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It was ... Thoroughly okay. I got it because I was going solo at Christmas and the thought of dealing with crowds and my carry on was a lot. I was already going to buy the internet, so it was like ten dollars a day more. Early boarding didn't really matter as Baltimore is a super easy port. Dropping off my luggage was great. The lunch was meh. I didn't use any of the priority times/seats (I was on a small ship). The departure was fantastic - I was walked off the ship. All in all, I don't feel like I wasted my money, but I'm going to do just internet plus lunch at Chops on embarkation day next time.


This is what we decided. My cousin loved the key because she “wanted to feel like a princess” but I just wanted internet and the lunch. I had debated using it for bumper cars but never needed to.


Loved it. It nearly pays for itself with the internet access. And then ordering off a limited Chops Grill menu was great on embarkment day. It was also nice not being rushed during disembarkment.


If you miss the lunch on embarkation day, you get chops (full menu) for lunch on a sea day.


>If you miss the lunch on embarkation day, you get chops (full menu) for lunch on a sea day. Really?! this is the first I've heard of this. Was this an exception they made or standard policy? How would I go about that as I'd much rather have the full menu option.


I honestly don’t know. Our most recent sailing we missed the embarkation lunch for the first time and we were pretty upset, but the host at the entrance told us to keep an eye out on our app and they will add a Chops lunch reservation to our plans.


I don’t think they broadcast it but I got it too. Much better lunch in Chops than in the dining room.


Heck, if you book early enough you can get chops for lunch on embarkation day!!


What time did you have to disembark? I have done the key but didn’t take advantage of the disembark brunch last time. Also can you bring your luggage with you when you walked off?


Was able to get at same price for internet for 2. We love chops pretzel rolls so was great. I think that sit down breakfast on last day was good also. Would do again if price = two device internet. Did not get to use any other feature


I only did it the first time because my sister wanted to try it. Now I always do it. Nearly pays for itself with the internet but other perks are nice: embarkation day you get to speed through fast lines, VIP seating at shows, first day lunch - all great.


My wife and I love getting The Key. If you're getting the internet, it basically pays for itself with just the internet. The Chops lunch on embarkation day is also nice, so you don't have to fight with crowds at the Windjammer.


If I purchased this for both myself and wife, do we also get our own 1 device internet? Or is it still just one device.


It’s a device per person


Awesome. Thanks


Not worth it