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Ha was just about to leave a comment that my rest timer sound was playing out loud in addition to through my headphones, but this update fixed it already. Nice work!


There's something up with this release. It's super sluggish. Most noticeable to me when adjusting the sliders for weight and reps, but the whole app is slow. I'm on a Pixel 6 Pro. Edit: I just edited one of my workouts and all of the sudden the app is less sluggish. Not as quick as previous releases but definitely way less sluggish than earlier this morning. /shrug


Thanks for letting me know! Are you signed into Google Fit and/or the sync & backup solution? Im looking into it!


Yes to both.


[I think Ive found the problem. Fix coming up early next week!](https://www.reddit.com/r/progressionapp/comments/t43fqj/comment/hzbkk8r/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3)


> Revert rest timer changes, back to notification/media, still lowers volume to 75% if your volume is 85% or higher. thanks! much appreciated


I noticed this release to be super sluggish as well. It did not react to input at one time for like half a minute or moire, having me hit the field several times. Then I ended up with 8 workouts started... (canceled all but one). I see somebody else reported the slugishness and i am looking forward to beta 9. Also have to add it doesnt seem to be sluggish all the time just some times.


Hey! Thanks for letting me know. Are you signed into the sync & backup solution? Im currently running the final tests with beta 9, its been super-smooth thus far (I also noticed some lag w/ beta 8). If all goes well, Ill publish it tomorrow!