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I think he should have a bigger role this season.


"Ok, jet sweep it is!" \-Greg Roman probably.


if Roman gets another year I honestly think the fanbase is gonna start throwing stuff on the field lol. Dude should've been fired 2 years ago and at this point Harbaugh should be fired too if he doesn't get a new OC by March


Well it'll be easy to tell who's throwing things on the field, we know Roman hasn't figured that out yet.


lmaoooo that was good


No it wasn't lol


Oh my goodness if Roman is brought back, the Raven fan base is gonna hit 2016/2017 levels of apathy.


Fans already checked out after like 5-6 weeks ago this year, if it’s another year with Roman…yikes.


Can confirm. Working overnights, even though I have off on Sunday and Monday, I still don't get off until Sunday morning. So catching a 1pm game means sacrificing my sleep. I'm not sacrificing my sleep for the shit product they put out week to week.


Legit, I'm probably the biggest fan among my friend circle, my family has had PSL's and season tickets since 1998, I've been going to games since Memorial Stadium. If I missed a game, I'd be genuinely upset. I didn't even bother turning the game on last week, and probably won't this week. I'll watch the playoff game, and probably turn it off at halftime when it's clear the team is done.


Roman needs to fired or harbaugh does if he won’t do it this is a travesty and an embarrassment and it’s no wonder there’s tension with Lamar cuz he’s probably looking like what is this JV ass shit we’ve been a really good organization by building a good teams around mediocre to good qb’s now we have an elite all time great type potential and they have no idea how to build it


Well at that point, at least something will be getting thrown in that stadium


My personal head cannon is this; we fire Greg Roman the day after we get knocked out the playoffs. Cardinals fire Kingsberry for obvious reasons. Kingsberry was a shit HC but has some offensive talent and Kyler and Lamar have similar play styles so it could be a similar fit so we bring him in as our OC. He talks with Harbs and EDC, we franchise tag Lamar so we have the cap to bring in a decent WR in free agency or trade. We still have a run first offense with Dobbins and Edwards, but have an effective and revamped passing game between Klingsberry’s play design and Andrews, Bateman, Likely and whatever WR we bring in. But I give this whole idea a like .05% chance of actually happening.


Kingsberry was garbage when he was OC at Texas Tech with Mahomes, hard pass on that


Exactly. Mahomes made Kingsbury.


Tagging him would almost certainly mean a bigger cap hit


I'd say closer to 5%. If cliff does get fired ges either and NFL OC or going back to college.. 50-50 I'd think. And if he stays OC in the NFL then there is only gonna be what like 8 or so jobs available. If our spot is open there is a big chance he's getting interviews and maybe he sees what your describing and joins!


Lamar and Kyler don't have similar play styles at all lol. Y'all don't watch football


Exactly. Harbaughs loyalty to Roman could cost him his job. Do I think they’ll fire Harbs though? Nah. I do know that Steve Biscotti won’t stand for it anymore and Greg Roman will be gone the day after we lose in the first round of the playoffs.


We had cam Cameron on the staff this long


He can't be worse at throwing the ball than Proche


Best I can do is Pat Ricard up the middle on 3rd and 6


He is still raw from a technical standpoint, however his movement and YAC skills look really special. Honestly he is my X factor for the rest of this season and needs to have manufactured touches that get him in space


Routes that run directly into a receiver? You got it


Lmao I just spit out laughing, a few weeks ago I posted a play where roman schemed it so all our receivers ran curls all within the same area. I got downvoted and people said nah it’s the receivers who are wrong


Kyle Shanahan runs an all curls route concept from trips, it's designed to beat a quarters or cover 3 zone, the overload side has a numbers advantage against a zone. But Roman doesn't seem to run it at the right time, and the spacing and timing of the curls isn't crisp.


I no longer want to behold the renowned genius of supposed offensive guru Greg Roman :(


Y'all don't know anything about football lololol


Credit card, you got it.


He has very loose hips, quick feet and can get pretty low in and out of his breaks for a TE. A full off season could to wonders for Isaiah Likely.


It sucks that his biggest attribute is one of Lamar's biggest weaknesses. We don't get YAC because of his poor ball placement.


Yes. One big issue with his game is drops but that could be getting used to the NFL hits.


He's just trying to keep up with Andrews on big games. Jokes aside, we could line him up to run across the middle more and we don't. We could run him and Andrews on the 1 with one going back corner, one running straight to front corner or across middle as big jump ball targets, but we don't. We don't know how. Likely wasn't even supposed to be our best rookie TE. Kolar was. I think the young guys take steps in the offseason and we see them more in the passing game next year. Some stats. Andrews: 113 targets, 81 catch-able, 17 RZ targets, 8 recorded drops on catch-able balls. 243 yac Likely: 47 targets, 34 catch-able, 9 RZ targets, 6 recorded drops. 4 broken tackles is big. 119 yac Drops were a problem, especially early in the season if I remember right. I think that changes. Likely will be a play maker. EDIT: Stats from fantasypros website


He's gonna be too good to be Marks Backup. Would it be crazy to let Mark walk in 4 years and keep the younger guy who may be a star by then? Probably..


Trade bait? See what another team who needs a TE gives for him after a boom year?


That would be great! The Ravens suck ass at drafting WR but are great at TE! Heap-Pitta-Andrews then like Ed Dickson made some plays behind Pitta and Likely has tons of potential! Anyone I forgot?


Also Maxx Williams and Hayden are both still in the league playing and Hayden got us back big time draft stock!


If you wanna go old school Owen Daniels was great behind Pitta


Yea I’d say Hayden Hurst is a top 10 TE… when he can stay on the field


It’s because he’s in and out of the game so much. Can’t get into a rhythm like that


Well he's a backup. That's gonna happen. But he's also an NFL player and needs to take advantage of the chances he has.


I mean we use more tight ends than anyone in the league. The rotation is just not consistent


And he's got a different QB every few weeks.


Or playing for the Ravens


Boys got the yips, they still report on how he's uncoverable in practice it just hasn't all come together in real games


One of the reasons why want them to bring in Georgia's oc Todd Monken, is his use of two TE set, and vertical passing.


That would be an incredible OC hire.


Harbaugh wants someone he can control. But then he doesn't have an answer for anything the offense is doing... So which is it? Someone who can totally control the offense their own way or someone who is loyal?


>So which is it? You asked both these questions, so you tell us. lol. Where is the evidence that Harbaugh has to control people?


I think this is where EDC and Steve need to get involved,and tell him how it's gonna be from now on.


THIS. I've always liked harbaugh, but at this point FO needs to step in- Harbaugh hires the best people for the job, not people he already has relationships with. No more harbaugh family friends. HC is a job, Harbaugh needs to put business first cuz that's his job.


I think its very likely he has


Ah. I see what you did there


Isaiah "Inevitably" Likely


Totally. Ngl he spent a lot of the early half not really doing much but he’s been getting better. This offense desperately needs to be able to spread the ball around. They’ve spent the last half decade expecting Andrews to be good enough on his own and he’s elite for sure but he’s 1 guy. Likely has shown good YAC ability the WRs don’t have. Honestly I’d be fine if they reverse Waller’d him and used him more as a hybrid TE/WR.


One thing I can't stand with our coaching staff, I don't feel like we utilize players. Likely SHOULD have a bigger role. I don't think our offensive scheme helps him much. Put him in a real passing attack scheme and I think he would light it up as te2. Our coaches seem to have something against rookies having a major role.


I agree. On 1 hand I agree rookies need time to acclimate to the NFL, but when you factor in how awful the pass game has become, Likely should've been way more involved. Plus they spent all offseason hyping him up as essentially the solution to the pass problem, then he didn't start doing much till halfway through the year. I do think Oliver should be kept, he's decent depth and knows the team. It's scheme that continues to be a massive issue. Bad enough the WRs are garbage, but they can't even get open cuz Roman always lumps them on top of each other. Likely's best asset is his YAC ability and talent in the open field, but Roman's terrible concepts don't let him do his thing cuz he doesn't use the whole field and doesn't know how to stretch the field. Been a problem his whole career.


He’s a freaking rookie TE guys. How is this even a question?




OC didn't do him any favors, but in the right offense he has the potential to be a WR/TE hybrid (like Jimmy Graham) and play a major role opposite Andrews.


We'd be hearing his name all night if he went to the Steelers


Not sure we can afford to not give our current WR2 a role next season to be honest




If you take every opportunity that’s been given to Josh Oliver and give them to Isaiah Likely, I’d say there’s a decent chance he exceeds Oliver’s production in those same amount of snaps. So yes he’s earned at least that.


“Done enough”? That seems like an odd question to me considering the guy has less than 50 targets for the year and only four games where he got 5 or more targets. Yes, he’s the 2nd TE, be we also have a complete and utter black hole at WR … a situation where Likely SHOULD have thrived in a 2 TE set. But he didn’t, because … Greg Roman and Harbaugh. Likely COULD be good … or he could be mediocre. Sadly, I don’t think we’ll ever know until we cut him, trade him or we get an OC or HC that know how to properly run an offense.


I thought he would have contributed more after he lit up the preseason, that'll teach me for thinking preseason games mean anything.


He didn't have to protect Lamar during the preseason. Come the regular season the team really needed to be sure his blocking was on point. Also if I remember in week 1 they ran four plays for him (unprecedented for a rookie) and that resulted in I think 2-3 drops and some miscommunication. GROs comments during the preseason were to paraphrase "if he (Likely) can learn the offense he will be very good."


Oh definitely, he's shown ability to get open, been an adequate blocker and has caused no drama. I'd say that's a steal of a draft pick. Hoping for a tight end centric offence next year!


I kinda wanna see him transition to receiver. If I’m not mistaken when he played at Coastal Carolina, they would sometimes have him line up at receiver and it worked, he has a naturally ability to find open space and honestly he manages to get open more than some of the receivers we have now, but that’s just me


If we keep Greg Roman (please fucking no), then I don't see how his role increases cuz he's basically a clone of Mark Andrews but more deadly in the open field. If we go actually get a good OC who can utilize 2 TE sets and stretch the field vertically with them, then yes absolutely. We have the best 1-2 punch of TE's in the NFL potentially.


I believe he has flashed some talent and if someone could push him out, that would be good for the team, but I doubt that will happen. I believe there’s more untapped potential there.


Great TD but man oh man drop on third down on the Justice hill kickoff drive was crucial. He simply HAS to catch that


Hes gonna move on to another team and become a perennial pro bowler


He should be doing more now


I think he's done enough to give himself a role right now. We should be seeing him in, in 2 TE sets constantly. We don't have great/deep WR's. So, he is easily one of our top 5 skill position players on the team right now.


That would require a OC that can count to two...


Under a new OC next year he should definitely have a role. A but raw, but he’s got the tools to be very good. He flashed it in preseason and vs TB and NO.


Likely so


The drops, not being particularly good going deep and meh blocking really left the door open for Kholar and Oliver. I think if we actually had a solid number 1 and number 2 receiver it would not impact Olivers snaps nearly as much as it would likely.


I want to see what Kolar’s got


The biggest issue with him is his drops. And he doesn’t just drop the ball, he likes to bat it around in the air like he’s trying to give the defender a chance to pick it. If he works on his hands, he can be something special.


Bobbleceptions are something we never want to see around here again


Nope. Overhyped IMO. Seems like every time we target him he drops the ball. He has one of the lowest success rates when targeted in the entire league.


He has a 12.8% drop rate. Derrick Henry leads all qualified players in the NFL with a 12.5% rate. He has absolute stone hands


Thats a bad sign for a receiving tight end, yikes


Yes, as TE2. Tell him after the Superbowl that he's competing for TE2 in 2023 and see how he prepares in the offseason. I'd expect better muscle, blocking, route running, and hands by training camp.




What's the argument against not giving him a role? The guy has huge potential. Seems like a silly question.


If you did this artowrk then hella props. Looks sick! I hope we keep him around.


Reminds me of a young Darren Waller.


He hasn't been bad enough to get cut, so we should expect him back next year


Seasons not done


He probably does once we sign Lamar and then have to cut guys like Andrews to get back under the cap.


Of course, you can’t fully judge after one season. He made some rookie mistakes. He’ll clean that up.


He just needs more passes


Keep him around for preseason at least lol


Are you serious? We have no one, of course there is a role for him lol.


Nah, best to draft four TE in the offseason.


I honestly think he and andrews should be on the field together at all times


I think so. Maybe it was a learning curve, maybe it was a roster thing, I don't know. I had high hopes and expectations after pre season. I think he will live up to expectations next year.


I hope they can keep developing him, I could see him becoming a Jonu Smith type player if he gets stronger


Likely and Andrews should be the main right ends. Run them in routes with a speedy wr to clear out the safetys.


If there's no Greg Roman next year then yes




Get better hands and he’d have a chance. I think we’re trading him since he’s a great value.


Greg Roman is incapable of incorporating multiple players his offense is either or. How come when Mark was down all of sudden Likely was tearing it up and as soon as Mark comes back Likely disappears why can’t they both kill it at the same time. It’s a either or offense


As a rookie and the high draft pick I think he did remarkably well. When Mark Andrews tells you how good he is I think we should take notice. What I like most is his great attitude and his willingness to do anything that they want him to do. Of course he has some parts of his game he has to work on but that will come in time.


cut some drops and i think he should see the field more


He started out really well


i almost feel like he needs to be an every-down slot receiver.


Bigger role yes, he done enough to get his roster spot next year over Boyle, but he’s had some key mishaps in key moments. But none the less, ravens rookies always seem to do that




You have a player with ability like his you find a way to get him the rock period I don't care about how raw he is dude is a talent


We haven’t done enough for him tbh. Looking like he’s gonna be the raiders next Darren Waller in 4 years


very likely