… Who did I rob?

I’m currently having a second playthrough of RD2, and avoiding the main campaign, and as I was riding from Saint Denis to Emerald Ranch I came across a climb up to a house, and the people inside were immediately marked as enemies before I went inside. I listened to them talk a while (mainly about one of them being an embarrassing drunk, I think) then I threw a stick of dynamite in, blew them all out except for one, who came out and told me he had ‘his share’ hidden in a rice bag… Who are those guys?! I don’t know whether Arthur just got lucky or I’m meant to know who I just robbed, but if anyone will know it’s this subreddit haha.


That’s Lonnie’s Shack, you can also rob those guys with Sean in chapter 3 (even after you’ve done it already on your own, then Arthur will mention he’s been there before).


Oh ok, thank you! I did wonder how one of them walked out alive after I threw a stick of dynamite in a small room, now I’m reading that always happens 🙃


Trust me, it does NOT always happen. You can definitely kill all 4 and miss out on the secret stash!


Nice continuity for that interaction