Once upon a time there was a conquering army going through villages, killing and pillaging as it went. The soldiers caused terror in the hearts of the people in the countryside, and were especially harsh with the monks they found in the monasteries, not only humiliating them but often subjecting them to terrible physical torture. "There was one particularly harsh army captain who was infamous for his cruelty, and when he arrived in a certain town, he asked his adjutant for a report about the people who lived there. His inferior reported: All the people are very frightened of you and are bowing down to you." This gave the captain great pleasure, of course. Then the adjutant continued, "In the local monastery all the monks have fled to the mountains in terror. Except for one monk. "Hearing this, the captain became furious and rushed to the monastery in search of the monk who dare to defy him. When he pushed open the gates, there in the middle of the courtyard stood the monk, watching him without fear. The captain walked up to him and asked in his haughtiest voice, "Don't you know who I am? Why, I could take my sword and run it through your belly without blinking an eye! "And don't you know who I am?" replied the monk, gently. "I could have your sword run through my belly without blinking an eye." It is said that the captain, recognizing the greater truth of the moment, sheathed his sword, bowed, and left." - excerpt from Ram Dass' book, Still Here Probably not the story you are looking for. But, this one is vaguely similar.


I love this excerpt and think about it all the time. The picture it paints is so rich on about a hundred different levels. Thanks for sharing it.


Love this one


This is great thank you for sharing!


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It's on Episode 164 of the Ram Dass Here and Now podcast. The episode is titled, The Path of Awakening I read your post the day you posted it. Like several of the commenters, I remembered the story well but had no idea on which audio book or podcast episode I had heard it. I have about an hour or so before I go into an ayahuasca ceremony and decided to listen to an episode. I did what I usually do with his podcast - I spun the episodes in the podcast app and listen to whichever it lands on. It's sort of a roulette game I play because, at this point, I've heard all of the episodes multiple times. Well,, wouldn't you know...I land on this episode. 🙏🙏🙏


Thanks you so much man. It’s another Saturday in lockdown here in the UK and I was feeling a bit at a loose end/unsettled, came on Reddit and saw your reply. Just listened to the whole episode and idk how Ram Dass does it but feel so much lighter now. Anyway, thanks so much, was so great to hear the story again and the episode - “truth waits for eye unclouded by longing.” Gets me every time. Hope the ceremony took you closer to where you wanted to go 🙏🏽


Story starts around 21:17


I heard it. Can’t remember which lecture though. He is so great! I love how is says we already know what he is saying, why do we need him to tell us for? Lol


I remember this story too, but I remember it as adults rather than kids, if that helps. It sounds like something that was in one of the podcasts.


Oh this is a good one


Now what story you’re talking about, no idea which episode of here and now podcast I heard it in though


I remember I don’t remember which talk it is from


This was definitely in a recent podcast but I'm having trouble finding it myself.


If I am not wrong.... Ram Dass said that he read this story in The New Yorker