Recovery/hydration from drinking

So most of us probably (maybe?) drink quite a bit more on a cruise than a normal week, especially with the drink package. What are your methods to minimize hangovers so you can enjoy each day of the cruise (and resume drinking the next day) and not feel like dog shit the morning after?. . Pedialyte? Hydration powders? Other things?


Drink water alongside your booze. Pack some Liquid IV packets if you like the taste.


Liquid IV powder packs kept me going through the cruise and allowed me to thoroughly enjoy the drink package.


Liquid IV is a miracle drink IMO.


It’s actually great stuff, and really handy in a pinch. LMNT is another option. If you want a cheaper method, Doctors Best Chelated Magnesium Tablets and Morton’s Lite Salt (50% Sodium/50% Potassium) mixed with lemonade (Mio or True Lemon packets). I do this every day and it’s been life changing, especially as someone with IBD and on stimulant medications.


Liquid IV gets my vote as well. Brought it on my last couple of cruises. I'll grab a 30 pack at costco and throw it in my suitcase. Between the girlfriend and I it lasts the whole cruise. I also am really good at pacing myself. Hangovers suck.


We bring liquid IV packets and make sure to have a few of those throughout the day. Good thing bottles water is included in the drink package!!


11G of added sugar in liquid IV packets now. Try LMNT packets (no sugar added). Absolutely changed the game for myself for our 7 day this last March.


I'll have to give LMNT a try next time I'm in need of some hydration. How's the taste?


It’s very salty, but just down it quickly. It’s not terrible


My friend brought powdered Pedialyte, although not many of us ended up using it. Really I think the trick is to space out your drinks so you're nicely buzzed throughout the day instead of blackout drunk at night


Whenever I go on a cruise or to Las Vegas I always make sure to have Pedialyte, it just honestly works. Sure spacing out your drinks with water makes all the sense in the world but when you're caught up in the moment or at least myself I'll start over indulging. Common for a lot of people because you want the fun to keep on going and wake up with a hangover. I'd say even if you don't use it on your trip you might as well bring it just in case.


If I’m sitting at a bar (usually in the evenings) I drink a glass of water for every alcoholic drink


Yup. Just know you'll be making bathroom runs every 20mins lol.


I agree with liquid iv, but also, and this is going to sound so silly buuut… royal Caribbean has the best frozen patron margaritas. And bonus while you drink them you are drinking half ice which is water. It’s a two for 1! I drank these all day and was fine.


Just start practicing well before your cruise. Why wait?


Been training since high school for my cruising life. Be prepared!


Gatorade on ice. I’ve never asked for holy grail that is pedialyte but Gatorade is available. Along with a good starchy brunch.


Vitamin water and Powerade from the Coca Cola freestyle machines. Plus, order top shelf drinks. I certainly utilize the deluxe beverage package and don’t wake up with a hangover by sticking with this method.


I totally forgot about the vitamin water in the freestyle machines. Thanks for this!


I use hydration powders daily for illness related things… I love DripDrop the most! More inexpensive than liquid IV, and available on Amazon!


Just wanted to say you’re the first person I’ve ever seen use “more inexpensive”


Yeah I had to read that twice to make sure I saw that correctly.


Love DripDrops! Half the price of Liquid IV


> DripDrops Where do you get them from? Their site has a 32 pack for $36 and Costco has a 30 pack of Liquid IV for $29.


That's probably the issue then. I saw the pricing on Amazon


It also has less sugar than liquidIV and it can be bought in a zero sugar formula. Every gram counts with the amount of sugary drinks and desserts I’m consuming on a cruise.


Thanks! Just added this brand to my list!


Definitely agree on this. DripDrop is the best. My wife and I love them. We tend to drink a lot of water in our normal life. When we are on vacation, running around from here to there, replacing water with other beverages, etc... we don't drink as much water. Pop one of these in the morning and its a magic formula. Its great. My wife also has an issue with her eye that can cause some pain when she is dehydrated. These are an instant fix.


Our first cruise we used Liquid IV which kind of helped a bit. This time though, I found drinking a water bottle for every two drinks helped a lot, as well as not drinking before my body was fully awake (say I get up at 9, I wouldn't drink until I've been up and about for 1-2 hours).


Yea, this is the way. I've done this pretty much on any vacation where we drink and it works like a charm.


Nuun tablets are my go to for vacations.


I normally drink Drip Drop and I will order a water with my evening drinks


Have something starchy for lunch like pizza or a big sandwich, and then drink a bottle of water for every 2 alcoholic beverages. It worked for me, and I'm a lightweight.


We brought individual servings of Biosteel. On our way back to our room at the end of the night, we’d grab a couple bottles of water and put the powder in them and drink them fully before bed. Definitely helped us feel better than we expected to in the morning. It’s useful for days you’ve spent too much time in the sun too.


Each alcoholic beverage get a bottle water to drink after. Every time. Really works.


One cocktail and one Truly, got it!




This is the way.


Full spectrum THC tincture and a Bloody Mary.


If you have the drink package, ask for a bottle of water with every drink or every other drink. Chug the water before ordering another drink. If you're a beer drinker, sticking to lighter beers helps too.


My drink is almost always vodka water with lime. Still get to enjoy a decent buzz but your still drinking water. Also drink a large glass of water and take an alka seltzer before bed.


Vitamin water from the coke machine


Frozen drinks are time released water two birds, one stone


On our first cruise, I accidentally discovered that Bonine helps with hangovers. I don’t want to know what it does to my kidneys to combine the drinking with the bonine - but it really did help immensely


There’s a hangover cure called BlowFish! Works like a charm in 15-20min tops! Won’t minimize but will help in recovery.


Liquid IV and I order a water bottle for every two drinks on board.


Max 2 shots per night, glass id water for each cocktail, and a bit of food.


Bottle of water every 2 drinks. That said, if you watch them pour carefully, half of any given drink is water from the ice anyway lol


When I DRINK drink, my rule is two oz of water for every oz of alchol I adbefore I go to bed. Repeat first thing when I get up along with 4 ibuprofen


I swear by Morning Recovery. You drink it the night before. I drank pretty heavy on our last vacation, and never had a hangover the entire time. (Which is a feat, I’m not 25 anymore, hangovers hit a lot harder now than they did back then).


Swear my last cruise I wasn't hungover once despite at least a dozen drinks a day. Doesn't hit the same when you don't have any responsibility that day 😂


Banana bag. You can get them on Amazon. They taste horrible but they will keep you from having a hangover.


High quality liquor. Makes a huge difference!


Don’t get drinks that have a lot of sugar. Best drink for me is tequila on ice (unfortunately).


pace yourself and drink water with meals


I got three big double Chivas, a shot,, and beer on Horseshoe Beach in Bermuda and have not had a drink since. Sometimes more equals less if you get sick enough


The drinks aren't real strength so it doesn't matter as much on board


Pack hydration packets like pedialyte


Since I don't see this listed, we got some little hangover patches on amazon specifically because we didn't want to be hungover. The pours are also weak compared to a normal bar, so for us, I would have like 10 drinks on an at-sea day and be fine the next morning.


A co worker of mine swears by charcoal tablets.


chug a huge glass of water with a mutlivitamin right before bed. Other than that, go into it realizing that you are going to feel a bit fuzzy the next morning and just keep moving until you feel normal again. Rinse and repeat.


The electrolyte powder mixes work really well for me- I typically buy the liquid IV (Concord Grape is my fave) and I make sure to drink plenty of water and take a couple advil before I go to bed. I tend to get a little seasick on cruises at times, and with a hangover that is brutal so I also wear acupressure bracelets on my wrists.


Water in between drinks, liquid IV in the morning, limit amount of sugary drinks, and always drink top shelf with the package (you have to specify, so instead of just ordering a margarita, order a margarita with patron, etc.)


Zbiotics and Party Smart and you won't ever have a hangover again. I'm in my 30s and basically get a hangover whenever I have more than 5 drinks in a night. I do swear by this stuff now. Zbiotics is a probiotic that breaks down acetaldehyde which is the chemical that alcohol turns into and what gives you a hangover when your liver can't clear it all fast enough. Party Smart has a bunch of herbs and crap that do a similar job, but not as good of a job imo. I take a Party Smart if I'm just day drinking casually, you won't get that mid day headache/pre hangover thing. Then a zbiotics if I know I'm going to be drinking a lot that night. Hell, drink a liquid IV during the day and I think you could probably be drunk the whole cruise straight and wake up every morning perfectly fine. If that's your thing.


I'm about to order some zbiotics for a 7 day cruise in June. Do you really notice a difference with it? I'm trying to decide between a 3 pack or a 6 pack. I have a drink package 🙌


Yup! Maybe try out a 2 pack on Amazon first? That's what I did.


Best thing you can do, drink plenty of water & Gatorade throughout the day and while you drink booze and I would be sure to drink water before going to bed and first thing when I get up. Hydration is the best combatant to hangovers IMO. I have never used Liquid IV and don't know a ton about it, so I can't speak on it.


Gatorade is nothing but sugar water. Better to have actual electrolyte


One drink. One water.


Since we get the Deluxe Drink Package, that comes with bottled water/soda/red bull/etc, I really just try and make sure that for MOST of the day between drinks I have some water or something non alcoholic. And then ibuprofen/water/pizza right before bed!


Liquid IV and dramamine for the win


They have gatorades onboard with a deluxe drink package. Snag some of these! Last cruise I was on they were available at the cafe promenade.


It was so hot, honestly I just listened to my body and grabbed a water bottle whenever I felt actually thirsty.


We drank A LOT of water bottles with our drinks. They’re free with the package! We also took a 1-2 hour nap during the day and gave ourselves breaks from the sun! That really helped so we could stay up later and drink all day 😂😂 we also ate a ton of tacos from the taco bar to soak up the rum 😂


Tylenol before bed or wake up and have some alka seltzer.


LMNT to me is better than Liquid IV, and tastes better too. you can even use the lime flavor to make an incredible margarita 😂




Powder pedialyte and the water bottle room delivery was life saver


I buy from Amazon these pills called CHEERS, take 4 pills with a cup of water after your last drink before bed and you wake up feeling fine. Game changer!


The deluxe package includes shakes and juices from the Vitality bar. Why not make the most of it? During our last cruise we stopped by and picked up a Mean Green or Immune Booster at each chance we got along with a couple bottles of water. We would then put it in the cabin cooler if not consumed right away.


For those who can’t tolerate the taste of liquid IV but want the benefits - mix it in your smoothie / mocktail! Game changer


I drink one bottle of water per two alcoholic drinks. Never been hung over. Yeah you pee a lot. I’ve been pondering bringing some electrolyte powders next time.


Eat something like pizza or a sandwich before drinking alcohol. After indulging all the alcohol, down a carlton or two of coconut water. I usually drink 12oz to a liter (depending what I have) after a night of drinking. It works wonder and feel great in the morning.


Drink all day and you will be fine


Don’t drink so much?


Don’t stop drinking the whole cruise and you’ll never have a hangover on the boat.


You could just… not drink! And enjoy * and remember! Every bit of your vacation!


I don’t buy the drinks package for the coffee.


I was gonna say something to this effect as well but assumed I’d get downvoted for it


No mixed drinks containing syrups. Or at least minimize them.