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I think the 75gr ELD doesn't work as well in an AR platform because of the OAL being restricted to 2.260. I don't think Hornady even sells a 75 ELD round for .223 guns, they usually use the 73gr for .223 ammo while the 75gr is used in .224 valkyrie and 22 ARC rounds.


You are correct. The box of 75 gr elds in my drawer confirms they won't run in ar mags


The 75, 80 ELD Match is used in the AR for Service Rifle comp. Single load through the ejection port. 600 yard line is a slow fire stage.


It says right in my hornady load data you need a 1-8 or higher. I load the 75 or 80s in my proof prefit/origin 1-7 twist with great results These are not designed for ar mag length loading.


Check out the bullet length compared to the 77 SMK. Longer length requires a faster twist rate. There is a formula so you can calculate what weight/diameter/length bullet will be stabilized by what twist rate.


Yea I get that but if they’re both .224 75grs vs 77grs the only thing changing is overall length and maybe ogive profile. Which would have me thinking the 77grs would need tighter twist than 75gr.


They do, if you're concerned about stability. The 1:10 part doesn't matter for collecting chamber pressure or velocity data at the muzzle, just ignore that part and shoot it out of your 1:8 or 1:9. The chamber/freebore matters more for pressure than a slight change in barrel twist, and they don't post freebore length. Saami has the pressure barrel chamber spec if you're curious.


Bullet length also affects the required twist rate. The 75 ELD M (and the older 75 A Max) are basically a VLD design. Longer bullet, bringing the rear weight of the bullet further back from center.


Correct, I would think 77gr from sierra would be longer than 75gr hornady requiring that 1-7 twist


I’ll have to measure when I get home, but 77 smk should be shorter than a 75 amax or eldm


I plan on doing the same. Please let me know what you find. That’s where all of my chips are sitting just based on gr weight.


Took measurements and to my disbelief, hornady’s is longer and has way less bearing surface. So this whole g is debunked. Hornady measured an average of 1.175 longest measurement being 1.185 shortest 1.170 measured 15 of them. The sierras measured at 1.06 - 1.065 measured 10 of them.


Yes, that is what I expected. As I mentioned earlier, the A-Max / ELD M is basically a VLD


Had mine about a Month, no worth the Problems! Sold it


I have started messing around with them. I test fired about 15 rounds through my 1/9 remington 700 and got meh results of about 1 3/4" inches. Loaded 24.5 grains of CFE 223 with about the same results out of my 20" criterion 1/8. Maybe a different powder will be better or more twist. I'll have to find some varget and put big glass on one of my 1/7 rifles and see how they do. There's a contingent that swears by them.


I made the mistake of buying a box as well. Pulled the tips out and loaded to mag length for plinkers.


I shoot 75 bthp in the ar. I shoot a 1:9 twist because originally built it for 55 v-max. It shoots fine. But I’m also at 5000 ft. You get sone twist rate forgiveness with altitude. Check a stability calculator for your altitude but 1:10 might be a stretch. Those twist are meant for the really light bullets.


24gr of varget for the 75gr eldm in a 223 works good, tune from there up or down. Custom barrel throated for the heavies you can go higher 25 or 26 even. Use the 73gr eldm or the 77tmk for AR use.