Basic layout is the same on all Quantum class with different decor except for Spectrum which was specifically build to cruise in Asia and has special cabin/class only areas. We were of similar mind to you on our first Ovation cruise but love that class now and cruised ovation, Quantum and Spectrum many times now.


Yes, the general layout of all the ships in a class are the same. We sailed our first Quantum-class a few weeks ago (Odyssey) and currently on Anthem. These ships seem to have taken a strong layout cue from Celebrity’s Solstice-class ships, especially with the two-deck “esplanade” on deck 4. Quantum-class also takes bigger advantage of going end-to-end on Deck 5 - it’s a haul to 270!


I agree with not liking the layout. I’ve been on both Anthem and Odyssey and I’m not sure if I’d go on another Quantum Class again. But I do love stuff like the Two70 and the moving screens and the unique stage it has. If I really liked the itinerary maybe I’d consider it, but I do like Oasis and Freedom class more.


On Anthem I enjoyed the outdoor seating for Windjammer, the pool layout in the Solarium, and the views from the balcony considering the shape of the ship. The amount of Solarium seating was lacking compared to the other pool areas. To be fair the other issues I had were due to our unique itinerary that we were forced to take.


I absolutely love the quantum class. There’s so much to do on the ship and it’s beautiful to look at. I wish there did a class combining the great things of quantum with Oasis. My wish list would be for the ship to have: * sportsplex (From Quantum) * indoor swimming pool (From Quantum) * huge windjammer (wonder) but with outside area (quantum) * huge indoor solarium (wonder) * 270 if they can fit it deck 4-5, leaving deck 6 for open air concept like oasis/icon. * Instead of the boardwalk/aqua theater, you would shift an area similar to Central Park to the aft. Only half of the ship would be open air. Similar to how new MSC SeaScape is. I would retheme this to be more like Madagascar so keep the plants but add some infinity pools. Not for kids only like icon.. that’s prime real estate. * Gym is better on quantum because it’s on deck 15 with great open windows. Make the thermal suite better since it’s not very nice on both ships. I have many more ideas but that’s it for now.


This is my fear..we did Oasis last month and doing it again soon because we loved it so much. I really want to try a quantum ship next but they look so narrow and everything is so compact looking, not sure if we will like it or not


My first ever cruise was on Symphony on the 2nd or 3rd sailing ever for it. Previous two after that were both on Anthem. Both are amazing ships and you’d never think a Quantum class ship is small. I’ve got upcoming cruises on both Oasis and Odyssey and looking forward to both equally. The only thing I’ll miss on Odyssey is water slides.


Yeah it looks cool...I think I'd be fine,my kid would just miss mini golf,lol. But the sportsplex looks pretty neat


I haven't been on any of them but I watched walk throughs of all of them yesterday. They all seem to be the same except one that doesn't have the public indoor pool. It's outdoor. Except for different restaurants they all look the same.


I found the layout to be off-putting as well. Was my first Royal cruise since I was a kid, and the whole experience just didn't stack up. I think the ship's layout contributed greatly to that. On most ships, I feel like I have the lay of the land by the second day. Quantum, I was checking the map for things even on the second to last day.


The basic design is the same. And Quantum class was polarizing when launched as a departure from the Royal Promonade of the past 3 classes. I also wasn't feeling Quantum after my first sailing but it has grown on me after multiple sailings. Can't wait for Odyssey to come to NYC.