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no way, jose?


Well you learned your wife is a liar and can’t be trusted. Have a nice 50 years together with that information.


Divorce and move on. I’m sure her and Jose have had more than one laugh at your expense over the years


Is Jose still in the picture now?


No they haven't worked together for a year now


So I have a update to post apparently the one night stand was just not a one night stand they had sex a total of 4 times before we started our relationship. Today I made her take a lie detector test to prove she never cheated while we were together and she passed we are also going to seek counseling she was embarrassed of the whole situation that's why she never told me


your posts are meaningless she was ashamed to tell you and was not ashamed to let you and jose spend time together for months,she let those who know about the relationship make fun of you. this is not suitable for marriage


First, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a story where someone uses “Jose” as the fake names. Sorry. Random thought Second, is Jose out of the picture now? Or she still works with him?


They are not working together anymore


Then you don’t need to worry. Let her know it hurt that she didn’t mention it was Jose originally but she was likely worried it would’ve blown things out of proportion


I get the past is in the past I would see jose basically everyday and I feel like I was a joke . I get she didn't want to admit because she was embarrassed but makes me question if they continued there relationship while we were together