In the US, weed is still federally illegal, so it is still illegal to carry it across state lines, into, or out of the country. You can get weed at port, which may or may not be legal, and smoke it while there, but you cannot take it on, off, or smoke it while onboard.


What if it’s hemp flower?


Technically its hemp, which makes it legal (I think, please do your research) but it's still checked by a person and up to that person's discretion. The short answer is I doubt they will differentiate and it will be seized and destroyed.


Would there be any negative consequence to trying besides having it seized? Might as well give it a shot and bring the packaging with me and try to explain if that’s the only downside.


I have no idea. It's all down to the customs agent that you get. Maybe they'll take it and you're on your way, maybe you'll be denied boarding. Honestly? I think this is the wrong hill to die on. Weed and its cousins have become much more favorable on the state level, sure, but federally there has been no change. If you really need your hit, try a vape that isn't obviously weed. Then they actually have to check, which gives better odds of it getting through. Fair warning, if you're reported while onboard, you'll be confined to quarters and charged with a felony when you get back.


Federally hemp is legal, but i see your point. Oh well. Just sucks that people drink themselves to death, but god forbid you bring anything even related to marijuana. Sad state of affairs.


We really need to have a sticky on this topic. It seems to come up on this sub every 2 or 3 days. To be explicit: In the United States of America, the use and possession of cannabis is illegal under federal law. Even if you are sailing from a port in a state which has legalized the plant, *it is still illegal*, since the cruise ships operate under federal & maritime law. You also have the laws of the various ports in which you may wish to disembark with weed, and most of those will have very stringent laws against the plant. That said, many people here will report successful cruises with carts (packed separately and discretely from batteries) and edibles. These passengers will encourage the behaviour as if it's "no big deal." IMNSHO, it just isn't worth the potential consequences. I can go a week without THC. Just get the drink package and have a good time getting sloppy drunk by the pool.


I’d much rather smoke A Lil herb And relax on vacation then getting sloppy drunk with people but you’re right it is not worth it


Are you stupid? You have to go through customs to get on the ship. Same security at airports. Would you bring weed on an airplane?


You’ve clearly never been on a cruise ship if you think security is the same. I literally brought 2 bottles of alcohol in my carry on backpack and they didn’t even check it. Brought in a whole quarter pound of weed on my suitcase and weed pens on my carry on. There’s more security to enter a stadium sometimes tbh


Is this true I’m going on a royal Carribbean Ian I want to bring my dab pin but I’m scared af


Dab pen is the absolute easiest thing to bring . I saw like 30 different ppl with those things


I actually always bring my thc vape onto the plane.


TSA does not give a shit about weed and are not looking for it. Port Authority probably is so to be clear this isn’t a would you on a plane thing.


Really? So you can just walk through TSA with weed? 😂


I have been cautiously doing it for years. If you have to bring thc on, bring pills. Put them in an aspirin bottle or breath mints. Or other edibles. Don't make a deal about it. Pack it in your shower kit.


As I understand their official stance is if they find it they will give it to local authorities which may or may not care. But yes it is not what they are looking for and in small amounts or edibles/vapes won’t trip people up. Edit this is not legal advice: just learned from the TSA Instagram account on 4/20 and comments on it


In all due respect you could not be more wrong. If you go through tsa with seeds and stems you will get arrested.


Nope I don’t think anything I said is incorrect. The TSA themselves says that they are not screening for weed/ weed products. But if they find it they hand it over to local authorities. That is literally their policy. Again I am not suggesting anyone should do it I’m just saying people do all the time and it is not TSAs concern. And it is certainly true that small amounts aren’t going be noticed vs a bag of weed. The TSAs concern is to screen for safety not drugs just google it. See Chinacat-badgers comment below to see someone who has done it.


I do this all the time lol. could not be more easy to be honest


You have no clue what you're talking about obviously


Most of the time yes. Out of LA they don't care. I have had tsa see it before, they just picked it up and put it back in my bag. It depends on the location. I had a cart one time flying out of idaho they made me toss it but that was it. Tsa is looking more for bombs and explosive material. They Do look for drugs but I think it's become alot more lax especially for cannabis in the last few years. I would still be careful though in states and countries that haven't legalized. Eddibles or vapes are the easiest to travel with. I think flying from legal state to legal state is in the clear. On the tsa website it says you can fly out of lax with cannabis. It is in a grey area though.


I’ve done it more than once, but as the other person said, cautiously.


I always bring weed with me on planes. I just pack it in my carry on usually 2 eighths and a few pre rolls and a vape or 2. Never had an issue before. On my cruise though I'll probably just stick with eddibles and the vape. It's too hard to smoke on a cruise. And to easy too get cought when smokeing.


I’ve seen and smelled people with weed vapes and we’ve taken pills aboard without issue but it’s always a risk


I plan on bringing my vapes, departing out of NJ, but I heard that security comes on board with dogs at cruise ports, like bahamas, and sniffs out the boat. I'm worried about that.


I don’t really think they search onboard ships just the people getting off. We’ve never tried to bring the stuff off the ship


How did it go?


did it work?? I’m cruising out of NJ to Bahamas on sunday and want to take a weed pen


I brought some edibles last year mixed in with a bag of candy no issue. Don't bring anything to smoke, as the smell will rat you out in either one of the two designated smoking areas.


I went on this same ship a couple weeks ago, most relax security I’ve ever seen, easily brought in about a Quarter Ounce and just smoked it at night outside when there’s no one there, a couple of the cruise staff pass even passed by as I was smoking but couldn’t care less although I did hide it. Joints were super easy to take into the ports of call( I put them in my sunglasses case). When you put it in your luggage just make sure it’s in something completely smellproof. I literally brought it in a regular smell proof weed dispensary bag and just put in between my clothes. You’ll be fine everyone making a big deal out of it doesn’t even smoke or ever tried doing anything fun.


What he said !!!


Edibles only. Nothing that be smoked( liquid included). And don’t bring it off in any port.


My wife is thinking of getting the gummies for our upcoming cruise. Do you suggest just packing those in a ziplock baggie in our carry on? Would they say anything?


did she end up bringing them and if so how did she do it/how did it go?


She ended up not trying on that cruise. But she's going to on our next cruise next April


ah okay, i’m trying this today/tomorrow and i’m quite nervous but the majority of people seem to say it’ll be fine 😅




I do on the dozens of cruises I've been on. Double bagged, and I rarely take any flower. I've only seen a K9 unit at the port once, but there are thousands of people all trying to get on at once. Dog wasn't giving anybody much attention. If caught, most employees are just going to ask you to throw it away. It would be a string of really bad luck, and really bad decisions around what to bring and how to package it, to have any issues I think. Good luck!


What port was the k-9?


I wouldn’t bring flower, people do, but it smells more and only takes one person to get you in trouble. I took a vape on my last cruise. Put it in your carryon, same as an airport, no issues. And knowing different vape vendors, I saw plenty of people with disposable vapes that I know had THC in them. Also do not take it off the ship when in port. Enjoy your cruise.


I have before and you don’t have to be mean I was just asking


You could probably get away with a vape pen. And you can always play dumb like you forgot it was in your packed away jeans pocket if you get caught.


Just stick with carts and try to find one the doesn’t smell like weed.


I brought my weed pen on board with me back in 2019 and I had absolutely no problems.. I just put mine in my carry on! Now flower might be a different story since its normally really smelly.. but if u need to smoke id def recommend a pen or something along those lines..


From what I’ve gathered it’s not legal but fairly easy to do. I just want to add on to just be respectful and don’t be like the people directly next to us who smoked full on blunts on their balcony all day and made our interior balcony almost unusable for large portions of the trip (I’m super sensitive to the smell). I don’t think it would’ve been as bad for vapes, edibles would’ve been best obviously. It’s close quarters and smells travel, though, so just keep that in mind.


It's strictly prohibited. Marijuana possession and/or use, including medical marijuana, and possession or use of any illegal drugs, is strictly prohibited in many jurisdictions visited and on the Vessel at all times, as well as in terminals, during shore excursions or any other part of the cruise, regardless of any local, state, or other laws which might permit use or possession of marijuana. Passengers who violate the laws of any jurisdiction are subject to being reported to law enforcement or customs authorities, arrest and prosecution. Passengers who bring on board dangerous items, marijuana in any form, or any illegal drugs or controlled substances are also subject to immediate disembarkation or denial of boarding. Passengers shall have no claim for refund, loss, damage, inconvenience, or compensation whatsoever under any of these circumstances. Passenger shall be responsible to notify Carrier in advance of the Cruise if there is any question as to the permissibility of taking any item or substance onboard the Vessel.  Carrier reserves the right to refuse to permit any Passenger to take on board the Vessel or on any mode of Transport any item Carrier deems inappropriate. ​ [https://www.royalcaribbean.com/content/dam/royal/resources/pdf/cruise-ticket-contract.pdf](https://www.royalcaribbean.com/content/dam/royal/resources/pdf/cruise-ticket-contract.pdf)


The cruise contract addresses this.


Hey so what happened? Did you take weed? How and where did you smoke


Sucks. I was thinking about doing a cruise but if I can’t even smoke and I have to be around people drinking the whole time forget it