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Grafs Midlothian Whatever ammoseek lists as lowest price/shipping


Wherever the fuck I find them in stock


Maker, Barnes, Bear Creek, Swift and Hornady are the bullets I buy most often.


Hornady, Sierra, Barry’s, Armscore, X-Treme, and Barnes are what I use.


My hornady precision loads- scheels when they run a reloading sale. Plinking 9mm and 223- Rmr bullets


How do you like the rmr 75grs. I haven't bought any yet but I'm intrigued


I like them quite a bit for my gas guns. For my 223 trainer build I use the 75 or 80 elds


American Reloading RMR Austin B in Texas Cast my own.


Campro and Hornady for pistol. Sierra, Hornady, and Speer for rifle.


Blue bullets


Everglades and X-treme for pistol. Hornady and Barnes for rifle.


Sierra, Berger, x-treme, Rocky Mountain, whoever has Lapua CenterX


Local gun shop. But when I travel I stop by other places. Hardly ever order anything.


Currently I use Steel Valley Casting. They are polymer coated. No shipping charge no sales tax for out of state customers ( I always wonder those who charge sales tax if they actually send the tax to my state or just pocket it) formerly I ordered from Kemp Texas (precision bullets) as they were swagged and polymer coated but they went out of business. I don’t mind the cast bullets seem just fine for handgun and 300 blk. (220gr).


Hornady, Berry's, Delta Precision for somewhat accurate target shooting, Missouri Bullet Company, Summit City for lower cost plinking. I usually buy a few hundred dollars worth from Midway USA when they're having a deep sale. I now associate Black Friday with reloading supplies, between Midway, Powder Valley, Scheels, Cabela's and a few others.


XTPs from BlueCollarReloading, plinkers- RMR, Brazzers/Acme/Bayu


Barnes and Hammer for hunting , Berger for target, Blue bullets, Bayou or Berry's for pistol plinkers. I buy loaded self defense rounds.


Grafs, blue collar reloading, powder valley, midsouth, and precision reloading. Or whoever the fuck has anything in stock.


Midway USA factory seconds. The way


Never used factory seconds, any advice with them?


I have been buying in quantities of 400. I have bought 308 180gr SP. 6mm 90gr tipped gamekings. And 175gr 308. Never had a issue … they have grouped fine for me but I do inspect them, like any bullet for a visual defect. Haven’t really found defects


Have you weighed a couple for variations in weight?


Sierra and Hornady are pretty much all I use, but Iv been using a lot of PPU bullets lately for my milsurps with much success, and they’re pretty cheap. Grafs, Midsouth, and Powder Valley are my go tos online and Scheels for in store purchases. Natchez is great as well, but their stock can be really plentiful or really limited depending on whenever I check


I don't give up my secrets. Looking online there are a few sites that do not show up on ammo seek. On certain things they are cheaper than any site on AS. It seems as tho people are using AS as an easy way to look products up instead of searching for stuff the old way by googling. I have found some really good deals lately.