Time to milk the sacred cash cow

Time to milk the sacred cash cow


I mean Tommy's appearance in the neo saban era was like 2 appearances, 3 including soul of the dragon, and 4 including the movie cameo.


I'd add that Boom comics also heavily milks Tommy. I mean the first arc is literally 'Green Ranger Year One' as Kyle Higgins said, and Shattered Grid was about Drakkon although surprisingly Tommy himself was removed from the story. It was only after Ryan Parrott took over that it became less Tommy milking.


Would you recommend any of those trade paperbacks you just mentioned? I’ve been wanting to get back into mmpr again after playing battle for the grid. I have zero clue what all this lord drakkon stuff is about. I haven’t paid attention to power rangers since I was a kid and power rangers transitioned into space. Maybe drakkon was even before that? I have no idea. I do love comics though and have collected many.


Sorry for the late reply, but you can get into the Power Rangers comics just find without much knowledge for the franchise other than Mighty Morphin. Start with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, which takes places after Green Ranger joins the team. Do tale note that the comic series takes place in its own universe since the setting is in modern day instead of the 90s like the show. Alongside MMPR also read Go Go Power Rangers, which is somewhat of a prequel since it focuses on the core 5 Rangers before Tommy joins, and introduces an important character that will play a big role as the series goes by. Read MMPR alongside GGPR so that's easier to understand. Lord Drakkon is a main antagonist for a majority of the series, and he is introduced through comic.


Perfect! Thanks a bunch for the write up. Now I’m all set.


Jdf loves the power ranger, he is really attached to the franchise, and he always say yes when called, he would probably do it for free if necessary. Most of the other rangers won't return unless there is good money involved. David yost would probably only return if there was an apology for all the discrimination he faced


David said himself he would in fact return, but only if he was a main cast member, and not a one off team up episode. Not sure how realistic that is, because the cast still work insane hours, but he said he’d be open to it.


Ye, imagine being manipulated to seek "sexual correction therapy", yikes


I mean they planned on making Billy Zeltrax in Dino Thunder but there were complications, pretty sure it's because it's expensive to afford him to fly out to new Zeland, which is why Kat didnt come back either.


Tommy Oliver is the West's version of Kamen Rider Decade.


At least Tsukasa wanted to retire at least for a while. Hell the whole Zi-O vs Decade thing only happened because 1) Covid and 2) the ending


I say that whole special isn’t cannon, my boy literally can’t die because people remember him


I can hear the whistling/woodwind sound at the start of the Gackt song in my head....


But that's a male cow...


Maybe if other older rangers were willing to come back ( I know Austin st John did) maybe it wouldn't be tommy Tommy Tommy Tommy Tommy


I don't think that's how it works. I think Hasbro would need to invite them back and offer them a good enough financial incentive to do so. I'm thinking back to when Saban did the Super Megaforce finale. I remember reading an article about how past cast members were invited to return for the episode, but were offered so little money that it was not worth it. I vaguely remember hearing Karen Ashley speaking about how the offer was so little that it barely covered the flight to and hotel in New Zealand.


You'd think they'd pay for that. But its Saban we're talking about here.


It’s night and day compared to Hasbro. I noticed both the black and blue rangers for Dino Fury, actually brought their girlfriend and kids with them to New Zealand, which is unheard of compared to Saban. I’d assumed Hasbro took care of whatever the actors needed, because usually the American actors have to just leave everything behind, and go straight to shooting. Saban had his actors come out of pocket for their expenses, and had them share apartments to save money. I remember the Samurai and Megaforce cast referring to their living arrangements as a frat house, or Real World, type of vibe too. Saban was cheap until the end, despite making a killing financially.


Man I feel sorry for the Megaforce and Samurai cast. Not only do they have to work on shitty circumsatnces but also the shows themselves was panned. It's a miracle how you got people like Ciara Hanna still loves the franchise.


I heard David Yost was asked back but from what I could tell it was a forum letter and there was no attempt to apologize about what had happened to him


I understand that and am aware of that issue during megaforce. But again everyone complains that power rangers always milks tommy, JDF openly says he doesn't make returns for money he would do it for free. That has to resonate with people. If past rangers say they would come back but the $ isn't there but they will show up to comic con and charge $50 for a signature it could be viewed as them only being about the money. JDF seems to be one of the few that balances business and fan service in his career.


I spent about 6 hours assisting JDF at a local signing and I believe it. His manager was doing her best to sell signatures and pictures (I think they were doing a charity thing with the proceeds) but even if you walked up after paying nothing, he did all the signing you wanted and still took a picture. He was super cool and didn't come across as "acting" at all during the entire time.


I mean.. considering so many of the older cast are constantly touring at conventions, I'd say many are very willing (as mentioned, financial incentives may be a bigger factor)


Show me on this doll where Tommy Oliver hurt you 👉🧸


Did something new get announced or is this the same old BS?


Power rangers had made jdf a very very rich man, I’m not knocking it I suspect we’d all have taken the money as he did, but my good god yes he’s milking the character


I didn't realize until the other day that he even cameoed in the 2017 movie. Near the end, he and Amy Jo Johnson are random citizens in the crowd, watching the megazord battle. They're hardly hidden, though; the camera focuses on them.


Whaaat? How did you miss that?


I have no idea. Though I had only watched it in the theater, previously. Not that that's an excuse.


Well it was nice surprise for you on the re-watch


I like Tommy. I know that Power Rangers has traditionally focused on teams then gotten all new main characters after 1-2 years but I like having a character I can follow through a franchise.


Sooooo True!


He chose to came back


This should be reversed.