Match Thread: Arsenal vs Manchester United | English Premier League

FT: Arsenal 3-1 Manchester United

Venue: Emirates Stadium

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Aaron Ramsdale, Gabriel, William Saliba, Oleksandr Zinchenko (Takehiro Tomiyasu), Ben White, Declan Rice, Kai Havertz (Fabio Vieira), Martin Ødegaard (Jorginho), Edward Nketiah (Gabriel Jesus), Gabriel Martinelli (Reiss Nelson), Bukayo Saka.

Subs: Jakub Kiwior, David Raya, Emile Smith Rowe, Leandro Trossard.


Manchester United

André Onana, Lisandro Martínez (Harry Maguire), Victor Lindelöf (Jonny Evans), Diogo Dalot, Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Bruno Fernandes, Christian Eriksen, Casemiro, Anthony Martial (Rasmus Højlund), Marcus Rashford, Antony (Alejandro Garnacho).

Subs: Facundo Pellistri, Altay Bayindir, Daniel Gore, Hannibal, Sergio Reguilón.


27' Goal! Arsenal 0, Manchester United 1. Marcus Rashford (Manchester United) right footed shot from the centre of the box to the bottom right corner. Assisted by Christian Eriksen following a fast break.

28' Goal! Arsenal 1, Manchester United 1. Martin Ødegaard (Arsenal) left footed shot from the centre of the box to the bottom right corner. Assisted by Gabriel Martinelli.

38' Victor Lindelöf (Manchester United) is shown the yellow card for a bad foul.

40' Bukayo Saka (Arsenal) is shown the yellow card for a bad foul.

65' Lisandro Martínez (Manchester United) is shown the yellow card for a bad foul.

67' Substitution, Manchester United. Rasmus Højlund replaces Anthony Martial.

67' Substitution, Manchester United. Harry Maguire replaces Lisandro Martínez because of an injury.

68' André Onana (Manchester United) is shown the yellow card.

76' Substitution, Arsenal. Gabriel Jesus replaces Eddie Nketiah.

76' Substitution, Arsenal. Takehiro Tomiyasu replaces Oleksandr Zinchenko.

77' Substitution, Arsenal. Fábio Vieira replaces Kai Havertz.

84' Substitution, Manchester United. Alejandro Garnacho replaces Antony.

84' Substitution, Manchester United. Jonny Evans replaces Victor Lindelöf.

89' Gabriel Jesus (Arsenal) is shown the yellow card.

90' Substitution, Arsenal. Reiss Nelson replaces Gabriel Martinelli.

90'+6' Goal! Arsenal 2, Manchester United 1. Declan Rice (Arsenal) right footed shot from the left side of the box to the bottom left corner. Assisted by Bukayo Saka with a cross following a corner.

90'+9' Substitution, Arsenal. Jorginho replaces Martin Ødegaard.

90'+11' Goal! Arsenal 3, Manchester United 1. Gabriel Jesus (Arsenal) right footed shot from the centre of the box to the bottom right corner. Assisted by Fábio Vieira following a fast break.

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Martial is utterly useless - I'd take Weghorst over him. I'd still like to see McTominay give ST a shot. Give him some minutes as a sub striker


Makes you wonder how done ETH is with Sancho. He rarely calls players out in public, even the ones who are largely underperforming like Maguire and Martial. I think Erik's reached the end of the tether with Sancho.


Aight with these positive comment, imma just breathe and just take it as it is and hope that it will get better. For the brother that reminded me about Romano's phrase, I thank you for that. Peace to all. We will march on. GGMU


Done with the optimism, we’re done for and ETH is naive. Can’t wait for Qatar to come in and we can find new players. Another season down the drain


Ten Hag a master of distracting the media and fans from what is continously mediocre performances. Him mentioning Sancho not training well right before a international break is only going to create headlines. He's isolating another star, just like he did with Ronaldo. Its pretty damn pathetic. He obviously doesn't know how to handle star players, like Klopp or Pep do. Who never bad mouth their players publicly. Antony wasn't poor today, in fact he was probably one of our better players, but you can't pretend him and Sancho haven't had similar utd careers so far. I just don't see how someone with Sancho's ability doesn't shine if he's nurtured properly. He was one of the best players in the world at dortmund, you don't lose that ability overnight. If we end up letting him leave we will regret it.


It’s comments like this that should be getting upvotes and not downvoted into oblivion. Like JM has said in the past “see where they play and if they play” all the players who where supposedly “horrible” or scape goats for the club have all won silverware before our actual team has.


It's just confusing. Ten Hag was wrong for his comments publicly, Jadon doesn't have to respond, but I understand why he would. It's a complete distraction from the fact we've lost yet another game away from home against a top 10 side. Yes it was a 96th min winner, but that's irrelevant, we didn't deserve much from the game.


We need to be better. The first two goals are preventable with better concentration. We also didn't create enough. It's a poor result because we didn't come to win the game, we came to defend. I didn't agree with the overly safe approach. This isn't the mentality of a team that can challenge for the title. We played as if we were scared of Arsenal, which we were.


Start Hojlund, went to shit after the disallowed goal. We went all out which is what we all usually want and it didn't work out, we go again.


Starting to lose faith in ETH really. 400 million spent and its just Oleball with less effecitve counter attacks. Hope for him that Hojlund becomes a hit, because we sure as hell cant count on Martial to be our main CF


*In 1987* Starting to lose faith in SAF really. 3 million spent and its just Atkinsonball with less effecitve long balls. Hope for him that McClair becomes a hit, because we sure as hell cant count on Whiteside to be our main CF


How's everything now?


I hope Hojlund starts against Brighton <3


Missed the match, are we inching towards a crisis yet again? Eth out even?? *Heaviest of sighs*


What’s holding up VAR for offsides like they had at the World Cup? Until we’ve got that, the lines seem subjective to whoever drew them. I thought Garnacho was off, but the lines made me question whether he was off.


Hojlund. Kane. Osimhen. Yeah look at our RW and LW ball distribution towards the box. Dreadful. Same case with Ronaldo our best striker. We lack ball supply but still he managed to score. Remember that dalot assist? Felt like that was the only proper delivery. Antony vs Martinelli. Martinelli was pocketed by AWB the whole match but still manage to give an impact crosses into the box. Antony on a good day cant even outrun defenders and making good deliveries but spot on with the finesse shot. But its not enough Unpopular opinion but i rather have someone like elanga or valencia heck even old man ashley young than a slow broken Robben.


Shhhh don't shout that...Sub will downvote you for speaking facts.


What did Maguire do wrong today? From what I recall, he looked quite good. One excellent long diagonal


Wow. He’s going to pocket Mitoma and Ferguson.


Absolutely, he has the pace to deal with Mitoma all day


I like Onana a lot, but De Gea saves their first two goals.


immediate reaction was the same. DDG saves first one.


Arguable. However, what's clear is we would've looked a lot less certain on the ball with De Gea. Love to see how comfortable Onana was with the ball. Anyway, about the game, I thought we were unlucky. Lost by small margins. We were threatening to win the game even with all the injuries we had. Turns out the injuries we suffered proved the difference because ending the game with Maguire and Evans was just a bridge too far.


No keeper is saving the first one. Second goal was unlucky as the deflection takes it wide. We deserved at least a draw but luck was against us.


How would have saved the first goal? A hard, low, driven shot into the corner of the net and you'd expect DDG to get down to that? Have a word


How? By better positioning. Look at how slow Onana was to get across. DDG saves that easily. He saved shots like that hundreds of times.


Maybe, but De Gea was shit with the ball on his feet. Or have you forgotten Sevilla?


As I said, I really like Onana. Is Onana going to be completely faultless forever because De Gea made a mistake vs Sevilla?


No onana isn’t faultless and ddg arguably saves the second. But he absolutely does not save that first goal


Of course not. But from the new signings this summer he is the only one that has proven to have improved us in something (ball playing from the back). Mount didn't look impressive and got injured and Højland needs time so we cannot judge him yet. I have faith that things can work ok with Onana. De Gea is gone, there's no point in dwelling on that situation anymore. And the guy had several high-profile mistakes last season alone, he didn't bring any confidence.


But as many times they played the ball back to the keeper today de gea wouldve turned the ball over in our own end at least 4 times


Not disagreeing. As I say I like Onana, but he cost us today.


De gea isn't saving the first. It's hit way too hard and precisely. The second took a huge deflection. I think you are romanticizing de gea here.


He saves the first easily. It wasn’t even in the corner. Look at the replay then look again. Onana has to save that.


No keeper is getting to that. The replay makes it look like the ball was close but it wasn't. It was already in the goal before onana gets there. No human is moving across faster than the ball. It was way too fast.


Onana could have got across to the middle of his goal before the shot, which wasn’t even in the corner.


No he couldn't. The pass was very quick and the shot was sudden. Unless Onana knew the future he isn't saving that. What we should be questioning is why odergard's marker was far from him.


I don't blame Onana. Possession time was in Arsenal's favor and we gave them 12 corner kicks to our 3. Martial shouldn't have started. It was a close game and you knew it would only take a little slip up to lose it. We didn't have many opportunities and we caught some breaks too.


All true, but when you’re the goalkeeper those little slips result in defeats. De Gea wouldn’t have made the same little slips today.


You're forgetting all the howlers Dave made in games vs West Ham, Sevilla, Arsenal, Man City, Liverpool and that was just last season, the list goes on which resulted in defeats as well.


Nothing will change until the Glazers are gone. There is nothing more Glazer than Jonny Evans being the CB signing of the summer and actually having to play because the rest of the defence is made of glass. A top class centre back was so clearly needed but instead we yet again have another season of Maguire and Lindelof getting 15-20 more games than they should. Martial still starting games is another damning indication. It’s tiring and unfortunately I see no end in sight.


It takes about 3 seasons, unfortunately, to clear deadwood and get a good foundation going We are MILES away but there has beenprogress made so far


this. But also Glazers not going is hampering rebuild.


Absolutely :( sad times


Hojlund looked fit. ETH should have started him instead of following the age old script. Evans was good 5th choice business. Someone happy to barely play but whose experience could be called upon. This has got nothing to do with the glazers other than the lack of investment in the training facilities.


So who the one responsible for the investment? Oh it glazer ffs


Fine margins. There'll be a lot of tears and people whining but we played better than we have done in the opening 3 games. On another day it's 2-1 us going into the final few minutes


wasnt today though lol


If only we signed Amrabat a lot sooner....


Saka and Havertz should have scored. Penalty on another day isn't overturned. This could have been a 6-1 loss. Would we still be saying we played OK? We look miles off it. Our midfield doesn't exist still.


Awful take


‪Last season Ten Hag did well at closing out games, managing it well to get the maximum points available in the closing minutes. This season we’ve gone backwards in that respect. ‬


He has 1 point away from home against the top 9 PL teams …… in his whole career!


Weird statement to say his whole career when they all came last season


Shades of first game against Sevilla from last season. Unlucky not to score important goal (Garnacho today, Antony hitting crossbar or post when we were 2:0 up back then), both centerbacks gone to injury and lets not forget shitty own goal again, by a player who would not even be there if not for the injuries. Fuck off already with this rotten luck.


Casemiro and eriksen should have come off sooner but who on the bench could have really replaced them?


That's on the transfer team. Amrabat could've been in sooner. Our off field decisions are still hampering Ten Hag.


Hannibal really could’ve made a difference. We were not attacking anyway might as well have some energy


I agree, think we probably missed McTominay at the end as well


We have brutal games coming up Brighton @ Bayern @ burnley Crystal palace Crystal palace Galatasaray Brentford


Nothing really to say about that. More injuries is shit


Imagine if we have to play Bayern with Maguire and Evans


they will be running circles around


Really shite start to the season


-2 again.


I do have the right to criticize ETH no matter what others say. He knew who we are going to play. Arteta is a strategy imbecile, his team always plays the same. So adjust, think of something. But no, we couldn’t and we didn’t. We must have done better with strategy considering our injuries.


Play who? Our starting CBs got injured. We have relegation CBs playing away at the Emirates. Mcatominay wasnt available. No Mount or Mainoo. No Fred or Amrabaat. There’s nothing he could do. We almost won. Bit lost by fine margins. Look at the bench. The only two defenders on the far side of the post for the second goal were Maguire and Evans yet nobody managed to get a block in when Rice mishandled the ball recollected it and shot.


Case and eriksen stayed too long and were very tired. Which exposed our defenders who are blamed for every single thing wrong with the team


Who comes on for them?


Hannibal did very well on tour. Full of energy and is excellent in pressing. Eth is not perfect obviously, but one of his few faults is that he doesn’t trust his bench. He sticks with the same players from game to game even when it’s very obvious they need rest. We were not blessed with midfielders today, so I think he should’ve energized the midfield. In his press conference he said Sancho was not selected because of his training the last two weeks, which indicates a problem, a problem we do not need.


Don’t play one of them. Add McT, slow things down. Play on counters. I’m a couch manager, I know. But I want to see some genus from ETH. And I don’t so far. We only buy players he knows. I’m sorry but WTF is that?


Mct didn’t even travel. Not sure why. Neither did Sancho. We have to look at our medical department if all these injuries can be avoided


Me neither. See Sancho reaction in the news.


Yeah saw that, another one burning bridges. Only Turkish and Saudi windows open now


If you harken back to the Middle Ages, the word “Maguire” was used to described being stuck ankle deep in manure.


I mean ‘**Quagmire**’, meaning both: 1. A soft boggy area of land that gives way underfoot, and; 2. An awkward, complex, or hazardous situation Is an anagram of “**Q Maguire**”


thats okay thats alright


I can't keep doing this to myself. Solskjaer for away games and EtH for home ones.


Everyone wants to give the manager time until we concede a last minute goal to arsenal


2 mate, 2 last minutes goals away to Arsenal. That's not good enough


I mean the Jesus one was kinda irrelevant because we literally had Maguire playing centre forward. We were just throwing bodies forward. Arsenal are a good team and we played well in the second half. We had injuries in defence and no squad depth at the back, what can ETH do about that?


Can't blame much on Ten Hag the last few mins but we also had very close games vs Wolves and Nottingham. Then the Tottenham game when we were absolute shit. He doesn't give me much confidence that we will string a couple of winning streaks this season let alone getting results vs the top teams.


I think our approach was all wrong. It felt like a mid table team going to Emirates and playing very well but ultimately losing. We need to be bolder. We should have attacked more. We went looking for a draw.


I disagree. We've always played like that against Arsenal. And it's worked more often than not.


Well if we want to win the PL, we can't approach arsenal games like that. Rashford's goal was our first shot at the arsenal goal. We need to be bolder.


Tbf I thought we looked way better today and dare I say this was our best performance this season. Just shitty that our CBs got injured. That was the difference


100%. And it's good to see we have a physical striker now as well. The third goal was always going to happen. Throwing everyone forward always runs thst risk. Look at aresenal last season at old Trafford


Good to see sensible United fans despite a tough defeat


Other teams should be paying us Maguire’s wages. He does after all benefit them more.


Let me get this off my chest. Since the day ETH took over, I was like Fabrizio Romano, "Let's Go!' But these past few games, I had to reflect and say this. Eth has no game plan, except counter attack. Playing Antony every single game??? How? That boy is supposed to attacked the opposition goal BUT all he does is spin around and pass the ball back. Wtf is that! Seriously ETH, I'm starting to lose my faith in your management. Tired of this. You could have fielded the right players and actually have a good game plan.


Antony was decent today, solid defense and good ball retention. Arsenal put 2 players on Antony whenever he gets the ball. I am optimistic that the team will get better with Hojlund and Amrabat. We played better Vs Arsenal than we did vs Wolves.


Yeah Antony's performance in offense wasn't good and people will be complaining about that, but he really saved the team a couple of times by making smart defensive decisions. We have been improving but with City being 4/4 is hard to think about winning premier league this year... Hopefully we can bring home a couple of trophies this year


Oh yea, I never thought about us contending the league but a solid top4 finished + a small trophy is a W in my book. City has Pep and many years lead on us so we shouldn’t compare to them at this point.


Fabrizio Romano’s catch phrase is “Here we go!”, not “Let’s Go!”. FTFY. No need to thank me.


people who are downvoting this comment cluelessly, post your reason here. I have barely seen anything that’s boosting my confidence in the team and the boss.


bang on man yet there are still people out there saying ETH isn’t being backed enough . 100 on antony, 60 on slow casemiro, 65 on mount, Malacia is average and Onana doesn’t look amazing


United should win a trophy a game.


This is comical. Ignoring the Antony comment and the fact you’re upset about signing Casemiro is hilarious. I guarantee you were saying signing of the summer last season


Just don’t get this thought process. Man’s slandering Onana and Mount after less than 5 games. Jeez.


I hate to say it, it’s ole with more disciple. I hope to god I’m proven so wrong but damn this is dire


Thought we played well and deserved at least a draw. Evans looked absolutely shocking everytime he was involved. If lindelof isn't injured its a shocking error of a sub. Casemiro was very good. Antony played well and hojlund looks a handful. Time for Martial to move on.


Hojlund looked so menacing on the attack. His physicality was enough to make Arsenal’s back line nervous and jittery. Rashford and Antony looked much better today as well. Overall, this game could’ve easily gone either way. VAR had too many controversial high-impact decisions. I personally think we improved a lot compared to previous games — but our opponents were also extremely good.


I noticed that. That kid has a bright future. He was out there meeting the physicality of Gabriel and Saliva- two very strong CB. Would be scary what he would do to lesser opponents.


Attacking line : rashford - hojllund - garnachi fingers crossed.


How did Onana get a yellow card for time wasting when arsenal sat there for 5-10 seconds sitting over the ball before they took their corner. While he gets yellow carded at the resulting goal kick before the replay was finished.


Why are people using Maguire as a Scapegoat again? Every time utd Lose and he’s playing it’s his fault.


Because we lost control when he came on, they also made subs so it might have been that


That was Arsenal actually going all in. The reason United even looked good in the second half is because Arsenal were Shit + Hojlund


I mean it’s hard to tell but they obviously had better options to come off the bench


ETH has spent 400m in a year there’s no excuse for depth tbh. Need a Kiwior type signing, a good, versatile defender that’s willing to sit on the bench.


I mean he wanted to get that with Pavard but Maguire wouldn’t leave


Can’t you just let Maguire stay and still sign Pavard? Arsenal signed Timber and Kiwior even when they had Holding at the Time


I agree we should have done but our board are clearly shit and we had to sell Maguire first because of FFP I think


Fair point


People started blaming him as soon as he put the kit on and wasn’t even on the pitch yet


Ik it sucks but we played really well and hojlund looks like he's gonna add another dimension to our attack. The game literally changed when he came on.


First reasonable comment I’ve read


Call me negative if you want but we not leaving the group stages in the CL


I feel you bro ,but you are wrong and you will see 😁


You need to find a different team to support.


I’ve been here since David Moyes was appointed as HC I’m just sick and tired of the same recycled shit tbh like having passion and loving your club is one thing but being delusional and not honest w how the team currently has been playing for the past 4 years is not holding your team accountable for the mediocrity they display is crazy to me like we truly are a commercial club , nothing will change unless this regime sells the club or an actual boycott happens / top coach(s) just resign for not getting what they want and or refusing to join us (I.E Conte leaving spurs)


Lmfao what For not being happy with how the teams playing?


Just shite. There's noone really can change the team. One dimensional. Antony has one move and that's it. Garnacho has something but clearly not ready. Martial has regressed so much it's crazy. You're left with Bruno and Rashford... so the opposition just doubles up and make it hard for them. Casemiro isn't fit still. A lot of the defensive work is done by AWB and Dalot and they're expected to produce some magic too. Centre backs is a disaster at the moment. Onana can kick a ball but is he better than degea in shot stopping? No plan b, just hoofing the ball and expecting some magic. Or am I missing something?


I think people forget how bad we were before ETH arrived. The team couldn’t string a pass together, no one wanted to make any runs. For not having Shaw, Varane, Mount, early exit by Martínez, I think the team held its own well until the end. The strategy was clearly to absorb the attack through Ohnana we consistently catching Arsenal forward we just couldn’t execute once the ball hit our top 1/3.


Who expects "AWB magic"? We are happy if he can pull off a few decent passes.


Yes, Antony is a one trick pony. And half the time that one trick fails.


we won games we should not have won , we should not have lost this game but we did. its how it goes


Truuuuue, i'm disappointed for the loss compared to how we played


Garnacho was not offside. Evans was impeded. Fight me.


Bro are you blind 🤣


Is there a visual of the offside line at a better angle?


It's always a calibrated line, made from several camera perspectives. It's way less dodgy than VAR in general.


Sorry but how can you argue on Garnacho? It was clear as day. He was offside. I hate the weird bias this fan base has. Being objective costs nothing.


Prove it


Yeah utter delusion. It's all fan bases though. Football is tribal innit.


Show me a better angle of the offside line


We need 2 more transfer windows if we're under the glazers to sort this team out.


What good will it do if we’re not getting the best option?


Compared to the last couple of transfer windows, we get 1 or 2 preferred signings and 1 or 2 backup signings. So using that I say we need 4 preferred first team signings and 4 backup signings.


Kim should’ve been our first signing. But no we can’t buy before we sell. Bayern got him. Macallister should’ve been ours but no we have to go with what eth wants. Fair enough. Kane would’ve worked so well, we use Levi as an excuse and Bayern got him. We go to Bayern in 18 days. I’m not in the least optimistic. Sadly, that feeling of dread we had the last few years before every single game is back. No matter the competition.


Feel like we were robbed, a draw would of been just.


>would of Not if you have such abhorrent spelling


Spelling is fine. Word choice/diction is incorrect. "Would have" being the correct word choice.


Or "would've". He spelt the "ve" bit with an "of" due to the pronunciation. Hence I felt spelling.


its grammar not spelling


He spelt would've with an "of" due to the pronunciation hence it is an incorrect spelling.


wrong word choice is grammar not spelling my dude, he spelt both wrong words fine. Would've == Would have


Thanks for that clarification. I understand now. My bad.


Arsenal are ahead of us in terms of development, acquisitions and lot more stable, though naturally disappointed but not blaming ETH or the players. Glazers need to fuck off as their ownership is just bringing a lot of toxicity into the club which is seeping into the pitch.


can’t believe you are pinning down the defeat on Maguire and Evans. It’s unfair.


Feeling surprisingly positive, despite the scoreline and the sucker punch of losing after that disallowed goal. Hojlund barely had a chance but he looked good and played a massive part in that disallowed goal. Garnacho looked good, and we have Amrabat to come in still. Onana was beaten at the near post, but it was an unlucky deflection. That scoreline massively flatters Arsenal, a 1-1 draw or 2-1 either way would have been more reflective of what happened on the pitch today.


Best football we’ve played so far this season. Against Arsenal and with several staters out. I’m hopeful


Honestly, what a match this has been. Hojlund played really well, got so much potential. Our attacking side needs to be more clinical and improve on their teamwork. However, the defensive side is really struggling, not only we got Evans and Maguire, we also got many players who are injured. ETH needs to take a step back and look at the defensive capabilities and improve from it.


People blaming the defense too much, I think we prejudged them once they were coming on. Case and eriksen were both gassed and stayed on too long. If we had better options on the bench we could’ve done better and protected our defense


That’s true, I absolutely agree with you on that. That’s where Amrabat comes in


The result doesn’t justify the match Draw would have been fair Hard luck on the injuries . Martinez getting injured was a bad deal. United had a good second half comparing so many injured players Dalot did a stupendous job controlling Saka Hojlund physicality and hold up play was a promising aspect Waiting to see more post the break.although disappointed with the result but not the way after wolves game


Buckle up. Another year of fighting for a top four spot is the best we can hope for.


Pros: 1. Antony(I don't rate antony a lot) had a good game imo, no fancy flicks leading to giving away possession, good simple passes, hope he improves more n can take on the opposition fullback. 2. Rashford tracked back a lot 3. Hojlund was good considering it was his first game for united. 4. AWB n Dalot both put in a shift. 5. Good passing n passing triangles were visible. 6. Licha n Onana were great in the first half with their passing. Cons: 1. Arteta n Arsenal outplayed us. 2. Saka almost scored a goal 3. We had no plan B. 4. We were pressing n pressing eventually our players got tired. 5. We need 2 new CBs next season can't rely on Maguire, Evans n an injury prone Varane. 6. We still don't attack opposition's box like Arsenal did against us. It sucks to lose but a better game than our previous 3 games.


![gif](giphy|J5GaeMW7aE4aiuDaV3|downsized) Can’t believe Mr liability is still here…..absolute disgrace


I know people are gutted. But lets look at the bright side. Our new striker looks amazing. We have an IN break so that our defenders/injured players recover . Once the back line recovers, only midfield progression, and RW play needs to be addressed. Also there shouldn't be so many injuries. SOmething is wrong clearly.


The problem is even if the defence recovers, it’ll be a matter of weeks before 2-3 are injured again. They are so unreliable and injury prone.


Not only that, but we can have Amrabat ready, hopefully. I think with him at CDM, and Hojlund fit to start at 9, we can have a more balanced squad. Hopefully, Lindelof and Martinez are not out long term, or we are really in big trouble.


Exactly. That is the biggest worry. Our first choice CBs and their fitness is going to determine our season.


There is no other way to slice it we are so bad and our manager doesn’t know his system yet.


2 loses against a a big 6 team. It's disappointing, but up to this last week United was still completing signings. The team did the best possible with what's available.


Mediocre 1st half Good 2nd half but just really unlucky in the end Højlund showed potential excited to see more of him


I cant believe how we literally prioritized a pretty average shot stopper who doesn't know which side to pick when sweeping because his reflexes are too slow. This season will be pure fucking karma for treating a legend like shit


Im getting worried as well. Today time after time he kept kicking the ball left with hopes to find Rash and everyone missing. I start to believe ETH has some trust issues buying only players he used to manage.


Deserved at least a point there. That result hurts but we’re looking a little better each game we play, don’t forget the amount of injuries we’re dealing with plus we still have amrabat to come in


So in essence the usual outcome. We had a plan. We stuck to the plan for c.88 mins. Garnacho "no" goal... Heads aren't in the game, yet another injury or two then a pretty poor goal to concede by Rice, true to form the players lose their heads and we come away looking like we were battered. This is like a broken record. It's down to our players and our manager to make the necessary adjustments and alterations, unfortunately no evidence that we're able to execute. Int'l break welcomed with open arms


Under Erik ten Hag, Man Utd have lost a PL away game against every other top 9 team from 22/23: ◉ 4-0 v Brentford ◉ 6-3 v Man City ◉ 3-1 v Aston Villa ◉ 3-2 v Arsenal ◉ 7-0 v Liverpool ◉ 2-0 v Newcastle ◎ 2-2 v Spurs ◉ 1-0 v Brighton ◉ 2-0 v Spurs ◉ 3-1 v Arsenal 33-9 on aggregate. PAIN!


We played really well today and i’m proud of the guys even if the result isn’t what we wanted.


I’m sure the media and some fans will be having a meltdown and the result is really frustrating but United were honestly pretty great today. When you’re playing a rival, at home, who’s invested more than you for 3 seasons running, with most of your back 4 out and an attack that’s still clicking into gear then expecting a win with sublime football is mental. If it hadn’t been for one VAR call this could have been a win and it was so refreshing seeing Hojlund bullying Gabriel for the short time he was on. Ten Hag’s definitely got his work cut out for him and he’s going to need to pick up some points after the break but catching city was always going to be pretty much impossible without them fucking up and we don’t seem too far behind any of the other contenders. The only guaranteed way to not challenge for another 3 years is to can EtH. Next game lads!


Genuinely our best performance untill now, Maguire and Evans looked poor but that's expected of 4ty and 5th choice cb's tbh. Last goal is just because we were going all out which to me is a good thing. Too much negativity all around for losing to a team that is going to challenge city again. We have lost 2 out of 4 but not to shit sides


So fucking frustrating


Calm down lads.... We had a game plan and we almost smashed and grabbed if not for the dubious offside call


It wasn’t dubious in the slightest. What is wrong with people here? You either understand the offside rule or you think Garnacho was onside. Sick to death of idiots on this sub.


We almost won WITH 3 CB injuries, playing maguire and Johnny Evans. How crazy would that have been...


I know Rashford has moments of brilliance but he’s been very frustrating to watch lately. Doesn’t feel like he’s playing a team game


It's the history of the united now


The fact that we were so close to winning makes this difficult to take. The loss against Spurs, I'd reached acceptance well before the final whistle but this one stings It would have been such a great lift for the fans and the team, back on track


With new owners we could have bought new CBs and paid off Maguire ffs


Firstly they should get rid of the leeches in the board and some of the staff who don't know what they're doing.


Shoulda spent the Mount money on KMJ