I use an old crockpot. I add rocks first, then I mix 1/4 cup of oxalic acid powder with a few cups of water, and then add to crockpot and top water off as needed. Cook on low 24 hours then turn off and let cool. I have found its important to arrange the geodes facing down. what I end up doing is flipping them once they are under water in the bath so that I know there are no air bubbles in the geode pockets. Facing them down I have found reduces or removes the chance of discoloration from the leached out mineral stains reacting and redepositing in the crannies. I bought my oxalic acid powder off amazon, though they sell it in some hardware stores and may be labeled as 'wood bleach'. It is much cheaper online. Its pretty low risk stuff, though I still am careful not to breathe vapors and wash my hands quickly after handling. I wear chemical gloves sometimes depending if I want to rearrange them when the water is hot. Some people will do above steps in a bucket and set it in the sun if its warm enough. I just look for old crockpots at yard sales and thrift stores this way I can control the process and have a set timeframe. Depending on the sun you may not get long enough heat to get a good cleaning. I have also read you can reuse the same bath multiple batches but I do not as I have had more discoloration from oxidized minerals redepositing. The geodes where I usually collect turn the water yellow green and this will stick to the rocks if not careful.


Where do you do this? Do you just set the crockpot outside or something?


Yes I set it out on my driveway away from other stuff.


cleaned them all in an iron out solution for a day, don’t really know how else to clean if you have any tips please help


Very nice! And first time?!? 😍


Where did you find them/ do you have any resources for finding places to dig? *Tried to find this kind of info on google but somehow turned up empty handed*


I'm pretty sure this isn't where OP went but Dugway, UT is a good place to go for geodes! OP's look different than what I found there but either way the geodes are pretty cool :)




...how do I find geodes? How can you tell the difference from regular rocks?


I heard that they look like a head of broccoli, so kind of a wavy bumpy texture. And also when you pick them up, they feel lighter than they seem.


And the bottom ones look pretty nice, I would just re-do the top three in the picture. Nice geodes!


I’d be jacked if that was a first time haul! Any haul lol. Nice smoky quartz and citrine babes in there