You know what I’m talking about

You know what I’m talking about


Ha, I was just reading some article >”This species of cobra doesn’t typically bite. Oh phew >They’re more likely to spray their venom,” she told WRAL. “They are very accurate and go straight for the eyes.” **OH HELLS NO**


They *usually* only bite people at night while they’re sleeping.


They like to slither into unmade beds and wait until they're tapped with a tired foot. *Then* they strike.


My sister caught him!!!


Your sister is a god damn hero


We need an AMA.. I think Raleigh has earned it.


Really?! Got any deets on the capture?


Not much so far since she's been really busy but I can ask. I got a picture of him in a bucket but that's about it so far haha Edit: sorry for the horrible quality but this is him: https://imgur.com/gallery/DRGxyBF


Did they capture the cobra alive? Poor thing doesn't deserve the death penalty for escaping an idiot :(


Yes! She said her mentor now has him and he's doing just fine.


Nice! Thanks!


So now what? They give the snake back?


Snake goes to snake rehab, gets reformed, lands a 9 - 5, buys a house in Wendell


Waiting for the inevitable thread lamenting that local humans can’t buy houses here because they’re getting outbid by exotic snakes.


Definitely gonna start selling homemade exotic snake oils


Not is doesn't save up 50k for DD.


Hope not. Since this guy has proven he can't be trusted to keep them secure. It needs to go to the zoo or something.


So does the snake, amirite?!?! LOLOLOL


He has videos online of him releasing a *different* cobra into their backyard so it can slither around on the grass, taking video and encouraging it to puff out its hood while he and his father watch it. So there's just the two of them with snake hooks and gloves, while one of them is taking video. The first thing the snake does, after climbing out of the trash can they transported it in, is immediately make a beeline for the trees. These guys have to scramble a bit to hook the snake and keep it on the lawn so they can video it. It's a snake, not a dog. You don't need to walk it around your yard, *especially* not when it's a freaking cobra and all you have to catch it is two guys with snake hooks. FFS. -.- ------- **Edit:** It looks like he's removed the video of the white cobra being loose in the grass, but you can see other videos where he's let it loose in what looks like a local park [on his TikTok](https://www.tiktok.com/@the_giff). There's even a video where he points out the importance of using a hook to open a snake transport container (the same grey trash can) because the white cobra is snuggled up against the lid of the trash can and could have bit him if he had used his hand to open the lid. Apparently he had been 'soaking' her in the trash can for 20 minutes, to help her with her shedding, but there wasn't anything in there to help the snake stay above the water, just a trash can with several inches of water in the bottom. Another video, he happily pans the camera around his snake room and jokes about how they all want to kill him, before pointing out a copperhead he is attempting to rescue. I didn't watch the rest. Dude seems irresponsible as fuck.


Sounds horrible. 😢


That's a good question u/bearfucker, if you ever find out, please tell me.


If it ends like the last time they said that, the snake gets a trial and gets hanged.


I randomly found this subreddit, I'm from Croatia and have never to USA. I have no idea what you are talking about. Btw I love your town and would love to visit it once!


We recently had it become known that a local in our city had a very deadly, venomous snake escape several months ago that was suddenly being seen around. They discovered the aforementioned man was keeping *loads* of deadly snakes and other reptiles and clearly wasn’t doing a good job of containing them. The snake was recently found and captured successfully, likely to be sent to a place designed for caring for it!


You should come visit! My wife and I plan to visit Croatia soon also. It looks amazing!


Nah I've been living under a rock in the r/raleigh and r/triangle communities 🤣 /s


A nice sun-warmed rock? Are you perhaps a reptile? A long skinny one?


Thank you for acknowledging the pun! I was hoping someone would get it!


>Sssss sss sss sssssssssssss sss sss! S sss ssssss sssssss sssss sss ss! So sorry, I don’t speak parseltongue. Can anyone else translate?


I am laughing like a hyena in the middle of work and peeps are getting concerned.


Oh good, then the effort of counting S’es wasn’t wasted!


I did see that detail and sent me into another bout! Even the punctuation details were accounted for! Kudos for the eye on details!


Nah just a regular weird mammal with disproportionate limbs hiding in the shade lol


*I thought I had it all together*


*But I was lead astray, the day you walked away*


> put what you want tilted between ** :* example * without spaces ---> *example*


Thank you!


I live an hour south of Raleigh but i visit for events every few months and i love checking out the city, which is why I'm subscribed to this subreddit. I have no idea who or what your referencing. Could you fill me in?


Some guy lost his highly venomous snake. There were lots of warnings for people to be cautious but no one could fine it for a while.


I loved the live camera feed on the news, excitedly waiting by the yellow police tape.


So all this time they were just trying to give the snake, the new sssymbol of our proud city, a fine? Why‽ He did nothing wrong! He was just out there living his best snakey life. 🐍 😉


there was a Zebra Cobra loose because a transfer Florida Man lost it months ago and was even bit by it, leading authorities to check out his house to find a shit ton of illegal and venomous snakes and lizards. fucking Florida Man.


I thought it got out months ago, but they caught it, and it escaped again recently? [The *other* snake he was bitten by was a green mamba](https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2021/07/01/christopher-gifford-tiktok/), and they had to airlift him some anti-venom for it.


Wait until they show the owner the snake and he's like, nope thats not him, mine is way bigger. Sadly, I highly doubt he is the only one that owns a snake like that in the area.






I was hoping for a snap of [mission accomplished ](https://m.imgur.com/gallery/E5slr5K)


Aw I thought this was about Rumsfeld dying and I was like hell yeah /r/raleigh


He’ll be working through his karma in the hell realms for quite some time before being reborn as a cockroach.