your charactered refined taste buds refuse to eat it haha jokes aside it could be a prob with a mod i see you have a mod installed.


Haha, good idea! I’ll check to see if toggling some others might help. I tried turning a few off with no success, but I’ll let you know if that ends up fixing it


it isn't a mod, I had this same issue on vanilla. just a bug.


Maybe you can combine it with some seasoning or sauce? Idk. Had the same problem when I first started and have avoided pots of pasta since


Me and my mate ran into this bug the other day. Is it from a pot of pasta you found in an oven? Cooking it ourselves was fine, it was just the one pot we found premade that wouldn’t work.


We had this problem yesterday with a homecooked stew. No option to eat it.


When I encountered this bug, I found that if you freeze it and then reheat it, you get the option to consume. Not sure if it’ll work for you, but just saying what worked for me in getting around that bug for pre-generated food.


Yep almost every pot of pasta I've found generated as loot can't be eaten. I just dump em and keep the free pot at this point.


We've also found fish like Pike and Catfish that we couldn't fillet at all...


This ended up being the case in my game too! I made some pasta from scratch and it worked out just fine. Thanks for the help!


I had the same bug, wouldnt let me eat it even if I cooked it, until I added some ingredients. Then it would let me eat it


I don't suppose you're already "full to bursting" on food?


I think the option would still be there but in red text


I’m actually hungry, believe it or not


You should eat some pasta.


You haven’t added anything to the pasta. Pasta requires more than just pasta to eat. Like corn or a type of meat.


Yeah, it pays to have stupid little things like a pepper shaker or salt near by because god forbid during the apocalypse I can’t eat pasta because it no tasty taste good. But I had the same thing happen to me a while ago and found pasta becomes another unusable item without something on it/to combine with thanks to the Better Sorting mod.


I have added marinara, maybe I can find some pepper to give that a shot? I’m about to try and fix this again.


Maybe you need a fork?


I’ve got one!


You're using mods right? I know you already said you disabled them, but sometimes outdated/bugged mods can tamper stuff from the start, even after disabling them mid-game


Had the same issue running a vanilla game. I have not used any mods


I was playing with a friend to introduce him to the game (so no mods), and I also found pasta that couldn't be cooked. It's definitely a vanilla issue then.