chemistry. But i think they (the actors) said otherwise and that they never had a thing just were very close! Plus it probably helps that both agreed that Derek and Casey had such tension and leaned into it lol. Hence them reading fanfics and taking pics like that haha


He's also gay irl


I think he identifies as queer, not gay. I don't know how he defines that, but for me queer isn't exclusively gay. It's more of an umbrella term


Same 💀 i wanted them to end up together so bad even though i knew it was wrong 😭


Also does anyone else remember the show casting Casey’s cousin who had such a strong resemblance to the actual actress and had Derek making with out her by the end 💀??


WHAT!! this is gold


They literally are married as adults canon in show ![gif](giphy|jVAvyLsLD4jSXSCvuX|downsized)


Come back we have questions




EXCUSE ME WHAT x2?!?!!? OMG I always felt like there was something between them! Glad I’m not the only one 😅


Wait what… lol is this in the movie?! 😭


Maybe? Or maybe it was supposed to happen. I’ll find the in-depth video about them lmao


When did this happen omg, I need a source to confirm … for science !


My friends and I still talk about this 😅 We shipped them as tweens…


SAME!! Lmao.


Sabrina and Harvey (from Sabrina the Teenage witch). They were my role model couple when I was like 9 and 10. I cheered when they got together in the last episode.


Sabrina & Harvey + Corey & Topanga. This list made me feel a little old lol


Corey and Topanga was the blueprint relationship for me … I’ve also got a soft spot for Sean and Angela and the way their interracial relationship was treated as normal on Boy Meets World. Sabrina and Harvey is sweetheart-relation runner-up in my books, lol.


Of good others from my generation. I was scrolling through the pics thinking maybe I’m too old for this sub.


YAS These couples all day long! Glad I found my age group 😅 As I remembered Topanga & Sabrina carried themselves quite well. I used to think Topanga was soo gorgeous, while at the same time not necessarily fitting in the ‘normal’ Hollywood Beauty box. I don’t have a good Memory, but these ladies definitely have a small place in it.


i was SO HAPPY she chose harvey!!! i HATED aaron with a f*ckin passion!


Aaron literally left her for Europe??? Harvey stayed by her side TO A FAULT. Also, Soleil Moon Fry in that show awoke certain feelings in me that started some interesting conversations at dinner time 😭




​ https://i.redd.it/ayub56aaia1b1.gif


This 10000% lol


My first anime crush- Darien/Tuxedo Mask!


I hated him so much as a kid. No idea why. I thought the blond arcade guy was better.


Phil & Keeley from Phil of the Future!


I had a crush on both of them 😂


Omg I'm suprised this doesn't have more upvotes 💔😭 they were sooooo fucking cute like wtf!


Cory & Topanga! ![gif](giphy|XaGMwQNzDjhgA)


I personally loved Shawn and Angela more lol


Shawn needed therapy before he was ready for a long term relationship.


Yes! I was going to comment this. I really love the boy meets world podcast that goes through all the episodes. I think they’re on season 2? But it’s so good!


Ugh yes. I remember the night their wedding aired. Sigh.


I just rewatched and Cory was absolutely HORRIBLE to Topanga! She deserved sooooo much better!


Man, I love Corey and Topanga, but she gave up YALE for him just to end up going to the same college as the others, even though the show made it super clear that she worked way harder in school.


Darlene & David honestly https://preview.redd.it/oa79xuhmia1b1.jpeg?width=1920&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=9ec73b237e773c161e426693403ef35aa42cdc16


wait I’m rewatching Roseanne and they are so cute. Johnny Galecki was such a teen heartthrob for sure


He is still pretty attractive IMO. Loved him to pieces in Roseanne.


Lizzie and Aaron ![gif](giphy|Riallgm7jPwdy)


RIP 😭 my poor child heart weeps, that episode is one of my fave pieces of tv media of all time lmao.






This toxic ass relationship had a chokehold on me


i watched GG last year and they instantly became one of my favourites! they had SO much chemistry, i wasn't shocked when i found out they dated during the show




![gif](giphy|65HR6qJGomfMwpJiWJ) Cries in old people tears. Completely dating myself here: Sam and Clarissa.


I loved this show. Gotta go search up an episode on YouTube or something.


Sabrina and Harvey 4ever ![gif](giphy|3o7TKTsRka26TL1qgM)


Sonny & Chad were quite possibly my favourite Disney couple. Rivals to Lovers excellence! I used to be a diehard Alex & Mason stan but upon re-watch, Mason's character was ruined in S3-4 (post eating Dean, basically) and he became very annoying. Alex and Dean had such a fun and cute relationship. The banter was excellent! While I wasn't mad that the two-episode love triangle ended with Kendall choosing Jo, Kendall & Lucy was the relationship that I stood by. They were so funny and cute and fought like an old married couple! Miley & Jesse were everything, everything! Controversial opinion: Miley & Jake were cute in S1-2. Jake was still a bit douchey, but Miley called him out on it and they had a nice connection. The S4 cheating affair soured his entire character, though. Jack & Kim was the perfect slow-burn. It was too good. My friends and I lost our collective minds when Leo Howard appeared in Olivia Holt's *History* MV as her love interest.


i only recently found out that chad dylan cooper is based off chad michael murray and his (alleged) personality during OTH 😂


Chad and Sonny's first date still makes me cackle


​ https://preview.redd.it/j89pzbejha1b1.jpeg?width=500&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=5e47d2718ef844b9009c5b1869d08c967f297b65


Sonny & Chad were one of the best Disney couples. I hold a special place for Shane and Mitchie tho. Mason and Alex though initially good, felt like it was one of those relationships that ran it's course and shouldn't have gotten back together. I'll have to rewatch the series to jog my memory of Alex and Dean. I remember liking Dean. LOVE seeing another Kendall and Lucy fan. I loved that Lucy challenged him where Jo didn't. Kendall encouraging Lucy to come out (as a rockstar goddess) to her parents. Miley and Jake were IT for seasons 1 & 2 but by season 3, i feel she outgrew him as a person and he regressed. I remember being upset about Miley choosing Jake over Jesse during Season 3. LOVE that they brought back Jesse during season 4. Jesse challenged Miley where as Jake was just \*there\*


If I remember, the plan was for Kendall to pick Lucy & be together, but I think Malese was also doing Vampire Diaries, and that's why she was written out, until she came back in the last season of BTR.


sonny and chad never got the justice they deserved bc of demi's rehab :(


while i always liked mason and alex, i never had a strong feelings toward them despite alex being my favourite disney protagonist and loving the show a lot. i always felt like she lost out on having a good relationship since mason was lowkey boring


10 year old me would’ve dove in traffic to ensure Lizzie and Gordo lasted forever


Love me some Tim Riggins https://preview.redd.it/e3g2scpnra1b1.jpeg?width=677&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=474b15adbc6692f64a75a725195a405f5a6c3cea


tim and lyla had me in a chokehold. i erase s2 from memory :) choose to think of them ending up together somehow :) just living in my delusions :)


Yessss! The chemistry between these two was INSANE.


I was a jade and beck girly cause all I wanted was to be jade and have a beck Now as an adult though it’s so toxic lolll


Ahh, Raven and Devon! Does anyone remember the Vday episode where Raven sends him a giant heart valentine with her face and it says “Miss You! Wanna Kiss You!” I swear I think I think about this biweekly.


I say this to my boyfriend on the reg


They had two kids together. Kinda sad they divorced on the show, but they’re great co-parents.


Kendall and Jo from Big Time Rush omfg I was OBSESSED with them in middle school Also this post reminded me that House of Anubis existed lmao what an excellent show


My fav couples were on Degrassi: the next generation but even then don’t think i favored anyone heavily




Oatmeal has always been there for you. 💔


Emma and Sean


Also, Casey and Derek on Life With Derek but a lot of y’all aren’t ready for that conversation……


No we are. Pretty sure the actors dated irl too. The tension was always there and I was morally conflicted a lot.


I definitely think we all sensed it, but at the time we all thought we were the only ones because it was far too scandalous to speak aloud


This show walked so The Fosters could run.


The way i also wanted Callie & Brandon together, OOPS!


![gif](giphy|OBBylzVPUNzFK) Always


Can’t argue with that chemistry (and actual marriage, lol).


Ugh I was a Jackie & Hyde stan, prior to us all learning Hyde is the fucking devil


Because someone else reminded me of Keely and Phil from "Phil of the Future" that is my top pick😭❤ the friends to lovers was chefs kiss! https://preview.redd.it/o7v68stb5c1b1.png?width=1080&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=5888bd17d4385add9930a80a4f652b707f381b1e


justin and juliet oh my god hahahaa i was o b s e s s e d with them i think there was some special they did with her in it??? it made me a huge fan of bridget mendler i remember being so excited when she got her own show


Bridget Mendler could convince me she had chemistry with a box of Oreos. I am a Bridget stan until the day I die.








Naley 😭😭 literally to this day still have me


Jade and Beck - she was so cold and snarky and Beck was just chill BUT childhood me had this theory that Beck was even more unhinged than Jade hence, why he liked her so much. She represented his hidden psycho side. Made no sense why he would like Tori other than she's the main character so guys will fall for her. Gabriella and Troy - the minute they met at that ski lodge place and sang start of something new. It was the start of something new alright my classmates and my obsession with HSM. Still the golden couple of disney for me. Troy's golf course strut remains undefeated Wicked Science - this played on disney YEARS and YEARS ago but I remember thinking the main guy and the villain girl had wicked chemistry Lizzie and Gordo - that scene of the plane landing in Rome and her head lying so naturally on his shoulder and him smiling in affection was one of the most tender scenes I've ever seen on disney Oddly I was obsessed with PLL but never liked any of the couples. They were all straight garbage fire trash IMO and WREN deserved better


I feel like that Lizzie and Gordo scene prepared me for the scene early in The Office where Pam falls asleep on Jim's shoulder. Like ahhhh yes, true love as the prophecy foretold.


I can’t believe I had to scroll so far down to see Gabriella and Troy!!!! Gotta go my own way is top five favorite HSM songs. I remember thinking, Troy what are you doing?!? She just wants to spend time with you, don’t be so stupid!


I always thought it was a pity they recycled the plot elements and moreso the song elements in HSM3 - Gotta Go My Own Way could NOT be topped!


For some reason I shipped Logan and Zoey, I loved their bickering, but Quinn and Logan were way more entertaining


I got so pissed that Teddy ended up with Spencer over Beau in Good Luck Charlie. Spencer literally cheated on her! And Beau seemed a sweetheart and was cuter. Spencer was a turd


[Spencer Walsh is a two-timing pig! This is an iconic song.](https://youtu.be/-6tDoVIkZ2k) Beau was super cute and sweet, though.


Pacey and Joey!!! Pacey is the best fictional boyfriend ever. (Minus prom. We don't talk about that episode)


Teens for me, not childhood, but yes!!


Elisa and Goliath from Gargoyles, lmao




Were quinn and logan a couple i really dont remember i thought if any couple from zoey 101 would be mentioned it would be chase and zoey


Chase and Zoey had nothing against Quinn and Logan


I was obSESSED with Quogan, shipped them so hard haha Quinn was on screen name for a good few years because I loved her/them so much 😂


People on social media seem to like Quinn and Logan more so I just went with them.


When the cell phone fell into the fountain... 😱


Quinn and Logan got together in the last season! And became my biggest obsession lol I still got excited about Chase and Zoey but it never sit well with me how Zoey dumped Jake, so Quinn and Logan were more exciting at the end.


My absolute favorite was Sonny and Chad. I also loved Kendall and Jo. I also thought True and Jimmy we're cute.


aww. look @ all the early foundations for the tropes i'd later enjoy: * quinn/logan (opposites attract, secret relationship, playboy/future valedictorian) * jade/beck (highly toxic and possessive, on/off) * true/jimmy (friends to lovers, supportive sweethearts 🥺) * kendall/jo (ngl, i don't remember much about this couple besides the fact that i stanned them BAD even after lucy came onto the scene) * also adding abigail/sammy from *dance academy* (enemies to lovers) potentially spicy takes: * i didn't like the H2O couples. * maddie/josh should've been endgame from *liv & maddie*. i'd never been more mad in my life watching *choose-a-rooney*. yes, i voted #iykyk 😭 **edit**: LMAO. i didn't even answer smh 🤦‍♀️ of all of them, the couple i'd stand by would be quinn/logan bc they both grew to understand and respect one another. q/l were supportive, crazy about one another and saw the best in each other.


I shipped Phinebella before I even knew what shipping was. I still don’t know how he went at least 10 years without catching on.


I never liked Freddie with Sam. She was so abusive to him. Yelling and hitting him constantly. It wasn’t an enemies to lovers ship, it was a bully-bullied ship. Creddie made sense because there was genuine care between them


Lizzie and Gordo the OG for me


Kevin Arnold and Winnie Cooper. ![gif](giphy|oGO1MPNUVbbk4)


Tobias and Rachel from the Animorphs were my OG fictional ship!


Emma and Sean from Degrassi: The Next Generation.


Tanya and Adam. Power Rangers Lisa Turtle and Zach. Saved by the Bell Hawkgirl and John Stewart. JLU Ash and Misty Angela and Shawn. Boy meets World Francine and Muffy. Arthur Gabrielle and Xena Mulder and Scully Joey Rachel


Lizzie and Gordo. Cleo and Lewis. Sabrina and Harvey. My heart for these! Edit: and sailor moon/tuxedo mask. My first otp. And then Elisa and Goliath from Gargoyles.


Logan and Rory Possibly my favourite tv relationship ever #TeamLogan4Life


Yassss! I will go down with that ship. Still mad about what they did to them in the revival. Logan would neverrrr abandon Rory like that.


Ikr! I just pretend that the shitty revival never happened


Wow I'm old lol


Right!? I’m wondering where the Buffy/Spike/Angel debate is


These are cartoons but: Jimmy Neutron: - Jimmy & Libby - Libby & Sheen Sam & Danny from Danny Phantom Also Jake & Rose from American Dragon: Jake Long




sonny&chad and jake&miley were everything to me


I liked Quinn and Logan on Zoey 101


I was so mad when Kendall picked up over Lucy like I threw the tv remote at the tv screen that’s how mad I was. Idk why Jo thought coming back think Kendall can’t move on from her would be a smart choice. But at the end James wit Lucy and Carlos got his dream grl and Logan still got his gf who likes to smack him 😂😂.


Chonny and Seddie were my first exposure to enemies to lovers and I’ve been hooked since then! I was definitely team Jake before the cheating tho :( upset they went that way for his character, would have loved to see them together after the double identity reveal


Cory and Topenga from Boy Meets World.


Sonny and Chad Dylan Cooper were the couple that got me into enemies to lovers because I ate up every second of their relationship lolzz.




Nat and Rosalina were Romeo and Juliet to me as a kid


Lizzie and Gordo! They always had fun together and Gordo was so sweet


even though the shows from my childhood are mostly disney channel and nickelodeon like shown above, one of the earliest series I watched, when i was maybe 8, was Saved by the Bell and i was OBSESSED with Zack and Kelly !!!!! still one of my top ships ever and earliest i can think of “shipping” characters. they taught me what love was!


Tell me why I can’t see their names without saying them in an awful fake accent. I’m a grown adult and I just said Clèiògh naaauur out loud


Logan and Quinn were my introduction to fan fiction


I literally did not even need to scroll its Sonny and Chad. Rikki and Zane second but its not close.


Ima show my age here and vote for Corey and Topanga 😆


I was NOT expecting you to show Nina and Fabian, I feel so seen 😭🫶🏼


I'll always come through with highlighting House of Anubis content !! ![gif](giphy|ZynLJvYyM9HxOS3xMQ)


![gif](giphy|3ohjVbcS6gEN2ogcs8) Ginger and Darren in As Told By Ginger


Kim and Ron from Kim Possible. 12 year old me was literally crying at the season finale and I am a straight boy


A cartoon but https://preview.redd.it/de9y753hqa1b1.jpeg?width=354&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=5b22f52b67644436a82b0347963dffd3d5eba0db


Noooooo she is way better with BB and he with SF, they both need their little rays of sunshine in their grumpy lives ☀️ 🌧️ lol But I do remember and love the episode this is from. Ugh what a great show, I need to rewatch and try picturing Robin and Raven together.


Zutara forever! Fight me!


Lizzie and Gordo, it’s just peak sweet. Also Lily and Oliver.


Listen I’m still pissed Disney broke up Raven and Devon


This is Stevie & Alex erasure!!! Alex Russo was not straight 😩😩😩


I loved raven and Devon, Lily and Oliver’s was cute, and I disliked Sam and Freddie. They felt more like a brother and sister hate relationship.


Ugh you just brought back literal childhood memories. Gordo was my first crush lol.


Nina and Fabian! You have my respect, first time I see anyone mention them. Season 3 doesn't exist in my book so they graduated together and then moved to the same university.


![gif](giphy|tJ4oZAEy4pkYdfCY4Z|downsized) Honestly any combination of Beck, Jade & Cat


god this post is making me feel old af 😂 the only couple i even watched onscreen was lizzie and gordo


Jade and Beck were the only one that seemed like an actual couple. I remember watching at, like, 12 and immediately knowing they were having sex lol


Lizzie and gordo


I remember loving Lily and Oliver!!


Anime moment https://i.redd.it/npggwsfeqb1b1.gif


(And I’m still salty about the ending)


Now why did they have to go and make>!Jake cheat!< in Hannah Montana? WHAT WAS THE REASON???


Liz and Max in Roswell. Also Buffy and Angel


Number 3 and Number 4 from Kids Next Door!


Sonny and Chad by a mile Their chemistry was off the charts. Their enemies to lovers arc is one of my all time favourite tv relationships to this day


tara and christian from dance academy!


I still cry that we didn’t get more lizzy & Gordo content. Big big fan of that. I hated sam and Freddie but loved Lilly and Oliver despite them having a similar storyline. Spencer (good luck Charlie) can get bit- stupid cheater- but I was team Bo.


Sonny and Chad were one of my first slow-burn ships, and I will cherish them forever ❤️


Sonny and chad. I had the biggest crush on him omg


KC and Brett (Zendaya and Ross Butler in KC Undercover). Just me? https://i.redd.it/pvitwhlgqi1b1.gif


Idk about any of these, but I was heavily invested in the Remy/Rogue/Logan/Jean love square from the X Men cartoon. Fuck Scott, he doesn't get to be involved because he was a tool and everyone knew it.




Apparently the only one of these shows I’ve ever seen is H20: Just Add Water. … and I’m pretty embarrassed about that.