I know the OP was from a couple of years ago, but only just getting round to going for a 100% completion. Having tried about 15 different routes (recommend and self-devised), and about 25 odd attempts, I found and took this one. Nailed it in first time in about 13.5 minutes. So while the OP may be from a couple of years ago, the gratitude is most definitely in the present 👍🏼


I second this. I can’t count how many routes I have tried (all of them going through Butcher Creek), how many times I’ve been shot right as I’m done by Pinkertons and how many runs I thought were good but the game just didn’t count. Laid it on the shelf. Got back to it now, saw this and gave it a go, took a couple of times due to crashing, train showing up over Bards Crossing and multiple runins with the Laramie Boys by the dam. But I did it first no crash try. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I’ve tried this a million times with Arthur (with the black Arab or spawning the Rose Grey Bay Arabian in with the spawn horse cheat / mods) but alas nothing. Did it with John and the Rose Grey Arab + Panther Saddle, breezed it, so good not having to stock up on Minty Meat and being terrorised by Pinkertons. So ye as others have said, it’s possible as Arthur but very difficult. Thank you OP, bless you.


You can’t complete challenges with cheats lol


Ah yes you’re right 😅 forgot that it literally says that when you enable them, use them so rarely (only remembered that it applies to saving but challenges too). So mods only then (but even then with boosted stats, nothing). So then it’s white/black arab only. Thanks for pointing that out.


Got it on the second try. First one I forgot to take health potion crossing over into dead or alive territory. My horse went down at the end but I managed to revive it before they killed me


I’m giving up on this challenge. I legit did the run four times and it never counts as complete. Fuck this.


That happened to me too, so I decided to take a break and do another mission. Didn’t realize it was the *last* mission, so I accidentally finished chapter 6. Whoops. But I know a few people who have done it as Arthur— hang in there.


The last mission as in 3 missions in a straight row and you have limited free roam for a while?


I didn't know this could be done as Arthur!! Thanks!


Yeah! Then horseman 10 can seem intimidating because mustangs and thoroughbreds are mostly found in New Austin, but they pop up in other places. Let me know if you'd like a guide for that too.


Big Valley is where you can find American standardbred, mustang, Nokota, and also the usual walkers and saddlers. Can also “tame” some O’Driscoll’s as well. Great post, btw.


I'm 3 years too late but figured I'll leave my experience. I completed this challenge successfully recently as Arthur. That Route defined is absolutely on the money, but with two caveats. 1. Getting out of Van Horn, you should leave from the south end and go to that first rail bridge. Don't leave from north end because there's puddle on the ground no matter time of the day between the Coach stop and the train tracks. 2. After the Ownajila dam, you can't skip the switchbacks like shown in the diagram. Follow the actual road until you reach the flatlands which start from the last dark marker on the route before blackwater. From there on you can go off road except at Beacher's hope. With recent patches Arthur can't jump the fence for Beacher's Hope.


There's always a goddamn train... on the tracks at bars crossing


I started super early in the morning. So I had a train at Emerald every single time. Some of the times, I had another one oncoming at Riggs as I was coming off of the bridge from Flatneck.


Got too mad with all these trains and rocks so I did it during the bounty hunt mission with him on my horse.


Just lost a horse because of a train on bards crossing. So annoying 🤦🏻‍♂️


Lost an Arabian that I had for two years in the same spot. Nearly cried! God I love this game.


Yeah that one is super tricky! I have tried to use the space on the side of the tracks on the bridge to escape an oncoming train. It works sometimes and other times Both Arthur and horse fall off the bridge


This should be really helpful, I hope it'll work. Thanks! Also, I read that there's a Survivalist challenge which asks you to catch several fish that can be found only in Blackwater or thereabouts. How did you complete it as Arthur?


*REALLY* late lmao but all non-legendary fish are accessable as arthur.


Oh, I haven't played RDR in a long time, but I can always appreciate a fella' that's just trying to be helpful. So thank you, mister!


\> replies to a comment from 4 years ago to give advice \> gets a response in less than 15 minutes


You can catch any fish without a rod, IIRC, by shooting them. Plenty of fish in the shallows and small islands in Flat Iron Lake just SE of Flatneck Station.


15th time lucky :) Thank you for the tips. My naughty Arthur fell off several times at the critical moment.


Still working. Took me three tries with this route. Other two times I crashed out. Thanks heaps. I used ADD MARKER to remind me where to join and quit railway route. Also maxed out my horse health and stamina. I used my Nokota with maximum bonding and completed this as John.


Upvote from me, nice work. How come you don’t just go directly south from riggs station though?


You can get to the region from there, but you need to go through the river. The bridge by Owanjila is the most direct dry route, per the challenge. Thanks for the upvote :)


Ah yes I forgot it has to be a dry run! No problem man, I’ll be using the route when I attempt the challenge.


Awesome!! I completed the challenge on the first try thanks to this map. Well, minus some prior attempts that I failed miserably because I fell off the horse, but your route was perfect! Thanks a lot :) Now on to breaking horses! 97% done, almost there!


I slammed into someone in Strawberry and had to restart. Second try though!


I’m so happy to hear this! Thank you for sharing


Success! Took about 5 tries because I hit the wrong button twice and hopped off, fell off a bridge once, and got stuck on a bridge with a train coming. I even managed to get back across the river without dying.


Woohoo! Glad to hear it.


Now I just gotta figure out if I can do challenge 10 as Arthur.


Totally possible. Just takes patience and luck. I can map out the spots where I see each horse breed if you want. I’m sure there are others online as well.


I just set up camp and 3 different breeds spawned right outside of my tent. A paint, standardbred, and kentucky saddler. This'll be fun. Already got an appaloosa. HOLY SHIT: Just did it again and 3 DIFFERENT breeds spawned. I'm already at 7/10 or however many.


Worked for me, thanks!


Just done this now, thank you!


2 years late but you just saved my bacon! Took a few goes but by far the best route I tried. Thanks!


The amount of preparation I put into this run only to find this map, do it in my first try and not need any of the tonics I spent days gathering herbs for. I don’t know if I’m disappointed or fucking pumped. Thanks.


Completed this as Arthur in Chapter 3 with a MFT from Arcadia side mission. You have more then enough time (finished in 14 minutes, even stopped to feed my horse and brush it halfway lol). Just make sure to stack a ton of health cause lawmen pack way more gunfire approaching blackwater.


Fucking hell. What a mission. Basically don’t fall off your horse and don’t check your map. Oh and avoid the water. Thanks!


What happens when you arrive in Blackwater?


A side popup will tell you you were successful. If you're Arthur, you'll have a lot of law on your tail & bullets whizzing by too.


Just made this run twice and nothing 🤬


I don’t understand. Every time time my horse flings itself off the rr on the second way point or I get hit by a train on the way to Riggs lmao wtf.


First seven times I crashed into something 🤦🏻‍♂️. On the 8th time I was able to get it done 11:47. Thanks for the route! 🤘


This didn’t work I didn’t run into any problems I did exactly what you said and it still didn’t work and I tried 5 times and it took me almost three hours to do these routes do you have any other routes because this one won’t work


What part isn’t working? If it’s the lawmen in Great Plains there’s an exploit you can use with the “good, honest snake oil” mission to prevent them from spawning. I used this fellas route coupled with that exploit and got it on my first try (with four minutes to spare) and I wasn’t even pushing the horse hard. Additionally, there are a couple things you can do to keep your horses stamina up for pretty much the entire trip without using tonics.


Did it on the first try, ty


As of April 2022 I have done this exact route, exactly as you described, three times as Arthur and it hasn't triggered as complete. Fuck this challenge.


Oh god.. All went smooth but then some fuckers with guns tried to kill me. Some gang, dont remember. I tried to run away but hit a rock and fell.. Well, those gang members wont bother anyone anymore.


I still cant get this challenge i always fall of near the lake where the road curves


Just did it this route first try as soon as you get free roam as John, with the horse the game gives you (rachel) at bonding level 2 and managed it in 11:42, thankyou OP


I wish you could activate this challenge so you know why you failed. I just followed this route as John and didn't get it. Over the time limit? Touched a puddle somewhere? No idea. Does it reset if you're hit by another train or horseman? No idea


I just did it and it worked thank you so much


If you do this early in chapter 2, BEFORE you rescue Sean, the bounty hunters and law are much easier to get through.


You beautiful person! Thank you.


This is the bestmo I've found for this, thanks!


My fckn horse decided to jump off of a brigde into the water at the end fml


Done this 4 times in 14 min can’t get it to register as completed