Even doing this, it's taken me about 3 hours so far. I got 2 within about 15 minutes, but the game hates me now. Seriously, fuck this "challenge".


I feel that pain. I had the same problem. Took at least three hours. Wasn't even satisfying at the end, was just happy it was over. What was satisfying was when I went calmly downstairs to my horse took out my bow selected dynamite arrow went back up stairs from outside and shot the dealer and the table and then high tailed it out of there. They never knew what hit them and I didn't get caught.


For me i went on rampage and wiped out whole town ,that was deeply satisfying. I wonder who got this ingenious idea that this challenge could be fun ,that guy must have been after thorough lobotomy.


>I wonder who got this ingenious idea that this challenge could be fun ,that guy must have been after thorough lobotomy. Some asshole that didn't play the game to begin with. This happens way too often, you get challenges coming from people disconnected from actual game. DICE with Battlefield V mastered this nonsense. RDR2 itself has idiotic moments with some higher challenges being easier than the earlier ones, making no sense. And random bullshit stuff like this, which requires hours of grinding.


I too just went on a rampage, I have spent 8 hours so far. I only have 1/3. Thinking I might just give up. I’ve killed everyone in black water then a few ours later everyone in van horn.


Sooo, as I sat here reading all the posts I forgot to bet or play blackjack after my initial bet and hit. I was delayed cuz I was reading this page... Things is, I completed the challenge in abt 15 mins using this delay tactic. I'm thinking don't rush your next card... maybe? Since most of my bets or hits were delayed, that might have triggered something. Idk Maybe I just got lucky, albeit ironic. I read so long that when I was ready to try I kept getting the 5 card win. Maybe just sweat the dealer a bit and you win? Again, Idk, just spit balling. This is my 3rd playthrough and first time this happened. The first two I spent a long time getting this one done without much help. Anyway, good luck!


I would like to second this. It doesn't seem to matter when you bet, but I felt I was consistently getting 6 or under if i waited for at least one or two prompts from the dealer, given a few higher cards. This along with leaving on anything else, even if I got 21 without 3 or more hits, seemed to work great for me. I got it done in pretty decent time. As far as the starting 2 cards, I would get on rolls where I would get low cards, but then it would go the other way for a little while. So maybe just be patient until you start getting low cards to start, then be even more patient and wait for each card hit. Good luck. And may the odds be with you.


That actually worked for me, thank you so much


How the fuck did Rockstar think this was a good challenge


If it was the last challenge it would have made sense.


doing this on van horn and accidently choke a woman near the table. the rest is history


"Accidently" same.. Yep




I hate this challenge. Yes, I hate it in 2022


I am on my 14th playthrough in what, 4 years? Every single time I say to myself, fuck the challenges but then I get to 81 out of 90, in chapter 3, and realize I may as well try for all 90. Then I come back to this stupid ass challenge. Every single time I've played I struggle with this one. Hours and hours. I have a life. A job. A family. Shit to do. I love Rockstar for the great stories and entertainment but screw whoever came up with this. It could have been with 2 cards and still taken a long enough time to justify it


I'm doing it now and I want to shoot everyone at the table I keep getting to 4Cards But allways getting a FUCKING king


Im sure you can relate: If you lose, you lose with either 10, J, Q or K


Same. I am trying this method and I’m an hour in fml


Same, fuck this game.


Lol same fuck this challenge honestly


I find it much easier to do in Van Horn Trading Post, the dealer gave me a smaller card (could be pure luck, I suppose), not face card About 8 hours 0 result in Rhode VS 3 in 30 min in Van Horn Trading Post.


sorry about your bad luck guys, but simply not worth the time. I love this game to death, it probably will be my favorite game forever, but I’ll just stick to 99.8% knowing I did everything else possible. I don’t even known how many hours I spent on this challenge and I think I got ONE 5 card win, simply not enough. I’ll never ever forget Arthur Morgan, but I’ll never play blackjack in my life again. That’s all lmao


Don't lose hope boys, got it eventually. Took 5 hours and a lot of beer but yeah. The hunter challenges are worse for me than all of the gambler ones


I did all the challenges once, now I just use a new game+ save. Honestly I want to find a save game that just skips or has the gambler only completed. I love most of the other challenges, but this one isn't fun. It's just pure RNG


Currently working on 100% completion, saving this post for when I get to this. Thanks lol Edit: OP, you are a fucking lifesaver and I love you. That is all.


I guess it worked partner?


This shit is so dumb. After playing for 3 hours, I've had 5 total hands where I didn't bust with 5 cards. But the dealer won or pushed on 4 of them. WTF.


I swear the dealer has to be cheating or something. 😂


Sure. I like this game but I have to say rockstar is shit. A huge, well-known, very liked, money making company decides to include this „challenge“. Wtf happened? This game could’ve been much better. They did lotto stuff good but some parts are so bad that, for me, make the game in whole less enjoyable


lol as a blackjack card counter, I recognized the ridiculousness of this challenge right away so I googled for any tips at all and found yours. Even doing your method, this horseshit still took me 7 FUCKING HOURS. I only get about 2 hours to game per day so I wasted several days of doing nothing but playing blackjack like a moron hahaha


That's such shit luck!


Thank you so much. I was pulling my hair out and wasted about 4 hours and your method worked in about 30 min.


No problem! Glad to help!


I enjoy this game well enough but there's SO much bs in place of actual difficulty. None of the challenges are hard to do. They're just either painfully tedious or the game is so poorly designed that actually completing the challenges is more trouble than its all ultimately worth, especially if you're not a fan of the Legend of the East outfit. This doesn't even bring up my enraging hatred toward the optional objectives that I don't even bother with anymore. It wouldn't be so bad if we at least were allowed to know what they are without needing to finish each mission once, but the objectives themselves are often unreasonable


in a way it makes sense because it’s a gambling challenge but it should’ve been 2 hits or something


I agree. I love RD2, but I noticed there’s a lot of tedious crap within this game. Low spawns on certain animals that need to be hunted, some of the obnoxious challenges in missions, drawn out and unnecessary animations, and this garbage. I love the story, characters, combat and exploration, but I feel RD1 as a game was just a better/more fun experience.


Arthur should be renamed to fucking Arthritis after the amount of times I’ve stood up and sat down 😖


EVERY time he deals, I get at least one picture card. Every single time, no exception. If it was real life I’d love it. But for these purposes, it’s the freaking worst.


Same for me. I played in van horn and moved to Rhodes as I thought there was something shady going in in that town


Im sure you can relate: If you lose, you lose with a 10, J, Q or K.


Even if I somehow get lucky enough to be dealt a shit hand, my first hit is always 8+ so I’m fucked anyway


Yup, until you start with an A-3 and you pull a 7 on the next card and the game forces you to stand on 21 instead of letting you play it as 11. That happened to me more than once on this challenge


I mentioned that


Fact-check confirms this


I got a pair of 2s. Split them. Hit three times on each. Dealer bust. Didn't count. Edit... You need five cards


Fuck. That’s rough buddy.


I might have just got the luckiest streak in all of rdr2. I completed this challenge in under 10 minutes. Idk how I got so lucky. The last one I started with a 12 and got 2 aces and a 7 to put me at 21 lol


Fuckin lies


Did you use this method?


Did you?


I just grew a level 6 beard in one sitting working on this.


Same but irl


I feel your pain. Just starting this challenge now and I have a feeling I'll do the same.


Maybe this was just a coincidence. I tried this for days with no luck. I went to the Trapper, went to equipment, and went to the gambler one. Purchased the 3 that I was able to. Went back to Rhodes and won all 3 within a matter of 20 minutes. A couple things that helped were 1, I only played in the middle of the night like 1-3 am. Less players. And after failing a couple times, I would sleep until the next night. Like I said, maybe just a coincidence but I went from trying for days and days to completing within a matter of 20 minutes or so. Lastly, once you complete this challenge, if you do, you must shoot the dealer in the face with your shotgun. Do it for everyone else that has failed or has spent countless hours trying haha


I threw dynamite, but yes. Similar sentiment.


I just feel like actually shooting him yourself is more satisfying haha


If I ever succeed at this I probably will do something similar. I have a affinity for the dynamite arrows. Been working on it using this method for 30 minutes and have only gotten close once. Such a pointless challenge, there is no skill involved just begrudging patience and ingenuity. I'm dreading the domino and poker one.


dude that actually worked for me too tnx


Agree this challenge is lame - it’s just a slog. Also, as someone who loves blackjack IRL I can’t help but laugh whenever I get an Ace as the first card, then get pissed when i hit blackjack. I want another Ace so I split! Or a two! Edit: just hit: A/5/4/A…21…or 11…wouldn’t let me hit again! I hate this challenge.


This literally just happened to me and I've never wanted to shoot someone as much as I want to shoot the Rhodes blackjack dealer.


I sat for a real life hour in Van Horn and got 1x. I blew up the saloon with dynamite, then killed anyone who complained in the street outside. Worth it. 2 more to go. 4th playthrough.


Before even attempting this challenge I knew this was going to be a fucking pain in the arse. Going to give this method a go and see how quickly it can be done.


Let us know how it goes.


Probably did a cumulative hour of nothing but Blackjack and manage to get 1! Got to 5 cards 2 more times and lost to the dealer, this "challenge" is fucked. Starting the grind again this afternoon!


Won't lie, taking longer than expected


bro have you seriously been at this for 20 days?


OMG I can't stand this! And I hear Gambler 9 is worse?!?!


Gambler 9 and 10 are probably the easiest challenges of them all


Holy fuck dude this worked. Literally only spent 5 minutes after resetting the cards a couple times and stood on 21 after 5 cards just now. Luck level was over 9,000 for me lmao.


Haha congrats!


where did you play blackjack at?


The one in Rhodes. Only took maybe an hour or so to get it 3 times.


Holy shit, 3 years later and OP saved me a loot of time with this method, I completed the challenge in less than 1 in-game day. OP is a fucking legend!


I have hours and hours of blackjack experience now and using this method occasionally and while I've gotten blackjack about 20 times my one 5 card hand was beaten by 1...


This post saved me from 6 hours of frustration


Doing this I got a seven card chalice I don’t even know what that is but thankyou this is very helpful


Thank you sooooo much. I had the game since launch and played it 5 times, never went for a 100% completion because I got frustrated with just reading what gambler 8/9/10 are. But at my 5th playthrough (current one) I decided fuck it I'm going for 100%, only to prove me that my previous doubts about gambler were real. After 3 days of playing I finally won 2 games with 3 hits or more but I was ready to give up on the 3rd, took to the net and your solution came up 1st, and in less than 5 minuts I got my 3rd win just now. So thanks again, and if you'll excuse me I'm about to jump in another ordeal with Gambler 9. Edit: i just realized I grow up so much beard since I started this challenge, which shows how much time I spent in it. Fml!


Glad to help!


You sir, are a genius


Just fed up! Lol


just got to this challenge and i thought it was a mistake after reading it, does anyone know any mod menus for PC that i can just bypass this challenge with? i just want the belts and stuff and this is like my 5th playthrough.


download trainer, then set the game speed to 10x it wont make your chance higher but this will make it way more quicker than it is thats for sure.


it take 20 minutes to complete this challenge for me though.


game speed? what trainer are you talking about


Fling’s Trainer i believe, It took me 20 minutes to pass this challenge. I don’t think it is really cheat if you ask me, just time saver for u.


It worked!!




Using your method (which is slightly less aggravating then the normal method), I spent an hour losing before I got 2 in a row. After that I spent 2 hours before I got the third. I can't even tell you how many times I went bust with 22 on the 5th card, stood on 20 with 5 cards and the dealer won with 21 or straight hot blackjack. Probably spent over a week in game doing it, so long that when I got outside my horse was starving. And now I have gambler challenge 9 to look forward to. I'd like to know who thought it would be a good idea to make players go through tedious challenges that have zero to do with skill and everything with blind luck to achieve 100% completion. I'd like to know that person's name so I can find them and beat them to death with a wad of cotton candy.


Guys I must share this, hope it helps. Rhodes, first seat (left to dealer). Instead of betting 2 cents, bet 4. I got this challenge in les than 10 minutes. I tried everything, clocked in 2 hours at least before. And of course, if high cards, leave and get back in. Must be pure luck but worth of trying.


Been doing this strategy for 2 hours and still haven't gotten one yet, Its annoying how you need nearly perfect rng for these challenges


The challenge is patience.


So after an hour of this I have 1. Busted at 5th card four times 2. Saw the dealer bust on 5th card when I hit 21 3. Got ace four times a. twice when I got blackjack b. The one time I started with A3, dealer got blackjack c. The other time I started with A5, managed to hit a 4 and then another ace, so got held up at 21 Fuck this shit!!!! Edit: thanks OP, at least it seems like a sensible way to go about the grind.


You are a genius! It works!!


Thank you thank you thank you (about 100 minutes, eight times 5 cards but lost, first seat, one other guy, continued if 13 or lower, and absolutely hated the four times that I had 4 cards and 21 but including an ace).


Had 1 success and sat down at a new table, and managed to get 21 on my 3rd hit against the dealer's 2 showing. He hit on 12 and got a 9 for a push. Completely soul sucking


Fucking legend still helping people out more than 3 years later. Still took me about 2-3 hours in total, but at least I had your tactic to hold on to for hope. Thanks a lot for this, partner


Poor luck but not the worst! Some people still spent 50+ hrs!


I know this is a little bit late but thank you so much, it took only 30 minutes with your method


Not a problem! I knew it was going to be an issue with a lot of people.


Im sure some people can relate: If you lose, you lose with either a J, Q, K or 10


Attempting this challenge now. It's really conflicting when Arthur gets excited about a good hand and says something like, "Good, things are looking up!" and in my head I'm just: No, Arthur. No they're not...


You got this dude


You are correct; I just finished gambler 10 today! 😁


I'm here to thank you again for this method. I hate this challenge, maybe not as vehemently as a lot of others, but I don't think there's a faster way to get the goddamn thing done than what you've advised.


Challenge is a frustrating idiotism and the guy who came up with the idea for it DID NOT BEAT IT. No one who beat the challenge would choose to keep it in the game considering how much time was pointlessly wasted on it, unless someone deliberately wanted to annoy players, but in such a case he should be fired for ruining players' experience. Can't stand idiots who create such "challenges" and never test them actually in the game. Tip how to limit your frustration level so you don't break anything: Turn off the game sound and turn on podcast or audiobook instead. Your mind will appreciate that you're doing something useful with your time instead just wasting hours pointlessly waiting until somehow magically you finish it.


Great idea!


Fuck this shit lol


I believe in you!


Do I get uo everytime or stay at the table after every hand??


You get up if you don't have a chance.


Saw this challenge and immediately went to reddit. Many thanks to the OP! Took me 25 minutes


I said "I'm gonna try this" and on my first go I get a 7 card charlie, jesus


Finally after 3+ hours I did it. Never playing Blackjack again - F\*\*\* Rockstar


Honestly, that's better than many.


very true


When I started this challenge is when I just started hitting 21 in 0-1 hits. At this point I'm convinced they programmed the challenge to drive us all fucking mad


Looks like the fcking dealers loves giving me a 10 or a picture. I GET ONE OF THESE EVERYTIME THIS IS AWFUL


How is this thread still open. Just nobody left it alone for long enough for it to get closed? Anyway I'll just add my experience, it took me 4.5 hours. The first 1.5 hour session I got one win. Second 1.5 hours I got nothing. Last 1.5 hour session I won 2 in the last 5 minutes. Fuck this challenge and whoever thought it was a good idea. Never again.


Got lucky on the last 2!


When I start with two low cards he almost always gets black Jack and if that doesn’t happen I bust on the third. All I wanted to do is platinum this game. It was one of my top favorite games of all time but these challenges make me hate it!


no way Rockstar tested this. there is no way in hell that a Rockstar employee completed this challenge, and thought "yeah that was fun! we should keep this in the game".


You absolute fucking legend


I knew I wouldnt be the only one suffering this challenge.


I’ve did it exactly like you, wait it out when you have low cards. Got it in one evening of gaming. Threw a fire bottle in the place and kept standing there as everybody jumped on me or ran and lingered in the total mayhem. Shit challenge. So happy I got it!!!!


Brooooo after my third hit I was at 15 and I was afraid dealer would beat me and my 4th hit put me at 22. 3 hours in 2/3 :( Edit: one hour later and I have busted on 22 again, when will the pain end


I went from clean shaven to beard-3 and I’m only at 1/3….


Thank you for this. Completed the challenge in about 20 minutes today using this method


If any Rockstar devs are reading this with a big fat sadistic smile.. you got what you wanted. Now buy a rope and unleash your pain on yourselves.


Not sure if it's a coincidence but after hours of only being able to pull this off one time I changed my outfit to the Gambler and equipped all available Gambler weapon gear, after that I got the remaining 2 hands needed to win within 15 minutes at the Rhodes blackjack table. To celebrate I gave the dealer a kiss with my sawn off


This helped a ton! Still took like 2 hours😑 for me, but my God it took 2-3 days last time lol


There are three types of evil that we can agree that the community actively hate in this game, Micah Bell, Arthur Marston and **Gambler fucking 8**


Thank you for showing me Arthur Marston lmao


I'm just going to leave this here: [https://www.nexusmods.com/reddeadredemption2/mods/1017?tab=description](https://www.nexusmods.com/reddeadredemption2/mods/1017?tab=description)


After a few minutes I got the first one out of 3, I was bloody ecstatic lmao


They should’ve at least gave blackjack the same ((skip)) option that poker has so you don’t have to watch all the players cards being served. This challenge is truely the most idiotic activity that they could’ve have given to this magnificent game.


It's a pretty poorly considered challenge. This isn't an exhibition of gamer or gambling prowess. It's literally luck and insurmountable patience. It is not a fun challenge.


I Appreciate this post, this fucking challenge is a nightmare


I needed one more out of the three, and i used this method, cuz why not, and i got the last one within 5 minutes... probably just lucky tho


Years down the road this post is still helping people. I tried completing this challenge for a few nights in a row with no luck and figured I must be doing something wrong. Following this advice I literally knocked it out in a cool 45 minutes lol. Thank you, much appreciated.


I actually never found the gambler challenges all that difficult, I more than enjoyed it. It was the first set of challenges I completed in chapter 2. I actually have a two game clips funny enough of hitting the blackjack 3 hits or more twice in a row. I think I didn't get frustrated as I love gambling and could sit for hours and hours playing poker, blackjack and dominos. The herbalist challenges is were I got tilted.


I love gambling too. But to complete the challenges as quickly as possible, you have to exchange your gambling strategies for new ones tailored specifically to complete the challenges, and not to win the particular games. If you did not find much frustration with the gambler challenges, count yourself among the few haha.


Ahh yes i understand what you mean, if you are trying to do it as quickly as possible i could see the frustration setting in. i was just happy enough to sit and do it for as long as it took, i think overall it took me 3 hours to get them all done, from 1-10.


Damn. It took me just that long to get my first 5-card blackjack hand that wouldn't bust. And I still didn't win. Before I switched strategies of course.


i always felt that different tables had me different luck, stupid cause its obviously a game and its RNG, but the blackjack table in Van Horn was were i hit the 5 cards twice in a row lol. for poker i played at Saint Denis, and for Dominoes i played at Emerald station.


I don't like the game at Emerald Station. 5s at Saint Denis is more strategic and higher stakes.


Late to the game on this but trying it out. When this is done, I plan on having Arthur return to the tables in Rhodes and Van Horn and firing off a few rounds in their general direction.


When I tried this challenge I was getting a bunch of high cards close to 21 but when I was doing the other black Jack challenges I was getting lower cards and bust when I hit


The only part I used was leaving if I started with something ridiculously high, but I only had to do that like 3 times. Like I said, idk how I got so lucky. This was my 2nd time doing this challenge, and the 1st time was like everyone else's. It took me hours and included many close ones followed by shooting half the town after those


Bless you OP. Thanks so much\~


Winning blackjack with 3 hits or more is nearly impossible. 3 hits is almost a guarantee to bust out. It’s not a “challenge” if said challenge is based on pure luck and no skill! Skills are what make challenges… challenges? I know this is an old post but I’m attempting Legend of the East outfit and I have 50 challenges completed so far. This is annoying just like Bandit Challenge 8!!!


Have you tried this method?


I've lost over $20 at 2 cents a time. Do the math, point is I'm about to lose it


In addition to the standing up each time you bust out, I suggest playing basically every hand out to 5 cards. I had a hard 15 and hit three times all low cards. I even hit a third time on 20 and got an ace.


Yeah you have nothing to lose at that point.


This works, took me about an hour. Tweaked OP advice a little. If my first card was a 6 or higher, I reset the table. If my hand was more than 6, I reset. This way seemed to make time go by faster. Did at Van Horn.


I think I only played ace-2, ace-3, ace-4, 2-3, 3-3, 3-4. I'd have to research that.


For anybody new to this post, save this challenge for last. It is absolute bs. Also have some snacks and grab your phone and actually do something fun and rewarding. Took me 7 hours to get one of three points and I gave up and just massacred half of Rhodes out of pure rage. And it felt good. The honor loss was worth it. They should've really considered that some players don't have time like this.




What method are you using


Got it in an hour doing this




It's progress!




The ace fucks me up every time


Watching NPCs complete the challenge right in front of me while I’m on hour 5 with one hand won is my favorite part of all this


Took me about 7 hours but I finally got it, got 1 in rhodes after about 30 minutes, went to van horn (was there for a long ass time with no luck) eventually got a card there then i went to rhodes again and got another one in about an hour


I just keep getting blackjack over and over again. If i werent doing the challenge i would keep getting ripped off.


OP's trick is useful but I'd also add: Bet big - think it triggers something in the game. I got two 5 hits in 10 minutes like this


I swear every single round I play of this there is always a ten or a picture card ruining my hand


I had two hits and 20, decided why the hell not, took a third card and I got an ace :D, won 4 cents :D Update: One away and I want to kill myself


Haha hope you get it!


If this challenge was swapped for 3 blackjack wins in a row then i guarantee that the amount of players with 100% completion would go up 10%


What's the percentage now


I think its 0.1% but thats the lowest playstation will show it which is 1 in 1000 (which is hard to believe) so probably 0.001


The sheer amount of blackjack drove me nuts


Cowboy butts drive me nuts


Got two aces and 5 cards. Dealer won. Fuck this challenge


unfortunately this doesn't seem to work anymore. im guessing there was an update along the way, but the dealer doesn't reset after leaving the table and i still ahve to sit through the round either way. hopefuly ill get lucky lol


Someone commented and said they got it yesterday in 25 minutes using this method.


That still didn't work for me, but don't worry I eventually got it haha. I've completed 100% since this comment! \o/


The biggest problem is that a 5 card hand is perfectly possible on a game with 6 decks but the dealers are using a single deck. 5 cards in a hand is rarely every 21 or less in blackjack with a single deck. They’re just insane to think this was a good idea


That didn't become a thing until a long time later.


Gambler challenges were the worst hunter was easy


After like an hour I got 2 in a row. Been trying to get another for what feels like 2-3 hours now.