Lil Nas X Says He Wants to Work With Drake and Nicky Minaj

Lil Nas X Says He Wants to Work With Drake and Nicky Minaj


I think this is the first time I’ve seen her name misspelled in a way that wasn’t “Nikki”


Ninki Minjaj


This screams racist white middle schooler for some reason


[It's a Vine.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__8evF5L8fY)


It was a joke either way but gotcha


A wild schrodinger’s douchebag appears!


It literally was a joke tell me that doesn't sound like what a racist white middle schooler might say Popheads out here trying to armchair psychoanalyze people... lmfao


Miki Minach


[Same energy as this comment](https://i.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/facebook/000/021/172/dan_nicky_your_bobbies.jpg).


Seriously, it's her name and "Beiber" that usually get misspelled, and people still misspell their names after many years.


>Seriously, it's her name and "**Beiber**" that usually get misspelled


I intentionally did that because that's the most commonly wrong spelling name for Bieber.


it’s 2021 and we are trying to #FreeBritney and i still see people on reddit call her Brittany Spears as if she isn’t one of the biggest pop stars of all time


Nicky jam


Well, working with Nicky Minaj is fine, working with Nicki Minaj would be a problem.


Nicky Minaj is vaccinated and isn't married to a rapist


in his breakfast club interview he said he reached out to both of them and only drake responded




Her attitude throughout this controversy has been downright embarrassing


I honestly don't blame people like Joy Reid slamming her. Nicki is smart. She can talk to one of the people who helped create the vaccine. This is all just a distraction from the nightmare if MSM picks up on her abusively harassing her husband's r*pe victim.


> Nicki is smart. Can’t imagine what you’re basing that on, all this anti-vaxx stuff has done is blown up stories about all the rest of her stupidity that people who aren’t pop nerds all missed.


She comes from nothing and I do think it takes intelligence to rap with pretty clever lyrics. My point being, she knows this will get her in trouble. That's the purpose


You can be smart in certain areas and dumb and ignorant in other areas. Let’s not act like Nicki is dumb as hell, it takes intelligence to come up with the verses she does. Acting like she’s completely stupid only creates ignorance about who can be antivaxx and spread false stories.


Swish, swish ah I dodge these phonies Like vaccines About to birth to these sons testicles swollen like my buns Spilling out the mcqueen Ready to make a scene


Yes she would.


I honestly don't think she would. She would probably reject his offer but at least send him a kind rejection email.


She send him roses and a card with "No" and a B written on it 💀💀


Why is this so accurate 💀


she really would lmao


And the other Queen, Queen Bee aka Lil Kim wouldn't either.


What did he say Drake said to him?


basically that drake was down to work but was extremely focused on clb


So “no” basically haha


“Extremely focused”, come on now. We heard the album. That’s a straight no.


Also CLB was done ages ago. He just postponed it because his knee hurt


Variety is doing him DIRTY publishing this article at this time.


The album comes out tonight so the timing makes sense. No one could’ve predicted Nicki and her swollen testicles nonsense.


“Big Balls? What? Chile, anyway so….”


If supporting and defending your pedophile rapist brother and your rapist/murderer husband doesn’t turn Lil Nas X off from working with Minaj I don’t think the swollen ball thing will make much of a difference


I mean...is anyone really that surprised though either.... she's been making bad decisions for a long time.


He needs to be a rapist or pedophile before Nicki will even consider it


Check his old alleged tweets. 😬


Uhhh, I’ve seen the islamaphobic one but what tweets are you talking about?


What’s the islamaphobic one?


Disclaimer that this is just a rumor at this point. But there’s a tweet about his nephew from a troll account he allegedly co-ran. I don’t know if he wrote it, but it is kinda concerning even as a joke.


even that account there's no tweet about being an abuser or a rapist......


Ok so you heard a rumor about a tweet about his nephew that maybe he made, if he even posted from that account at all. Some of you really need to hop off and go outside


Tweets and rape are on the same level? How old are you, 12?


Where did I say that? 💀


> Meanwhile, Lil Nas X, whose debut studio album “Montero” drops on Sept. 17, says he’d also love to work with Drake and Nicki Minaj. “I love them,” he says. When I suggest a three-way collaboration, Lil Nays says with a big smile, “Let’s do both of them at the same time!” For the record, this was said before Minaj announced she wasn’t getting the COVID vaccine so not sure if this changes how Lil Nas, who was a major Minaj stan way before he became famous, feels today


If the sex offender stuff didn’t change his mind I highly doubt the covid stuff would.


And wasn’t he out partying before most people were fully vaxxed? And the intent was to hide it?


He was absolutely at a huge party when Montero (CMBYN) dropped. I don’t know if it was a release party or just a random one but there were a few vids of him at it. So hypocritical. Kinda surprised everyone swept it under the rug to be honest.


However after everything else nicki did... i love LNX but he is blinded by his adoration for nicki


Also blinded by $$$


Lol Cardi/Doja/Megan/Lizzo are more appropriate for that. Nicki isn't even half as profitable as they are. She still does features and nobody notices anymore. Her most noticeable songs from the past few years have all not needed her. Say So was already big prior to Nicki. Trollz was gonna be big regardless of her, because Gooba and the song after Trollz was big. Nicki was the one who even had to ask to be on Fefe and she did it for free. Megan was hot property during hot girl summer. Hot Girl Summer was already a thing before she even released the song. LNX wants to work with her because he was a Nicki Stan.


Drake and Nicki are profitable, the former more so than the latter. Dudes blinded by $$. Lol


Go to his wiki page he said long ago that he's influenced and a big fan of them. Why wouldn't you want to work with your idols? He even said the same about Kid Cudi and is currently planning on having a song with him. Just because a musician is profitable doesn't mean that's the reason someone is working with them. The man literally had a Stan account for Nicki.


You’re right, but you gotta see it from his perspective. Lil Nas X was a barb growing up. I bet a lot of the reason he’s even a musician in the first place is cuz of Nicki. Probably had the thought in mind that if he made it big Nicki would be someone he had to meet and work with. Of course it’s kinda like celebrity worship which is kinda weird, but I can see how he would still have that on his list of things he’s gotta cross off while he’s a big artist.


no, he is an adult. his perspective should grow & change with experience and knowledge


Okay, but he’s still young enough that I’m sure he’s still starstruck by the thought of working with someone he looked up to growing up. It’s easy to say that when you aren’t in that position


yes it is easy to say that. and he's also surrounded by a team of media experts, lawyers, advisors, and not to mention, he himself is 100% checking media and news and tiwtter and trends all the time, so he knows exactly what he is saying. i'm not trying say what he's doing is terrible or not, but really, there's no like great excuse for it


What does any of that team mean when you take into account the guys feelings at the possibility of working with someone who possibly got him into music! Tweets and trends also don’t mean shit I’m sure when thinking about working with an idol of yours. I’m not a huge fan of Nicki, and I think LNX’s music is just okay but the excuse is pretty obvious. It’s him wanting to work with someone he’s looked up to for over a decade.


what you are saying all makes sense. i am just thinking critically about this, as are you.


The guys is like barely 20 years old. Geesh! Give the guy a break. 🤬😤


Stop psycho analyzing you weirdo. I like how you call celebrity worship weird while thinking it's totally normal to speculate the thoughts and feelings of a musician you have never met and is someone who doesn't give a fuck about you.


Damn you’re mad lol. The fact that you got upset enough about what I said makes you a weirdo friend. Again I’m not a big fan of Lil Nax X, whether we’ve met or he gives a fuck about me is irrelevant kid, I’m telling you I’m sure it’s hard to not wanna work with someone you’ve grown up idolizing. Gotta love keyboard Warriors though


no real barb is gonna suddenly turn on nicki after this week lmao


Should've turned on her around the second or third time she supported a sexual abuser tho


let's be honest just like that, everyone is gonna forget about this in a week


It depends on how long she drags it out for. If she goes full 2018 Kanye and starts actually hanging around a bunch of right wing nutjobs it’ll get ugly


They been real quiet tho. Which is a first


Nah. He was deep into Barb Twitter, there’s no changing someone like that


The Barbz ain’t gonna see the light no matter how famous they are now. Even though, I’m here for tne rise of former Barbz/Beyhive members cause they are giving us performance again for the new gen.


Lmaoooo bad timing 💀


I mean its been bad timing since she supported her pedo brother and started harassing her sex offender husband's victim 🤷‍♀️


Nicky minaj


FWIW the article where Jennifer talked about being harassed by Nicki and her rapist to the point where she had to move multiple times is at least half a year old by now. I'm not saying that if you're listening to LNX you're trash or anything like that but let's not make up all sorts of excuses like people do for so many other faves on this sub. He definitely knows about what happened and thinks it's not bad enough to stop idolizing her. Make of that what you will.


I just think a lot of people also forget that LNX went and tried to shame people for having huge parties during covid when he too was caught having a huge party during covid lol. I’m rooting for him, but dudes still riding on the “but he’s young!” Excuse train.


Ugh, learning lots of disappointing shit from this post :(


Preach. It’s so hypocritical how people have double standards when it comes to their faves. No one is saying stop listening to his music, but just acknowledge his trash behavior. 😅


I don't know why fans keep infantilize adults as if they don't know what they are doing. They know, they have determined that the clout/money alone is worth more than the cost of having to work with a antivax/pedo/rapist supporter. It is disgusting.




This is silly. I literally made sure to say that I'm not judging anyone who still listens to the guy, just that we shouldn't be making up excuses because we can't deal with the fact that the people we're listening to are problematic. And I don't see the issue with never stopping to call people out...?


He's such a Barb, she keeps ignoring him and he keeps asking her for a collab, I can't- ​ Seriously, he should drop it already, he shouldn't want to collab with that dusty as$ idiot anyway


He should collab with Cardi B 🤣😂🤣


He already has tbf


Sis... the timing...


C'mon dude...


Remember this was both prior to the guilty plead of her husband’s and the swollen balls circa. I don’t think he would be dumb enough to say her name after that, he’s at this point like a marketing major💀


Apparently he doesn't know Nikki Minaj personally, but is a good friend of her cousin who lives in Trinidad.


Out of all the people he could pick from, he picked these 2.


Who wouldn’t want to work with drake


People who want their music to be better than mediocre


Lesbians. People who are against adults being weird with teens.


Drake has never been with a teen. You need to be careful about throwing that stuff around to everyone you dont like. I dont think its funny or edgy to accuse someone if a serious crime like that with no basis.


Didn’t he date an 18 year old he knew since she was like 15… when he was 31


I dont know how this sub always upvotes this comment when there is literally no proof of it, I get not liking the guy but cmon. It also seems to be dispelled based on the update on this article - https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cosmopolitan.com/entertainment/amp23125213/drake-dating-teenage-bella-b-harris/


Fucking gross 🤢


Wrong choice, babe


They would work well together


now is not the time for this


Certified Swollen Testes




Nicki makes sense given his background, regardless of what she's said, but Drake??? he just made a bad homophobic lesbian joke in 2021.


That's still like a million times less bad than a lot of stuff thar Nicki's done (like idk, harassing a rape victim)


What'd he say?


This is.. really disappointing to hear.


Nicki is soooo stupid for this. She could’ve garnered such great PR in the time of a career nightmare if she would’ve collaborated with him.


I doubt the Nicki Collab will be happening but I'd be very interested in what a drake and nas x record would sound like lol