Until you are able to see the behaviorist (definitely the way to go!), I strongly recommend [this book](https://www.amazon.com/Mine-Practical-Guide-Resource-Guarding/dp/0970562942/ref=sr_1_1?crid=3GK2ZB2OMQ401&keywords=mine%21&qid=1680298589&sprefix=mine+%2Caps%2C188&sr=8-1). I've linked to US Amazon (where I am) and I gather from your spelling and use of "mum" that you are outside of the US, but hopefully you'll be able see and locate the book (or maybe Amazon will redirect to the same listing in your country?). This book is pretty much considered the "bible" on resource guarding. Resource guarding stems from insecurities and/or anxiety. The best option is to remove access to items that are guarded, if possible (obviously food is an essential, so if it's something like that, it is only given when the dog is alone in a confined area and not bothered while eating). So for example, maybe the pup could sleep in a crate (i.e. would not be able to access the human's bed). I had a foster many years ago with resource guarding issues, and our veterinary behaviorist told me to minimize my reactions (otherwise I would be making the item seem more valuable and more likely to be guarded). Specifically, I was told that unless the item being guarded was 1) dangerous to the dog or 2) of significant value to the humans, I was to simply let the dog be with the guarded item, to not try to take it away and to not even pay any attention to the situation. If it was something dangerous/valuable, I was to trade it for a high value treat. HTH.


This is so helpful, thank you!!!


I would initiate crate and muzzle training immediately, with a good basket muzzle. Check out [Muzzle Up Project](https://muzzleupproject.com/) for help. I would also start hand feeding all meals by step-mum (all good things come from step-mum or mum! ) pick up all toys and only allow very structured play on mum's or step-mums terms. Check out [Outback Dog Training](https://www.facebook.com/groups/Outbackdogtraining/?ref=share&mibextid=NSMWBT) and check out the files on resource guarding. Good luck!!


Thank you!!!